Much Need Breast Revision & Lift - Bay Harbor, FL

I'm so excited to have this surgery with Dr Krau...

I'm so excited to have this surgery with Dr Krau on October 24th which is 9 days from now!

I chose to share my story on here because I know how much it helps women with their decisions as it did me.. Thanks to everyone who has shared there story as well!! I will follow up with before and after pictures next week.

We All Have A Story....
I've had my previous implants for 10 years so it's definitely time for new ones. I have not been happy with my old implants since I got them. My first PS was Dr Roudner in Coral Gables, FL in 2006. I went to him because I heard so many wonderful things about him. Unfortunately, my experience wasn't so good.

For starters I wanted a breast lift and he basically told me he didn't suggest one being that I would probably scar pretty badly, so I went with a BA only. My breast were a C cup and I wanted to achieve a full C but once my surgery was over, I was a bit concerned of how large they were. They told me not to worry the swelling would go down. Not only did I end up with DD's, I also had a cut outside of my right areola that lifted into keloid. Now I have breast tissue that hang over the implants since I needed a lift, a really bad scar and super large breast! To make a long story short, I've had boobs from hell for the last 10yrs!

This time I'm going SMALLER and that really excites me! ????????????

After stalking the Internet for weeks, I then made a consultant with 2 different PS, Dr Houchstien & Dr Krau.

$$$$$$ Quotes between both doctors were basically around the same $$$$$$

Dr Houchstien - When I went to his office for consultation, my first impression was, it's a very nice elite atmosphere but the staff were dressed as if they were going to a nightclub in 6" heels and body dresses. Don't get me wrong, they looked sexy and made you want big boobies and a my opinion, it's not what you'd expect from a Dr office.

I'm not here to judge just stating my experience.

The main problem was how they handled appointments. I was scheduled for 12:30pm and wasn't seen until 2:45pm. Other women were waiting just as long and I can tell they were pissed. I overheard the front desk ask the doctor if he want to see any consultations now. So basically they were not going off the scheduled time the gave people. They were just fitting you in between their follow up patients. The problem I have with that is my time... Bottom line... I had other things to do with my day and didn't just want to leave since it took a month for appointment.

Once I finally seen the doctor, he was dressed in a clean 3-piece suite w/his best shoes on. Looking more like a 5 star restaurant owner.

Although, the Dr was very nice.. He spent less than 10 mins with me. It was an in and out so it didn't feel personally at all.

Dr Krau - Needless to say, when I went to my next consultation with Dr Krau, I knew I was going to choose him. I was very impressed of the knowledge Dr Krau projected online and in person vs a Dr that has a strong focus on Glammed up staff and Bentleys parked out front!

By the time I filled out my papers the Dr was ready to see me. He was looking like a REAL Dr with more sincere/normal energy about himself. He took his time to explain everything I had asked him and gave me his honest opinion about everything.

I even asked what's the difference between going to GC cosmetics vs his private Bay Harbor office, since I read that prices vary between the two, he explained and gave me the option to choose for myself... I chose his private office. All of Dr Krau staff were embracive and friendly as well. I'm know I made the right decision by going with Dr Krau!
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Kind, friendly, knowledged and confident!

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