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Getting a BBL with Dr. Miami really excited and...

Getting a BBL with Dr. Miami really excited and nervous.

I have been wanted to get liposuction or a BBL for such a long time now probably since I was 23. Unfortunately I had to wait because #1. Finances #2. I didn't know who I wanted my surgery done by. When I tell you I have had tons of consultations with doctors all over I am not kidding. Colombia, Miami, Atlanta, NYC. lol I decided to go to Mr. Salzhauer because of his reputation and because of Arianny (I talked with her for a hour or so because I was so indecisive. She was very kind, informative and I didn't feel rushed or like they didn't care).

My surgery date is April 15, 2015 so that is in a few weeks, 2 to be exact. I am happy but really scared I have never really had big surgery before. The whole process in preparation for the surgery so far has been pretty easy, I have a medical clearance this week so I am praying that goes well because I heard if not I have to be pushed back and he is booked until next year, which will suck!!

I will keep you guys informed with more information as I go along.



Hey guys,

I went for me pre-op on the 1st of this month, April. I went to the 3rd floor and filled out paper work. Once I filled out my paper work I was asked to pay ahead of time it was 180 or 190 I cant remember. I was then escorted to one of the rooms in the office and was first seen by a nurse or at least I think she was. She basically had me get undressed took my weight, blood pressure, blood samples, and did the EKG on me to make sure I was healthy. I don't know why but I was really nervous for that because I thought I was unhealthy. But then again, I always think something is wrong with me (I am mildly a hypochondriac) lol. After she was done the actual doctor came in and did basic primary care physician things like asking questions, checking heart rate, and all of those things.

When I was done with all of the questions and testing. I was sent upstairs to the 5th floor. OMG the elevator takes forever, lol. I was sitting in the lobby for a bit maybe 15-20 min then Arianny came and got me. She talked to me a bit on my prescription's and when I should take them all of that stuff. She gives you a handout in case you forget so no worries ladies. Then she took my payment and that was basically it.

If you guys have any questions let me know :)

Finally had my surgery.

That's me . first three days are hell after that it is literally just recovering and getting back to normal. It has been 13 days since surgery and I'm starting to see improvements already. My bruising is almost gone.

When they say rest and take it easy they are not kidding!

So today marks 2 weeks and I feel fine. A little sore but nothing I couldn't handle, or at least I thought. Yesterday I went back to work for the first time. I guess my body wasn't use to sitting standing sitting standing because my feet are like ballons right now. I called the office they told me it's normal but OMG I can't believe how big they are.

Updated photos of recovery

This is after one week. It is so important to wear a good faja! A tight one! I was wearing the doctors garment for the first week and It made myvsides uneven. You'll see in the photo. I assume it was from the garment not being tight enough.

Yesterday Day 13

Almost 2 weeks

Just about 1 month now.

Feeling great. I just wish my stomach would heal faster but I know it takes time I just have to wait ????????
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