Full TT, Lipo & MR in Five Days! - Bay Area, CA

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Hi ladies! So I'm a 43 yr old mom of two, a 21...

Hi ladies! So I'm a 43 yr old mom of two, a 21 yr old son & 8 yr old son. I guess you can say I was in shape size 9/10 most of my life. I'm 5'7" and usually weighed about 170 which was great for my body. But then add a 2nd marriage, a new son born via emergency C section ( larger than normal scar) & a bubbie that likes to eat out. I saw it coming gradually but just wasn't motivated. Then it appeared. The double chin, chunky arms & the kangaroo patch from hell. I work 12.5 hrs 3-4 days a wk on the night shift and just never make the time needed to get back in shape.

So, I made the decision to get a BL. Went in to see a very prominent Bay Area PS & loved him. After my exam, he said if I liked myself in my bra, wait a few years for the BL because he didn't think I would like the scars. However, he said the way to best change my body would be a TT & lipo on my inner thighs, flanks & chin ( darn him for noticing my chinny chin chin!)

I know this is going to boost my confidence & get me to where I need to be. I just didn't have the self confidence I used to. My mom, who lived with us, recently died and I really struggled after her illness & passing. I have absolutely loved this group for it's support & suggestions.

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Tomorrow's the big day. Getting nervous about...

Tomorrow's the big day. Getting nervous about the recovery but I'm already with ice packs, drinks, jello, & medication- nothing can go wrong !! Woo hooo

Day 6 post-op: Cried like a baby. Ist pre- op...

Day 6 post-op: Cried like a baby. Ist pre- op visit today and thought I would be getting my drains removed since the nurse who called the day before mentioned that. Well, no luck and I was just devastated. Having lots of pain from lipo, tylenol3 w/codiene not doing the trick, drain sites extremely sensitive. PS nurse very understanding & kind . Asked if I have been taking the Zanex to help calm fears. I said "Zanex? No, I'm pain & just wanted the drains out, I dont need a mood elevator! "

This gal just held my hand, as I blubbered and calmly explained the medicine will help calm me which helps control pain & fears about drains. She brought in a pill & a crystal glass and w/ in 15 minutes, I was a new person! She took out all my lip site strips, showed me how to rub vasiline on my new belly button & drain sites and everything just changed. I was relaxed & felt hopefull about controlling the pain & made my 2nd follow up appt for next wk.

I was so relaxed & comfortable and have been cleared to take aleve or advil for pain, which I love.

Apparently, I thought I was stronger mentally than my body. I had a large section of skin removed & 3 liters of fat! Yuck! My body went through a huge change and now I need to sit back and let it tell me what it needs to heal. Phew... Had to vent, thanks ladies!

Post Op Day 12: ok, starting to feel better! Lots...

Post Op Day 12: ok, starting to feel better! Lots of energy this morning, although my incision near both of my hips are really tender. Looking forward to post op#3 tomorrow, please let the drains be removed!! Fingers are crossed, instead of needing to dump the collectors every 2-3 hours , I now only need to do it 2-3 times a day. So what could make my happy day go bad? Nature! My period arrived 5 days early. So it's supposed to be 100 degrees today, I'm sporting my seal suit & I get to be on my period as well.. I just gotta sit back & laugh!

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