Mommy Makeover... Here I Come - Bay Area, CA

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I've been wanting a mommy makeover ever since...

I've been wanting a mommy makeover ever since I learned what a mommy makeover was. My sugery is scheduled for 4/4/11!

My sister actually started the ball rolling by scheduling surgery for next week. We've both had kids and have the same exact "yucky" body, and I can't believe we're actually going to do it after talking about it all these years.

My surgery will include: full tummy tuck; breast lift and implant; lipo in the midsection, flanks, hips and back. Lots of work.

I originally started getting consults with different PS in my area which motivated me to start working out. I started at 175 lbs, and I'm only 5'1"! I started seeing a weight loss doctor who prescribed me phentermine. In 7 weeks, I lost 20 lbs. I would like to be in the 140's before I did this surgery, but due to work and family limitations, this is the best time for me. I have to be off phentermine at least 2 weeks before surgery so i'm praying I maintain my weight in the next 3 weeks.

Aside from that, I'm excited, I'm anxious and I'm impatient. More to come.

3.15.11 I have a final consult appointment with...

I have a final consult appointment with the PS I'm choosing to do my surgery today. My sis has an appointment this morning to do all her paperwork. EEEK! I can't believe we're actually doing this.

My sis had to get her compression garments via the internet cause her mm surgery is on Monday. It cost over $300 for rush shipping and all the garments. She got the gel, binders, bra, garters...all the good stuff.

I just posted pix of my before, and current pix. I lost over 20 pounds taking phentermine through a weight loss doctor in my area. He also gave me b12 shots and monitored me weekly.

Today will be my first day without phentermine, and I am going to be optimistic I won't eat my weight back. My plan is to stay ahead of the hunger, and drink lots of water. I'm going to start my Zumba tapes again tonight. I kind of got lazy. I was losing about 4 pounds a week while exercising and on phentermine. Lately, I've been slacking and losing only about 1.5 lbs a week.

This MM surgery date is motivating me to lose another 10lbs so I can be about 145'ish pre surgery. My target weight is 125 for my 5'1" frame. I'm not trying to be super skinny... just...."normal." (at least in my eyes)

*sigh* If it wasn't for my daughter's birthday at the end of the month, and the fact I have to get the phentermine out of my system for the next 3 weeks, I would be doing the surgery next month. I'm watching/reading all the postings and everyone says "why didn't I do this sooner?!"

Why can't my surgery be now?

I meant.. i would be doing this surgery NEXT WEEK.

I meant.. i would be doing this surgery NEXT WEEK.

So I just left my PS office, and signed all the...

So I just left my PS office, and signed all the paperwork, did my blood test and made the "Big" payment. I'm told that my new date is 4/12/11, but I may be able to still get it done the week of 4/4/11 if a room opens up. I am so anxious, I even asked the nurse if she can put me in on my sister's surgery date, and just move my sister's surgery to April. It was a no go. Darn!

I'm sitting here waiting for my sister to get...

I'm sitting here waiting for my sister to get out of surgery. Not fair. I'm thinking of moving my sugary date to next week... Hmmm.

I moved my mm surgery up. I couldn't wait....

I moved my mm surgery up. I couldn't wait. It's now 3/30/11!!!

I did it! I had my MM today. Pain is pain but is...

I did it! I had my MM today. Pain is pain but is manageable. I'm on vicodine and I'm making sure to stay on top of the pain. Only thing I can complain about is I'm not sleeping straight. Other than that, I'm pretty good! I can't wait to see my tummy and breasts. I have an appointment in two days so I'll just have to wait. I'm too chicken to open up my garments.

Day 2: Procedures done: breast lift, breast...

Day 2:

Procedures done: breast lift, breast aug to full c cup, tummy tuck, lipo on back, hips, tummy.

Pain level 3 today
Breast are sore but very mild pain. I can raise my hands up with ease.
Tummy tuck is sore but mild
Lipo I can't feel at all. I just have a lot of bruising but no pain.
I'm taking vicodine, stool softener and peeing like crazy from the iv. The only thing I need help with is getting out of bed. I can walk hunched but normal, I can go to the bathroom without any problems and I drain my own bulbs. My husband is amazed at how normal I am and all the things I can do just out of surgery. He says I'm a model patient.

Here were my pre measurements:
Under bust: 35
Nipple: 41
Waist: 35
Belly button: 40
Cup size c
Weight: 159
Height: 5'1"

My advice so far:
1. Go in to this excited and habppy. I was joking with the nurses and my doctor the whole time and smiled going in and leaving the surgery center.
2. Get sea bands for the nausea.
3. Be on top of your pain meds
4. Do an enema or colonic day or two before the surgery to clear out your tummy.
5. Don't tell unsuportive people about your surgery until after. There's no needs to add stress going into this.

I want you guys to know that I am a pain whimp and am a big baby... So for me to be able to go through this and can only have minimal help (although my husband is more than willing to do it all) and minimal pain.... I am so amazed!!!

Knock on wood that I can keep this up!
Will post pix soon too...

Day 2 PO evening... I'm such a ditz. I...

Day 2 PO evening...

I'm such a ditz. I opened up my binder to get a sneak peek only to pull a stitch or something. OUCH! Now when I walk it hurts on my left side. So i'm just going to lay in bed to avoid walking. Thank goodness my follow up appointment is tomorrow. (reminder to others: don't open your binder. Things move around and can cause pain.)

On another note, my PS called me and asked for status. He's surprised I sound so good. He's going to prescribe me percaset cause the vicodine is making me itchy. I'm going benedryl which is great cause I'm actually able to sleep longer now and not just in spurt. he thinks the antibiotics reacting with the vicodine may be why I'm itching cause I never had problems with vicodine before.

Love being in bed take is time to heal. My girls are staying with my in-laws while I'm healing and my wonderful husband is home with me. I am so blessed.

Day 3 PO Pain! There's a stitch or...

Day 3 PO

Pain! There's a stitch or something on my lower left hip. Feels like it's tugging on my skin. My plan is just to wait until I see my PS today and stay in bed.

Everything is sore except for that one area of pain.
Pain level everywhere is: 4
Pain level in that one area is: 9

Felt nauseous last night so I wore my sea bands which helped. Drains are going down a lot. Throat still sore from the tube being in there but chloroseptic helps.

I'm getting upa dn down mpby myself. Going to the bathroom and emptying out the drains myself too.

Started taking benedryl for itchyness from vicodine which is great cause it knocks me out.

Hoping my breast drains at least come out today.

Day 3 Po Don't understand why day 3 is...

Day 3 Po

Don't understand why day 3 is worse than day 1 or 2. Pain level was 7 today. I have gas like crazy and had to do an enema tonight to get the gas out.

I was nauseated, had a head ache and was itchy from the vicodine. I'm now on oxycodone every 3 hours. This is working much better for me.

Turns out I cant post pics from my iPad or iPhone so I'll just have to wait till I can get downstairs to a real computer.

I went to my PS today and he says in doing fine. No drains were removed but hopefully by Monday I can have at least the breasts removed. It doesn't bother me cause they don't hurt but i just want to take a real shower.

Cutest thing. My kids saw me for the first time and we explained mommy got her tummy fixed and that the bulbs were medicine so it wouldn it freak them out. They were so loving and gentle with me (9yo&3yo girls). They helped me wash an dry my hair and helped wiped me down.

Pain level right now is a 3... Only cause of the gas. I did think and ask myself why I did this? I kept asking myself what would posess a perfectly healthy person to want to feel this pain and go through this recovery. I think I'm going through all the stages in one night.

Everyone says this part is the hardest... I just want to finish already.

Day 4 PO... Not to be gross, but if im...

Day 4 PO...

Not to be gross, but if im keeping this real, the enema was great! Nothing came out with it just lots of gas and I am
So much more comfortable now. Pain level right now is 2. Boobs feel engorged and tummy is Eh. No big pain.

I swear the things that are bothering me are not from the surgery but instead the gas and the itchiness. Although the itchiness has gone down a lot since I got off of vicodine.

Day 5 PO Went to my PS today and he removed 3...

Day 5 PO

Went to my PS today and he removed 3 out of the 4 drains today. I decided it was time for me to get off of the oxhcodone so I switched to extra strength Tylenol this morning. I'm getting the 4th drain removed on Thursday.

Pain level: 2
Comes mainly from hardness/ soreness of my breasts. My breasts feel hard as a rock and swollen like I'm need to pump both sides out of milk. I can move my arms around fine, it's just the hardness or soreness from the breast that's uncomfortable.

Took a long hot shower today too that I loved! I asked if I can take ibuprofen but Ps says Im still too bruised from lipo (which I never felt at all.)

oh boobs... You look so good.. Can u just tone it down a bit with the hardness... It feels like I stuffed my bra with 30 lbs rocks. Any help or advice???

Day 5 PO evening My one drain stitch and...

Day 5 PO evening

My one drain stitch and it's hurting like crazy! Pain is an 8! Took oxycodone for pain and moved around my binder and drain to make it more comfortable. Helped a bit but I feel it. I think it's when you have 4 drains, you think of the pain as a whole, and now I have one left... I'm so drawn to that one drain. Boobs are still engorged so my sis recommeneded cold packs 20 min max 4x per day.

I hate sounding bipolar on my posts but I want to make this honest. Ouch! This darn drain hurts! Breathe...

Day 5 PO later in the night Pain: 2 It...

Day 5 PO later in the night

Pain: 2
It seems like I just need to move things around and make sure the stitch isn't being tugged. What a relief!

Took another long hot shower.

Day 6 PO...4am ish Pain: 6 Soreness level:...

Day 6 PO...4am ish

Pain: 6
Soreness level: 8

Pain is from my last drain. Seems as if the drain may not be suctioning as before because I notice the bulb is stretched instead of the sunken look. I'm literally milking the drain to make it go in the bulb and the re positioning it for the least amount of discomfort. I left a msg with my PS office since this didn't seem like an emergency since it is still draining. I'm hoping they tell me to just comemin to removenit already. The pain feels like something is tugging at my skin and the site feels inflamed from me contstantly trying to reposition it.

My boobs feel like they are so full of milk. ENGORGED... not pain, just uncomfortable.

TT and lipo... No pain from those sites. So it's rally just the last drain and my boobs being uncomfortable.

I've also started back on percoset every 3-4 hours cause the Tylenol isnt cutting it tonight.

Realization: I'm still healing and I need to just calm down and go through thupis process. I'm probably just trying to rush this so every time I feel "pain-lesser" I'm thinking this is it... This is the worse... Only to be faced with a body that in my words "is bi-polar."

Doogie houser out. (hehe!)

Day 6 PO...11:30am Pain: 8 Soreness:...

Day 6 PO...11:30am

Pain: 8
Soreness: 6
Temp: 100-102 (reading is always off)

Called my PS this am to get more darvocet and for an appt today. I literally have to milk the drain each time I go to the bathroom cause the bulb is fully inflated and isn't doing it'd thing no matter what position I put it in. Worse fear now is they're going to strick a needle in the area and just manually drain it. Eek!

Boobs are engorged, hard to get up and down and hard to walk again and oh the pain on the rigth side (the last drain). Vicodine I took is kicking in so thank god.

Ok. This has to be the worse that everyone I'd talking about before it gets better...

Pain: 1-2 Soreness level: 5 PS removed the...

Pain: 1-2
Soreness level: 5

PS removed the last painful drain! Turns out it wasn't working anymore. I was probably at pain level 10 by the time
I got to the PS office today. He had to put a topical and inject me with pain meds before he pulled out the pain. Worse pain I had ever felt during this whole recovery!

Thank God Im done with it and im moving onto healing now.

Day 7 PO Pain: 6 Soreness: 6 My whole...

Day 7 PO

Pain: 6
Soreness: 6

My whole body aches everytime I wake up cause I've stopped setting the alarm at night to take meds. I figure if it hurts enough I'll wake up. Hmmm... I may have to rethink this one through.

Where my right drain used to be is the most painful area. I honestly believe i was borderline infected since the suction wasn't working and the "stuff" was gathering there and had no where else to go.

Boobs are more sensitive now. Even with opening up my medicine bottles. But at least today it doesn't feel as engorged.

Tummy tuck incision is very minimal. The only areas I'm tender at are where the two drains were in my pelvic area.

Lipo is becoming a little uncomfortable but super mild.

Best thing I did today (although it hurt to walk around and it took me a long time to get around.) was get a NEW BODY SHAPER @ JC Penny's! Can I say *sigh*..... bought the one with your boobs hanging out and the front has about a couple dozen clasps running up and down. Back has full coverage which is good for the back lipo I had done. This makes it do much easier to itch... Cause I'm getting itchy now.

It was buy 1, get 2nd pair 50% off so it came out to about 36 each. I'll be using this to replace the binder. Which is great because i have a short torso and the binder kept cutting into me in all the wrong places.

Oh, and I went to Wal-Mart and bought sports bras that clasp on the front (2 for 9.94). Heaven! The bra I've been wearing was too tight and it was cutting me in the ribs.

So in terms of garments, I've spent:
$25.20 - binder I bought from surgery center
$25.20 - bra I bought from surgery center
$9.94 - 2 sports bras from walmart
$36 (x2) - for shapewear garment from jc penny

My sis (TheNewMe03) spent over $300 to rush ship her binder, a full garment zip thing, bra, scar cream and gel zone.

Thank God from her experience, I was able to cut corners and get garments local for cheap!

Day 8 PO Pain: 4 Soreness: 3 I went to...

Day 8 PO

Pain: 4
Soreness: 3

I went to my PS today and he removed the large stitches around the tummy tuck and belly button stitches. Next week he will remove all the stitches. Yey!

I've been on top of my medication so pain is becoming more manageable now. Thank God!

Now I'm starting to feel the lipo areas, I think only because the other areas have calmed down in pain significantly. The boobs are still engaged but taking a morning and an evening hot shower helps to alleviate it. The last drain taken out (right pelvic) is still leaking out but minimal pain now that the drain is actually out. I have to replace the gauze 3-4 times a day cause I want to make sure it stays clean and not infected.

So all in all I think my pain luck is turning for the better. I do still have pain and aches here and there, but it is so much better than the last 3 days I've had.

In a side note. I'm so in love with my new garment/binder! I tried on a bunch of clothes yesterday and everything looked so good. Instead of having to worry about of I look too fat in this or that... I worry if I look too skinny! So funny for me to say or write down. I want my weight loss to look gradual so people don't realize that I just had a mommy makeover.

My regret is I should have bought shapewear a LONNNGGG time ago. Why didn't I use this stuff before? Everyone who doesnt have shapewear in their closet... Go get 2! Your clothes fit and look so much better. I can't stop raving about it.

On another happy note, I've lost 3lbs from my pre surgery weight. I can really see my figure coming about. The anxieties I was having over whether or not this was worth it has subsided. I can't wait for more swelling to to down! I've also started doing portion control and it's helped a me this week on losing the 3 pounds.

Weight loss tips:
1) eat what ever you want
2) stop eating when you are full
3) water!
4) walk
5)& stop eating 4 hours before sleeping

I take no credit in any of this cause it's from other people that I liked the idea of and I just remind myself to do daily. I have to remember that losing weight is a concuius daily decision and not an unconcious thing.

Adios amigos!

Posting 9 day PO pix NEW STATS: Weight:...

posting 9 day PO pix

Weight: 155lbs
Under Bust: 35”
Fullest par of Breast: 41”
Cup Size: C
Waist: 35”
Around Belly Button: 38”
Fullest part of hip: 40”

Pain Level: 3
Soreness: 4

9 Days PO Pain: 2 Soreness: eh....

9 Days PO

Pain: 2
Soreness: eh..3

Today lipo pain has subsided and now I'm feeling the tummy tuck stitches. I feels like the skin is attaching and there's a big bump that formed around the edge so I feel a little rise when I run my fingers on top of it. No big deal really, I just feel the stitches, but it doesn't hurt at all, just a little sore/tender in some spots. There's medical tape around it and I'm wearing my underwear below it so it doesn't have to rub up on anything.

I weighed myself again, and I'm down another pound! 155 9 days post op. Woo hoo!

Boobs are tender, but I can absolutely raise and move my arms around with no problems. Only thing I'm looking forward to is for my next appt. where my PS will remove the ugly stitches around my nipple. My areaola is super cute now though... it's so small and perky!

Tummy is sore more around the lipo-ed areas and has gone down a little bit with the swelling. I can tell cause my shirts look AH-mazing!

The area where they took the last drain out (right pelvic) is still leaking/draining, and i'm having to change the gauze/taping and even my underwear because as much gauze I put on it, it still leaks through. It's a little tender there, but completely manageable.

I am walking completely straight while my meds are working, and I start to hunch over as it gets closer to take the meds. Funny...

As for the percoset. I didn't take any last night, and I didn't wake up like the other day, so I can tell the pain is really becoming manageable. I think I'm going to got to every 4-5 hours instead of every 3 hours today to see how that goes. Once I get used to it, i'll be switching to tylenol.

So in conclusion..
Boobs - good!
Tummy tuck - just stitches getting tender, but ok
lipo - good
last drain spot area- still leaking, but good.

Hasta Manana!

(oh, and i updated my pix now that I can go up and down the stairs with ease, and I can get on a real computer!)

Day 10 & 11 Pain! I woke up both these...

Day 10 & 11

Pain! I woke up both these days in pain. Lots of meds. The main areas that were painful now are the stiches for the Tummy Tuck.

I did WAY too much for the weekend and my body was aching, hurting, and super exhausted. It was my bad, so I can't really blame it on the healing process. I really did way too much, and my body paid for it big time.

Day 12 PO My main concern right now is...

Day 12 PO

My main concern right now is getting pregnant. Not to be too detailed, but my husband is really loving my new body! I know I was given anti-biotics and my birth control is probably not working at it's peak, but I can't fend this guy off of me! To say the least, he's very happy with the result.

With that said...
Pain: 2
Soreness: 1

Pain is really just coming from the stitches from the Tummy tuck now. The right side pelvic where the drain was has slowed down in draining significantly. But is still dress the wound. The tape that the PS put around my TT wound has fallen off, and i literally look like I'm packing bullets around my tummy the way my "make shift" gauzing looks.

I basically roll 2 cotton square pads, put neosporine and use medical tape to hold it in place. So i have a whole row going from hip to hip of this stuff, and it looks funny. My compression garment holds it in place, so you really don't see it. I usually take a morning and evening shower, and change the dressings then.

The TT scar is hideous! It's rounded and you can tell it's ugly. I know this is just the beginning and it hasn't gotten to the scabbing phase yet so that's why it's so hideous. Yuck!

The PS is going to take my final stitches off tomorrow, and I can finally see my boobs in a good way, not in a frankenstein looking way. I'm really looking forward to that.

All in all, I'm still waking up in the morning asking my self "WHY THE HELL DID I DO THIS AGAIN?!" but, it's getting minute-ly better each day. One day, I'm hoping to wake up saying "THIS IS WHY I DID IT!" Still waiting for that day though. TIme seems to be going so slow with the healing. It's getting old.

Signing off for today :)

Day 15 post op I look soooooo good! Flat...

Day 15 post op

I look soooooo good! Flat (ening) tummy, less swelling, boobs galore! Stitches all gone, taking ibuprofen for swelling and almost off the pain meds.

Life is soooo good!!!

21 days PO Weight: 154lbs (still working on...

21 days PO

Weight: 154lbs (still working on this)
Under bust: 34.5
Cup Size: C
Waist: 34
Belly button area: 35
Hips: 38.5


no more pain meds since last week. swelling has gone down significantly, although still swollen. boobs had "dropped" which apparently means the are settling in more and they aren't so high up. I am VERY happy with the size. It's not too big under clothes, but big enough out of clothes.


my boob pain was not fun last week, but after talking to my sis (thenewme03) she told me to ice. so frozen peas are my new best friends. i ice in the morning and night and whenever i remember to throughout the day. it helps so much with the swelling and the pain.

i actually don't wake up with pain anymore. just tenderness around my boobs. my tt incisions are already scabbed and itchy, but i'm doing my best not to itch. Lipo is awesome even though i know it's not at 100% yet since it's still swollen. I can see shapes taking place. cool thing about my ps, is he doesn't recommend the butt fat injections, but he lipoed my lower back to make it look like i have a butt! awesome!!!

very happy with my results. now i just have to wait for my ps to give me the go ahead to start exercising, which may be next week since that's when my next appt is. YEY!

6 weeks post op pix posted -pain is...

6 weeks post op pix posted

-pain is gone!
-using gel zone & cream to reduce scars now
-exercising like a maniac to get inches off

Pleasanton Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Eric Hisaka is an awesome surgeon. He set my expectations and made my process easy and smooth. He works by referral, so he must be doing lots of things right because he doesn't advertise at all. He's not even on this thing. My sis had a mommy makeover on 3/22, and my aunt and her friends had surgeries with him too. Great bed side manner, his nurse Debbie is fantastic and always answers the phone. His price is amazing compared to other Bay Area Docs too. I would have probably paid 12-14,000 for all that I did, but I got it all for $10,700. That includes all surgery center, anesthesia and doc fee. LOVE DR. HISAKA!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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