Mommy Makeover Scheduled for 2/17/11 - Bay Area, CA

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I am 32, mother of three wonderful boys, 11,5,3. I...

I am 32, mother of three wonderful boys, 11,5,3. I am 5'4" and was 120 lbs when I first got pregnant. I gained about 50 lbs (then lost most weight) each time i got pregnant. I have lost most of the baby weight, except for the last 10 lbs. I am ready to have a Mommy makeover. Super scared, but ready. I will have a full tummy tuck and silicone breast implants put in, and lipo on the inner thighs. I am currently an A cup and want to go to a C. I don't want it to be super noticeable, just proportional to my shape. I currently wear a crazy bra that has so much padding, it gives my breast about 2-3 inches (sticking out wise). I don't have anything up there so at least wearing this bra for the last year or so will make it so it is not so noticeable when I get work done.

My husband is super supportive. He loves my body no matter what and doesn't care if I have surgery or not, but I really want the surgery so that I feel more confident in myself. I think that it is great for those ladies who are so confident in their bodies that they never have to have any work done, but I am not one of those. I want to be able to feel attractive when I am with my husband. Right now I never really want him to hold my waist or chest because there is nothing in my chest. I am so lucky to have such a loving husband. I am not doing this for him, but for me. I know that in having any type of cosmetic surgery.... it is important to do it for yourself and not another person.

I workout and have run so many many miles. Nothing gets rid of my tummy. Most of the times I will work out and eat healthy and have a flat stomach, but as soon as I maybe have a full meal, the tummy will totally come out as if I never worked out a day of my life. I can totally make it look as if I am 4-5 months pregnant by not sucking my tummy in. I can grab a handful of skin when I sit down.

I am excited that I finally have the courage to do this, but super scared that something will go wrong. I just have to keep telling myself that I am healthy and have always been healthy and that many women have had this done and been ok. I don't smoke, drink, do drugs, or even drink caffeine. I work out on a regular basis

Just trying to get myself mentally prepared. I...

Just trying to get myself mentally prepared. I have really great supportive friends who are the best. I will post pictures of before and after.

I forgot to mention that my ab muscle is a little...

I forgot to mention that my ab muscle is a little split also and every time it's the time of the month, I get so bloated and it looks like I am pregnant.

Just up late, a little worried about everything. I wish tomorrow was the day. I have one more day till surgery. Today I will get everything cleaned, and get all clothes washed and food bought.

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