My Lips Look Like a Scary Nightmare Right Now...I Guess We'll See - Bay Area, CA

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Well I've always had a good experience with...

Well I've always had a good experience with lip fillers before. I've had it done last 1 year ago and before that 2 years with another doctor in another state and never had any problem until now. It was my first time using restylane ( have only used juvederm in past) but this doc didn't have juvederm and said restylane and juvederm are the same. So whatever I went with it did one syringe, I wanna say 0.8cc.

The treatment was yesterday. My lips were kind of swollen after not too bad, go home and about 4 hours after the treatment my lips all of a sudden tripled in size. Looks like someone beat the crap out of my lips, no bruising just extremely extremely swollen, could barely drink, had to eat in very tiny portions and chew slowly. Then the pain kicked in. I was taking arnica and ate pineapple which may have helped with the bruising but not with the swelling. I started to question myself last night because of how big they looked and slept horribly.

So its the next day now, 21 hours post treatment, swelling only went down the tiniest bit, the pictures I posted are from today. I'm highly considering going in to have those injections to remove the restylane because from the looks of it the left side of my upper lip is extremely uneven with the right. Just worried because I've never had this kind of swelling anymore, not to mention I can't leave the house looking like this and I'm bored out of my mind and not sure I have the patient to wait this out not knowing if it's just swelling or if it's over injected. Sorry if i'm rambling or all over the place just freaking out. What do you guys think?

It is now 32 hours after treatment my lips have...

It is now 32 hours after treatment my lips have gone down greatly in swelling, I really think it's all because of the arnica pills I've been taking and the arnia gel I've been applying to my lips. My left side of the upper lip still looks bigger then the right but I will see in the next couple days if it evens out. The thought of anything else getting injected into my lips at this point makes me cringe, I think my lips have had enough.. but if it's absolutely necessary I will have to have it injected with hyaluronidase. Just hope my review helps others out that were freaking out like me about swelling, it will definitely go down just give your lips time to heal (they have been put through a lot after all)...

Here I go again

Had Juvederm Ultra Plus in lips 13 hours ago(I usually do just the Ultra but trying this out). As always, it starts to swell the night after treatment. I've realized after many juvederm treatments and forgetting about the swelling, that it's best just to not look at your lips 2 days after treatment because they are swollen, you will sit and analyze and drive yourself crazy with questioning whether you should have done it. I have noticed my swelling is not as bad this time as last time because I went with a different doctor. She told me it's important for the injector to go in very slowly and smoothly-not rushing the procedure. I was there for an hour because she took her time with each and every injection. The doctor I went to previously was done in 20 minutes and I swelled up like crazy. So again I am writing this review to help other women- either way you will swell but be patient and DONT look at them for at least the first 24-48 hrs. The picture is 13 hrs post treatment. This is just to show you why you shouldn't look for first 2 days because the end result will not look this swollen or like this. I will post more maybe in couple of days? Stay calm ladies ;)
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