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I've spent the past 10 months working with a...

I've spent the past 10 months working with a cosmetic dentist to get my four front teeth redone (bad cosmetic work previously).

He's an Accredited AACD dentist and works with a really good ceramist.

But here's the problem.

I ended up doing 8 top and 8 lower after his recommendation. Prepless for all but the first 4. The prepless veneers were suppose to be thin and match the four, but they are thicker than I expected and don't really match the four. One of my incisors is an implant so they I'm guessing they had to do some other type of porcelain layering / press type work for the four. The prepless are done handstacked feldspathic.

If you look at the pictures you'll notice the incisors look nothing alike and one is grey and the other is too solid colored (monochromatic). Also one of the canines is flat on the edge.

Do you guys see this too?

I spent a lot of money and a lot of time (10 months going back and fourth from NYC and CA!) and this is what I have permanently in my mouth. I keep asking myself how and why did this happen? Trying to be positive here but 10 months of my life and $32,000 out of my pocket and I haven't smiled at all since I got these veneers.

Definitely think I made a bad decision to do more teeth based on the recommendation of my dentist now.

To sum it all up.
Front four veneers don't match other 12 prepless
Prepless veneers are thick
Incisors don't match (color or look)
One canine is flat
Some of the pre-molars are made poorly (you can't see these)
Some of the veneers are rough and don't seem glazed

Any one have similar problems like this? Any suggestions on what to do?
Any dentist have any suggestions?

I'll take all the advice I can get now. I'm just sick of going through this process and not being happy with my teeth. I thought the whole purpose was to get a beautiful smile you could be proud of.

Turns out they were bad veneers!

Ok so this doctor and his veneers ended up being really bad. They chipped and actually didn't look as good as I thought. He didn't replace anything and pretty much tried to say it was my fault that the bite was off.
I'm going to a really good doctor now that is disgusted by what the previous doctor put in my mouth.
I would only trust a prosthodontist going forward, not someone that is part of the AACD.
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