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Hello mommies, I have been reading reviews at...

Hello mommies, I have been reading reviews at realself for 3 years now :-). I'm 38 yrs old, working mom, 2 wonderful kids, 2 dogs, supportive hubby, been with him more than half my life now :-). older kid is almost 6, younger one is 1. My story is similar to a lot of you. Beautiful pregancies but the tummy and breasts have totally gone for a toss. Both times I went from 120 to 191 (even though second time i was a lot more smarter in my diet choices). Both kids I had through IUI, so I did not want to take any chances with exercise etc. I'm down to 135 (this morning), and I have another 15 pounds to go. Not sure if some of you might judge me for taking hydroxycut, but I have started to take this since last month since I needed a "boost" (I have low thyroid function and am on levothryroxin). I intend to take it for 4 weeks to break this plateau I have.

I'm writing this review since I'm serious about doing my mommy makeover surgery OR tummy tuck only for sure by this year. I need your help in deciding which one, and also keeping me motivated to truly lose my last 15 pounds by May 10 or earlier (a goal I set up for myself).

I know at 120 pounds, my breasts will be empty sacs :-) HAHAHA...it was like that the last time I got to 120 before I decided to get pg with my second. My tummy at 120 seemed to be flat with LOTS of skin...here are my questions -

1.Unlike some of you I have skin and stretch marks on top of my belly button, so not sure with a TT, how pronounced they will look.

2. Did you get a say in what type of TT scar you wanted, or did your doc say it "depends". Reason I ask is that I do not like the "W" and "Straight line" kinds since they seems to pop up in the middle right about the mons. I would like one to be ovelapping with my C scar ..(After 35 hrs in the hospital, I ended up having a C the first time)

3. I had a near-death experience with post partum hemarrage (uterus did not shrink) and I had 6 ER visits. 3 blood transfusions etc...scary experience. My gynec said it was a freak thing to happen and I can still go with a makeover surgery. My c-section scars recovered well both times. Not sure what you think...

4. Does the fact that breast implants dont last forever give you pause and change your mind?

5. Does the fact that there are more things that can go wrong with recovering on 2 surgeries at same point change your mind?

6. Did you go with a doctor that had the "cosmetassure" - some type of insurance that covers complications post surgery for a limited amount of time - like 30 days...did that help?

7. Did you consider this new "gummy bear" silicone implant?

8. Do you know if TT scar over a period of 2-3 years moves up significantly? Is TT for life if one maintains consistent weight and body tone (note - i'm approaching 40 :-)

9. I talked to Dr.Joel Beck 3 or so years ago. Nice man. Not pushy. Conservative in breast size. Asked me come back after I was done with my pregnancies. In couple of months, I want to line up few consultations. Any advice on docs close to San Jose CA would be great.

More questions later...but this review is a start in me getting serious about making up my mind and getting my weightloss down by May.

Some reviews that were "marked" not worth it for BI, TT really scare me...but I also see such positive reviews..not sure long term how some of you have been...Any insight from you to my questions will really help me! Bye for now!

Hmm... Not sure what happened to my pics... Will...

Hmm... Not sure what happened to my pics... Will have to delete and upload them..

Before pics finally uploaded correctly...

Before pics finally uploaded correctly...

More questions :-) - Did you consider the...

More questions :-)
- Did you consider the "drain-less" method - progressive tension sutures? Are they truly better than having drains (pain and risk of seromas/hemotamas being less?)

- Did you use a recovery center for the first few days? If yes, how many days. My biggest worry is being in a chair immobile with such young ones that I have. They like to jump on me ;-) and not sure if I want to expose them to mom being "unwell"? how many days is best in a recovery center? 4 or 5 or more? also how much does it cost....

- I have a semi-desk job. 50% at desk. 50% walking around. I heard that it does take 6 weeks to recover..I cannot take 6 weeks off without letting ppl at work know why...which I do not want to do...whats the minimum required...I can take 3 weeks off...will that be enough? I'm thinking of doing this close to end of November (that way with the thanksgiving weekend, I can get close to 3-1/2 weeks off...and then that puts me around Christmas, so there will be slowdown at work...)...But it gets weird to have me stay at home not joining friends for new year party and making excuses...I wont be telling anyone..Anyways, looks like I'm rambling but let me know what you think of my plan...

- Am I crazy to think about this / being vain, given I had a near death experience with post partum hemorrage (first few days in hospital great and then on day 7, uterus gave away...tons of blood...)..Needed interventional radiology to block uterine artery so stop blood flow. Fine now...Will meet my gynec in May after I'm down to 120. dont want to meet before then..no point if I can't lose the damn weight...:-)!

I'm so torn thinking through this :-)...

Reply back ladies :-)! I need support...hahah...anyways, getting back to work now...

I feel more committed to my weightloss since I...

I feel more committed to my weightloss since I posted my pics here..will schedule my consults in May as soon as I'm at 120 my pre baby weight..btw I was reading up the 'not worth it' ratings on breast lift with augmentation reviews and gosh.. So scary.. Some were board certified too..risk versus reward... Will cross the bridge in May...and share every detail of my consult with you...may be you can steer me towards right PS / surgery when the time comes..will upload another set of before pics when I have lost 10 pounds from prev pics..bye for now... Been on realself for 4 hrs now..since the hubby and munchkins slept :-)!

Disclaimer - Rambling note...I am not in a great...

Disclaimer - Rambling note...I am not in a great mood...Cold war with hubby ...

Ladies, I have been working out every day.. From kickboxing, gym, running outside to (today) hill workout. eating clean, drinking 2 cups of hot green tea, I seem to be losing slowly but getting there. From 191 to 171 pounds was easy - baby and water weight.. So far i have lost 60 pounds with 3-4 big plateaus! Last plateau was at 135 where for 2 weeks.. looks like i broke a plateau..I was under 130 this morning. Btw I'm not so number focused except that not going to consults until I reach pre-baby weight at 120 keeps me motivated to lose ...

I wouldn't have been posting today if I weren't feeling so low. Had a fight with my hubby a day ago. Things are still cold between us. He is supportive and a good dad. However when we have an argument, given that we've been together for 20 yrs, there is a lot of garbage from the years we've been together makes it into the argument and makes it worse... For those who are working moms in high pressure jobs may be able to relate to this... My hubby got promoted recently (very senior position) and it took almost 6-7 months of stress /brainstorming with me etc (we are in the same field). Now I'm going thru some org changes at work and would like support to plan out my career. I had a mtg with my VP at work and told my husband I need him to come early so I can discuss next best steps for me for a promotion. Since I'm busy with kids from the time I pick them up at 6 and wrap up their dinner, milk, homework, stuff, kitchen etc I'm dead tired..... I like to have a clean home so cant sleep until things are in place... I only get done at 11 .

Strategizing for a promotion is not something I have mental capacity late at night... So I asked him to come early in the evening...He came at 9:15 pm (later than usual) and said it was work stuff .. I was seething but didn't say anything. After an hour I happened to be near him, I smelled beer. I asked him if he was out to drink. His gave changs. Said yes with a colleague. I lost it. That was SOME work! I'm with the kids taking care of stuff requested him 1 time to come early since I had a mtg with my VP for my promotion and I really needed to talk and he comes late, hides he was out to drink. My career not as important while for his I'm there to brainstorm, advise as needed. I just feel so letdown. We did our engineering together, rose in our careers together. I like to keep a balance between being a mom and career so I have been taking it slow. However it's just disheartening to see he would not give enough importance to my work stress and need to talk, as much as I would to his.. When I called him on it, unfortunately I said it was the fourth time.. And that was it for him to be mad back at me...since I counted, kept score I'm the bad guy... Doesn't matter what the underlying issue was...

I grew up in a home where my parents fought constants so I really don't want that for my kids... Between being a mom, high pressure job, sick of this body weight up and down with each pregnancy, trying to lose weight, quitting the occasional smoking (secret from my kids) earlier this year, no meaningful relationship with my mom and dad (chaotic household, blindly trusting family with me who end up abusing me physically, just stuff not worth going over).,any argument with hubby just puts me in the pits... I feel so close to eating the worse foods ever... But some voice tells me... Just keep going .. Why the F do I need any sounding board for my career next steps...I'm f**** ing smart... I survived a lot of things on my own through childhood... Made a life in America for myself when a lot of ppl back home didn't believe... I should just stay focused on being healthy and get to pre-baby weight. When we have a fight, I don't ask for any help so until we resolve the fight, the makeover can't be done ...I'm not going to ask him to take care of me for 6 weeks.. I have an ego problem... However since it may be later in the year, who knows.. We may patch up.. As of now, trying hard to get by the day focused on kids, being a calm mom , exercising every day even if means i have tears rolling down while jogging and getting thru work...sorry to write this rambling note..btw just in case you are wondering me quitting my job isn't an option... Up until 2 months I was making more than hubby and family is used to a certain lifestyle (international vacations, home on am acre... Etc etc)...

I can't believe I posted the rambling note before....

I can't believe I posted the rambling note before... I'm thinking that i'm getting more vulnerable to stress and hypersensitive with polarized moods as I'm getting older ..and now closer to making a decision on the MM. Hope the rest of you are having better days!!

Hello ladies, first off - thanks a lot for your...

Hello ladies, first off - thanks a lot for your timely comments! It saved me from eating like a glutton when I'm down...!! I managed to keep myself from focused...

Now a little bit of update on the hubby situation - guess what! he apologized the day after the incident but my stupid ego..i continued to be cold...However, thanks to Easter weekend and a funny situation with my 1-yr old girl, cold war ended...My 1-yr old daughter was pulling my 8-year old, german shepherd's ear and I (quite sternly I must say) said "NOOOO, he will not like it" - one of those immediate mommy reactions for the kids to be safe!..and my little 1-yr old for the first time "frowned"...eyebrows raised, twitch in the nose..THE WORKS :-)..there was no mistaking she was angry and then she went on to doing that one more time...touching the dog's ear again...of course i did pick her up then and told her no one more time..this time quietly......anyways, my hubby who was there next to her (kids are never with dogs alone...i'm one of those paranoid moms)...my hubby laughed and said - oh there we go, we have another yet one with the house with a temper! her frown is just like yours...no mistaking there :-)!! good, now you can enjoy dealing with temper too! you know, I just could not help but laugh and it just dissolved the cold war...

that said, i'm still going to set up the counseling sessions once in couple weeks. ...since after 20 yrs and 2 kids, talking through things is not something high on priority for either of us...we just move on until the next one hits...which is obviously not healthy...i'm glad you ladies replied back on time...else trust me i would have been 5-10 donuts :-)!

My weight went back up at little bit thanks to easter festivities but i'm taking a late lunch hour from work to run outside for 40 mins...

Hope everyone is healing well!

Ladies, it is becoming real for me... I scheduled...

Ladies, it is becoming real for me... I scheduled my first consult on May 21 with Dr. Joel Beck. (Met with him 3 yrs ago. Aesthetic scars. Conservative on the breast ...did not agree that I could be a D..and discontinued carrying cosmetassure..). Even though last 2 pts don't sit well with me, I found him to very patient with me last time, spent an hr going over things with pics and advised to do MM after 2nd baby (i went there for BA since tummy wasn't too bad after first as much as it is today). I'm also meeting with my gynecologist given i had postpartum hemorrhage and a nightmare recovery with uterus not healing blood transfusions interventional radiology.. To cauterize my uterine arteries..The works.., she told me last time these are 2 separate things. My c-section healed well so I Should not worry..

She said she will also recommend a PS who will take good care of me. Personally I will better with her recommendation.. But cosmetassure is important to me... Can't risk draining our savings in case something goes wrong...

Well one step at a time.. Right now focused on losing weight getting to 120 by my consult in mid May. I have such a hard time not splurging on Sunday nights :-)... It is getting serious now!!! Just got done with a bodycombat class ! Feels good!

Hope everyone is healing well!

Good day, mommies! I've been working out...

Good day, mommies!

I've been working out consistently. I've got 2 consults scheduled [May 23 - Dr. Ramin Behmand, May 21 - Dr. Joel Beck]. Both seem to have good pics, good reviews on yelp, RS.

Dr. Ramin pics -
1. http://www.drbehmand.com/gallery/abdominoplasty, 2. http://www.drbehmand.com/gallery/breast-lift,

Dr. Beck
1. http://www.bayareaaestheticsurgery.com/gallery/body/liposuction/
2. http://www.bayareaaestheticsurgery.com/gallery/breast/breast_augmentation/

I need 2 more PS recommendations please, around San Jose / San Francisco Bay area, California.

Btw, I'm down to 128.1 this morning. I'm not going to obsess heavily on it like some of you advised. Just continuing to enjoy my group fitness classes, running with my shepherds etc. Keeps me sane :-). Switched to eating pitted "dates" when I feel like eating something super sweet.

Need to bake some cupcakes for my 5 yr old this evening :-) Its going to be tough not to eat some of those. He wants to plonk in some marshmallows, chocolate chips etc in it :-) they are teaching in kinder how to help mommies at home...and he has chosen to help me make cupcakes (which I never intended to make...)...interesting way to help :-)!!! trust the munchkins to think out of the box...anyways need to get back to work. thought i'll drop in a note for asking for PS recommendations. Bye for now! Have a fab weekend! Even those who are in recliners :-), heal well!!!!

Hey mommies, as I was doing my research, I came...

Hey mommies, as I was doing my research, I came across this article about how while researching our PS, it best we also look up the medical board of our state. This article from SFweekly opened my eyes on how certain marketing firms can boost up certain PS ratings etc in the social media sites.


For those who are in california, here is the medical board physician look up website for convenience . http://www.mbc.ca.gov/lookup.html

[Angie / RS staff] Hope you are doing great. Not sure if posting this article link is per RS policies or not but I thought it was worth sharing it with fellow mommies who are researching the web. Feel free to let me know otherwise or remove the update. After reading the above article in its entirety, I'm going to be extra careful with my online research for PS selection (in addition to of course meeting with the PS to feel comfortable).

Forgot to give stats earlier 5-4'' 124...

Forgot to give stats earlier

124 pounds
32-33'' around waist (all let out...no sucking in)
37.5 years
2 kids both breast fed for 6-9 months
Working in high pressure job

This morning I was 123.8! Early morning weight :-)... size 4..my consults are 4th week of May. I intend to be down to be 120 and stay put. I know I will still have the pooch at this weight but frankly no more weight loss will help... After my first child I got to down to 110 lots of muscle tone but I looked sickly and pooch was still there...

I'm just hoping that with TT the doc can lipo the pooch ...not sure how many of you before TT could 'cup' all the belly fat in your hands including loose skin and did the TT take all that away :-)

Updating title..for some reason didn't change ..

Updating title..for some reason didn't change ..

2 Consults done! Confused! Should I do lipo of flanks same time? What about drainless? What about cosmetassure?

Ok Ladies! I had been busy losing weight. I'm in the 120-122 range. Mornings are better than evenings ;-) if you know what I mean!

Anyways, I got 2 consults done and I am super confused!
Goal - to get tummy tuck + breast implants to be a D cup (with lift)
A nice extra - would be good to get a touch up on the outer thigh dimpling, and upper arms so my muscle definition would show...[but its not the end of the world if I dont do this]
Factors to consider -
1) I had a life threatening blood loss complication after my second one was born so I am extra cautious about safety
2) My OBGYN has cleared me for the procedures. She says my c-sections healed well so technically the uterus not contracting and resulting blood loss was a freak accident
3) My insurance will not cover any postop complication resulting from a cosmetic procedure. It is 100% my responsibility. This is why cosmetassure is important to me...

Doc 1 - is 90 mins away - His quote is 26,000. Will do TT, BA with BL, Lipo of flanks, outer things and upper arms. Does not have an issue doing it all same time. 6 hrs under anesthesia. Doc does drainless TT only. He carries cosmetassure.

Doc 2 - Does not want to do any Lipo same time. Says it is a huge risk for DVT (blood clots). Strictly TT with BA/BL - 18000. For Lipo, he wants to do wait 3-6 months for the body to "recalibrate" and do Smart lipo in his office (not hospital) for 5-6K for arms, flanks, outer thighs. Doc uses drains. Says drainless is a lot of risk. Even without lipo, he has estimated 6 hours surgery time (same as doc 1). Does not carry cosmetassure. Is willing to find out how I can get it.

Now, price wise it works to be the same 24-26K (with garments, meds extra). But each doc is different -
1. One says lipo same time is ok. Other says no way. Will do smart lipo later.
2. One says drainless is the way to go. Other says - only drains. they are better.

Even if I go with the drainless doctor and ask him not to do lipo as doc 2 suggested, my doc 1 does not do smart lipo. So it has to be traditional lipo in the surgery center. which means it will be close to 30K with doc 1 if I separate out the lipo.

Not sure how much is coming across in the note, above. I need your help ladies in deciding which doc -
1. Can lipo of flanks, outer thighs and upper arms be done same time as TT, BA/BL - all under 6 hrs of anesthesia? btw, I am not big...I'm around 120 pounds. 5' 4"
2. Is drainless risky?
3. Given my insurance flat out declared no coverage for post op complications (hematomas, etc) since it is resulting from a cosmetic non covered procedure, don't you think cosmetassure is important?

What did you decide for yourself about the above? Any help greatly appreciated!

My next consult is July 16 with a third and final doc. He does not carry cosmetassure, so I am wondering if it is even worth meeting with him...

Please help me decide!

339 and 350 cc. Mod profile. Cohesive gel. Thoughts?

Hi one of the doc said the largest he can go was the 339 and 350. He looked up some type of chart. Said sizes were not accurate. Said if I go high profile I will look like a pole dancer... Mod profile is best for moms... I want to be a D. I'm a flat B right now..before kids was a 36B or 34 C...I know it's hard to tell by email but in general how do these numbers sound?

Me at 122 a pic. No matter I do now, the bulge loves me :-)

When can I lift my 18 month old?

Hello moms, I am developing cold feet as the date is approaching for me to pay for the surgery and lock in my date ...all kinds of thoughts..but the most important is the recovery time...

How long will it be before I can lift my 18 month old? 22-26 pounds.. She is still used to be in my lap, hug and needs to be lifted and slept in her crib. My hubby I know will help but I can't imagine just standing there if my little one wants cries at my feet wanting me to lift her...how long after surgery were to cleared to lift you children or anything that weighs more than 25 pounds....

Please let me know...appreciate your responses in advance!

Need a response pls...how long before I can pick up my toddler?

Moms with little ones, I would appreciate your response....I am planning for child care and would like to know for how many weeks should I hire her for the evening toddler chores. Thx!






Should I get upper arm lipo along with my TT BL BA lipo of flanks and outer thighs? Am I overreaching???

Moms I am not too big but since I'm getting the tummy and breasts fixed i thought to get a lipo done as well. Upper arms and outer thigh. My PS says its going to be under 6 hrs total and he routinely does lipo in his mommy makeovers.

I am worried if my arms are going to super sore and how immovable I will be given lipo of upper arm...my arms are not flabby but if I don't get them now I will not be getting them done at all. Can't justify paying for anesthesia etx just for these later on....

What do you say moms? Is there anyone who got arms along with TT and BA? Pls share how your recovery was. Pls note I have an 18 month old :-). Hubby and inlaws help for 3 weeks...

Did you lose weight after TT? Do 5-10 pounds loss stretch the skin out again??

Moms, I am having a hard time staying at 120..with family events etc i can't seem to control my dinners always and although I am working out every day I am overcompensating. I am back to 126. My surgery is in 2 months (nov 4) and the doc said no starving dieting. Eat clean and healthy. Being 5-10 pounds overweight does not make a difference. But it is still bothering me that I am not 120... The last few pounds are all on my belly...

What should I do? Am I worrying for no reason? Have any of you lost weight after TT and not messed up the tummy with 5-10 pounds...

Countdown 60 days - Stretchmarks and small skin folds above belly button...should I worry??

moms, i know TT removes the skin and stretchmarks below BB. That said I have stretch marks and folded skin right about my BB. PS says not to worry since the marks will go much lower and the BB is pulled down and the skin is stretched so they won't be noticeable as much.Now, I have seen some reviews with folds above BB stretched out and not sure if it is the camera lights of the phones, but the stretch marks do show.

How much should I be worried about this? My intention with the TT is not to look like a VS model ;-) but to be able to wear a respectable 2 piece like the ones I see here on RS. Check out this Ralph Lauren swimsuit (pic attached). Most likely this is close to what I would want to wear after TT (except top being a halter).

Did you have stretch marks about your BB that still came up too high after TT (either in the middle or the sides)? Also are there are any creams that cover stretch marks that you used after TT?

I'm only asking this so going into TT I have mny head straight in terms of expectations and can appreciate the transformation and not stuck into disappointing details. I have been on RS for several months now and every now and then I have read reviews where some moms are really unhappy about the tail end imperfections...Knowing myself I want to go in with realistic expectations. I would appreciate your insights and experience on my questions.. thanks as always!

Countdown 46 days (Nov 4) - Great with clothes. Sad body inside! More before pics

Ok ladies, it is getting super serious for me. Blood work was good. Hemaocrit came to 38.8. Preop Oct 22. I'm rocking my workouts, weightloss / BMI and drinking my super green juice in the morning, taking iron, vitamin c, calcium (although I keep forgetting calcium) and multi vitamins.

Now, I'm uploading some really candid pictures no one in my life has ever seen including hubby dearest. Everyone thinks I look great (since in clothes with padded bras, spanx no one knows the sad truth). I'm so fr******* tired of feeling fit and rocking my workouts, being able to have a strong core with planks for over 60 seconds and then this f****** sad belly which makes me look 5 months pregnant with no clothes on. Anyways you get my frustration. Putting all the s*****y pictures out there per advice from many of you that the befores are a very important aspect of feeling the afters even though not perfect are a huge improvement.

I'm so sad to put these out there. yes i know as a mom i should own this body since 2 wonderful children came out of it and if i had to go through my pregnancies again knowing my body will be a mess like this, i would go through it in a heartbeat anytime!

that said, as a person i'm soooooo done with getting compliments from people when i have fitting clothes with spanx and padded bras and for my strengths in workouts, that i have begun to feel like a hypocrite. here is all the guts and glory in my pics!

Countdown to Nov 4 -How will it be at 5 weeks? Urgent work related 2-day event on Dec 9...

Moms, I just got to know that I need to run a 2- day event at work on Dec 9. My surgery is on Nov 4. I told my boss that its a minor surgery (I don't feel comfy saying anything beyond that...). Do you think after 5 weeks (35 days), I will be able to sit on a chair for 2 hours at a stretch? I will have muscle repair work done (TT BA BL lipo of flanks outer thighs and most likely upper arms). I'm 122-125 so not too big. These are 2 all day events I need to conduct so I have my speeches (atleast 1 hr standing) and the rest of day sitting in round table conferences (2 hrs at one go),.,. Essentially 10-12 hr days...

Please let me know based on your experiences and reviews you have had read...I am really worried...there is no way I can bail out of this event. I pushed it from dec 2 to dec 9...can't be pushed more...

Countdown to Nov 4- will upper tummy bulge flatten out??

Moms, as the surgery is getting closer I am trying to gauge what type of results will I have. I don't need to be a vs model :-) but I am hoping I can wear a bikini like sooo many of you. I have been worrying about my upper tummy bulge. I asked my doc and he says as the skin will be pulled down it will flatten. My bulge is more after I eat food or drink water (even a slight bit). My doc says Onhabe muscle separation too so that's why I feel thick in the middle along with the tummy bulge.

I want to hear from any of you who had my sort of shape (apple) with a upper tummy bulge....thanks in advance for sharing your opinions!

Office work is not slowing down...I haven't done any prep ...really worried...

Hi mommies...my preop is oct 22. Except for the lift chair renting out I have not done any prep yet. Work is crazy...I'm working out everyday but no more fat loss or bmi changes. Still hovering between 122-126. Upper tummy still distended whenever I put anything in the mouth even water...

Today is not a great day as you can see...I don't know what's going on with me...I am one of those planner moms and business women. When it comes to kids house work everything is in top shape on schedule...by when it has come to me and my surgery...I cannot believe why on earth I don't even have had a prep list...been putting myself last...digging those damn weeds in the yard I prioritized higher!

Anyways...I hope I get act together. I am in the health club with my kids in their child care. May be a good workout will get me out of pits!

Sorry for being a downer today :-( happy healing and huggies!

Surgery on Nov 4 - Unnaturally feeling calm..update on my preparation

Ladies - I'm going under the knife next Monday. I am not nearly as prepared as many of you. I decided to take care of the big rock items first and not think of surgery or weightloss. Just working out because I love it and going by doctor's recommendation on what I need + a list I saw here. I have been thru a deep introspective phase given my near death experience after my second due to blood loss. I have discussed this procedure extensively with my OBGYN who saved my life and I trust her when she says I am in no way more at risk at anyone else and I should do it of I believe I need it. I just feel unnaturally calm...almost in a practical sense...

First let me tell you my prep list and then I will talk about my mental state and what I feel.

- Preop with doc done
- Paid for doc fees and anesthesia. Remaining morning of surgery
- Not getting a pain pump but some expensive 330 dollar time release pain med the doc recommended
- lift chair rented
- overnight stay at hospital
- staying in hotel for 2 more days with caregiver (doc is an hour away from home and I don't want to risk being away from him first few days)
- inlaws hubby and 2 hr nanny in evenings for children and home care
- lift chair rented and will be delivered to hotel and then delivered back to home
- bought a walker and shower chair on craigslist - 50 bucks total. Need to sanitize
- informed my son's teacher just in case he extra love in class
- no one except hubby knows my procedure. Everyone else thinks its hernia etc related
- been wearing padded bras for ages so not worried about being too big
- lipo on arms undecided (will explain later)
- TT BA BL lipo on flanks and outer thighs. 400 mod profile cohesive gel
- doc mandates flank lipo
- outer thigh is just a touch up.
- I'm still at 121-124 morning-evening weight
- got all prescription meds filled (stool softener, Percocet, muscle relaxant am antibiotics)
- no arnica or bromelain for me. Based on my history doc said no supplements

- tomorrow I will order online toilet seat riser, dial antibacterial body wash, protein shakes, dulvolax, smooth tea, paper tape, surgical pads, men small vests, panty liners, etc - will post later what else I got
- tomorrow I will get a table and small fridge moved into my room and make a grocery list
- on Wednesday start packing a bag for my hotel
- tomorrow make a decision on whether hubby will drive me to surgery (and a friend will take son to school) or shall I go to surgery in a cab (latter is making my hubby nervous). Since we went for a couple counseling sessions we have been so much more happier and life is just great. So in short big rock prep is done, small long tail of items to done. Mostly I will order online, set up my room, spend time relaxing with kids and hubby, plan menus for kids upfront, plan menus for me. Hubby's mom is staying at home for 7 weeks. I'm taking off work for 4 weeks.

In terms of my mental state, I decided on 3 things -

1. Going in with positive outlook. expectations. Everything will go well. My surgeon is top in his field.

- go in knowing recovery is slow like with my 2 c sections. Can't hold little ones. I have loved my kids so much and they know it. If I can't lift them they will spend time next to me. Dad is great in making sure I don't feel left. I trust my own parenting and my kids to know a few months of loving them without super cozying up does not make me any less of a mom.

- go in knowing I will swell. Don't try bikinis etc and get depressed. Barring any major complication don't go in thinking of revisions. I am not body dysmorphic now and there is no reason for me to feel like that later

I am going into surgery feeling calm. I selected a doc after much verification. I trust god. I trust that all the good I have done in life will make me out of this surgery well.

And finally my take on one of the moms whose reviews I recently read who has had fabulous results but said it wasnt worth it because after 4 months still she swells can't spend time with kids without flinching, doesn't like the ledge on topnonher incision. Now I did respond to her positively saying she is brave to share an opinion that's different from most. And her review solidified my arm lipo decision (most likely not doing it after advice from funat30 and a gnawing feeling I had that my arms had nothing to do with pregnancies and I should own them for what they are. And frankly they are not too bad). That said one of things I observed about her review was a bitterness post procedure along with extensively long comments responding to unfortunate negative reactions from others to me seemed like a fragile personality and me sad that all this time on RS is taking further time away from her kids for her (I felt moving on for her seemed hard at this time so I wrote something positive for her). That said my point here is that it made me assess my mental state more. And for some reason I am right now Ina very practical and positive state of mind. Lets see how the days unfold.

Question - On what day are we able to move around with no help and take care of only OUR needs..

Hello recovering moms ;-) My surgery is Monday. Just a quick question. On what day are we able to get up (from a lift chair), go to bathroom by ourselves, boil an egg in the microwave (assume it is in the same room), and drink juice from a mini fridge (in the same room). The reason I'm asking is I need to assess when to get back home from the hotel and whether I will need round-the-clock caregiver after day 4. I will be getting muscle repair, TT, BA with BL, touch up lipo on outer thigh. Just wanting to know how mobile/immobile I will be. I dont intend to take showers. Also do we need help getting in an out of the compression garment and for how long did you need that additional help?


Moms - i will do a final post before my surgery, but wanted to let you know that after my second c-section (and the blood loss) my obgyn signed the temp dmv form for disability (so I could park in handicapped spot for a few weeks). I found that incredibly useful especially when i went to work where its hard to find parking. I plan on doing that with my PS on my first postop visit. hopefully he will be ok signing it.

Surgery on Nov 4 - at the surgery center. Surgery in 1 hr. this is it ladies....

Hi mommies thx so much your wishes! I wanted to do a quick post before I go under. I think I have prepped to the extend I humanly can :-)
- signed up my son (first grader) for hot lunch at school
- sat down with him and explained mom will be out for 3 days and will have an ouchie when back. He has seen me in the hospital when my second one was born so he understands. Was excited for hot lunches :-). He came over to sleep with me at 2 am in the night :-). The night before i slept with my 2 yr old
- wrote letters for him with a chocolate and riddle
- reminder notes about his home work and classes to dad in family room wall
- I'm terms of my prep list there are 2 - for my room at home (converted my bedroom into recovery room) and my hospital/hotel bag

Shower stool
Toilet seat riser
Lift chair (rented)
Meds (I'm getting experal as time release pain med + oxycodone), muscle relaxer, antibiotic stool softener
Panty liner
Maxi pads
Hot pack
Cold pack
Neck pillow
Tank tops
Loose yoga pants drawstring pajamas
- I didn't buy any compression garments. Doc will give me 2
-dry shampoo (I have long hair)
- ear thermometer (extra battery also)

Food items
Kiwi pineapple prune
Vitamin c juice
Muscle milk powder from Costco
Protein bars cliffs
Instant Oatmeal packs
Yoplait yogurts
Fat free Greek yogurt
(Most of these we have at home...)

More later...the nurse just got me to change...bye ladies... Good luck to all of you who are going in after !

Surgery on Nov 4 - BUMMER - Only BA/BL done. No TT

Hi Mommy Sisters (I do feel like that now towards you after communicating for sooo long) -

I got out of surgery and the doc said he only did the breast aug and lift. No TT or lipo since my blood was too thin. None of the tests revealed that...he wants me to go hematologist and figure this out. The soonest he can do surgery is 6 weeks (assuming the blood thinning issue is resolved) it will cost me the hospital fees again. I respect the doctor for being safety conscious. As for money I have been working for last 15 yrs and am a Director in a software company (and don't spend on myself...last shopping 3 yrs ago on clothes). hubby said i shouldn't be even bringing the question of money with him...when he was in a startup I was supporting bulk of the money..so he says I wouldn't ask if I didn't think I need i lt. I love him ladies...can't believe he made it so easy for me to think next steps guilt-free....now on to the disappointment sure it is..but my resilience seems to continue...still calm...only time I thought I would tear up is when I was writing this note and said I love my hubby...anyways not sure where the calm is coming from...

Back to blood thinness I am chalking it up to herbs and supplements I may have taken (can't remember). I will go to a hematologist. Need to figure out the work vacation situation. Good thing is that with breast aug on day 1 I am able to type and focus for 20 mins at a time so I can work from home. Uploading breast aug pics for you. Can't see much yet but the feeling is like super super tight like someone is sitting on too or when you buy a sports bra that is very tight.

Eating ice chips since I have thrown up thrice. 400 mod profile cohesive gel. Ok another round of throwing up looks like....bye!

Surgery on Nov 4 - Need your honest opinion on boobs :-)!

Moms - I am day 2. What a difference a day has made. Not much nausea and I'm walking around (but hey no TT so walking issues :-)! But back to boobs I got 400 mod profile (doc recommendation). A previous doc said he would not go more than 330/350 on me and Dr B my doc was ok with 400 mod profile. The selection process was quick. I wore a dress with it and since actual size is atleast 25 cc less due to a lift doc said 400 looks good.

Now I'm all compresses in a bra and implants are rising high swollen too. They don't look big to me :-) yes yes boob greed seems to be kicking in so before it consumes me, pls give me honest advice on when swelling goes down and out of compression bra these will look nice and big :-). Not looking for bazookas! But a D. What do you think with 400 mod profile will I be in the ballpark?

When will the boobs drop?

Moms today is day 3 postop for me. Breasts are rising so high (almost toThe neck). 400 mod profile. please tell me when they start to drop...my doc doesn't meet me until another 10 days. Says I don't need a band yet. Btw today I stopped taking oxycodone ...took plain tylenol.

Breast pic - day 3

Riding up to neck. Nothing new to report. Same stiffness. Using a spirometer to breathe in deeply. All forums say it takes 3-6 months to settle...to be honest, I hadn't planned to be without breasts for so long..with them being so right and riding high there is hardly any projection so they look flat :-) especially more so since my tummy isn't done. But here is the pic anyways. My appt with the hematologist is tomorrow morning 10 am pst. Will update after. It is so hard not to think of munchies before tv ;-)

Met with hematologist

Long story short. Hematologist days nothing is wrong with me. The fact that 3 days ago I had breast surgey and my incisions are dry is proof that I don't have hemophilia. He has ordered some tests and tell me he can guarantee noting abnormal will show up. The fact that I had this breast surgey, 2 c
Sections all recovered fine he said I will clear those tests too. But to give my PS the peace of mind he ordered some tests. Mtg with hematologist again on Friday (a week). Mtg with PS (Tuesday after). Unless something earth shattering happens I am still tracking getting my TT done week after next.

Breasts are still high. I do feel I should have gone larger :-). It is interesting that a precious PS said 335,350 so I thought 400 was good :-). I am still keeping fingers crossed and being calm. One day at a time :-). I hope all of you are doing super well! Solesister - how was yours?

New pics 9 day postop - starting to now like the girls ;-)

Moms first off thanks a lot to all of you for assuring me that the bazookas will drop. I ended up talking to my ps assistant and also to another mom who got the procedure done by my ps and she said it took her a month before hers dropped. On hindsight my word of prep for newbies for mommy makeover would be to make sure they spend asuch time learning and knowing breast aug with lift expectations as they spend on TT. In my case I spent 90% knowing about TT look right after surgery (swelling etc) and did not digest the right-after-surgery look for BA (some of us who are narrow in their chest can get Franken square boob look and they will ride high). It's all about knowing ahead of time what to expect so we don't freak out. Especially with pain meds and being woozy emotions are all over the place. I consider myself usually calmer than normal and to be honest, having to see square boobs (and not knowing if-when my TT can happen was a bit much for 24 hrs after i came home).

Now on day 9, a quick recap. I stayed overnight in hospital and then 2 more nights in hotel with caregiver and hubby (who needed to go back to kids in the night). I had conspirators for 5 days. I decided to get off painkillers on day 5 (switched to Tylenol 500 mg on day 4) and stopped altogether on Day5 morning. Has my bm that day. Moms who have has c-sections know this already...sooner we are off the oxy and onto Tylenol we are off the cloudy emotions wooziness and constipation. Might be different for others..but for me pain was tolerable without any painkillers after day 5. Since no TT I could walk. Day 7 I went out with my son to Star Wars exhibition. We were out for 5 hrs walking etc. I did not drive. I had my son's friend's mom drive us. By the end of 5-6 hrs I was ready to take the compression bra off so called my ps and got approval for a regular sports bra. I wore a tanktop underneath and sports bra. I will be working from home today and start work tomorrow (desk job for most part. Need to lift only laptop). Hubby will drive me.

You can see the pics. Looks like boobs are dropping. My left is lower than right. In certain angle Roth looks bigger too (probably swelling). Even otherwise I have my head straight in that if the boobs are not 100% identical heavens are not falling off :-). It's a lot of difference from what I had! I am starting to love them. I am trying not to get over excited since I have superstitions around good things. Take them easy on an even keel. In terms of recovery there are 4 more weeks so I find myself smiling now :-) but not trying bikinis etx. I'm going about my day. Yesterday evening for the first time since surgery took care of my son's evening schedule. The little one 2 yr old is still too much to handle :-) for full time evening care - can't lift her so I sit down or she comes to my bed to nap. Btw I have started to sleep on my back without having to sit up. Doc approved.

That's it ladies for now. I am mtg with my hemotologist tomorrow to go over all test results. Trying not to think anout it and worry ahead of time. Will update. There is a quote I love - worry does not help with the future but it takes away today's happiness!

Happy healing moms!

17 Day postop BL BA - should the nipples hurt and be sensitive?

Mommies , today is middle of week 3. I started driving and going to work after 2 weeks. My second postop was early this week and the doc gave me a bandeau strap for the breasts to drop. Not sure what's causing this sensitivity and soreness on my nipples. I have to put gauze between them and tank top else just the brush of cloth also is painful. Did any of you who have had breast lift have nipple sensitivity and pain? Does having pressure from bandeau increase tension on the incisions and hence the pain? Although I was off all painkillers from day 4 I took one today. Another thing - my doc said I don't need a sports bra anymore. I could be in a tank top. So like a fool I went to work without the sports bra...I had a tight tank top Witt the bandeau on top of the breasts, a turtle neck to hide all this and a winte scarf. The breasts felt so sore without support of a sports bra I needed to drive back home! Anyways needless to say back in a sports bra on top of tank. Pls share when you managed to be without a sports bra or compression bra all day without incision pain ...

Will post pics next Monday..I don't particularly see any diff this week from last time in posted.

Any answers to my questions will be greatly helpful!!! Happy healing wishes to everyone!

17 days postop - bandeau with sock on one side to drop

Here are pics mommies sock on one side to drop. I love my left. Right is stubborn. At work I'm wearing turtle necks scarfs or suits. Looks like winters is best for this surgery.

17 days postop - bandeau with sock on one side to drop

Another pic with sock. Note Indi fold my bandeau into half for extra pressure as told by doc.

1 month postop NEW pics - BA-BL - the bandeau works! Mind playing games :-)

Hi ladies - a quick short post before I go out with family. Remember how I was nervous that on day 1 I didn't have big enough implants and on day 4 I thought those were huge bazookas and thought I had gone too big. Also on day 1 thought what rocks :-) they are too high..squarish Franken boobs..an a lot of you ladies assured me :-)...breathe they will drop. Yes after a week of tight bandeau strap post op 10 days after..they definitely dropped....they look big :-) still but if these pics are results only a month then by 6 months I know they will settle more and I may lose some of the upper pole fullness so no worries about the size or drop. Infact my mind was playing games in that I didn't want to wear the band anymore! But the doc said gentle pressure few hours is till good to have so I wear it when I'm home and at night now. When at work (8 hrs) I don't have it. Here we pcs. Note I haven't got my TT so the 5-6 month preggo style belly still there :-). Best news is that my hubby of 20 years was never a boob man..he is more curvy back man..sorry TMI sisters! But now he told me he can't look at me enough :-)....btw no touching mind you...zingers are still a lot...there is still some pain...lots of tightness after 8 hrs o work..but every day is better...

Happy healing to all of you!

Pics for you.

Incision pics & Forgot to mention...Right looks slightly different in shape/size - not worried

Moms, especially newbies who didn't get the BA done yet, I wanted to share that going into the procedure I told myself that as long as I don't have complications during recovery, and I can wear the kind of clothes I want to wear after (in this case a perky tank top without breast hitting the floor :-), nice halter with fullness I would be happy. Things may not be perfect and I will not obsess over the 100% perfect results. Internalizing it before surgery has helped me a lot! If you see mg pics you will see my left (right in pic) is nice and round whole my right (left in pic) is still snoopy (needs to drop more) and since I had this side slightly bigger than the other before surgery, due to implants the diff may be amplified now (only when nude). Frankly after these both dropped to where they are now and by god's grace the incision pics look great and thin, I'm so happy. The slight diff does not bother me at all. This was who I am and now bigger :-)...haha! I am told that once more dropping happens the snoopiness will keep getting better and I am sure of it given from week 1-4 I can feel the difference. Infact some part of me hopes after 3 months they don't drop anymore :-)... Talk about how mind works!

Anyways here are couple incision pics. Happy healing to those who made it and best of luck for those going in.

1 month pic in halter - Can I wear this going out with hubby?? Too risqué?

Ok ladies I'm officially in the clothes-horse phase. I haven't bought anything and probably won't for months. But I pulled out some pre-baby clothes.

Honestly tell me if I can go with my hubby to a nice upscale restaurant-bar (no kids)..wearing this. Should I wait for them to drop more or shall I just go for it? I put a necklace so it looks more appropriate..let me know what you think...btw I have no bra inside. The cleavage is natural with the 400 cc for my 5-3 frame...by god's grace that's one less thing to worry about...

Finally TT also done! NEW Pics - My most useful things + 3 day postop notes

Hi mommies! I got the remaining procedures (TT with MR, flank and outer thigh lipo) also done with no bleeding issues. Those of who are following my review probably remember my doc did only the BA BL first time since he felt I was bleeding more than usual and water me to get more tests done. After 4 weeks, 3 hematologists and comprehensive tests later, I was cleared 100% and as an extra precaution was given an anti-bleeding drug tranexamic acid. Hubby was supportive all the way! The procedure was on Monday dec 2. This time I wanted to share only after the procedure got done and my first postop visit was successful (just a superstition). I'm really happy that I got these done!

Here are the notes I kept -

TT and lipo of flanks and outer thighs on Dec 2. I had BA BL on Nov 4. Doc did not so all procedures together on Nov 4 though that was the plan because I was bleeding more than normal. Got 3 hemotologists to look at me and prescribe a drug prior to surgery via IV and cleared me for TT and lipo. Everything went well.

The reason I'm mentioning that gap between surgeries is that my weight went up from 120 which I strived very hard to achieve to 128 since I could do no exercise for 4 weeks. But somehow I got the strength to walk at week4 and my hubby look me for long walks. I watched what I ate and got back to 122. So at this point I have done everything in my power to be tip top before surgery. Today is day 4. Here is a long post about the last 4 days including what I thought was most useful in recovery.

Most useful things I found were -

1. lift chair (not just a recliner) - rent a center for 160 a month. I was able to get up and stand without any help.
2. Neck pillow - this was heavenly to have. Bought from walmart. 12 or 16 dollars. Easy to rest your head and sleep while sitting.

3. Eye mask was great at hiding the light (dark color) and for a peaceful sleep during daytime as well

4. Raised toilet seat - really really helpful. Amazon. Ones with handles. No issue sitting down or getting down.

5. iPhone - I use one for work so used it for setting up an alarm schedule for meds (labels were med names). My hubby also did the same (in case I'm dozing off he can remind). The meds are in a box next to my lift chair so super easy to take them out.

6. Short Bent straws - believe it or not when you are sitting inclined you can't really drink from a cup that easy. Also if you have a BA you don't want water to accidentally pour inside your shirt. Short bent straw with a paper cup was super useful. Always had my hubby fill up 2 cups. I plan on just putting a dispenser on the table next to me. (Not buying specifically for this just have it at home)

7. A small flashlight to read meds at night and a small light box to put meds on the nightstand next to lift chair - although I had pill boxes it was too much of a pain last time with ba remembering what morning /evening etx meant. Now With iPhone alarms on specific times and a light I can easy grab the bottles and have my pills. The light I have is from the remote of my lift chair. You can also use your iPhone as a light source. However it can slip from your hands when you are groggy. My remote on lift chair is tied to the chair son doesn't fall. Either way have a sturdy portable light source with you. Moms like us don't like to disturb others or ask for help in the middle of the night for meds so the light comes in auper handy.

Btw I have the walker and shower stool. Both are useful however for me I was able to walk even without the walker. For me the purpose it serves is for my kiddos and shepherd from accidentally showing too much love :-). My 6 yr old likes to hold my tummy from time to time since I mentioned he camped in there for 10 months!

Day 1 - surgery took 4 hrs. Interestingly I did not bleed much at all. They gave me tranexamic acid (antifibrinolytic) due to my undiagnosed bleed that happened prior during BA BL 4 weeks ago. After consultations with 3 different hematologists and numerous esoteric tests which all came back normal I remain a mystery :-). We were very comfortable going thru the surgery with all scientific data and mitigation plans in hand. The hemotologists include the best in California (Stanford, john muir and good Sam). Day 1 stayed overnight at hospital. Very sweet nurses. I will be mailing them Christmas gifts as a surprise. Mostly burning due to MR. Pain very much in control (experal slow release pain med inside the skin and then Demerol shots outside. Later switched to oxycodone 2 tabs every 4 hrs). Was able to walk and go pee. First walk was horrible. But second walk was amazingly 20 times easier. Key is to walk when you have just taken your painkillers...also this time no throwing up at all. I meant nothing!!! It made a ton of difference to my appetite demeanor. After I told the anesthesiologist how bad it was with BA BL I'm told he upped the dose for anti nausea along with nausea patch and no morphine drip. Day 1 although painful I'm grateful that I had the procedure without incident. Hubby drive me home the morning after. This time no staying in hotel etc. I decided I want to be home with family. Also I was not impressed with the level of care I got after BA BL. The caretaker wouldn't massage my legs and got irritated whn I asked her to mute the tv when I'm sleeping. She was eating unhealthy chips and guzzling root beer. It wasn't worth spending 1000 bucks.

Btw if you remember my doc only did ba bl and not tt last time due to bleeding (nov 4) and I thought I had to pay 6500 again for the OR etc for TT. But I only had to pay 1500 dollars more for the OR-anesthesia etc since my doctors office was very sweet in getting the balance from the original 6 hrs BA BL TT lipo procedure applied to the TT this time. Dr told th surgery center he did not use all the time so they adjusted. I'm so impressed with him and his staff.

Day 2 - came home in the morning with hubby. We had set the room upfront so everything was ready. Nothing to worry. Picked up prunes on the way. So far my diet has been yogurt, saltine crackers, mulit-grain crackers, prunes. My 6 yr old son cried in the middle of the night for me (hubby says wanted hugs and kisses). So I made hello for him and am going to surprise him. Yes, I was mobile enough to do this. I'm staying on top of my meds by putting it all as iPhone alarms with meds as labels.

Day 3 - postop visit to doc. Incision nice and low. Lots of swelling. Acceptable left over stretchmarks. Hubby driving me back from doc to home.

Will be trying to reduce the pain meds today. Overall great day so far!

Happy healing to all of you! Btw before I forget I was at 123 pounds going into TT. I had a hard time not putting on weight 4 weeks after the bA BL. Somehow hot water and lemon helped reduce cravings for extras.

Test update ..

TwoPlusOne - I'm triggering an update..see if you can get this no...

Day 3 night...can't sleep much..perhaps was too mobile in the evening

Moms - I remember I used to have a question before TT...when will it be before I can walk and take care of light chores like getting kids' homework done etx. Interestingly for me after day 2, I was mobile. I am on the lift chair all day except for going to walks each time I take meds (either every 2 hrs or 4 hrs). During the med break I go to bathroom (only pee so far) and walk upto kitchen and back. This is until 6 PM when the kids arrive. From 6-8 I take care of my 6yr old- sitting with him on his homework, his dinner plate and talk to him about this day. I am able to do this without being in too much pain. At 8 PM I'm back on the lift chair having my dinner. Feels good to be moving around. Tonight I replaced 2 oxycodone with 1 500 mg Tylenol. So far so good. Lets see if I can sustain this and replace in the morning as well.

That's it from me for now. I am still hunched. 2 questions for you -
1. Did you also have pain in upper back to Lower back..almost like you did 1000 pull ups focused on lats
2.!how long before I can stand straight? Did it come naturally or you pushed to stand straight? My doc said he stretched me out in OR so technically I should not need to hunch.

Any inputs would be great!

Postoperative day 4 - Stopped all pain meds including Tylenol. Back pain is killing me!

Moms - I wish patience was one on my virtues :-). Seriously the days seem to move so slow... Since I stopped pain meds (including Tylenol) since morning, back pain is intense. When I stand I feel like a stretch both in tummy as well as tightening in back. Pain is in the back not so much in tummy or incision. I stopped pain meds to get my bowel movement back... Same with csections and breast surgery. Needed to stop to go ;-).sorry TMI. Although technically I can work from home (mentally alert) but I feel lazy and tired... I know it's only 4 days and it will 6 weeks before the doc clears me, I feel like fast forwarding,

Before I went into surgery I had my ex-boss one in a different company ask me to join her (next level title, next level pay). I even cleared first round of interviews. I told them 2 weeks after surgery we can possibly meet up for final round face to face. My worry is how I will be after 2 weeks... Will I be able to walk straight and have alert mental facilities for a solid 4 hr interview? I so hope so :-)! I am committed to staying off pain pills 100%...let's see...tomorrow I plan on doing dome work related trainings on my laptop and see how that goes.. Perhaps will keep me occupied!

Btw on a side note sitting on my butt is flattening it like a pancake :-)!!

Getting up to make jello for kids

Ok mommies. I'm now officially sick of this lift chair ;-)!!! I'm going to the kitchen and now making jello and a bunch of yummies for my kids for Friday night.

Newbies - if you are a go-go type of person make sure you have some type of plan for being limited to a chair for the first week. I have been lying in the chair all cozied up with strict warnings from hubby not to work... Yes he is being extra sweet! Counseling helped us a ton! Anyways getting off topic here... All this cozy warm feelings are making me lazy!!! I need to go out..:-)! Going to see kids in the family room! Also get my son on the ixl.com. He has been taking it easy on math.. Ok ladies ciao for now!

Almost passed out in bath! Bad stomach cramps! Now ok

Moms, TT recovery is much harder than the bL recovery..last night I took 3 caplets of dulcolax the laxative since I was backed up 5 days..just a half hour ago I had the most gut wrenching cramps..cg was super tight...with the muscle repair I don't seem to have any control on my rectal muscle...anyways when I got to the toilet seat...it took another 15-30 mins to get stuff out...I think it was the laxative working ....such small pills but gave me such grief...I almost passed out but was holding into the rails of the toilet seat..I had sent hubby out with my son to start his biking lesson without training wheels. Daughter was downstairs with grandma. I had the common sense to take the phone with me to bathroom and called hubby and asked him to come home. He was 10-15 mins away. In the meantime I took a deep breath and prayed. Funny as it seems now I closed my eyes and focused on movement...it took a while but after that the cramps miraculously stopped.

From this I learnt - if you have taken laxative make sure you have someone with you until you go. I almost had decided once hubby comes we will head out to ER. Thankfully didn't need to. I'm now a happy camper. No pain meds in the last 12+ hrs. Resting now. Hubby putting baby girl to bed. My lift chair is next to bed so she was with me for sometime. Gave a ton of kisses and hugs. Since my BA was 4 weeks ago I am able to roll over on me and back. Btw lifting weights and lots squats and hiking before surgery helped. Arms and legs being stronger doesn't put much pressure on core. Anyways a nightmare passed...hubby in room now .will be watching jack reacher the Tom cruise movie! Bye ladies...thanks for your support! How everyone is healing!!

New pics day 6 morning. Standing somewhat straight but pain in back.

Not much to report except back pain. Standing somewhat straight. Tummy swollen but looks flat. Stretch marks acceptable. Hopefully when swelling goes down the skin shrinks these marks still look acceptable. Part me o me says ;-) screw the world if the marks still show...if I want to wear a bikini with a flat tummy why not?! Well lets see how I feel at the 2 month mark ;-).

My weight showed 122.1. going into surgery I was 122-3 so not sure with all the swelling I don't show more on scale yet...

Forgot one pic

Side profile day 6. Didn't upload last time.

Comment in last pic

Sitting on the butt has flattened it last a pancake!!! I guess that should least of my worries :-)

Concrete decisions for week 2 - I need a plan to keep me busy and sane!!

Ladies Some of you know that I had swell hell today (my first) after eating out with loving hubby! It got me back to my senses...especially after one of the moms mentioned we can get stretch makes after TT with this type of reckless eating! I love you houstongirl!

I have to admit that I had a laundry list for pre-op but didn't put a solid step-by-step plan for dealing with daily recovery I had the big rocks like (kids work etx) sorted out but the nuts and bolts of how someone who is a planner type of person can get thru a long road of recovery. My week 1 was haphazard at best!! Sleeping eating walking drinking reading to kids watching mindless nonsense on tv worrying about this swell hell moments of glee that the surgery got done and then moments of feeling not sexy at all with my lone good feature my arched back and raised glutes (butt) swatted down like a fly!!! This type of no-schedule way is not me and I can't see going like this for 2 to 3 months :-)...

So voila! My schedule for this week and my food decisions -
1. Food (set up alarms for these in my iphone with labels)
- home made juice with fruit fiber (pineapple blueberry orange) in my Vitamix
- boiled egg
- protein shake with milk
- sautéed veggies with rice
- sandwich with grilled cheese and veggie (only 1 cheese slice)...icant give this up...will die without any salt!
- roasted corn - for nibbling
- jello sandwich with salt free nut butter
(Any ideas pls let me know. I will look for low sodium salad ideas)

2. Start working remotely
- 2 benefits. Will keep my mind occupied and will keep me in one place resting on my lift chair
- 10;30 am - 5 on
- work for an hour at a stretch (laptop) Take break
- 5-6 watch tv relax
- 6-7 spend time with son with his home work. Showing new nanny how to take care of daughter
-7-8 dinner
8-8:30 - with daughter and hubby till she sleeps
9-9:30 - read book to son in my lift chair (him on bed)
9:30 -12 time with hubby and then watch tv / sleep
I am going to follow this to a tee.

3. Hobbies - I have been wanting to learn Spanish for ages..so I will dig out the DVDs I had in my garage an spend 1 hr each on them. Sometime during my 10:30-5

That's it. I'm back to my old self. In control working mum. I'm done with his haphazard week spending enormous time not knowing what's next and spending hours on Recovery expectations also to be hornet getting scars out of my wits reading some reviews where swelling goes on for 9 month with some moms looking like their preop selves and me feeling bad for them of course but was starting to affect the positive thoughts that I had worked so hard at keeping in.

Btw one thing I did not share org you moms was that at week 2 of my BA BL recovery (that is 2 weeks ago) my 9- year old shepherd - my first child in some sense died...we had to out him to rest...he developed a tumor..we did MRIs the works..h was in sooo much pain....It went from him being healthy to him in pain in literally 3 days....could not walk and on catheter on day 4..my pot hubby was shuttling between kids me and the vet ...I thank god that this happened only on my week 2 of recovery and not when I was under...god gave me the time and strength to spend time with my fluffy (he was 120 pounds) my buddy...he an i both on thyroid meds...he died in my arms peacefully...I stil remember his last gasp ...like a snore ..he was such a snorer...it was a private ceremony...he ate his favorite icecream...couldn't chew his fav bones...my hubby and I hugged him for a long time after he was gone...I sent my hubby out of the room so I could wail so loud...I thank god wakes until I had my surgery and was recovered enough to be with my fluffy...I'm so sorry ladies I'm off topic here...I cant see this screen anymore...today we got his urn back ...it just brought back the last 2 weeks of buried emotions...I need to get a grip on myself and get back to being me...I hope this swelling is just a swelling...nothing to worry about...I hope my new evening care nanny I hired for 6-8pm to relieve my hubby from the toddler so he gets a relief for his workout and sanity .will work out...I so hope fluffy is in peace wherever he is...his urn is on my fireplace ...I miss you my buddy...btw I have another shepherd (girl)...she is now forever by our side...I so hope she gets over her grief too...both were my running buddies...not going out is hard ladies...I hope this downtime will get me adjusted to the fact that there is only one buddy left to run with...if you are a dog lover and you managed to read this, pls hope my younger shepherd has a ln life and has many many many many runs and Tahoe trips with me...

Ciao for low. Need to get a grip on these tears that have suddenly flooded me...talk about an emotional roller coaster in 5 mins...from writing about my decision to this...hmm..

On a serious note, I do plan to follow a regimented schedule from tomorrow. Have a great day tomorrow!

Sorry for all typos ...typing from my phone ..

Not my pot hubby...meant my poor hubby... Excuse rest of typos..too many to list...g'night

Mid Week 2 postop TT update (day 10)

Morning wt with garment - 119.9
Not that I worry about scale much anymore. Was curious to have some benchmark for swelling. I couldn't find my measuring tape. Will buy one

No emotional up or down. Fairly stable.

Walking mostly straight. Butt still like pancake since in the lift chair for 90% of the time. Able to be up for 10 mins at a time and then I need to sit. Am able to spend time with kids from 6-8 and then I'm done
Eating clean. pineapple juice protein shake and low sodium home food. Still swollen by end of day. In tight cg for next 5 more weeks.

Plan to change dressings this week will post incision and bb pics then. Happy healing everyone.

Incision and bb pics - day 10 - is it ok to have 3 open sites still?

Moms i uploaded my incision pics. Fairly thin line however incision is stil open at 3 sites. Rest was dry. Bb is dry when I took the yellow gauze out. I'm a little light headed now.

Pls let me know if at day 10 to have these 3 open sites (somewhat small they seem right now) should be a concern. My breast incisions had healed on day 4.

Sorry I have no energy to covert he girl parts on photos.

Tips for taking a shower and changing dressing

moms, i heard back from my ps on the 3 open sites. i'm told not to worry. these are normal blisters sometimes happens when paper tape from surgery is pulled. i was told not to worry and to take my first shower, pat dry, put the antibacterial ointment (polysporin) on the open sites and put gauze. rest of the incision paper tape. i;m to apply ointment twice a day for 3-4 days and then doc says they will close and then to paper tape on them.

i took my first shower and here are some concrete tips that worked for me

1. Dont take your first shower alone without anyone in the house. Even if you feel wonderful and straight, have someone in the home and let them know. i took my shower alone and did not need a however told my mother in law that i was taking a shower and left the doors open (she was in an adjacent room in case i needed help). i decided i could do this alone since for sometime now i have been able to change my garment alone without being light headed (except for the only time when i took the bb gauze out yesterday)

2. You can have a shower seat. Although I had one, I did not use. Didnt need to
3. Use an Antibacterial body wash and let the water run on incisions
4. Get a mirror with a magnifying side. I got mine at target a while ago. It was super to be able to look at incisions and apply gauze myself
5. For prep -
-- use antibacterial wipes to wipe down all counters, light switches, hair dryer, etc anything you may touch after you come out of shower
-- get some paper towels (better to pat your incision dry with this than a cloth towel)
-- put all your dressings supplies out on the clean counter
-- cut your paper tape into pieces as needed upfront and stick them on a sterile surface (it is much faster then when you get out of the shower to dress your incision)
6. Keep your bath towels and robe handy. After I came out of the shower (warm water), I had pat myself dry quickly
7. I used a hair dryer in COOL setting on my incision from atleast 12 inches away to make sure they dried really well and then followed doc's instructions

thats it from me. have a great day.

btw it seems like i'm falling so much in love with my hubby....he has been soooo wonderful with everything...treating me like a princess ;-)..i feel like i need to give him like a surprise....he is more into electronics, books...a side project to keep me busy thinking when i take breaks from my work. enjoy your day.

Most important tip I forgot that worked for me

8, Drink a nice glass of pedialyte before the shower. Also put some on your bathroom counter. This will make sure you dont get lightheaded or tired. The balance of salts is very important. I felt great going into the shower after all my prep and relaxed for a bit right before.

Can I drive on Wednesday - Day 16 postop? I have not been on painkillers for 10 days

moms, this week Wed, Thurs, Fri I need to go somewhere for couple hrs. I wanted to know if I can drive. I feel ok. Usual stiffness. I have sent my PS an email but wanted to check with you all as well. I can ask my hubby or can take a cab. But I prefer not troubling him ;-) poor thing has been helping for 6 weeks now.

Hubby wants to drive me this week too ;-). Incision sites closing. Not wearing the bandeau anymore.

moms, this marriage counseling stuff works ;-0! LOL. my dearest hubby does not want me to drive this week too...wants to take care of me like a princess...I'm getting the best treatment of my life ladies! God bless the counselor!

Anyways on a serious note, incision sites are closing up. However I was not careful enough in removing the paper tape from the gauze that was covering the incision, so I ripped the skin a tiny bit (outside the incision). It stings like crazy...and has not healed in 2 days. Not worried since it is not on the incision...The skin is soooo dry so the paper tape can get stuck pretty bad..Anyways, whoever is reading, please be ultra ultra slow and careful is taking your paper tape off.

Also I have stopped wearing the bandeau over breasts. They have dropped to my satisfaction. I know they will drop more with gravity. Let them be perky and happy ;-)...going down to knees will happen anyways! thanks to all the ladies who have had such glowing things to say....It certainly helps a lot! Okay, then have a great day. No new pics since everything still looks the same ;-).

Finally TT also done! Week 3 TT, Week 7 BA BL PICS and update

Moms, I'm 7 weeks from my breast lift and aug and 3-1/2 weeks from MR and TT (minor lipo of flanks and outer thigh).

Here are some pics of me in my pre-surgery bra and panties 34C and size 4. It's not a bikini. I'm just too lazy to go out and get sized for my breasts right now since I'm still tired from my TT and holiday parties. Some notes from this week -

- I am cleared to lift my toddler. I do sometimes. Still with caution
- incision has mostly closed. Ill know next Sunday when i retape
- I started driving. Was at work for couple hrs on Thursday Friday
- I ate a lot last 3-4 days during holidays. I wear the garment 24*7 so hopefully I'm not ruining my results by eating more during holidays. From today back to sane eating...I'm more of an exercise and eat person so it's really hard to just eat super clean 3 weeks in a row because of no exercise...anyways I weighed myself this morning 123:5 so not too bad of a weight gain due to bad eating.
- about my scar hubby thinks it looks good and is covered. As with most of us who get surgery I wish on the left side it were an inch lower because I wear the box short type of swim suits. The scar is easily covered by those as week if I pull just a little higher. When my doc made markings in the surgery center I forgot to put those shorts (was worrying about my blood tests etc and the nurses took all my clothes away). Thankfully my doc still made them low. I am mentioning this only because I got lucky with my surgeon who optimized for both hicut and lowcut briefs. Newbies, pls put an extra reminder for yourself that wear your type of bikini for your final markings.
- I'm constantly reminding myself that I should be grateful for the results I have and for an uneventful recovery so far.
- on one side my skin bunches at the end of the scar. Laxity issues. I mention this because if we don't go into this surgery remembering the big rock reasons we will get lost in the small details after (in my case this little skin bunching which the doc couldnt have done more about or the scar being half an inch or so higher on side etc). Preparing myself to see the forest and not the trees with a supportive husband really helps.
- I still have lots of tightness in the tummy and after a few hrs I feel wiped out ;-) but much much better than the first week

- as for swelling since I am
In the garment all the time I can't tell what's normal. It's always tight and squishy. Jan 14 will be my 6 weeks from TT and jan 7 I'm seeing my doc.
- I won't buy any bikinis etx until summer but ill get myself sized for bras after ingetvout of the garment after jan 14

I feel grateful and love you all. Let me know what u think of the pics. Keep me honest pls.

I'm going to research if there is double sided tape that we can stick on our bikini bottoms so they don't slip down. If any of you know and are using let us know. I haven't shared this surgery with any of my friends so having the bottoms secured may be a good idea with the little ones around pulling stuff ;-)! Happy holidays everyone!

Hollywood fashion tape

Hi moms, thanks for your wonderful comments and advice! Btw I googled for some double sided up. Lots of links came up for hollywood fashion tape. Apparently also sold at walgreens, walmart etc. Once I recover fully, I plan on buying some in case I head over to the beach with the kiddos so I can stick my bottoms in place!

Week 4, 5 - swell hell and nothing much else ;-)!

Hi moms, last 3 weeks I have been battling swell hell and didn't want to take pics. But today I thought I will be doing disservice to all of TT sisters if I didn't keep it real. So here is me looking preggers ;-) and this is early morning so you can imagine in the evening!

Aside from that - good news is that I'm feeling a tad little less tightness and standing straight except by evening I'm wiped out still. I can sleep in my bed. My butt is no longer a pancake!! Sway is gradually coming back. I didn't know it would be bothersome to me but it was. I guess it was a matter if not knowing it would happen. That's all. Just like I was not prepared or the Franken square boob in the beginning. Incision is scabbing and falling off into a nice line so I'm happy. I read a lot of women are upset their pubic hair line rose up. I could care less about it! Not so much because mine didn't as much because my before was unlive-able with the gross skin hanging that I'm just glad I have had an uneventful recovery am scar line is low. Rest is aaalll manageable. That's it for now moms. I will reply to all your comments. Sorry life caught up with my hubby having a bit of falling accident at home (overworked with kids ;-) and being down with flu!). He is ok now :-) but its my turn to nurse him back! Ok sisters bye for now.

Ray of sunshine...feeling hot!

Moms I will write later..I'm wipes out after a day long work, appt and kiddos..poor hubby helping but sick..more later...I promise I will reply to each and everyone of your comments :-)! Quick pics I took

Mystery solved - why I was swelling in the morning

Moms - yesterday I met with my surgeon. He was very happy with my 5 week progress on TT and 9 week on BA BL. Told me he will see after a year I will be cleared to slowly start exercising after next week.

Now on to the mystery of why I was so swollen in the morning. My garment got really tight at the top as well and that was preventing the fluid to go up and out when I was sleeping. So all you gals were waking up flat and I was waking up like a puffed fish :-). He asked me to get a spanx fitted at Nordstrom (like a tank top) and that will work. No more garment after next week. Last night before sleeping I loosened the top of my garment and voila! This morning I was flat for the first time in 2 weeks. So ladies if you are puffed up in morning too check if the upper part of the garment is too tight. The fluid needs space to go out from top when we sleep..I so love my doc and his staff. Yesterday when I visited them up I bought each a wine bottle chocolates and wrote thank you notes. Just felt like it...more later...my son now has the stomach flu..and I came down with bronchitis! Lots going on :-). Will reply soon. Hugs!

Finally TT also done! Which spanx style to buy for after 6 weeks

Hi moms, my doc suggested spanx after 6 weeks. Style being - trust your thininstincts - sold at nordstroms as well as online at amazon. It runs from $45-62. I wanted to check in with you all what have you bought after you were done with the medical compression garment.

Finally TT also done! Going from hottie to fattie !!

Ok ladies keeping it real here- week 7 complete earlier in the week.
Good things - can't feel much tightness. Walking super straight. Got most of my energy back. Butt has fluffed back up. Incision had healed couple weeks ago. I'm showering everyday without worrying!

Bad things - I am 7 pounds heavier. It's not the swelling only. My dinners have been heavy. My joy of cooking biting me in tye butt..well bit butt as much as upper tummy! Walking as an exercise does not work for me. I have always had a bulging tummy which gets worse after 120 pounds. The sweet spot was to be below but I have let myself go these past 2-3 weeks. Dang it :-)! Just keeping it real that there is a time after 4 weeks when you get your appetite back but you can't exercise like before that its best to be conscious .. I wasn't since I'm an exercise and eat gal. So if you are my type then be on the watch out.

Anyways I decided to post for greater accountability. I've given myself 3 weeks to crawl back to where I was. If after that I'm not flat an upper tummy still comes out so be it. That's my shape ! But I can't eat yummy latkes :-) and assume It is swelling!!

Other than this life is great. I tried the deed with my hubby but unfortunately since we were doing after so many months (that story for another day) I was super tight and we couldn't :-(. Anyways tmi !! Need to go to my OBGYN to get a prescription for some help..hmm joys of getting old!

Oh another update..at end of week 3 I had gone for a job interview a step up position and I may be getting it...so any ladies out there wondering how we feel at week 3 as long as you are not pain meds for a week you can be coherent. I will know or sure in 3 more weeks. But if that comes thru it would be great! That's it for now. Will try to go back from fattie to hottie! Thanks for all your support!

Have fun! Btw in a realfriend now ;-). Feels good!

3 month pics, keeping it real & look-back milestones that I can remember

Hi hotties! It's been a while I posted. A combination of life catching up and gaining a few pounds so didn't want to take pics ;-). Here is the net net -

Im back to 100% energy levels muscle fitness etc. it took only 4 weeks to build all that fitness and muscle back up (my advice to ppl - pls be in your best health and fitness before you go in). Makes bouncing back easier.
The surgery has definitely been worth it (will change rating at 6 months). I'm uploading my recent pics. Note I'm couple pounds shy of my pre-op weight (not a big deal but for me the last few pounds all sit in upper belly). Interestingly I have had little to no swelling in lower belly. Everything is in upper. I wear compression garment when I workout. Else I'm in spanx. I tried not wearing one time in the night and I woke up just wide in my belly (upper). It demotivated me so for another few weeks and I will try again.

Life changing things that have happened due to surgery -
- no padded bras. What a liberating feeling!
- no hiding behind towels etc h&m hubby is around. I just love me being confident
- clothes fit better and no ugly sagging skin

Weekly milestones I can remember
End of Week 1- off narc meds. On Tylenol
Week 2 - walking 90% straight but lots of tightness. First shower (yes I waited 2 weeks. Not because of doc but I just didn't want and pus etc. btw I always used a hair dryer on cold setting to dry my incision ). Also breast incisions healed.
Week 3 - breasts started dropping (with bandeau). Hugged kids like normal. Can open pill bottles without having chest pain
Week 4 - incision almost healed except 3 small spots
Week 5 - started work. 98% straight but still tightness. Tarted sleeping in my bed (no lift chair)
Week 6 - skin relaxing. Tightness reduced significantly. Incision fully healed.
Week 7 - started workout. First long slow jog (still getting wiped out by end of day)
Week 8 - with my workouts work etc life feels almost feels normal. But still tired end of day
Week 10 - rocking my workouts. Life back to normal. Paper tape out.

Now for the not so good news but despite that I would certainly do this surgery based on what I know now and I would have liked the same surgeon I did
- the fact is after week 8 I don't feel the tightness (its good and bad because I got used to the super tight feeling that now as skin is relaxing and abs contents based on my shape push out I miss having that super tight belly ;-).
- I have to be extra conscious of my weight because the Lower is super flat that any fat in upper shows up (note - I'm not going to get any lipo done in upper belly since I have seen horrible dimpling etc and its not worth the risk). Working out and accepting my new shape is the mantra. It is a lot better than before and I'm thankful I came out safe with a low scar and boobies that area size I like (look modest in clothes and can look eye catching when wearing something low).
- I don't sleep on my tummy still (just worried about the implants even though doc says not to. Not a big deal.

Ones the thing I love my bb. It was one thing I closely looked into while picking my surgeon. The way he does it only shows the scar on the bottom round (not all around).

Happy healing everyone. I'm posting some quick pics.

Few more possibly unsavory / surprising things I found about myself

3 other things I found my doing after 3 months -

1. I don't seem to have any interest in a certain group of friends who are constantly blaming their bodies after pregnancies whining how yet don't have time etc. (sorry I'm being blunt here but this surgery has been a mental transformation too). I find myself (rather embarassed to admit) Either be happy with your tummy as is or do something about it. I may lose some of u as RS friends here with such an insensitive thought but just keeping it real. I'm a type a personality so other type a ppl - pls beware that this surgery can change who you want to be friends with.

2. Sometimes in the shower when I see how flat my lower tummy is, it dawns on me that the tummy tuck is the finality of having no kids anymore....I knew that I will have no kids anymore due to all the blood loss after my second. But the TT brought in a certain finality ....just a heavy thought sometimes ;-). Hubby will be getting a vasectomy.

3. The tummy tuck erased the signs of me having given birth...it's a very heavy feeling I get sometimes in the shower...ofcourse I'm not sad and am glad that all that skin is gone but keeping it real - moms you may touch your tummy and sometimes feel a mind numbness...I don't know what to call it...just a profound feeling I get that this surgery touches more than just the outside. I hug my kids tighter whenever I feel that way ...I love them a lot like all of us do our munchkins but couple times I was glad a couple stretch marks still show up ;-)

Continuing from previous post

Couple other things - my bra size is a 34dd or 32ddd (Nordstrom , vs). Don't let the numbers on the sizing bra scare you. In clothes they look pretty modest. None of my friends could tell. So trust your instincts when selecting your implants. A previous surgeon refuse to go above 335 so im glad I trusted my instinct and switched surgeons. Initially 400 seemed high but after they dropped they are much like I had before 36b/c. before kids. Ofcourse since I dropped the right the band size came down now.

Good luck ladies and happy healing to everyone!

My sway back is the Culprit for upper tummy posture

Ok ladies per my regular doc (and another lady I talked to), the reason my upper tummy comes out (among other bloating reasons) is my back swaying so much..period..nothing much I can do. Since the back goes in that much - for posture my body compensates in the front. That's it. I could run all day, swing upside down as bag ;-) nothing will change it ;-)! Well I love my back and bums so I guess we win some win lose some. Somewhat at peace ..I guess...not sure what else to say! Have a fab day.

4 months post op update

Hi moms, sorry for being away so long. got busy with life. i have a few updates for you. will post pics within next 2 weeks for sure (sorry no energy to take pics with all the nordstrom fitting bras i finally bought).

here are all the updates from me -
1. i am still swelling quite a bit with tummy feeling rock hard inside with water etc so although i exercise a lot, i cant even tell what weight i am at anymore. some days it is 120 some days it is 125. my dress size is hovering between 2 and 4. some days it bothers me other days i dont care ;-). either ways i work out 5 days a week and 2 days slow jogging or hiking for fun with my dog.

2. i tried not wearing spanx and oh boy i get really thick in the mid section. so i'm still on it. does not bother me too much. i wear like a somewhat loose corset like thing. i'll try again after 3-4 weeks to not wear it and see what happens

3. The best part about this surgery is that clothes finally FIT! I can just pick anything from the store in small/medium and it fits where it should. no padding bras to lift saggy stuff, no extra blob muffin top. yes when i sit there is a fold but hey its not wrinkly or frankenstein looking.

4. for the first time in close to 10 yrs, i can finally wear a dress shirt or t-shirt tucked into pants without covering the muffin and wondering if i lift my hands will things show. it is truly liberating

5. It took me several weeks to be able to carry off some t-shirts where a bit of cleavage (read 1/2 inch ;-)) was showing. Since literally I would wear the tube bras to cover up any cleavage I had before. Just this past week I have gotten comfortable to not hide my breasts with scarfs and other nonsense like pendant jewelry etc ;-). Nothing risque but you can tell i have reasonable assets ;-)

6. This surgery got me extra motivated to take my vitamins, etc every day. Some days etc I used to skip. I got botox done to my frown line (just couple places). I am conscious that getting oneself fixed is a slippery slope. This one I had put away for a long time and decided I had enough faith in my surgeon to do it and it was $300 bucks.

7. I got myself to put away my size 12 etc and am donating all clothes above size 6. It is like a mental baggage dragging on for years. But I'm confident now I dont need those and I'm sure someone else can make really good use of these clothes than these hanging in my closet because of some insecurity I had that I might lose my motivation to workout. I have shed my insecurities and it was like cleaning up not only my house, attic, but truly years of baggage in my mind. This surgery is transformational but we need to have the mental stamina to get through it and not expect perfection.

My breasts are not 100% symmetrical but I dont really care (they were not initially but now that they are big it shows more). I'm never going to be my plastic surgeon's showcase model in terms of his website pics but hey I don't care ;-). I am just happy that they are not hitting the ground.

8. I have not applied any scar treatment at all. For some reason I just did not have the energy after the 8 weeks to tend to the scar. Who the heck is seeing me anyways up and down there ;-)...on a serious note, my scars are very thin so i'm less motivated. Will buy them online hopefully next month and report.
9. Did not do any heavy shopping yet. Taking it slow. Got a bunch of bras at nordstrom. The lady asked me to check out rack before paying full price so I ended up getting the Chantelle, Wacoal, Natori all expensive and worth the comfort at more than half the price. Some 34DD and a couple 32DDD (latter makes cleave look better but I like the happy to wear 34DD).

WIll post pics later ladies.

I was wondering how solesister's hernia situation is...need to check out her review. Also never too late at 52 ;-) sorry we havent connected yet...will do soon I promise..just settling down with my new coordinates. happy healing ladies!


5 month update - what's with men and boobs :-)

Hey moms, life is moving at such a pace that there are days I don't quite remember during the day that I actually had any surgery done. It hits me when I take my spanx off in the evening that I can tell I'm quite swollen. Unlike many of you who feel flat after 3-4 months I still am swollen - mostly upper tummy. This surgery had been totally worth it. Even with the swelling I look and feel much better in my clothes. I can tuck my shirts in and don't have to suck in as much. I'm glad I didn't wait any longer than I needed to to get this surgery done.

I have been noticing that of late since I'm not hiding behind scarves etc, in general ppl who service us (like in stores etc) if the person is a man ...boy! they are super helpful ;-)...not sure if any of you have had similar experiences with extra sometimes unwanted attn due to breasts now being in place.
my weight is pretty constant around 120-122. Exercise / running as before. I haven't dropped any dress sizes. Still 2-4 Clothes just fit better.

Thigh lipo was a waste. I now realize I didn't really need it dice they look the same. I have more of a cellulite issue which doesn't go away with lipo anyway.

Btw at night I sleep in sports bras I bought at Nordstroms rack. Super comfy. For workouts I double up. I'm hoping after a few months I will swell less. That's the only thing I'm looking fwd to - change wise.

I don't do any ab work on the mat but I do a lot of Zumba and body combat so lots of standing core work. There is tenderness still.

I don't do any scar therapy. Just lazy to be honest. Ill order some from amazon in a couple weeks.

Oh one more thing - there is not much sensation in my right nipple but left is ok. Doesn't bother me. But thought I will mention in case someone is wondering if loss of sensation happens after a breast lift when the areola is cut. Answer is yes for me. And it's still worth the trade off from a saggy empty breast.

In uploading a few pics I took earlier this week. I don't have any of the tummy that look any different. If anything I look even more swollen ;-)!

Be in touch!! Happy healing!!

Quick update - 7 months or so

Hello there! looks like it has been close to 7 months since TT, 8 months since BA. I may be a couple weeks off here and there ;-). The update I have is as follows -
1. last month I stopped spanx while sleeping (just happened organically) and some days even during work. last few days i didnt wear spanx even while working out (and I work out reeeally hard with standing core movement). Got used to the swelled up look (I still swell)
2. I find myself caring 2 hoots about my arms or ppl looking at my cleavage. i dont know what happened but now i wear everything that i did not wear before - sleeveless dresses, long maxi dresses, regular workout wear tees without the long sleeve tshirts ....i just feel liberated ;-)
3. the only thing i have not ventured out to do is a 2-piece bikini....will require some mustering up to do ;-)
4. weight is still hovering around 120-122. my weight distribution is like before ...nothing much changed. when i weigh it goes in the middle...the only difference is that thankfully i dont worry that the breasts will deflate when i lose weight ;-)...
5. my nerve loss in my right breast seems temporary...i can feel sensation coming back a bit

thats all for now...my 2 - 1/2 yr is raking up a storm next to me...gotta go ladies...i hope everyone is doing great!

@never_too_late....I sent you a message back with my email...I hope we can connect to meet up in person sometime...bye!
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