39yo 5kids TT/BA/ Lipo of Flanks and Bra Roll - Bay Area, CA

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Hello All, I have been reading and following many...

Hello All, I have been reading and following many stories and journeys here in RS and it's been so helpful. Finally decided to post mine, since I need the support! I'm scheduled for a mommy makeover on 6/27! I'm super nervous and excited. I'm super conservative and have only shared with my husband and one friend that went through it last year. I hope to find support and advice here from the lovely ladies that have gone through it. I'm just starting to get supplies and any suggestions would be appreciated. I will later post some questions that I have and build up courage to post before pictures. Thank you!

Day 1!! I made it :)

Hi everyone. I'm made it! I was so worried about not waking up, but I did. My pain is tolerable although I had a small episode of nausea and threw up:( that was horrible. I went it for surgery at 12:15 and came out at 3:45. I don't recall the post of at the hospital, just waking up and being wheeled out. My husband was there so it was most likely all going well othwise they wouldn't let me go home. I'm all bandaged up so I can't see anything at all. I have a follow up tomorrow and will take a picture when he changes the bandages. I'm on percosett and antibiotics. I did not get a muscle relaxer. Do you guys think I should ask tomorrow. Any tips will help and I do hope to her advice here. My children are 23, 19, 17, 13, and 6! Whew that's a bunch! My oldest took it really hard and was against it. He worries so much about complications. He is finishing up his masters in Engineering so he analyzes everything. I hope he comes around. Reading about everyone's journey has been extremely helpful in what to do and ask and expect so thank you all! I will post my pre op pictures shortly! Im super conservative and hate taking pictures. My advice for day one is, don't try to eat if your body is not ready. Low sodium crackers, sips of water and maybe some Apple juice. One more question! My pain meds say 1-2 tablets every 4 hours. If I take one, can I take another 2 hours later? And the wait 4 hours from last? (Hopefully I make sense) Thank you guys! If anyone else had their procedures today or close to mine please reach out! I'd love to hear how you are doing!

Okay! Here are pre op pictures!

My body gave me 5 amazing boys! So I have a love/hate relationship with it! I hope my healing goes well.
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