26 Year Old Mom of 3 Including 4 Year Old Twins. - Bay Area, CA

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So I thought I would begin recording this journey...

So I thought I would begin recording this journey since before I have my first consultation just too see my fellow RS's can advice.
I am 26 I had my oldest when I was 17. Breastfeed for 2 months. I had stretch marks but nothing too bad. Of course my self-conscious brain though didn't appreciate the little stripes I had then.
2012 I had my twins (6,5 and 5,5 19") pre-pregnant i was 112 and 2 days before my c-section i was 165.(WOAH yea i stretched) After the twins were born I lost weight very quickly however I got the saggy wrinkly skin. I breastfed for about 3 months so my breasts got deflated from the nice perky breasts I had when I was 17.
I am 4'11 and since the twins were born my weight has gone varied from 130 being the heaviest to 110 being the lowest. I am currently 112 and I plan on getting back in the gym to tone.
I went to my waxer today and I mentioned to her that I started doing research and I started thinking about Breast Augmentation and a tummy tuck to get rid of the excess skin. She insisted it does not look that bad and that maybe a lot of abs can tighten the area. I will be posting pictures soon of what I look like now and what my wrinkly skin looks like when I am a little on the heavier side. I think when I am a little fuller you cant see the wrinkles as bad as when I lose more weight.
My waxer really got me thinking about maybe just starting with the BA since the tummy tuck requires longer healing time. As of now I am leaning more towards no tummy tuck FOR NOW and more for the BA. Maybe once I get a BA i wont be as focused on my tummy part.
I want to do this for me, I have been self-conscious over my body since I can remember. My partner insists there is nothing wrong but I hate to be mean to him when I tell him I am not doing it for him but I am doing it for myself.
This all began to escalate when my 4 yr old son asked to see a swimsuit i have had since before he was born and its a one piece that has slits right around the belly button area and he asked me not to wear it because "he didn't like the tummy area" now I know he might have been just protective of me and doesnt like skin showing but of course I took it as he doesnt like my wrinkly tummy LOL. I plan on going to a couple of consultations in my area to see what they think about my skin. Also I am leaning more towards it because I have excess skin under my c-section scar. I believe its the mon pubis and I had read somewhere that a surgeon can address that issue when they do tummy tucks.
anyway i will upload pics soon and would like to know what some of you may think about it.

Pics of me on my heavier side

September 2015

Age 16 before any kids

Notice my perky breasts. I think this will be my wish pic

Leaning more towards just a BA possibly high 300cc's

Still doing that research and going to consultations. My SO says if anything I should just get a BA but my tummy area bothers me a lot. I am going to start working out and see how much of I can tone myself. I also have an issue with the mon pubis area though I don't think that's an area you can work out

Forgot to upload recent pics

See my mon pubis problem that bothers me a lot.
My priority is;
My boobs - currently 34b don't even fill the cups and I want a lift and fuller cup
Mon pubis area - I don't think I can "work it out" or lose more weight to bring it down. If anything I think it has gotten worse as I lose more weight.
My belly - I've been told I don't have "twin skin" as bad and to try and tighten those muscles first. My belly doesn't bother me too much except when I'm in the shower and I bend over the excess flabby skin irritates me
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