35, Double Chin/Neck Didn't Match Body - Bay Area, CA

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Originally went to Dermatologist for a...

Originally went to Dermatologist for a consultation for Kybella. She recomended two treatments of the cool mini once I explained I had zero time for hiding out at home (heard awful swelling with Kybella.
Last year I lost nearly 30 lbs by eating healthy and working out, but my chin/neck area remained the same. My body and neck area were out of proportion, I looked like a grossly overweight woman from my facial profile.
After 3 children, I finally reached 135 lbs (5'5) but somehow all my extra weight stubbornly framed my face. I became incredibly self conscious, always wearing my hair down, and the thought of a picture from the wrong angle was anxiety inducing.
The first session was an hour long and the pain was at its worst the first 20 minutes. No swelling or bruising post treatment, but serious nerve pain starting day 4 post treatment,and ending on day 8. I saw zero difference by week 6, and became disheartened.
Had my second treatment week 7, and the office took some pics, showing the subtle changes.
I'm now 3 weeks post my 2nd treatment and I'm finally seeing a huge change, beyond ecstatic to see final results in the next 8 weeks!

9 Weeks Post Second Session

Feeling relieved 9 weeks post second cool sculpting treatment. I can actually see a huge difference in my profile! I can't get over how old my before pic made me look, and that was at a weight of 140. I've lost only 3 lbs since then, and my chin/neck area is actually starting to match the rest of my body. Have my appt with Dr today to go over my results.
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