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Hi all. I'm 25 years old and live in San Francisco...

Hi all. I'm 25 years old and live in San Francisco. Since August of 2010, I've lost about 90 pounds (from 245 to 155) and having shed the pounds, I also shed the vitality of my breasts. I have never been pregnant so I can't blame breastfeeding for my premature's really just a loss of mass. I had my initial consultation with a plastic surgeon in June and I feel like at the time my breasts were more deflated than they are now. I question if I really need the surgery because I don't want to make a hasty $11,500 decision. Of course I don't need it, but is my case one that is reason enough to justify the cost. I don't know. Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated. I am planning on a bilateral mastopexy with augmentation (likely silicone but I am open to the idea of saline.)

Thanks for your words of advice.

Hi everyone, sorry it's been awhile since my last...

Hi everyone, sorry it's been awhile since my last post. Honestly I have been trying to not focus on the surgery so much since I am so apprehensive about the cost.

Well, my pre-op appointment is tomorrow afternoon and that is where I will make all of my decisions and pay in full. This is where I need your advice. In your opinion, what are the advantages and disadvantages of both saline and silicone implants? I know that saline is the less expensive option and may not last as long but I am in the dark about anything more...

Also, what are your thoughts about under or over the muscle implants?

I'm scared but mostly about getting weighed, lol ;)

Thanks for the tips, everyone.

Alright everybody, my surgery is this Friday...

Alright everybody, my surgery is this Friday morning at 7:30am. I decided to go with Saline as they seemed to be the safest option as well as less expensive. My PS told me that since I already have a significant amount of breast tissue it was the obvious choice -- knowing that my breast tissue will be able to cover the implants nicely.

I have been having dreams about the surgery... things going wrong, boobs not turning out how I want them to...

Picked up my prescriptions yesterday as well. Can anyone tell me how many days I'll be in significant pain? So, if I have 50 tabs of painkillers how long will that last me?

I am getting very nervous and would love any comments or feedback.

Hey everyone. So, my procedure was yesterday...

Hey everyone. So, my procedure was yesterday morning and I think it went as well as it possibly could have. I did not experience any anesthesia nausea and the pain is pretty bearable. My doctor seemed more down to earth and personable while we were going over the pre-op and that made me feel better about the procedure. I think I charmed him into wanting to do his best work ever.

My boyfriend drove me to the surgery center and thankfully we were on time. 6:30am! There was not much waiting (for me, at least). The nurses called me back into the pre op area. I had to switch into the medical smock, booties and hat and sit under warm blankets. The IV went in with no trouble. I sat with my mom and she took some silly pics of me in the hat while we waited for my PS. When he came around he had me sit on the edge of the seat with perfect posture (so hard for me) while he drew on me with the purple pen.

My anesthesiologist came around and I made sure to tell him that I'm not as sensitive to sedation and anesthesia as other people are. They injected my IV with some sort of preliminary anesthesia that is supposed to calm my nerves and get me ready to go under. I forgot what it was called, I know it's a 6 letter word. They told me I probably wouldn't remember anything after they injected my IV with the first bout of anesthesia but I remember being wheeled into the OR and the team tried to get me to tell them about crazy Vegas stories. After that, I was out.

I woke up to my mom and my boyfriend next to me kinda shocked that everything was all done. I have a video of it and once I put it up privately on YouTube I can give anyone who wants to see it a link to watch me acting all doped up. My doctor came by a few times - the first time I don't remember - to let us know that the surgery went ideally, no blood loss, everything fell into place. To reiterate, I had a bilateral mastopexy with saline implants under the muscle. I'm not sure what size my PS ended up going with but I think maybe a full C or a modest D. I had a hard time initially with pain. The morphine didn't seem to take the edge off so the nurses gave me a shot in the rear and then eventually Vicodin.

After getting home, I slept on and off all day. Ate a substantial amount of kettle corn. Had some fried rice and potstickers and I've just been taking it easy. My mom told me I look really pale but I think she's just not used to me not having makeup on.

Thank you thank you thank you for all of the well wishes. You guys are the best!

I'll post new pics as soon as I can.


1 day post op pics are up ladies!

1 day post op pics are up ladies!

1 day post op pics are up ladies!

1 day post op pics are up ladies!

1 day post op pics are up ladies!

1 day post op pics are up ladies!

Hi Ladies. Feeling very tight and experiencing...

Hi Ladies. Feeling very tight and experiencing more bleeding today. Also, my appetite is gone, little to no interest in food.

I'm worried that the incision under my left breast has a busted suture or something. I hope everything is ok under there. It's hard to tell.

Also, I've take two laxatives and three stool softeners (with laxative) and NOTHING. Getting desperate over here.

Talk to you soon. Xoxo

Hi everyone, Post op day... 5, I think....

Hi everyone,

Post op day... 5, I think.

Was just wondering when I can expect for the implants to drop? I am starting to hate the football look. They seem to be lodged under the muscle and going nowhere fast, it's getting really annoying. How long did it take for your implants to settle into a beautiful round shape?


Ladies, I need your advice. I am post op day 12...

Ladies, I need your advice. I am post op day 12 and my initial bruising from the surgery had gone down, turned from purple to yellow and seemed to be on the mend. However, recently, it seems like I am getting new bruises (perhaps from the booby exercises) and my incision sites are tender and sore. Has this happened to anyone else?

My PS said I should come see him if I am really concerned about it (which I am) but I live in the city with no car, a full time job and his office is 25 miles away.


Hey ladies.. post op day 18. Today was the first...

Hey ladies.. post op day 18. Today was the first day where I felt acclimated to my new boobs. They felt like a part of me and not so foreign. They also felt less swollen and like they had gone down in size!

I had some issues with tenderness and more bruising last week but things seem to be on the mend as I have tamed down my exercises.

One thing is that my left breast has dropped ahead of my right. I hope they catch up soon.

Posting new pics for all to see.

Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear from you.
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My sister had a breast reduction performed by the same doctor in 2000.

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