Mission 32A to 375cc!! 33 Years Old and Three Kids Later - Bay Area, CA

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I'm a mother of three breastfed kids who sucked at...

I'm a mother of three breastfed kids who sucked at least 3 cup sizes from me (32C to 32A.) What's left of my breasts are deflated non-fun bags, stretched nipples and dark areolar. I'm 5'2 and 110 lbs with a petite upper frame. Since my hips and thighs are wider, my doctor recommends that my safe zone to be 350cc-400cc to achieve the "natural look" that will compliment my figure. I've decided to go with 375cc moderate plus with my incision site under my breast flaps. My hopes is to gain a fuller "teardrop" shape and to be able to wear bras without padding or wire, to have even sized breasts, and no longer feel like I look like a developing tween. My areolar used to have a lighter tint to it, so I hope the implants stretch my skin out enough to get my old color back. I can't wait to be able to dress in lingerie for my hubby and feel like a woman again!

Tomorrow is the BIG day!

I'm taking as many before pictures as I can. Ever since I had my last child, I realized I've never been seen without a padded bra or some sort of chicken cutlet. It's amazes me how breastfeeding has gotten me so flat chested. Absolutely, nobody knows how flat I really am because I hide it so well, and people know me to have boobies. All the women on both sides of my family have at least C cups and the ones who have had kids, breast fed as well but aren't as flat as I am?! Anyway, I'm so glad I made the decision to do this procedure. I can't wait to feel like a sexy woman again! I've even stopped working out for the simple fact that I don't like how I look in my workout clothes. Ridiculous much? Although my stomach has lost control cus of my lack of exercise, I actually think it looks bigger cus I'm so flat chested. Tomorrow can't come any sooner!!! ;)

Can't wait to wear lingerie again!

This bra used to be small on me and now it's huge. I can't wait to be able to wear sexy lingerie again!

Embarrassed to wear bikinis

It's pathetic and superficial but I'm too embarrassed to wear bikinis and take my kids swimming cus I can't fill my bikini tops up anymore. I can't wait until I can swim with the kids again and stop being so selfish.


I had my surgery at 7am this morning. The surgical staff was amazing. I went in, undressed into a gown, had a painless iv put into my arm and went into the operating room where the anesthesiologist was playing great music. I drifted off into boob land and woke up to a nurse who woke me up by lifting my gown from the top and saying, "I think you'll really be pleased with what they did for you!" I took a peek and thought it was another one of my dreams of getting boobs but it was I fact real life! Yes, it did feel like I was being sat on by a baby elephant but the nurse (who also had a ba,) suggested to breathe deeply into the pain and tightness and it totally worked.

On the way home I was laughing and joking with my hubby and even stopped by a restaurant to pick up a shake and lunch! I don't know if I was high of the anesthesia and pain meds but I was in such a great mood! Maybe cus I had boobs?! ???? Anyway, my hubby locked me away in our room with a scented candle, food, snacks, Pellegrino, tons of pillows, the remote control, pain candy and farrrr away from my kids! "Mommy's sick!"

I made a promise to myself and my hubby that I wouldn't be so critical about how they look right now. I do have a few gripes but I'm sure it'll go away with time! Not so bad for my first day...

Bottom view. Doc says I can shower with these suture covers for 3 days.

Nip slip

Due to breastfeeding, my nipples sagged. I looks as if I still have a slight sag but I'm hoping that goes away when the implants drop.

Second Day

I woke up and felt like I got in a wrestling match last night, sore and stiff. Underneath my arms are sore but most of the pain feels like bruising, mainly above my ribs from the implants sitting on them. I'm very bloated and constipated. My bowels were pathetic and that of a bunny. I slept well, probably cus of the pain meds! This real self app is a blessing and a curse. All I've been doing was comparing pics while still trying to keep my promise to myself. Of course, like the rest of us I keep saying I should've went bigger. I moved my compression band up to take a peak and it looks like a lot of the size is gonna come from when it all drops. All I have to do is look at my dad before pic and everything comes into perspective! I'm trying to remain patient for my outcome. Actually, after lifting my band up, I was more pleased with how they looked!

I miss hugging my kids and my hubby. Tonight I plan on having my superman wash my hair and give me a bath. I'm bored out of my mind being home alone and I just want tomorrow to come already! Still happy I went through the procedure!

Ps. My boobs look like how it did in high school. Overly perky, virgin, never been caressed or seen boobs. Lol

Love my nursing staff!

I received a sweet recovery card from my awesome nursing staff! It's only my second day post-op!

I took pain meds this morning at 10:00 am. It's now 3:00pm and I'm doing quite well! Still constipated but not as sore or in pain. I've been icing my girls and the tops of my ribs.

Day 3- The land of constipation. Lighter pain.

TMI! Today was rough! I was under the impression that I was only supposed to eat lightly on the first day. Here I am pounding down burgers, Thai food, and Cajun broil down a tiny body that has no place to put it! Today I looked like I was about 5 months pregnant due to severe bloating and back up! I resorted to using a high dose of stool softener out of desperation. After depositing a bunch of bunny pellets into the porcelain bank, my stool softener kicked in and I finally found relief. Not completely. I was super crampy in between!

I woke up with morning boob and popped an oxy. I have to say I was afraid of feeling "too good" on it cus I know people can form an addiction to it. I don't really understand why? It just makes you feel tired? Anyway, I only took one in the morning and one at the end of the day cus I was able to move around more today. Tomorrow, I plan on switching to Tylenol to prevent constipation.

My arms still feel sore but the feeling of bruised ribs have subsided. My doctor called me today to check up on me which I thought was very sweet! He assured me that tomorrow I would feel a lot better and I trust that he's right! Oh, I also took my band off to take a shower and noticed the infamous "frankenboob!"

Day 4-Frankenboob and Angry Tummy

Last night I reunited with my husband and bed and decided to lay flat to sleep since the pain in my ribs were gone. Gaaaahhd, it felt so comfy! I had a good nights rest and woke up with slight morning boob and pain in my right lower breast. Yesterday was the first time I took off my band to take a shower and I may have put it back on too tight cus I was left wit the infamous "Frankenboob!" I loosened my band in hopes they would drop naturally.

My right breast feels like it's already starting to settle in. It's still very stiff but my areola has smoothened out and no longer sags. It feels odd cus I can actually feel my natural breast jiggle over the implant if I walk fast. My left breast is pretty much the same and hasn't changed other than the Frankenboob. My husband went back to work today and is shooting to try to come back home early. He told me that it was a humbling experience to have to care for the 3 of our kids for 3 days straight without me. He said he always admired me for the work that I do with the kids while maintaining the house but he says he hasn't felt so defeated in a long time. I felt guilty that I took time away from my kids for a selfish reason but I'm glad I'm able to feel like I "earned" my boobs after all is said and done. I have two toddlers and a pre-teen so you can imagine the chaos that can happen in my home. This morning I disciplined one of my toddlers and my husband says to me, "It's great to see Mommy back in action!"

My tummy is so angry at me! I took a dose for severe constipation yesterday and now everything is coming out fast! It's better than getting stuck in there but now I'm afraid to eat anything! I hope this goes away tomorrow. It really drains me.

Like many of you, all I do is check updates on my realself app and it's ridiculous. I can't help but imagine that when women who haven't had children yet, see before and after pics like mine, probably get mortified! Haha I know I would! Anyway, I hope today brings a little more ease in healing. :)

Day 5- Softness Coming In...

I took zero pain meds today! I'm literally sick of being constipated so I decided to get off of the pain meds. I woke up with morning boob but just powered through it! My right breast has more pain than the left and sporadically shoots pain in the lower region. I assume it's my nerves finding their way back? I took the temporary bandages that cover a my steri-strips last night and my incisions have slight bruising but are super itchy! I meet with my doctor Friday and I believe that's when he will remove the final bandages.

I've been using a compression strap over the tops of my breasts as directed by my PS. He says he prefers this method over s compression bra so that gravity will take over and allow the breasts to naturally drop. Makes sense! It was easy for my to just wear the strap under my shirt being home the past couple days however, I'm back in action and needed something to cover my perky nipples that want to greet the world! Its obviously not the wisest decision to go bra shopping in these early stages as I don't know what size I actually am and I haven't met with my ps to talk about the specifics of what type I should be wearing while I heal. My daughter kept asking me why I haven't been wearing bras lately (she doesn't know about the procedure) and I told her its cus I was sick and wanted to feel comfortable at home. After she noticed I freaked out so after I took her to school I went to target to look for a temporary fix. I didn't want to get anything that would hinder my healing process or deform the shape of the implants so I was looking for something with the lightest support. SCORE! I found the perfect bralette by Gillman

Oops it was day 4 not 5!! Continued...

It's now 12 am and is technically day 5 but I'm now writing about day 4! Sorry! Anyway, the bra was by Gillman and it was only $12.99! They're available in sizes xs-xl and I played it safe and got a large and I was super happy about that! Haha Omg, it's the most comfortable bra thus far! I never owned a bralette before cus I didn't have anything to fill them up and when I did, (pre-kids) the style was all about sexy push-ups with underwires. Bralettes look so feminine and modestly sexy! It has adjustable straps, no clasps, (just put it on like a sports bra,) no padding, no pressure on breasts, and the best part is that the bottom part of the cup sits a good distance away from the actual breasts so it's far away from the incision site! I didn't get clearance from my ps to wear something like this but I'm confident it was a strong executive boob decision! I still wear my compression strap on my top half to keep the implants from riding up, but I just needed something to cover my nipples while holding a little shape! I highly recommend bralettes sans underwire, clasps, and padding!

I've been suffering from boob greed lately and find myself differing to before and after pics of other women in the same size category as I am, in which is 375/400cc. My ps says I'll probably be a high C/small D, but it seems unfathomable to me that these things will eventually turn into a bigger size based off of how they look right now?! But I'm remaining positive!! My friend has the same stats as me and she was persuading me to go bigger during my post op. She always says she regrets not going bigger but she says she is a 32 DD now?! Im not sure if that's Victoria Secret size or true size?! Btw, this whole boob journey has been quite interesting! I learned that VS upsizes their bras to make women feel more sexy! What a great marketing scheme! Such false advertisement on both ends, though! I started shopping at VS in high school and then mixed it up with Nordstrom (Natori, Wacoal, DKNY...) as an adult towards the end of my 20's. When my real size comes in it's going to be super exciting getting to bra shop for my new boobs!! Not for breastfeeding, or cus my boobs shrunk, but actual sexy forever bras! I can finally start buying bra/panty sets and lingerie and start feeling sexy again! Ahhhhh, I'm so excited and very hopeful that I continue to have a smooth healing process! Happy healing!! Xoxo

Comfy Bralettes from Target to get me by! Size Large for now. Whoo-hoo! :P


I've been trying to think of the perfect description of the pain after getting a breast augmentation. It feels exactly like mastitis! The breast infection that some women get when they're backed up in their milk ducts from breastfeeding. I had a severe case of mastitis when my son was a newborn and the symptoms were very similar. Swollen, achy, painful, hard breasts accompanied by fatigue, nausea, constipation, and morning boob! I would wake up dreading to get up from bed cus the weight from my right breast would have to deal with the pain that gravity came with.

Fortunately, I no longer feel these symptoms. Yesterday was the first day I didn't wake up from morning boob. (I love the terminology on here!) I had my first post-op appt on my 7th day and he said everything was looking great. I had slight bruising under my right breast but nothing out of the ordinary. He gave me clearance to be able to slowly start lifting my arms up, massage my breasts, and even the OK to get intimate. As soon as I got home that's what I did! My husband could not wait any longer. I requested that we leave my bra on cus I didn't feel like my boobs were appealing enough to get intimate while exposed. My husband usually prefers to make love with absolutely no clothes on, no matter what, but he gave me the exception of my bra this time. In the midst of it all, he got really excited and kept asking to take the bra off. I told him I didn't want to kill he mood cus these girls are deceiving and look way better in a bra. After we were done I questioned him on how he felt about them. He never thought I needed a ba (lie!) but he said they look really sexy and the bra was a tease. I kept reminding him that they needed to drop a lot more and soften up. He's excited about how they'll turn out and offered to massage them more to expedite the process. I on the other hand felt very sexy. I felt like a woman again. I truly feel that any woman who has had a child and breastfed them deserves a breast augmentation. I hadn't realized how bad my self esteem was before my procedure, until after we made love with my new boobs. My husband is such a gentleman and always compliments me, but I know not all men are like that and some even make fun of their wives bodies.

I was worried for a while that my breasts would end up looking like B cups cus it looks so smashed in under a t-shirt. My friend had a birthday party this passed weekend and she has the same size as me 375cc and hers looked so gorgeous. She said she wears a 32dd and I just don't see how that would be possible for me? I just have to remain patient. It was somewhat embarrassing as my friends knew that I just had my procedure done and were complimenting my boobs. I wore a black top with a high neckline so people couldn't really see it. My friends were saying they looked great but you honestly couldn't see anything, and even if they did they wouldn't be impressive yet. My friend is so blunt she yelled out, "those are way smaller than mine?! Are you sure we got the same size?!" I was so embarrassed but she's had hers for 4 years now so she probably forgot the process.
I also started to get feeling back in my nipples and breasts. My nipples are ultra sensitive and very annoying. A slight shift in my shirt gets them rock hard. But I'm glad the sensation came back as I do know some women never regain feeling. My right breast has dropped significantly and is starting to round out. My left is still boxy and firm. My ps did say I should start tightening my compression strap so they can drop more and I think it's working. I feel great and am starting to love my breasts. It's all up hill from here! Or should I say down? :P

The girls looking pretty in a bra but not so much without one!

Left is bigger than right when left used to be smaller than right. Nipples are also uneven.

It's been a little over two months and my breasts are getting softer and even though I feel like they're such a part of me, I notice them all the time. My left breast was originally the smaller breast of which I had a larger implant put in (400cc,) and the right was originally the larger of which I had a smaller implant put in (375cc,) in hopes to balance out. My ps did mention that there would still be some asymmetry due to my anatomy however, the naturally smaller breast is a lot larger than the other, which I didn't expect? I'm not sure if it's cus my right hasn't fully dropped but I'm staying positive and hoping it'll change. I like how they look without any clothes on but I'm somewhat disappointed as they disappear when I do have my clothes on. I did want a more natural look but I feel as my ps was too conservative with the size. I used to be a 34c prior to children and I mentioned to my ps that I wanted to go larger without looking to fake. I feel I could've definitely got away with at least 425cc/450cc without looking too huge and still natural. I say this in honesty with all boob greed aside. Thankfully, I only told two friends and sadly they were disappointed in how small they were when they first saw them. I got ba so I would never have to wear a padded bra again but the look I was going for still requires some padding.

Edges aren't smooth?

Is this normal?

In my old 32d

I used to wear a 34c or 32d. This was a 32d with padding. :( I didn't want to have to go back to the pad life! I'm headed to Nordstrom this weekend to get officially sized.
Bay Area Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Afshin Parhiscar made me feel comfortable as soon as I met him. I thought I would feel very uncomfortable with another man talking about and touching my breasts in front of my husband but he was very gentle and professional. He was completely thorough in explaining the the pros, cons, procedure, and post op details. I barely had any questions to ask as he already answered all of them. I spoke with doctors prior to meeting them and they seemed very pushy and pretentious. Dr. Afshin Parhiscar was the complete opposite. We actually found a doctor that was closer to us within our budget but my husband and I felt that Dr. Afshin Parhiscar was a perfect fit, regardless of the distance. I'm super excited for my big day!!

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