BBL Bound...Who Should I Choose?

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Hey RS! It's me V! & I want a BBL. I'm so excited...

Hey RS!

It's me V! & I want a BBL. I'm so excited about this site. I've learned SO MUCH thanks to you lovely ladies. It's so wonderful to gain access to pictures, information and results prior to experiencing the surgery. I have played with the idea of butt augmentation for years, but never really looked into until recently. These days I'm making my dreams reality and one of my oldest desires was to have a bigger butt. Unfortunately genetics deprived me of that I intend to let Dr. J give me the bootay I never had and always dreamed of. More about my journey to come...see yah soon RS!

A Couple of Wishpix...

I'm very new to this process. I never knew exactly how I wanted my body/booty to look, i just knew that I didn't like what I saw in the mirror. Here are a few wish pixs that I absolutely love! Plus a pic of me playing with my plastic surgery simulator. I definitely want to loose close to 100 lbs before I get the augmentation because I don't want to get a TT. I'm young and my skin is tight. I've been told by several professionals that with time, patience, a vigorous workout plan and a healthy diet, my skin will go right back to normal. Anywhoo, I will be doing weekly updates on my weightloss journey including measurements and pictures. If there are any ladies that want to join in please do. GL!

My Babe is Onboard!

Hey RS!

I just wanted to give you guys a quick update. I haven't worked out in two weeks, so I will be getting back to it tomorrow morning! First thing tomorrow, I will be taking pics and measurements and doing a 2 mile walk/jog. I'll be starting my sit up and squat challenge and then it's an hour of Zumba at noon. Now that we got that out the way we can get to the good news....I hadn't shared the new found plans with anyone to get the BBL in Feb 2014. In fact although I have mentioned it, no one really knew how serious I was about this until yesterday. I decided to share my plans with my honey man. He wanted to know what exactly a BBL I pulled out the iPad, pulled up my RS profile and it was a done deal! He was sold on my profile pic lol....I think he is a lil more excited then I am (I don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing lol) but it just felt good to share the decision with someone close to me and not be judged or laughed at. In fact, he has offered to pay half of the surgical costs! Talk about motivation! Oh and I am still doing my research and I am really thinking about going to Duran. Her work is awesome and she is so affordable. Ill discuss in a little more detail why Im leaning towards Duran in my next update. Until next time RS family.


Research Is Essential…

Hey RS Family! This has been a busy week. I know I was supposed to post my measurements, pics and weight-in on Monday but life happened lol so I’ll be posting my measurements tonight. My scale is broke…and I have to wait to buy another one so… I may just do measurements until I get a new scale.

Anywhoo…on to the good stuff. As you know from reading my blog I have been extremely indecisive which in this case is ok. I initially wanted Dr. J Curves but he is in high demand so he is booked up the ying yang and his prices have skyrocketed since his new found fame. He still is a strong possibility given the new found info I have learned about my most recent first and second choices.

I have been pulling for Duran really strong these past couple weeks. However, I’m reading a lot of negative reviews that have surfaced just within the past few weeks of ladies catching all kinds of infections and dying from both Duran and Yily. So, that takes them out the running COMPLETELY! I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THAT NONSENSE. I want to verify the stories because I have heard them 2nd and 3rd hand; not directly from the ladies who caught the infections (obviously I’m referring to the ladies that caught infections but haven’t died.)

My most recent fav is Campos. Shoutout to JVC13…Campos did her body right! Plus the reality of all this is the aftercare is just as important as the surgeon we select to make our bodies a work of art. I have heard awesome things about ClubMed which is very encouraging. I’m from the Bay so I need to know I’m safe wherever I am when outside of my comfort zone. The only con to this is I was told Campos only injects 700-800ccs which sucks because I’m looking to do around 1400.

So there you have it…I’m back to the drawing board which is ok. There are several DRs out there that can do a great job that are waiting to be found. Plus, I’m very focused on losing close to 100lbs before I have the procedure done. I don’t think people take into consideration, when you have drastic procedures done to your body; you need to be in excellent health to recover as best you can in a timely manner without all the extra issues. Don’t get me wrong, things happen…but I want my experience to be as safe as possible.

If anyone can shine a lil light on anything I’ve shared please do!


Still At It...

Hey RS Fam! I know I HAVE NOT been posting my weight and measurements or photos...and that's because I haven't been taking them! lol. I took my measurements once and never did it again O_o I promise things will get a lil more interesting within the week to come because I've refocused and gotten some things out the way that needed to be handled. I have been exercising though which is most important right ? :) SO, I feel good about that. The faster I get this weight off, the faster I can get her done!

Since my last update concerning a few of the Drs, I have learned a few of the facts I stated are not true. SO, I will be addressing those as well. I have also come across a few Drs that aren't as popular as the usual but seem to do great work. I’ll be discussing them also. Well, that’s it for right this moment. As always, I welcome comments, opinions and suggestion.


Had A Scare!

Hey RS fam!

I have had a rough week! AF was 4 days late...had honey and me up in a frenzy lol...but she came so we're good. No babies in the near future! So! I took pics but I'm having probs uploading them so ill get them on here soon as in maybe tomorrow? We'll see.

So in an effort to get healthy and physically fit for this procedure, I finally found a dr (long story) and she is awesome! So I will be meeting with her within the next month to get blood work done and find out what I need to do to get healthy.

On to the doctors....I've been trying to decide what doctor I want to roll with. First it was Jimmerson then it was Duran then campos then beaz (I'm sure I spelled that wrong) the point is I've noticed some doctors do better with certain body types and I really need to chill on deciding right now because I don't know what my body is going to look like at 200lbs (currently 314). I carry it very well and people never believe I Weigh as much as I do but I do! Sooooo, I'm going to chill on deciding right now and just focus on getting my weight down so I will be happy with my results.

Well lovelies, that's my update. Will be back to upload these pics.


More Wish Pics!!!!!

And More....!!!

Targeting Muscles!

Y'all know I'm silly, but I thought this was so appropriate! Shows us how to target each muscle for maximum development!

More Wish Pix and Weigh in!

Hey RS family,

After finally taking these nude pics, I realize why I hesitated to post them, lol. I really need to get some abs and crunch challenges going again. These are a few mid section wish pics including desired look for curvature of hips...also a late weigh shot that should have been posted on Monday.

Pics are being loaded now....

My Horrifying before pics (nude)

So these are the nudes ladies,

I really believe I need to loose about 100lbs to acquire the look I want. I have to reiterate I don't want to weigh 100lbs I think 180 would be a healthy lean weight for me and would allow me to keep my curves but have a small waist. Any advice is greatly appreciated!


Current stats...


Some lipo app pics

Hey ladies,

I played with the lipo app on my iPad for a minute. The quality of these is not GREAT! So please don't beat me up....just something to go on when I start my consults.

Another lipo app pic...

Scheduled for a mandatory Webinar

So RS Fam,

I finally called Dr. J's office today to ask a ton of questions...given everything I've learned/heard on here. I spoke with Kelly who was super nice and patient. I'm not sure why people are being told they have to wait until next year for a consult but she offered me a consult as soon as next week if I wanted. Seeing as how I know the cost of the sx will be waaaayyy more with my current weight, and i know im in the process of loosing, after the webinar she said I could schedule my consult for Nov if i like to give me time to loose some that is what i intend to do. That's all for now.


Short Update

Hey people,

I've been sick ???? .....So I haven't been working out just trying to get better . My birthday was last weekend and it really brought this whole process and my life up until now into prospective....I'm also going to be starting a new position in January which will push my sx back to July...not made at all y' salary will double ???? ....and the extra time will give me more time to ensure I have the funds and a physically fit to get the results I want?????

Required BMI


It's been a minute. Getting prepared for major transition and still trying to eat right/loose weight, so it's been hard to update. Quick question, while browsing all the wonderful profiles and results of our sister friends who have recently undergone the sx, I noticed someone say they were informed by a surgeon that your BMI must be at least 35 in order to perform the sx.....has anyone else been told this?

I'm Still Here!

Hey RS Fam!

I am still here grinding away at this weight loss....don't forget about me! I got my blood work done to see what I needed to improve on and it was just as I suspected, my iron and vitamin D are llloowwww. So My doctor has put me on an iron supplement and vitamin D supplement as well. I would like to have the sx done in Feb or we are testing my levels again at the end of December.

As for my choice in Drs....I am really leaning towards Dr. Kenneth Hughes. His work is very consistent, he has great reviews, he is in Southern California so I could stay with family (cut back on hotels costs) and I'm really starting to shy away from going abroad. Of course all this can change but realistically, I will be traveling alone. I need to be someplace I feel safe and can maneuver a little better then in another state or third world country. NOT KNOCKING anyone else...this is just what works for me. As usual loves, please leave your 2 cents in the comments below.


*Much Needed Update*

Hey RS Family!

I'm still here :0) ...working it out. I'm not going to do a weigh in for a while, just going to focus on working out and being persistent. I have so much going on in my professional and academic lives that i literally go all the time. I will def update you all on my progress in due time. Somethings have changed in regard to where I intended on staying in So Cal after the procedure. So of course this had an adverse effect on my choice of Dr. In the same breathe, avenues/resources have opened up in other areas of the country that I didn't really consider because I wasn't aware and didn't want to have extra expenses. So this is both exciting and a bit nerve racking because I have to rethink half of my plans to accommodate being in another state. I know that I want this procedure and have been preparing myself mentally, physically, financially, saving vacation time and sick time. I have prayed on it as well. In observation and communicating with my top choices, I've learned that dates are actually available within the same month that people reserve their dates, a lot of people just choose to wait. So, with that being said, I will keep a close eye on my top choices and choose wisely in the near future. I have a general idea of when I would like to get the procedure, so I will be sure to secure a date within that scope of time. As usual loves please feel free to comment, encourage and give me the 411.

Stay Bootyful! :0)

Life is good...

Hey RS Family!

I've missed you guys! I have been snooping around and staying up to date and I have to say I’m so happy for so many of my RS SISTERS! You guys look gorgeous! I am still at this workout thing. Changed my eating habits and started a vitamin regimen and I am feeling amazing. I was actually sick from Nov to Jan, on and off, never really getting well. I am now 100% and it feels great. I’ve decided on my Doctor but I am choosing to keep that on the hush until I get close to my SX date. I will be discussing some things with the Dr and his staff this week but I’m really happy with his work. I have decided to change up my procedure a bit. Initially I was only getting the BBL. I will still be getting the BBL but I want to get a TT and a BL along with it. I’ve seen several of his patient's results for those exact procedures on RS and I am very pleased with his work. Other than that family, I’m blessed…still getting her done. About to get a promotion, move to another department and position…GOD IS GOOD! Life is truly blessed in this year of restoration!

Love you guys,
Me De La Creme

Where has the last 6 months gone?! ????

RS! How is it going? I hate I stayed gone so long. I see so many new changes, faces and aspirants....all I can say is wow! Well, to jump straight to it, the doctor I chose died! ????....I was blown away! That is the 2nd or 3rd time that has happened. I'm starting to feel some type of way! Don't know what that means or if it means anything but I've decided to get refocused on the weight loss journey for the sake of being healthy and not just to finally get this surgery. I got a trainer and I found out that my insurance pays for a nutritionist. So I'm very excited about that. Family, I just want to get the weight off! I've struggled with my weight for over 20 years. Most importantly image issues for atleast 10. I'm finally learning to love my skin regardless of how it looks. And I'm so very excited about that. I've decided to focus on the weight loss. I've got to go back to the drawing board. Dr J has always been a fav but I want to make sure I'm not overlooking any amazing doctors in the process. I will certainly continue my search for the dr that is best for me but my main focus is getting this weight off AND getting to the healthier toned ME. I will be checking periodically and def showing you ladies love.


Starting weight: 330
Current weight : 319.4
Pre-SX Goal weight: 200
Post-SX Goal weight: 180
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