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I'm new to this...but I been wanting a butt for so...

I'm new to this...but I been wanting a butt for so long. I was born and blessed with a chest, hips and thighs but when it comes to the donk ain't nothing to look back at, just a flat board .I'm doing this for me ,nobody else and I have no support from others ,they think I'm insecure which is not the case. I'm confident ,just want to do something to make me happy. I can pull any man without a booty. I don't want no big old Nikki minaj booty but a booty that sticks out and fits my body with my short ass ... I hate buying dresses and pants and when i put it on i look good from the front but the back is like ???? please help me out..I hope I can get support for this website and help along the way with my journey.

Decisions decisions...

Mr. Miami or Ortega. How long does it take to get a consultation with them without making any deposit

spectrum-aesthetics Staff ????

Anybody had an hard time getting a hold of them??? Im trying book a date and ask questions but I can't even get a email back. Which coordinator is the best especially after you make your deposit they won't leave you high and dry

I need my booty

BBL Pillow vs. Bloopy Pillow vs..

Which one you think is better

I'm ready for change...

I'm ready to make this dream, reality. I can't wait on Dr. Miami he is tooooo booked...even tho I would love him to do it. I'm going to go with my 2nd option which is Spectrum. Waiting for them to call me tomorrow to go over quote and stuff and make a deposit on my booty.

spectrum aesthetics ughh

I finally got through to somebody, but now I have to talk to a manager to change Liz as my coordinator.. It literally took 3 ppl to complain about me not getting a phone call back in order for her to finally call me. Its been 3 weeks and she now telling me she needs to fwd my pic to the doctor to get a quote . smh

I'm not fat enough ;-(

Lol never thought I say that before..Welll the Dr. has confirmed that im a good candidate for the BBL. However since im 5'4 145 my bmi 24. I need to gain 5-10 pounds before sx. Since he does aggressive lipo and if I want to achieve enough fat to get a least a medium size round butt. So the special includes.
Liposuction included – Lower and upper abdomen, lower and upper back , left & right flank,left and right waist.
Transfer to the buttocks & or thighs if wanted by me.
Surgeon Fees
Surgery Room fees
Anesthesia Cost
Blood Work
1 Garment
1 compression socks
EKG (If needed)
1 year Follow up ...
Does that sound right or is something missing


Don't get played. Make sure you have everything in writing or save your text messages with these companies. Like refund policy to cost to whats included. Some of these special keep changing before promo is over and they end up lowering the price or make it higher. Nobody wants a he said she said situation . Proof is in the pudding. Some girls are quoted at 4999 others 4000 and some 4500 For the same special that's would say 4000 for a bbl. some would switch up and say oh we only allowing 6area of lipo for 4000 or 12area 4000. Just tip save them receipts. I hope they don't change my quote day of sx I read from other dolls on here.

Can somebody telling me if Im TRIPPIN

So LIZ is my coordinator at Spectrum Aesthetics.. I told her to send me refund policy statement and she hesitated .She told me "I have asked the financing department for our refund policy and I was told that in case of a cancellation neither the deposit $300 nor any payment made toward the total balance will be refundable. Payments made for your surgery will not be refundable." Tell me if Im tripping.. that like a scam and trying pocket people money if they back out before the sx date or even for medical reason. I plan to change to emily , but i was going do it after I lock the price for 12 area of lipo for 4000 since emily said 4500 for 12 areas.

second thoughts

I don't think Dr. Ompl. Or Ortega can give what I want. And it seems well no it don't seem its fact. Because I spoke to Emily she claim the doctors only say if ppl or good candidate .Which like the odd part, they pretty much pricing the sx not the doctor, and you always have to speak to your rep and I don't even think half the time they really ask the doctor questions. A least I know DR.Miami does snapshots shows his work daily and even makes time to Skype with him so you don't feel like u getting your money stolen. But he book till July 2016 around my bday month. Like do I wait or no..because knowing any doctor never know if they can give you the results you want. Ugh :-(

Booty rock in everywhere

lymphatic massage???

It's Official, I'm getting a big JUICY Booty. I put down my down payment. I'll be trying alone ,It be cool to have a sx buddy, but anyway...Where can i get a lymphatic drainage massage in Miami, I'm trying to estimate how much it would cost me , and how many i would need.

I have a Confession.

I just came out to my favorite cousin (male) about having this sx. I haven't spoke to any of my friends or family yet.. I was more so going to surprise them after I get it done, because I been through a lot my whole life, and i don't need no negative comments, and I know they wouldn't really support me and try and talk me out of it .. But my cousin really just said I'm grown and cando whatever I want... Which I already know and what I'm doing...but he told me I look fine and be happy what god gave me, but he support me. Which made me happy, even though he's worried.

Doctor appointment

....tomorrow. Getting a 3rd opinion.. Im not sure if you can tell from my pic of me i posted last night, but one of my hip is higher than the other and thinking if I get some fat in my hips it would even it out a little and curious how much of a difference my butt would be.. Last doctor I seen said he may can put in 300 cc because I don't have so much fat.

I'm going to hit the pole

I always wanted to take pole dancing classes. They really is a good workout. I think I'm going do it after I get my booty plump. To get back in shape after sx. I really have no ass ..but some thighs


Just looking


I'm in so much pain from getting a tooth pulled, and can't sleep so I decided post lil wish pics

consultation today.

Getting ready for my consultantion with Dr. Steven for another opinion

They charging me $11,300 bbl now

Aha..not spectrum back.from my appt.he seem nice ,but busy.. He quoted me at 10,800 if I don't book within 30days and after that it be 11,300. I stick to my Miami trip to spectrum. I would love to be local but thats my house money there, and I didn't even get to see pictures of his work..he was busy.

Back Dimple

I think it would be cute if they could create back dimples while doing my bbl.

Shout out: Happy Mother's day

I wish all the mothers and soon to be mother's a Happy mothers day, you all deserve to feel beautiful .

Feed Up =[

Lol now...i just be on here lurking.. Like I'm watching a TV series.. Always waiting on like the next episode..( next update on y'all bbl ) Lol . My date so far away.. Y'all got me ready to jump the gun..but I gotta wait because my work schedule. My job don't let us save or vacation time..we rather lose it or use it. Ugh.. So next yr I have a new bid for vacation. I plan on taking 2 weeks off hopefully it enough time to recovery.

Why 3 weeks no sitting...

These are the key things that must happen for a fat graft to be successful:

a.) Blood supply must reach the fat graft before it runs out of nutrients.
b.) Blood vessels must get incorporated into the graft successfully.
c.) All the tissues- fat grafts, blood supply, and surrounding tissues must be knit together successfully by the extracellular matrix.
d.) It takes 3-4 days for the blood vessels to grow into the fat grafts. During the new few days, the blood vessels begin to strengthen. The extracellular matrix surrounding the fat graft takes another 2-3 weeks to reach enough strength to withstand minor stresses.
plan for 3 weeks of no sitting

This is why 3 weeks is the earliest a patient can begin stressing the tissues. A patient should plan for 3 weeks mostly of rest on her stomach or sides, getting up occasionally to limber up the muscles, but avoid things that place stress on the healing tissues.

The three week recovery is important in achieving the best possible long lasting result. Sitting on your buttocks during the first or second week will likely prevent some fat graphs from taking, resulting in a less prominent buttocks which you could have had by not sitting.

I found this article from - Dr Rodriguez

I thought it be helpful.

Drains vs No Drains

Is having No drains put in after sx better than having drains put in? Would the healing and draining of the fluid give different results???? WHICH ONE IS BETTER
I spoke to different doctors and they say they don't use drains, that's the old fashion way, they normally stitch it up.
Some say having it stitch it will allow the liquid accumulated after the liposuction, so it get out and reduces inflammation, stiffness caused by accumulation of fluid and pain level decreases significantly. This causes the postoperative recovery time is accelerated and definitely the result of surgery is best for flexible shell adhering to the skin evenly while giving skin a fallen aspect of aging skin.

*Lymphatic drainage open massage (laying down)
*Drainage on abdominal area

*Lymphatic Drainage with stitches

Attention! Dr.Osak Omulepul BBL dolls.

¶Everybody that had Dr.Osak Omulepul, can you PLEASE tell me what he has told you about HIS aftercare process...
I would like to be prepared with the Do's and Dont's before my sx date ,I'm a driver .So far my job is allowing me right now to Only have 12days off work.

Each doctor is different with different standards. I know each doll heal different.
I would apprectiate feedback on what he has said for Best results and stuff
Example. Like when will the result stay. How often to take walks when can I start sitting with my seat cushion when can I sit without my seat cushion when I enjoy the beach and swimming\ working out just anything that you can remember him tell you what to do during the recovery stages.

I just want to cry!!! =[

Today is the worst day ever. I feel like shit! Nobody to talk to , because everybody busy with their friends and shit. Cant talk to my best friend or cousin because they to busy ..and they are busy hanging out with their friends and shopping... No lie, but I'm never too busy for them if they need to talk. I feel like im wasting money, and not getting my money worth with anything i put my money towards. Let me start out saying from the time i woke up it was horrible. Money rules the world. I feel like me paying for this sx going be horrible as well. Like I'm going to come out botch . I plan to change my date to Feb. , but I'm so feed up with the world. I always put everyone first and when I try to put myself first it back fires. Like I wanted my hair done to feel sexy .since I feel fat and ugly gaining weight for this i try to get my hair done and ended up with a bald spot within 1day..and I had a fight with the stylist today due to that and her trying to charge me to take it done and redo what she messed up. My tax money gone..all my hard work and can't see my money. Because of school. Which I have to dispute, because they claim I attended their school ,which I never had..I make sure I pay my student funds...and a legal matter I'm going thru now. I been busting my butt working 2 jobs. Over 70hrs a week and going school full time.. And I'm only 23, everyone saying I need to enjoy life,but its hard...all this stress I'm dealing with and this bald spot..hurts. I know life is hard and only the strong survive , that's always been my saying...but I just wanna be happy. Some type of sunshine. Shit I don't even date anymore... Because I get tired of getting called u act like my mom. I cant help it if im mature and know what I want and depend on myself , no man. .. I always wanted a butt ...but it just seems like I have bad luck and it sucks. I'm just ranting.

Dr. Omulepu mix reviews

I'm having second thoughts of choosing Dr. Omulepu. So many mix reviews . I seen the good and bad. My surgery date is in Feb. But I'm so nervous.. I'm thinking about just getting lipo to get ride of these love handles. I'm just so scared right now.. But I really want it.

Reason why Vanity &Spectrum is having Infections

Infections are no joke!
Anybody can get them..but things go into play when a doctor doesn't get rest. Its not crazy for doctors to work long hours.. Shit I work 15hrs in one day and 12 the next day straight. You can't forget we have ER , cardiologists, etc..who report being on the job 60 hours per week, just depends all on the doctor.. but at times having not have a lot of sleep could lead to accidents
Infections could happen because you not caring for your body like you should, just like getting a tattoo if you don't treat it right it will hurt you in the long run. other risk factors for SSIs( Surgical Site Infections)

Surgery that lasts more than two hours

Having other medical problems or diseases

Being an elderly adult

Being overweight


Having cancer

Having a weakened immune system

Having diabetes

Having emergency surgery

Having abdominal surgery
Infections after surgery are caused by germs called microorganisms. The most common of these include the bacteria Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, and Pseudomonas. Microorganisms can infect a surgical wound through various forms of contact, such as from the touch of a contaminated CAREGIVER or surgical INSTRUMENTS, through microorganisms in the AIR, or through microorganisms that are ALREADY on or IN YOUR BODY and then spread into the wound.

I personally having second thoughts..due to infection is because customer service at spectrum is not great which leads me to believe they office is half ass clean...because they are so unorganized and Liz be having amnesia when you speak to her. I'm at the point I don't mind waiting another yr if I need to , to find the right facility and doctor. I don't believe everyone should bash Dr. O because infection because it could pretty much be the staff. The doctors dont sterilize equipment the staff/ tech that work there does. So can't put the blame or doubt's all on him. It risk to everything we do

Booty monster!

Its so hard choosing a doctor =\
Hope everyone is doing well..each day is a step closer to your dream body.

Jealous. New doctor. Payment update

I'm so eagar to get my body right.
I ONLY put a deposit down for sx back in Feb of this year with spectrum for Dr.O. Reason i havent made payments is just in case i switch doctors and I dont have to go back in fwd trying get my refund back. I plan on sticking with a doctor rather with spectrum or differnt business the beginning of July..then i will make payments for my sx. I have my days off for Feb 2016 already book and I'll book my flight once flights are available for 2016. Well...because I may switch my doctor to...(tell name later) payments are on hold. I'll let y'all know when I have my consultation with him and how it goes. I had to go shopping today for my trip in couple days and I seen all these women with small waist and cute or big butts.. I'm over here looking like a slob because I been trying gain weight since Dr.O said I need aleast 5-10 pounds more weight ....I actually lost weight I was 145 I'm 143 now but I look bigger then what my weight is , its crazy I looked smaller when I was 145. But I'm just like I want to feel sexy and know I own every outfit I put on . I hate shopping right now.

Gaining weight

I'll tell you I hate it. I work so hard to get In shape, but to try to get it back on me for bbl is like ugh. I'm going get back in the gym..I can't stand my arms getting big again.. I'm going to gain weight but not get sloppy putting weight on me..which I been doing. I love myself, my body ,and health without sx or with
. I shouldn't let myself go because I know I'm getting a fix. I gotta keep going and not falling into bad habits..I can still gain while getting in shape. Today is going be arm and leg day

Cancer Alert

I been away for couple weeks. Needed a get away. A lot has happen since I been away.

I had a cervix cancer scare, but results came back GOOD. Currently I have another Cancer scare, this time skin. Hopefully its just a mole, but my doctor wants to be sure because it very rare for people of color to have a dot on there foot or anywhere that there is no sun exposer. Cancer seems to run on my mother side of the family, So i strive to be health/ take care of myself to the best of my ability.

I decided to stay at Spectrum. MAYBE tho I still have until the 1st to be for certain, because I want my sx in Feb.

I been speaking to Dr. Perry and he is very easy to talk to and I really like him. He told me I will have a fantastic result because i'm already curvy and have great skin, which i believe he can give me great results. I was willing to go with him, but the quote wasn't in my price range. He was even willing to lipo my arms as well. My limit was in the 7,000 range , Since Im buying a new car and getting a condo this year after my transfer for work is approved. He was going to charge me $9,100 and the price is good for 30days.

I'm loving all of yall dolls results. You guys look fab, and remember its all worth it , if it makes you happy, you did it to please yourself, and look good naked lol

If anybody planning on having sx in 2016 it be cool to do like a meet or greet.

Ashanti is thicker than a snickers

Spectrum must be losing money

I spoke to Emily. ( I swear every time I speak to her , its like she has an attitude) but anyway. I told her I'm considering to switch to Rami Ghurani and wanted more info on him...she going tell me it will be 8,000 to switch to him..I'm like bye girl..I'll go to doctor Perry. I'm iffy on Ortega. I should of went with Vanity ugh. I a least have more doctors to choose from

Grind Mode

Yep. I'm grinding it out. Working Mon-Sun 60hr a week .Trying to stack this money by Nov. Can't wait to look even sexier naked lol. ..I would have plenty of rest during the week ...I'm not going over do myself.

O-° !

Oh wow

I didn't know spectrum started snapchating their sx now. I wonder who is still going to Osakatukei Omulepu

Traveling alone ! Yikes

¶So I'm trying to prepare.
I booked a 5 night stay . I got a suite , access to the beach from my room with a kitchen .
After I stay with Mary from?? Elite Nursing Concierge L.L.C
$800.00 4 Nights, 2 Massages, Meals, Transportation, Nursing care. Hope 4 nights is enough with her to recovery and be able to do things by myself.

¶ Now its time to book my flight , so I'll book it in two weeks from now.

Time be flying by fast ,and shit always come up. So... I'm not trying wait the last minute to buy things I need for sx.

Advice & Questions

So apparently you won't know until day before surgery when your schedule time for sx is...

I want early morning ,but since I'm traveling from California it almost 8 -11hr flight..possible day later arrival. I know I need to do paper work and get my meds .

Will they allow you to be able to get your meds a day before arrival in your hometown or you have to wait prior to surgery. Also is it a lot of paper work to read before surgery? I don't won't to have to rush. I'm trying book my flight and take these things into consideration and may have to change my sx date to the 24th due to this

EncorePlasticSurgey wtf?

Did Spectrum or Vanity change there name???
I see Osakatukei Omulepu change the website on his page. Did he start a new office somewhere else???

My Goodness ! Anybody seen those reviews on Dr. Ortega on ...

See go to show even if you double board/ certified its always risks ladies.

I just been sitting back trying re stack my cash flow before sx and I aint going lie I been getting cold feet, but i know I want this.

0_o Just lookin..

Test results are back :-(

Its still low. I need new iron pills. I was taking nature..My Value now is 22. It only went up by 1 in the past 5months.. :-(

Weight Gain

I officially gain my 5 pounds. I weigh in at 150. Ill tell you if you use to always hitting the gym..its going be tough. Its been hard to sit back and not working out, and just eating . Im going to try and keep this weight . I started early because Its hard to keep on the pounds since I always weigh in at 145 or 137. Ill post my current weight gain and ass pictures close to sx.

Booking ! Concerns

I'm so worried if they are going to reschedule my sx ,since its not until next year. I would like to know if 7days in Miami enough time before I fly back home. I don't want to go home with drains in. , also I heard arriving a day early to feel out paper work is a must. Also is a month a enough time to be able to not use a pillow to sit down? I'm just trying to calculate everything. Since I'm arriving in fort fl, not Miami airport. Which is a 40min drive

What do I need?

So far my flight booked, Resort book and paid. Just need to pay for surgery and my recover house. Now what do I need after surgery... I know I need a bbl pillow but what else

Questions& Concern for you BBL dolls

How long did you wait to return back to work after sx?
What was your job title? Was your job understanding?

I plan to have sx Wed. Feb 24th. I wanted to change my sx to Tues instead. But it don't look pretty good, lets just say American Airlines charge for every damn thing. $200 bucks they want to charge me for just changing the time I arrive mind you I'll still be flying out Feb 22 , I just wanted to arrive early instead of the next day. Mind you they have prices for what I paid for which was $160.oo to leave early. I only did American because it was cheaper than Southwest . NEVER AGAIN. Make sure I pack light before they try and charge me $100 for duffle bag. I plan on staying in a RH for 4 nights and hotel for 5nights than fly back and returning back to work Sunday March 6. Does that seem reasonable , I do work in a warehouse, but I'm going tell them I cant lift anything heavy.

Months going fast

I need to start paying some money towards sx and rh. Before I wait until the last min.$2,400 left to pay off. Only got my deposit down.. Keeping it that way until month close to sx , just in case I get another doctor.

Couldn't wait anymore..I did it!

I took my ass to the gym. I must of weigh myself today I was 153.0 My weight is getting out of control. I never weigh this much. My weight always been 145 and the lowest 135 pounds. I'm short so I'm over weight as of now. These months are going by fast but slow at the same time I want this fat gone to my ass. SO I can workout everyday and feel great instead of a fat potato. Started out 145 was told to gain 5-10 pounds for better medium size butt..I did and I want those extra pounds gone.NOW!!! ;-) Oh February please hurry and arrive.

Pictures b4 & After

Here some pictures before I start gaining wait for this surgery and now ,when I gain the 5-10pounds they ask for.

Booty goals

Goals! Not looking for a huge ass just natural size. Not to small ,and not to big, just right for my frame.

I should of plan better.

My doctor only available Mondays and wed. I want to get my sx on tuesday a day early so I can have time to be out there , in case of anything occurs or questions. Can't change my flight because I'm book with America Airlines ..ugh never again. Sx Wednesday Feb. 24th 2016 flying home March 3rd early in the am. How long do drains normally stay in for and how soon is follow up? .. Not giving them all my money until few weeks to sx

Massage video

Video .

Pay Pal/// Spectrum Aesthetics///Email Concern

Reason I ask because I emailed her, and I have a special folder in my email for my surgery.
When I first spoke to her, her email was : and it would say Emily
when I emailed her now its saying Emily Ron-
I'm very concern and the office is closed. Does Emily still work there? I'm consider to going to Vanity now, but I was debating to put my sx money in my pay pal account for safe keeping so I don't accidentally spend my money in my other account..but kinda iffy about doing that. Not sure on how pay pal is good with having a lot of money in the account, and keeping it safe.

I didn't have to pay for surgery

Well i went in for a consultation for cool sculpt to my arms, and i was wonder why they was taking so long, after i gave them my medical history. They took me in the back of the room and was finna start working on my arms.. Im like hold up I just came in here to see if i qualify for the treatment and a price of it which was 1500 for 1 treatment. I'm like don't you suppose to pay before you treat someone. If i was shady person i would of let them treated me and left without paying.

Feb 2016 YAY

didnt gain so much weight for nothing.. cant wait until FEB. My waist finna be snatch

Dolls with Osakatukei Omulepu

Does he do arm lipo.. Trying estimate which is better and price range I know cool sculpture is $1500 for 1 cycle and 3000 for 2 cycles but its a waiting process of results could improve, could not, or little difference of improvement. I'm considering Smart Lipo or the traditional lipo. Would like to know if he does arms or he only keepings it basic with BA ,BBL, Ab Lipo

I came out today.

Yep. Didnt go well. Told my pops i was going have surgery, didnt tell him bbl, but a bl. He snap! Told me im a follower, i have low self-esteem, etc.. and he would disown me, but im like in grown. I just thought ill say something , since he kept asking why i gained weight. It funny how ppl always assume you have low self-esteem because you want to improve something. I been maintinng my 5pound i gained 4 months ago. Im at 150 pounds now, and as of tonight ill be hitting the gym again and eating better. I want to go into sx healthy. Ill be posting closer to my date. Time is moving fast. Ill feel so unprepared. Im glad i got my cousin support.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” ~ MarkTwain
Even though I lost my brother day before Thanksgiving . I'm thankful for another day. Greatful for all the support and love I get from friends, family, and strangers. Hope all is well, and everybody is safe.


Time is ticking!!! Am I'm missing anything ,do I have too much items in my cart, is there other places with better deals. Please let me know. I know I need a bbl pillow.. I couldn't find where to get the lower back triangle board at?

I can't believe it...

Its getting closed to February. I do my labs next month hope all is well. I'm scared and exited at the same time. If you have any advice please let me know especially how to get my iron up. Beun taking my iron pills off and on. Not a pill person.

It came! yay

My BBL pillow arrived. Got it on sale for $75 . Compared to the $99 bucks they are charging.

bras or no bra

Did anybody wear a bra few days after sx? If so was it a sports bra or wire. I don't want to get that fat line/ lump from wearing a bra.. After getting my back lipo.


Has anybody used this or heard of it. Thinking about purchasing.

Caregiver Suggestions

I may switch my caregiver...Any suggestions? If they have a website can you please post , along with the number.
2/22-2/27 needing service.

Drinking & Smoking.

Is it okay if I drink 17 days before my sx date. Its SuperBowl weekend in my city, wanna have some fun before my butt takes up all the fun. I don't smoke so...just trying drink for one day. But I want to make sure it will be safe to do.

Taking LABS tomorrow ;-)

Wish me luck. I been taking my iron twice a day. Hope it works are I'm going need to switch my iron pills

Feb. 24th ????????????

Waiting on lab results... Still need to buy supplies. I will start my purchase Monday morning... Time is almost here

Can I get some booty and curves


Curves tho

I'm CLEARED!! But...

Called and found out I'm cleared for surgery.
But I just found out I have asthma , it's not serve Asthma was told its very mild just little Asthma, so i'm waiting on Spectrum to call me back so I can inform them.
I still haven't purchase my supplies I know. BAD!
I will Friday on payday, and I will pay my RH off next week, as well with my surgery.
I'm so scared and nervous.. ahhhh
Oh yes.. I just got a new job, I don't know when i start until next week so I been holding off on buying things since my job will be at the Hospital and no clue when they want me to start.

Can I get some help!?

My girl @Tawana4372 been helping me alot! Thank you!!!!!

lol now.. i just found another site that has a recovery post op package.

Which one can I do without? Still feel like each one is missing a few items..

1st Post Op recovery box is starting off @$189( free shipping) Fast shipping.

*Surgery Box Includes:1- Bathrobe, 1- Abdominal Board, 2- Liposuction Foam Compression Sheets, Mederma Scar Gel, Dermoplast Cooling Spray, Bio-Oil Skin Moisturizer, Chux Pads (10-Pack), Neosporin, Alcohol Prep Pads, Medical Tape (Pack of 2), Gauze Sponges, P-EZ Female Urinal, and Professional Pre-moistened 8x12in. Adult Disposable Washcloths.
2nd Recovery Post Op box Starting @$150 ( shipping not free) No clue how long it takes to ship.



Rh overbook. What to do.

I was schedule Tues. Feb. 23rd- (surgery 24 ) check out Fri. I needed to check out Saturday, So it was a mess up, because that's when I check in my hotel. So now I gotta spend more money and find a place to stay for 1 extra day, and a taxi to take me to my hotel .Ugh.. Any suggestions on cheap places to stay

My rh is MIA

I been trying get in contact with her and I know she swap, but damn I need to verify things. She hasn't return none of my messages. I don't know any more rh supplies are on they way I just need buy some granny panties and maxi dress and ab board I got the lumbar broad. Oh what pills do I need to buy besides iron. I have iron and one a day vitamin supplements already.

I need a Recovery House to stay at. HELP

I need a list so i can call see if they have a opening?
has anybody went to assistant 4 life , how was it if you did?
I have week before surgery .

Spectrum tired it!

So i called to pay off my surgery and letting them know i pay the rest when i arrive. They told me they only had my depoist and not the other money i sent threw paypal. Saying they dont do paypal anymore, and if im going to make a payment i would need to send a picture of my license and of my credit card. Nooo thank you. I will pay when I arrive. They better find my money tho... Because I have records through my bank they received my money, and emails.

Just my luck. Ugh

I'm sick. Just eating soup, and drinking oj and water. Since I can't take medicine or have tea. Probably got sick at work. Just minor fever and running noise.

Anybody know any private on duty nurses in Miami

Please.. Be grateful.


I hate pay pal. So.. I paid all my bills for next month ahead of time.Thinking I have no more stress . I'm ready everything set. But now my sx money, my rh refund is going take a week before it goes back into my bank account , since spectrum won't let me use PayPal, and RH said she don't refund money back until 3days and still need wait additional 5days just for it to show on my PayPal not including transfer to my bank account. This is just great. And I don't get paid till next week which puts me 1400 in the whole. If my sx money don't hit my bank account on the 23rd. Not so worry about my rh . I still got extra money until my refund from my rh come back. But ughhh.

Paypal erking my nerves

So ... My new rh paid for, supplies set, etc.. . Just my sx money. Damn paypal delayed my transfer telling me additional 3-5 business days until I'm able to get my money back onto my card. So irritated. If vanity or encore did PayPal I'll switch so fast. PayPal stressing me out. I don't wanna feel like I wasted all my money on rh , hotel, supplies, and flight because PayPal playing with my money , and won't give me my last g.

In tears

Scared Shit!!!!!. Thinking what Ifs. Everything getting so real. My faith in god hasn't always been so strong. But I pray everything is a success and no complications. Everything been going on I keep thinking its a sign not to go fwd with this sx these couple days, but I'm so egar and determine because I really want this, I try to bypass the things that are happening because I made it this far purchasing everything to turn back, but the doubt's sink in.. I don't want to be a burden if anything happens to me, (pray god it don't) I don't want nobody to be upset because I'm risking my life to better my appearance , I'm not able to achieve in the gym. Tomorrow never promise, and just trying live in the moment, but the same time scared . I don't have kids, but I don't want to leave behind my friends and family. This is a roller coaster, and some people think its easy just to go thru with any surgery and think your selfish if you do, and you need help because you so insecure. They just crazy. Its Nnce to have support and encouragement during this journey. I havent had it from family and choose to hide it because negative feedback im doing this alone and its scary as hell, not knowing if you going make it or the risks on your health. Everyone needs support . thanks you all that responded and try to help during my time on here..especially you Tawana4372 . I wish everyone a safe journey.

My doctor license revoked!! Dr. Oask

Crazy!!!!!!!! I'm schedule with him Wed. I'm happy I found out now, better now than later. Whatever happen was serious, if anybody got hurt . This is just soooo crazy. Spectrum /Vanity /Encore has some explaining to do.

Information on Dr. Osak!!!

Spectrum is not answering their phone.

I'm schedule wed. I fly out Monday. I need answers . I want my refund or Dr. Mel ortega . I know he use to work at bal harbor with dr. Miami and has 20+ years of experience and is definitely board certified along with Rami . if anybody get thru to spectrum today please inbox or let me know what they say. I know some dolls are schedule my day or day after or day before me. This is crazy. I wonder if each doctor picks there own nurses /assistance I know rami do I think he has his own office and everything above spectrum.

ATTN: Spectrum is still allowing Dr.O to do sx

Emily just called to confirm he is allowed to do sx until Sept. All doctors are booked. No refunds. I'm calling Florida health and getting a lawyer to get my money back.

Highly upset gbye realself

God been giving me signs and Dr. Oask ..shall not be my surgeon. I was well aware he wasn't certified and other reviews had some issues with him, but this the icing on the cake, if his L's was revoke nooo way I want to go with him. I'm aware sx anything in life it's risk .Knew before I wanted to do this. But I can't put my life in danger when its a reason why the state revoked his L's . just because it was last year which really sint far .its only February. Its happening now and for a reason. I think my journey is coming to a end. Since I can't switch my doctor nor I highly doubt I can find a doctor to perform my sx wed. I wish everyone good luck and a safe journey

Flying out to Miami .

Tonight. Prays needed for safe flight/ jounery. I have a consultation with different doctor tomorrow @10a and Sx is set Wed @6am.

Touch down in Miami. SX tomorrow

Waiting on my rh. And then going meet my doctor etc...

Sx reschedule forThursday

My driver supposed be taking me places but he nowhere in site. He be dropping off instead of waiting. Then I have to wait long or take uber. Smh

Prayer before Surgery

Dear Father, we thank You for this beautiful day and for the blessing of calling upon You for help with a special blessing for ________(All of Us) before surgery. We love You, Father and we know You love ___________( All of Us). We love ___________(Each one of us) very much too. We are grateful they are in our lives.

We ask You to please bless ________ (us) to feel Your love and our love, with Your comforting healing power now. We ask that You give __________ (us) strength to be at ease and free from worry or concerns at this time.

We thank You for the talented doctors and good medical staff that are all around us now. We ask You to bless the surgeons that will attend _________(us) now; that they will be directed by You, that their skills be heightened and their hands be made steady and sure. Please bless our humble prayer to cause all to go smoothly with this operation, before and after, and all during surgery recovery .

Bless ___________(us) to return to a full, active life and that they will be able to use their health to love and serve others and You.

We thank You for all You have given us, and humbly ask blessings on us all; especially ____________(everyone having surgery this week) . This is our prayer and we ask for these blessings to be given if it is Your will. We pray for these gifts and all other blessings we may need from You at this time, but don't know what all to ask. We pray for these things now, with all our gratitude for You and _________(everyone), most earnestly, in Jesus' name, Amen.

James 5:16 16 Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

Everything is I'm gods hands.

9hrs 50mins and counting. Surgery @6am. I'm nervous and all. Yikes. I'm ready .

Today is the day! My booty shall arrive scared. Thanks ladies for all your support and prayers. Much love. Just few hours left. Its 4:15a right now. Almost 6a. Good luck ladies that are going in today for Sx.

I made it

Thank you got and thank all. I made it. I haven't taken pain pills. Nor have I threw up. I'm just really sore , hard to move. I feel weak but I have a little strength now. Had to go to the rest room. I'm going walk around I Lil when I get Lil more strength. Sx was at 6a and didn't leave Tull one my nurse was nor answer in her phone nor pick me up her shuttle driver they was not carefully trying get me out the car at all. My doctor didn't want to realize bcuz my nurse wasn't here to get info on what needs be done nothing.. This poor. I made for 24hr service. I got a sore throat and hot I check my own temp.. Brought it just I case since I'm not fully getting 100% taking care I had to crawl my way out of bed until they came to help me use it. Hope its get better

ATTN: never g to assistance 4life

Worst. I feel like I'm going die here. I'm waiting for Amy to contact me back, I'm supposed be with her Saturday. I can't stay here. First after Sx my nurse never showed which supposed be Carla. She had her damn driver pick me up. My doctor and his staff was mad! Saying she is no nurse which is true. I get no help. Each lady here that had Sx we literally helping one another take care of each other. Sad. I gotta struggle getting out of bed by myself, walk. No help at all. I just got Sx today. I'm doing everything myself.

Spectrum rh never go to. They need to reported

. I seriously could of died. They didn't want to take me to the ER . Karyla ass told me Flat out no with her fake ass. She never there she just shows up once in a blue moon , she had the nerve to say take a uber. Tf shit that. My doctor felt so bad for me he was trying find me a nurse to care for me.He showed up at the hospital waiting on me and everything. He Even try and get a private doctor to check me out at that horrible recovery house. This place really need to be reported. Kid you not damn nurse literally watch me and stood over me , while I was struggling to get in bed. I had to have realself member help me. , she even left me and went to sleep when I was trying get up to go to the bathroom. Please be warn !! Lucky amy and her husband is saving me from this place soon as I leave the ER.


Has been a rollercoaster! I can be fine through out the day able to lift myself up and get out of bed, towards night I'm so stiff, i can't even move or lift myself without out help. I'm practicing trying lift my legs higher so I can go down stairs and up. Today tomorrow I'll practice how to seat. I haven't received my massages yet. My doctor wants to wait until Monday. I can't wait to get this fuild out of me I can feel it. I took my shower yesterday. Ohhh baby it felt so good to be clean. I just can't wait till I'm 3weeks-1month in. Hopefully I can bend down and be easier to move around getting into bed and out. I still suffer from high heart rate, I stress and worry a lot no matter what. My blood pressure and everything always normal. Just my heart beats really fast. But overall I need take it easy and trying be stress free. My heart has nothing do with my Sx it probably made it a Lil worse , but I been complaing to my doc to get a EKG and they never did because they said I'm fine and healthy because my blood pressure normal etc. Hope everyone doing well


Had my first bowl movement yesterday.
It wasn't bad just feel weird . my head killing me. Heachache is off and on


Idk how my upload switch to a different picture smh.

Looking for massages in ur area.. Link inside Hope this info helps.

Flying home

Omg I just wanna get home. I'm solo swollen. My doctor told me not to wear my garment on the plane. I get to stand. They not tripping nor ppl looking at me crazy. Lady by me so sweet . she think I'm injury , she like you need help with anything let me know. Its free WiFi on the plane. And free movies, since the system down. I just wanna land. Throw this garment on and pray I made it safe and sound. 6hr flight .ugh


Trying take it a day at a time. Sometimes I regret doing this other days I'm like I can't wait to show my body off. I'm doing okay. I start getting my massages. My stomach is hard on the left side. Still swollen. I get itchy from time to time. Also brusing still from the garment it was tight on my thighs they put me in a 36 . i change to a 42 it was just so cozy for my big thighs. i be getting back into my 36 next week or so when my new garment comes. I was planning on updated at my 3week mark but what the heck.

Garment issues..

So I was trying get a garment so when I wash I have something throw on and for when I get my garment alter today.. Had to wait for tomorrow get it alter... But baby...these thighs is no justice as well as my ass lol. I went to jcpenny, Macy's and Walmart. Size M is a no go for my thighs and a L as well. I gotta return this garment again. But I hope my ass stays just fluff out. Don't want lose volume. I'm healing pretty fast I must say. My doctor said 6weeks I can start getting back in the gym. I like my ass in jeans now. Natural look

1month post op Update

Well I been busy/MIA . I got little use of sleeping on my stomach. My stomach is still swollen and hard.. Mainly on my left side the most, its very tight, and massages are painful. I started LPG massages its going well , a little improvement. I get to work out April 7th can't wait. Ill be 6 weeks then. I just want this swelling and hard spots to softing up. From time to time I get little sharp pains in my stomach. Butt has soften a bit, and ain't sitting high anymore. I have lost some volume.( probably bcuz I have hour drive to work and back due to traffic) Its like some days it look bigger than others like damn it small, but in mind I keep picturing how I was before and keep thinking I' m going to go back to that ,when my butt look small from lost of volume. But so much a different from my before and afters. Can't wait to hit the squats to build muscle and make my butt bigger and perkier and get some abs.


I'm on for quick min. Haven't had time to look at everyone progress or reply back to anyone. But decided upload some pics before I forget. Been busy with work, finna go back In , in a few. I still get swollen .I been sitting. Don't look like I'm going lose nothing anymore. I'm happy. I just hate I keep getting swollen ,especially wen I eat, and I been having Lil sensation from my back wen I get up , from sitting to long. My tummy has some lumps/ wrinkles. Like excess skin. Trying tighten my stomach. I'm 146 now. I was 150 pounds. Some outfits like dress I get a small bcuz I like how it it shapes my butt compared to a medium dress. Its the dip in my back that makes it Look baggy like lose fitting if I get a medium. Dress I got on is a size small. I need to work on my arms for sure. I got a trainer. I start next week. I'm still wearing same size in jeans 8/9 . umm all I can think of for now.


Just uploaded pics. Back & stomach still swollen. Need 2 wear garment more. Ill do a full update soon and respond bck to everyone. Been busy with school and work.

I'm so sorry dolls

I been Mia, been busy with work, etc and been feeling sick lately with allergies.

I will try my hardest to respond to everyone.

Here quick update. I did gain weight. So I'm try working out at the gym. I been stuck at 155 . I'm thinking about mini tummy tuck it look on the stomach due to loss skin when sitting.. But yet again I'm going to workout first before going under again.

Didn't finishing

UPLOADING. Pic won't be up for Ling u can message me or check out my pics on dr. Blinski IG once I send some over


Sorry I been MIA been busy . I did gain weight but nothing a good diet and gym won't fix . Actually on a diet as we speak. I'm currently 157/155 . I tell you all that weight I gain for sx been hard to drop especially with my hectic schedule. But oh baby these arms and stomach about to get tone please believe it. Gym gym gym and more gym and healthy eating with lots of water. Well the pic in my bathing suit was in May/June and the dress is recently.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

He is an amazing doctor and caring. He gets straight to the point , He don't sugar coat anything. He was there for me and showed up when I was staying at a horrible recovery house. Lucky Amy my nurse saved me from that place. I would highly recommend him and Amy and Miami Escape to recover at. No wait times with him , he is very hands on and takes his time , his location and office is nice , clean. The staff is wonderful , and it right by the hospital so I felt even more safer. Glad I didn't go to Spectrum.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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