No longer becoming a Duran Doll :/ , I think I have decided to go with Dr. Cardenas instead

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Hello Everyone, So I have been lurking for the...

Hello Everyone,

So I have been lurking for the past couple of weeks and finally got the courage to post. Everyone has been so informative and open about their experiences that I would like to document my journey as well. I would like to get a BBL and BA. I believe that I do already have some shape to my butt, but I have no hips. I was a lot curvier back in High School but after having my daughter, I ended up being smaller than I was before I had her just due to stress and breast feeding for a year. I am ready to get the body that I have always dreamed of. I have been doing my research and I am trying to choose between Dr. J and Dr. Duran; I am leaning towards Duran, because I love her results, her price, and her reviews. I just emailed Dr. Duran last night to get my information and hopefully to get a quote and I also emailed Bella Vida Consulting to get more info on pricing as well. I am also going to look into Dr. Yily and Dr. Salama, because I have heard great things about them as well. I posted pictures of myself on how I currently look, I took these this morning and my measurements are 34-28-38. I know there is a lot more research and planning that I need to do, but I am definitely looking forward to this journey. Can't wait!

Recover House Info: Real Recovery Armonia vs. Healing Haven vs. Plaza Florida Suites

I have been trying to plan where I would like to stay while recovering after my SX and I have been looking into a few different RH that I have come across here on RS. After looking at all of their websites and FB and I wanted to share all of the info with everyone else who might be looking. I am also contacting all of the smaller RH's too that I have read about like Angela's and Yasmin's and will write all of the info I have found for them. This is just the stuff that I was able to find and able to translate through Google translator, so I apologize if there are any discrepancies. I hope this helps :)

Real Recovery Armonia
Phone: 849-205-2018

-$85 per night/ $75 per night with Buddy

-You are not charged a fee for your room rental the day of your surgery, since you will not be using their accommodations for that day and you can store your baggage there free of charge

-They have their own massage area overlooking the sea. The massages are 1 hour, 45 min for the lymphatic, the rest is divided between paraffin, anti-stress massage, and ultra sound vibrations. Each massage is $25

-medical professionals/doctors on staff to come to your room to clean and unblock drains and dressing change and assist you 24 hours

-They do not have one set menu, they ask the patients what they would like to eat. Includes 3 meals and 1 snack created by a nutritionist

-free transportation to all medical appointments

-free broadband internet and Plasma TV with cable

-each room has a safe to store your personal belongings safely

-24 hour security surveillance and the entrance is restricted

-air conditioners and hot water in every room

-Free ambulance and laboratory if needed

-Assistance with getting meds from Pharmacy

Healing Haven
Phone: (646) 400-7740

Current Promotion of 15% off your entire all inclusie pre paid package

-$75-55 per night depending on which room your choose/$60-40 per night depending on which room you choose with a Buddy

-Full bed Suite with Comfortable Simmons Mattress and Twin bed Rooms with Comfortable Simmons Mattresses available

-All rooms have Air conditioning, Ceiling Fan, Flat Screen TV with Cable, and Free Wi-Fi

-Full Body Massage for 1 hour with a certified massage therapist prior to your procedure or just to pamper yourself with revitalizing oils, hot towels, soothing music, and paraffin wax for $45

-Lymphatic massage for 40-50 min with a certified massage therapist which includes lymphatic technique, hot towel, ultra sound, paraffin wax, soothing music, revitalizing oil with trombocil cream to help relief of superficial hematoma (you provide Trombocil cream) for $35

-Continental breakfast of fresh fruit, oatmeal packet, croissants, juice, coffee, and tea included

-Lunch prepared daily from a set menu (example of lunch is salad with chicken, soups, wraps, rice & beans, fish) are $7

-Dinner prepared daily from a set menu (example of dinner is Baked chicken, fish, red potatoes, fresh veggetable, rice & beans, plantains) are $7

-Medication can be available for you upon your arrival if you email the list of medications to them before hand, typical pricing is $200 for Clavulin 1GR, Diclofen 50MG, Omperzol 20MG, Trombocil Cream, Heparine Shots 40MG

-Laundry service is available and is done daily for $25 per week. Please request services in advance

-Assisted overnight care giver for $40 per night. Care giver will attend to your over night needs while at Cipla, Sister clinics, and in house. If you feel the need for a little extra personal care assistance for a day or two. Services include hygiene care, assistance with dressings, helping get in and out of bed, to/from restroom, attending to laundry, bringing your meals and beverages to you

-Cell phone rental for $25 per day

Plaza Florida Suites
Phone: 809-412-1212 ext. 258 or 809-366-0381
7.8/10 rating on

-Two types of rooms: Junior Suite and Master Suite

-Junior Suite is ideal for 1 or 2 people with 1 double bed space

-Bathroom with amenities

-1 sofa bed

-Dining table with 4 chair

-Kitchen with fridge, stove with oven, microwave, coffee maker, dishes, glassware, cutlery, pots and pans at your disposal

-Dr. Duran will send a nurse to assist you for $30 per day

-You will have to hire your own chef for your meals, but there is also a restaurant on the 1st floor too

This description is from

Junior Suite ($108 per night with breakfast included)
This junior suite has one queen bed, free Wi-Fi, a balcony with city views, free Wi-Fi and a sitting area with a sofa bed and flat-screen cable TV. The kitchen includes an oven, stove and coffee maker, and the bathroom comes with a hairdryer and free toiletries. Rooms for disabled guests are available upon request.

Room Facilities: Balcony, City view, Terrace , TV, Telephone, Radio, Cable channels, Laptop safe, Safe, Air conditioning, Iron, Suit press, Desk, Ironing facilities, Sitting area, Walk-in closet, Sofa, Soundproof, Tile/Marble floor, Wardrobe/Closet, Hypoallergenic, Shower, Bathtub, Hairdryer, Free toiletries, Toilet, Bathroom, Refrigerator, Microwave, Kitchen, Dining area, Electric kettle, Kitchenware, Oven, Stovetop, Coffee machine, Wake-up service, Alarm clock, Executive Lounge Access, Towels/Sheets (extra fee)

Room Size: 323 square feet
Bed Size(s): 1 Sofa bed(s), 1 Queen.

Master Suite ($131 per night or $147 per night with breakfast included)
This spacious suite has 2 queen beds, free Wi-Fi, a balcony with city views, free Wi-Fi and a living-dining area with a sofa bed and flat-screen cable TV. The kitchen includes an oven, stove and coffee maker, and the bathroom comes with a hairdryer and free toiletries. Rooms for disabled guests are available upon request.

Room Facilities: Balcony, City view, Terrace , Pay-per-view channels, Telephone, Radio, Laptop safe, Flat-screen TV, Safe, Air conditioning, Iron, Desk, Ironing facilities, Sitting area, Walk-in closet, Sofa, Soundproof, Tile/Marble floor, Wardrobe/Closet, Hypoallergenic, Shower, Bathtub, Hairdryer, Free toiletries, Toilet, Bathroom, Guest bathroom, Refrigerator, Microwave, Kitchen, Dining area, Kitchenware, Oven, Stovetop, Coffee machine, Wake-up service, Alarm clock, Executive Lounge Access, Towels/Sheets (extra fee)

Room Size: 431 square feet

Also at the facility: 24-Hour Front Desk, Baggage Storage, Room Service, Meeting/Banquet Facilities, Laundry, Ironing Service, Honeymoon Suite, Currency Exchange, Fax/Photocopying, On-Site ATM, Shuttle Service (Surcharge), Suit Press, Airport Shuttle (Surcharge), and restaurant

I scheduled my date.. October 9th, I will be a Duran Doll!!

Yay!! I called this morning and schedule my date for Thursday, October 9th. I am soo excited!! It definitely seems more real now. So I have been off of RS for sometime now, because I had a lot of other stuff going on in my life that was pulling me away and keeping me from taking my surgery more serious. But now, I am in a much better place and have been talking more to my family about the journey that I want to go on. My mom recently saw a TV special about Mommy Makeovers and became very interested in it, so I started talking more to her about the services Duran offers that she might like. She was a bit apprehensive, but after looking at the cost and results that local doctors could do, she was able to see that not only should she go to Duran because she is more affordable, but also because she has better results than anyone we were able to find in our area, plus more reviews from real people that we could read. I added her to the FB group and she was sold, so both my mom and I will become Duran Dolls on the same day! I am going to have a BBL with Lipo and BA and she will be having BBL with Lipo, TT, and BL. Now, it feels official and real! I am about to start doing my research on what all I should bring and have prepared and definitely will be updating here. DR here I come!

No longer becoming a Duran Doll...

So much has changed within these past few weeks. Where do I even begin? First let me sum up the changes
-No longer going with Duran
-My mom is now getting her TT done in June with Dr. Salas and BBL with Dr. Fisher in December
-I think I will be going to Dr. Cadenas in October

Let me first say these are just my personal opinions, thoughts, and feelings, so please do not jump on me for my own personal choices. Just try to be understanding. You are on MY review, so please let me state what I would like to state.

My mom contacted me letting me know about the passing of wantacherrybum after her surgery with Dr. Yily on March 26. So I started looking up the story and began reading everyone's post and comments and finally the post from her sister on her review. Then I ended up reading about the death of Treena Jackson following her surgery with Dr. Duran on February 19th. And finally I read about the passing of Beverly Brignoni and saw the screen shots of her conversation on FB with her stating how happy she was to be traveling to DR and had just arrived and would be going into surgery soon and then next people are writing RIP. She really touched me because she reminded me so much of myself; a young women, with a 4 year old daughter, working as a receptionist .

I fully understand that malpractice happens everywhere and you can pass away under the care of any doctor. But after reading about the deaths of the 1st two women that I mentioned, I realized that I am not afraid of making it out of the surgery, I feel am fully confident that I will be alive after surgery, but its the after care that scares me. From my what I have read, Wantacherrybum was told that she needed a blood transfusion but did not want one because of the DR blood regulations. I can fully relate to that. I am not comfortable receiving a blood transfusion without it being tested and regulated and possibly opening myself up to getting a disease because of it. Her situation continued to get worse and finally received a transfusion but she ended up having more complications and passed away from them. In the case with Treena Jackson, she ended up passing because her lapband ruptured her stomach which can only be speculated as possibly happening because of Duran's aggressive lipo, but no one will ever be quite sure. From the statement by Silhouette Recovery Home where she was staying, the Bariatric doctor in DR recommended that she return to the US to seek treatment, but she ended up staying in DR for 2 more days before she was set to go back to the US, but she ended up falling more ill and couldn't fly and was rushed to the ER, where it was discovered that her stomach contents had spilled out and began to burn surrounding organs because of the lapband puncture. I do not want to be put into a situation that I must return to the US in order to receive the proper care needed for whatever emergency situation that I am going through; I want the place I receiving my current care to be able to handle the situation. Traveling back to the US in a sick state after surgery sounds crazy to me and something I would want to have to do. Both of these ladies were alive after their surgery and ended up passing in post-op. Yes, it can happen in the US to but I personally feel that in an emergency, the US has greater chances of helping me recover.

After reading about those 3 stories, I was still up in the air, because I am not receiving a tummy tuck, I am pretty small already and relatively healthy (I weigh 139, 5'3", and 24 y/o), so I was thinking that some of the complications that the other women experienced possibly wouldn't happen to me. So I was still optimistic about going with Duran until I read the stories of Haz_love ,
Backwoodzbooty , and sweetforlife. They all had nerve damage caused by Duran accidentally injecting fat into their sciatic nerves. Haz_love still does not have any feeling in her right foot and Backwoodzbooty has a limp now because of the damage. I have a lot of muscle in my legs and butt and not a whole lot of fat because I was a track runner, so I feel like the risk of her accidentally injecting fat into my muscle is high for me. I do not want to chance me not being able to walk properly and run and play with my daughter just so I can have dream body. So unfortunately for me, Duran is out and so is the DR all together. I have heard too much about infection, bacteria, hygiene of the clinics, lack of regulation and everything else for me to chance it. I was in tears when I came to the realization that my dream of coming to DR for my dream body was over.

The next morning after crying myself to sleep, I saw that I had a message from Sexeeangel reaching out to me to say hello since we are both from the Bay Area and introducing herself , letting me know about the death in DR, saying that I need to make sure that I take my vitamins pre and post op and letting me know that she cares for me and wouldn't want anything to happen to me. That sealed the deal for me, I honestly felt like it was a sign from god that I should not be going through with this. She didn't even know me and at the perfect time contacted me letting me know that she cared for my life and made sure that I knew about the recent news. After a little more conversation between us, I asked her if she could recommend any other doctors and she gave me a couple. I did some research and told my mom about Dr. Fisher in Miami and Dr. Cardenas in Mexico. Dr. Fisher has great prices that are very comparable to DR prices, the only down size is that you cannot get front procedures and back procedures done at the same time. So you either have to choose TT and Breast procedures or BBL. But I want my BA and BBL done at the same time, because I know I cannot afford to pay for flight and stay twice. He also does have a recovery house in Miami too, which I thought was awesome. As far as Dr. Cardenas, she great prices too and will do both the BA and BBL at the same time, which is why I think I am choosing to go with her and also she is only 12 minutes away from the San Diego, California Kaiser Permanante Hospital (the hospital care that I belong to). I will go into further specifics about the information that I was able to find when talking to both of these two doctors about the procedures I want in another post. This post is already long enough :)

I do not knock any one for continuing to go to the DR, all I say is please do your research and make the best choice for YOU. Good luck to you all and I pray that you all get the beautiful bodies that you all deserve and have a great healing experience!
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