BBL and Fat Graft to Hips/flanks After Aggressive Liposuction. Is It Possible? - Bay Area, CA

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Aggressive liposuction to front and back hips,...

Aggressive liposuction to front and back hips, flanks and appears to be upper butt left me with no curves and very thin and unmatched upper to lower body. Also seems liposuction was aggressive to my inner thighs also leaving me with very thin legs. I hope I can correct this in the future through a bbl and fat graft to the hips or flanks to give me fuller hips an hourglass shape and fuller butt.

I am trying to gain weight but I still weigh about 6 pounds less than on the date of surgery. I'm eating a lot which in the past would make me gain rapidly but it is very slow progress. I am sure that I have gained some weight because I can see it in my face and breasts. My breasts are getting huge yet the lower half of my body is remaining with no curves making it disproportionate.

I'm taking my time. Hopefully in time the weight will redistribute however it looks like weight does not easily return to liposuctioned areas. I am currently researching doctors and looking into other non invasive options. If anyone knows of an expert who can give me my curves back please let me know. It seems I would need to be able to gain a lot of fat in my abdomen to have this happen, I hope it's possible.


I may have weight slightly more here than on the day of surgery. But the general shape that my flanks and hips provided is there.


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