250cc silicone 5'5" 110 lbs - Bay Area, CA

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Hi ladies, I decided to start sharing my journey...

Hi ladies, I decided to start sharing my journey since your posts have all been so helpful.

I am 30 years old, and explored having a BA about 7 years ago, but chickened out until recently when I've been thinking about it more seriously. I'm sick of always wearing padded bras and feeling embarrassed when I put on a bathing suit! Currently I am trying to find the right surgeon- which is hard because I think we have a lot of great options in the Bay Area where I live.

I've had consultations with:
Dr. Weintraub of Duet Plastic Surgery: I liked her a lot and she has great reviews but she is newer to the field)
Dr. Vistnes: Very nice results but I am not convinced that his personality/bedside manner is for me
Dr. Creasman (I've had Botox and Juvederm done by his staff, and have been really happy with the results): He recommended anatomical implants for me which I am not sure I want based on what I have read here. I may check back in to see if he would do a silicone gel implant instead.

I have two more consultations set up, but was not able to schedule them for two months from now! They are with:
Dr. Carolyn Chang: She is extremely expensive, I think $9700 for silicone, but supposed to be one of the best, and the closest to my home.
Dr. Mariotti, who I found through this site. He is further from my home but much more reasonably priced from what I can tell, and wonderful reviews.

Cost is not a big deciding factor, I think it's more about who I feel comfortable with and who I think can help me achieve a natural looking result.

If any of you have experience with any of these doctors, I would love to hear more about it.

Some conservative "wish boobs" and my consults

I've had all of my consults now- wow!

I really loved Dr. Chang, we got along well, and she has done tons of cases with conservative results, which is exactly what I am looking for. But her price is super steep ($9300). I'm definitely not trying to bargain shop, but she is $2,000+ over all the other very qualified surgeons I visited in the area.

Dr. Mariotti was my last stop, and I also liked him a lot. He made me feel very comfortable and we looked at a bunch of pictures- most are a little bigger than I want to go, but I feel confident that he would help me select a size for the results I want. We also tried on sizers. It was a little scary! Even the smallest ones seemed HUGE on me. Did anyone else feel that way? His price was around $6300 (imagine all the bras I could buy with those $3,000 savings)

Right now I think I am leaning towards Dr. Mariotti. His office is a lot less convenient, so making 5 trips out there will not be the easiest thing, but also not the end of the world. His price was also more in line with other surgeons, and actually slightly less expensive.

Below I posted some photos of my "wish boobs" - if you are in this size range I would love to chat!

Scheduled for Sept 4 2015!

I just called to book my surgery- my date is September 4, 2015! Right before labor day, so I can pretend like I'm just taking a little extended vacation :) But I am on a wait list to move my date up in case anything frees up in July. It doesn't quite feel real yet. I've been thinking about boobs non-stop the last few months....soon I will have some! Anyone else having surgery in Sept?

Dr. Dino Elyassnia is my surgeon

Forgot to mention that in my last update :D

Trying on sizers in the office tomorrow

I tried on sizers during my initial consult, and have since been playing around with rice sizers at home. They seem super huge to me (even the 250 ones I made), but are kind of awkwardly shaped, so I asked the office if I can come in and just try on some more sizers. I'll try them on again at my official pre-op, but I am really worried about being too big, so this will give me something to think about in between.

Anyone have advice of what kind of clothing I might want to bring with me? I was thinking a tight top, and a not-tight top, so I can see how I'd look in either case.

Today is the day!

My surgery is today at 11 AM. So far I am just really hungry and thirsty...going to get my hair blown out before surgery to keep myself busy. Here are a couple of my "before" photos.

Still undecided on whether I will go 225 or 250. Everyone says it isn't much of a difference and I should go for the larger size...but the 250 rice sizer just looks so big on my frame!

See you on the other side!

Hi from boobsville!

My surgery went great, Dr. Elyassnia and his whole team were amazing. They took some stats, doc came in the discuss sizing and mark me up, gave me a shot of something relaxing then we went right into the room and before I knew it I was awake in recovery.

I was afraid of being too big and so far they look great. I am in a little discomfort but just tightness. I haven't taken any pain pills just Tylenol. I expect things might get worse pain wise but I'm taking things as they come.

Currently relaxing at home while my boyfriend plays video games :)

My stats:

112 lbs
250 cc smooth round mentor

1st day post photos

Some pics from this morning. Sleep was a little difficult but I think that had more to do with my boyfriend's snoring than anything else.

Still feeling good. Haven't had a lot of pain or any nausea at all. This morning I took a shower (doc said I could) and I'm going to continue to take it easy today, but hopefully will leave the house for a short walk. Being cooped up inside has probably been the hardest part of this for me.

Day 4 Post Op photos

Hi from Day 4! Recovery has really been a breeze for me. I did have a bout of nausea on Day 2, but I ate a bit of bland food and it passed. I also have a small rash on my right breast; I called my surgical nurse about it and she said I could stop wearing a bra to see if that helps. Much more comfortable! (and I think it's helping with the rash) Getting out of bed is the hardest thing, really hurts on the underside of my boobs! I am trying to take it easy even though I feel good so I don't overdo it and set myself back.

Not sure much has changed in my breasts so far, still very high and I know I have to just be patient waiting for them to drop.

When I see them nude, they look HUGE to me, but in clothes they actually look smaller than my padded bras did. I think it's because of their odd shape- all the volume is at the top. It's too early for me to say if I think I picked the right size. Reserving judgement until they look more like actual breasts.

2 weeks post

Checking in two weeks post! They've definitely started to look a bit more natural. Still a ways to go though :)

Finally got the damn steri-strips off yesterday and my incisions seem to look pretty good for 2 weeks out. My doc was happy with them.

I only told a small group of people, and I don't think anyone else has noticed. I was really worried about people at work noticing, but I look the same in clothes as I did before with the padded bra, which was my goal!

I developed a pain under my right breast, my doc thinks it's nothing serious, potentially something irritating my ribs from the surgery. He said it might be a couple of months until it gets better :( It hurts to laugh hard and when I sit up. Trying to take it easy to hopefully encourage that pain to go away.

Went to Victoria's Secret yesterday- bra shopping is much more fun now! I am measuring a 32D, which just seems ridiculous- since as you can see from t he photos, even my new breasts aren't HUGE.

Still feeling good and making progress

Short update, I am about 5 weeks post now, and still feeling great. The pain on my right side passed, and my breasts seem to be settling. I was cleared to start exercising at 3 weeks, and have been doing some spinning, light strength training, and even tried a little big of jogging last week.

My right breast has a little bit of an indentation in the middle when I squeeze it towards the middle. I read another Dr. Q&A with someone who has the same issue, and sounds like it may improve. It's super minor, but is the only tiny thing that is't perfect.

1000000% recommend this to anyone who is considering it :)

11 weeks post-op update

Not sure if anyone is reading my review, but it's nice for me to keep track of my own progress and maybe one day it will be helpful for someone!

I am at 11 weeks now, and everything is still awesome. They feel like a part of me, and I love looking in the mirror every day. I think they're probably pretty close to their final position, and they feel quite soft to me.

I went to Vegas with some friends who didn't know a few weeks ago, and when I told them I'd had my boobs done, they were shocked- they thought I just had a really great push-up bra on.

I think they look quite natural and fit my frame really well. Just looking forward to my scars continuing to lighten.

Love my New Breasts! Dr. E is the Best!

I had a BA with Dr. Elyassnia in Sept 2015 and I'd recommend him to anyone seeking this procedure. My results are EXACTLY what I wanted, I could not be happier and wish I hadn't waited so long. I got a modest 250cc silicone, and they look very natural but give me the confidence I desired. My recovery was a breeze, literally did not even take pain pills after the first day and I feel my breasts dropped pretty quickly (still took many weeks, of course!)

From consultation to surgery, I felt like Dr. E always listened to what I needed, and like I was his only patient. His nurse, Helen, is also a superstar- I called/texted her very often after my surgery and she was always there to answer even the silliest questions (even over a holiday weekend).

I definitely recommend consulting this office if you are considering a BA!

Dino Elyassnia

Dr. Elyassnia and his staff are amazing, and I recommend him to anyone in the area seeking a breast augmentation. He was very patient with me at our initial consult, and they let me come back in several times to try on sizers when I was freaking out about the size :) Day-of, everything went more smoothly than I could have ever imagined, and afterwards they were always available by phone (or even text) for my many questions. My only small complaint is that because Dr. E is so in-demand, it can be hard to get an appointment, so I had to wait a little longer than I would have liked to have my surgery. Totally worth the wait, though!

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