Tubular/constricted Breasts: Revision with a Breast Augmentation and Lift: Kayla's Story - Bavaria, Germany

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My family and I live in Germany, due to the...

My family and I live in Germany, due to the military. So finding a good doctor was my #1 priority. I had known since puberty that my breasts were different. I had asked my OBGYN and midwife as to why i couldnt fully breastfeed my daughter.. and they didnt see a problem. I was always self consious with my husband. and it wasnt fair to either of us. I researched my tubular shaped breasts online and found the answer! I continued, hoping to have normal, pretty, even breasts! After going through many doctors and getting referalls to be seen here in germany, I was given a doctors name who specializes in breast surgeries, but apon my consult,i found he had never done a revision of tubular breast's.

The answers to my questions were what i wanted to hear, He wanted to place two implants under the muscle, and then reduce the size of my areola's while lifting them. also he wanted to put in a permanant purse string suture, to prevent my areolas from expanding after surgery. I was excited! The one thing I thought he should do was release the tight muscle/tissue that was causing my tubularbreast deformity, but unfortunatly, our langauge barrier gave me the wrong idea. and i dont think he knew to do that. And only after my surgery, i could still visibly see the tight infamammory fold.

The breast implants I have are textured silicone, with 380cc in my right and 420cc in my left. before surgery, i was B cup in my right, and an A cup in my left. (HUGE DIFFERENCE) So now, i am a good C -sometimes-D cup. But for my height (5'7") and weight(165lbs)-they match my body type pretty well. I was in surgery for about 2-3 hours, and they put drains in both breasts to keep the fluid out. (THE WORST PAIN!) On the second day after surgery, I was able to see my boobs, and the drains were removed. My first reaction was, "my areolas look like they are going to die, like they werent attatched to me anymore!" but i LOVED the volume of them and i hoped my impants would drop down and fill out in the bottom. I had bruising HORRIBLY because the doctor said he had to do alot of "stretching." Which another outcome to that -is, I still ( 5 months after surgery) have NO feeling in my areola's or on the left side of my left breast. I dont expect to ever get feeling back in my nipples, but that is a risk i took. :( I stayed in the hospital for 6 days! They do things differently here, and i appriciated the care and attention they gave me.

I was wrapped tight, to keep the implants from healing too high in my pectorals. I was given 800mg's of ibeprophen, and sent home with a post op app for 2 weeks out. I had made 2 extra post op appointments, because #1- about 4 weeks after surgery, i hadnt heard of anyoone still having open wounds! but i did! and they kept forming! i didnt know how or why, because i was very gentle with myself, i made sure to keep them dry in the shower, and cleaned! Then my surgeon gave me wet gauze to layer on them to help the skin heal. It took about two weeks for my wounds to scab over and finally heal. then, #2--about 7-8 weeks after surgery, about 1-2 weeks after being "healed of all wounds" I started to get tiny wounds! then I saw a SUTURE, coming out of the sore area! I made another emergency app with my doctor. When i got there, I had to point out to him the clear stiches that were being rejected from my body! I was scared they were the purse string that he had left in there permanatly, and it was coming out! He told me they were the dissolvable stiches that hadnt dissolved, and then he pulled them out with tweezers.. that hurt a little bit. I was shocked because, to me, it meant my body was trying to heal around the dissolvable stiches, so it wasnt dissolving them, which caused ALL of those wounds! which now, has lead to HORRIBLE scaring around my areola's!

Thus far, i have had a pretty bad time healing. and a less than satisfied result because of it. it has been almost 6 months since my surgery, I still have a tid bit of constriction of my left breast. my right breast is very droopy/saggy compared, and my areolas look very large and scared because of the expansion and scaring. my implants are PERFECT sized,and they are in a good position. Last week i went and saw my doctor, he wants to go back in in 6 months, see how my scars have lightened.. and he said, if they are "white" we will take the scars away so new skin can form. he doesnt agree with how uneven my breasts look side by side, along with my greevences, and wants to re-lift both areolas. but the one thing i am really unsure of, is he wants to do a lolipop scar. I was so happy i only have scaring around my areolas! Now- i will have a large line down my boob? I understand if it is nessisary.. but my question is, couldn't re go back around the areala and take more skin off to tighten it?

I would go see another doctor to get their advice, and i plan on figuring out how, because dealing with the military, and my insurance paying for it, it is sort of their call who does my surgery. I like my doctor, but I would prefer a surgeon who has delt with my case before. My doctor said, this next time, He wouldnt use the same dissolvable stitches, but he would have to manually take them out :/ OWCH!! but if that will help prevent from further scaring, i will deal with the pain! Other than that, my breasts are doing great! i have some twinges of pain here and there, and i work out about 3 times a week! i try to take care of myself and eat healthy.

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