I HAVE BOOBIES FINALLY!! 450 CC Silicone Gel. 36D - Baton Rouge, LA

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I have been small chested my whole life. I am a...

I have been small chested my whole life. I am a 34A and have thought about going bigger since I was a teenager. I'm 35 years old now and think I'm ready for this!!!

I've seen one plastic surgeon already but didn't feel he was a good fit for me. I found him due to me seeing a girl at work with nice boobs and I asked her where she got them done. When I met with him, he answered all my questions but something just didn't feel right. He didn't have sizers for me to try on and didn't have any photos to show me of before and after. I definately want to see photos!!! I showed him my wish boobs and he said he can accomplish that but I just didn't feel right going through with it with him. This was last year.

I have been doing a lot of research on here and other sites looking for the right PS for me in Baton Rouge. The above dr. was in Lafayette which is a little far from me so I want to stay closer to home. I have found three doctors but can't find too many reviews. The most maybe someone had was 6 or 9 reviews. I want to maybe go to two more consulations to be able to compare.

The first doctor I'm considering is Dr. Gruenwald. You can check him out on his website: http://www.drgruenwald.com/. I contacted a girl on realself who had a tummy tuck procedure done by him and she said she loved him and that her sister had her breast done by him. I'm waiting for a reply from them to discuss this doctor in more detail. He's in Baton Rouge. He's board certified. He has many years of experience. His consultation fee is only $80. The quote for gel implants for him is $5,600.

The next doctor I'm considering is Dr. Weiler at Williamson Cosmetic Center. I found him by Googling PS in BR and also found him on realself. He has about 6 good reviews on here. I've tried contacting patients on here that went to him but haven't gotten any replies yet. My supervisor said her friend got her boobs done by him. Dr. Weiler is board certified. I don't think he's been doing this as long as the doctor above but I think he has about 6-7 years of experience. His consultations are on Tuesdays only and are $75.

The third doctor I'm considering is Dr. Stephens. He is board certified and has been doing this for over 10 years. He is local in BR. I found out about him from my boyfriend's friend who got her boobs done by him. They look great. I didn't like the secretary's short emails with me but other than that I don't have any complaints yet. The consultation for him is $100. It used to be $75 but it went up recently. This doctor does not show before and afters on his website so I hope he has some in person.

I've been seeing some great results recently of girls on here who have gotten them done. Most don't complain of pain but pressure. I'm mainly concerned with a few things and maybe you can help me with these questions.

1. What do you think is better - totally under the muscle or sub-muscular or partially? I do not want rippling to show.
2. I'm pretty sure I want GEL implants not saline. Is there a different between Gummy Bear and regular silicone? Also, do you really have to go get an MRI often?
3. I am concerned at looking fat or top heavy so i don't want to go too big. I am 5'2" and 140 lbs. I want to look proportionate but not go too big. Maybe a C or small D.
4. I'm afraid my back is gonna hurt by getting bigger boobs.
5. Should I tell my job I'm getting this done before I get it done? I don't have to ask for days off as I'm thinking of doing it near Christmas when we have 9 days off. I kinda ran it by my supervisor but didn't tell anyone else.
6. I'm considering the incision to be either on the nipple or in the crease/fold. With Gel implants are either okay and which is better?

I'm sure there are other questions I have but can't think of right now. I'm going to post some wish boob photos shortly.

Consultations Booked For This Tuesday

I booked two consultations today for this coming Tuesday, 10/22. The first consult is with Dr. Gruenweld at 3:30 p.m. I loved speaking with his staff. The coordinator was very friendly, helpful and informative. She had a great personality and answered many concerns or questions I had. I'm excited to meet with her and the rest of the staff. The second consult is with Dr. Weiler at Williamson Cosmetic at 5 p.m. that same day. If I didn't book those consults for that day, I'd have to wait until November to see them and I didn't want to wait that long since I'm thinking of getting this done in December.

Dr. Gruendwald is booked pretty solid but has some availability on 12/18. I'd have 11 days to recover if I do it this day. I wanted to do somewhere in between the 20th and 29th since I have off from work then but he is not available. I'd have to take three unpaid days off in order to get this done by him but that would be worth it to get it done by the right surgeon. He does not require a deposit when you book your date and requires 100% to be paid three weeks before the surgery.

Dr. Weiler is able to do the surgery on Monday, 12/23. That is more ideal as I won't have to take more time off from work and I'll have 7 days to recover. He does require a deposit of 10% and this is non-refundable. You also have to pay the balance in full 14 days in advance. The average price for gel implants with him is around $5,700 so only $100 more than Dr. Gruenwald. However, they said that might go down by $800 soon but they are not sure when. That would be awesome! Again though, I'd have to make sure he's the right surgeon for me. It's not just about the money. I want to feel comfortable.

I already spoke to my supervisor and she said I should do it. I also mentioned the surgery to two close co-workers but I haven't told anyone else there yet. I wanted to wait until I booked my surgery date or not tell them at all. I'm getting really excited as this seems to be becoming a reality instead of a dream. I've been thinking about this for a long time and it might actually happen this year! Merry Christmas to myself. :)

I'll be posting some more photos shortly of wish boobs.

More Wish Boob Photos

Not sure what size these are but I like their look.

Too big or small?

I like these wish boobs too but feel they might be too big or small.

Consultations are Today 10/22

My two consultations for BA are today at 3:30 with Dr. Gruenwald and then at 5:00 with Dr. Weiler. I hope I can make it to the second without being late! I have read many reviews, talked to patients of the surgeons and looked at photos to prepare myself for the consult. I even created a list of questions to ask during my visit so I didn't forget anything. This is going to be a hard decision as they both seem to have strenghts and weaknesses. I printed photos from both of their websites and circled the ones I really liked and made comments on what I didn't like for the others. Not sure if this is too much to show them or not. I don't want to seem insulting. I also printed my wish boobs above to bring as well to show them. I will write a more detailed review once I have met with the doctors today.

One concern I'm having with Dr. Gruenwald is that I've heard from many women that they request a smaller size and end up larger in the D range. I don't mind being a small D but I don't think I'd want anything larger than that. I'm going to address this with him during our consult.

Mammogram Requested BY PS

I forgot to ask in my last post.... One of the plastic surgeons request that you get a mammogram done before he will operate on you. Why do you think this is? I know many PS don't do this. I'm under 50 so not sure my insurance will cover this and I heard it's about $250. That's not a lot considering I'm willing to pay $5,600 for boobs! Has anyone else had to do this?

My Consultation with Dr. Gruenwald

Today I went to my consultation scheduled with Dr. Gruenwald. I was surprised to find out it was right behind my dentist, and I never noticed it before!!! It's conveniently located close to my work, too (not even 10 minutes away) and only about 15-20 minutes from my house if that.

As soon as you walk in, you see a beautiful, unique chandelier on the ceiling. Then in front of you, you see an enclosed waiting area. It's like a glass box. The furniture inside was pretty cool. I liked the chairs and sofa. There were two other ladies in the waiting area with me who had breast augmentations by Dr. Gruenwald. I asked them many questions and they were both satisfied. Since we waited so long to be seen, it would have been nice to have refreshments available during the waiting time not just when you are being seen. I had waited 40 minutes before I was seen and the two ladies before me were waiting 40 mins and 1 hour (and they were just there for their follow up appointments after their breast augs).

Behind the glass waiting area, you could see a "courtyard" that had a small fountain and a Dr. Gruenwald sign. This is what I recognized from online. I just expected it to be in the front of the building. The whole office was a little smaller than I expected but was nice none-the-less. There was a hall to the right of the glass waiting area that had rooms for exams and a photo area. The room I was placed in once seen, had a chair in the corner, a small table with flowers on it, a chair for the patient, a rolling chair for the doctor and a table with some implant samples on it. While I waited, I was playing with the implant samples. A nurse came in to ask a few questions then left. Dr. Gruenwald came in to introduce himself then left so I could get into the robe. I took everything but my underwear off. He came back in about 10 minutes later. He then asked me what I was there for then had an overview of BA, the complications, risks, and general questions. Most of the questions I had written down for him he answered before I had to ask. He also picked out exactly what I wanted before I even told him! He chose for me a silicone gel implant, size C or small D, placed partially under the fascia through the crease under the breast. That's exactly what I was thinking so was amazed he thought the same way. I then proceeded to show him photos I had printed. I then asked the few questions he hadn't answered already. I then discussed with him the coolsculpting I had done and if he thought lipo would be a good idea. He was skeptical that coolsculpting even works and said some lipo would help but eating right and excersing was best.. I already eat right but I guess I should start excersing again. I still think I need some help in the belly area though!! I also asked him about lipo for my neck. He said that was a bad idea as it would leave me with hanging skin on my neck. I was surprised as I thought my neck skin would bounce back cause I'm young. He recommended a neck lift called a lipectomy. He then said his goodbyes and then left. A nurse came in to get me to take before photos in another room. Afterwards I went back to my exam room and got dressed. After that, I went into another office to discuss prices and scheduling. I got four quotes:

1. Subfascial Augmentation Bilateral Silicone Only $5,600.
2. Neck Lift or Submental Lipectomy Platysmaplasty $7,615
3. Augmentation and Lipo $8,480
4. Lipo $3,520

The prices above include the surgeon's fes, operating room fees, anesthsia, garmets and cosmet assure (insurance for firt 30 days that cover everything if anything happens - different than 10 year warrenty). The most expensive part of each quote was the surgeon's fee. He basically charges by the hour. I found the price for the neck lift a little high. Not sure I'm that self conscious about it for almost $8,000. I think I much rather just get breast augmentation and/or lipo with it. What is your thought?

Overall I had a good visit. I rescheduled my appointment with Dr. Weiler as I wouldn't have had time to go there after my consult with Dr. Gruenwald. My visit took 3 hours total surprisingly as I was told it would take only 1.5 hours. Remember thought that 40 minutes of the 3 hours was just waiting. I feel I wasn't rushed so I do appreciate that. I'm not complaining about the 3 hours but giving you a heads up to not make any other plans.

After going through the pricing, I made an appointment for 12/18!!!! My pre-op is 11/25. I need to get a mammogram before 11/25 and then have blood work done either 11/25 or 11/26 as it's required by Dr. Gruenwald. I have until 12/3 go cancel if I needed to with a $250 charge but they prefer I cancel by the pre-op date if possible. I don't plan on canceling unless Dr. Weiler really blows me away!

Photos From Consult With Dr. Gruenwald

I posted these with the above message, but they never uploaded so here they are.

Photos of Dr. Gruenwald's Office

I posted these yesterday as well but they didn't take. These are of the office.

What If I Like Both Surgeons?

I'm conflicted! I met with Dr. G and liked him; however, I've been hearing good things about Dr. Weiler. I have spoken to patients of both doctors. I'm hearing great reviews on both! I have a consult with Dr. Weiler at the end of this month. What if I like both doctors? How do I make the decision on who to go with? Please advise!

Getting Excited For My New Boobies!

I'm so excited to finally be doing this. All I keep thinking about are boobies. I keep reading reviews, looking up photos, talking to people about their experiences and I can't wait for mine. I plan on picking out some clothes I wear and taking photos of me in them with my size A boobies. Then after my surgery, I want to take photos of me in those same clothes with my new boobies!! I really liked the way the mentor silicone implants felt in my hand. Very natural feeling. Reminded me of a stress ball but better! I know they will feel different once in the body but just comparing them to the way the saline one felt, I like silicone better. I have a second consultation this week with a different surgeon just to compare. We'll see what he has to say. My appt is on Thursday. I'll post an update once I visit him.

Mammogram Today - Almost Ready For Boobies

I had my first mammogram today. Dr. Gruenwald requires one before he will do surgery. Not sure if Dr. Weiler requires it but I'll find out this Thursday during the consult. I wanted to get it done either way as I was told once you hit 35, you are supposed to get your first one between 35-40. It hurt! They squeeze your boobs in a machine. OUCH! My insurance did cover it so that's good! I will write about my consultation with Dr. Weiler on Thursday or Friday. Keep an eye out for it.

Before Photos

My before photos in my current clothes. I hope to fill these out but also buy some new things.

Consult With Dr. Weiler's Office

I had my consult with Dr. Weiler's office today. The doctor wasn't there as he has consults on Tuesday; however, his assistant Taylor meet with me at no charge. A consult with Dr. Weiler is $75. I didn't mind paying the fee but wanted to get a consult asap since I'll be having surgery soon. Also, I wanted to be able to compare another Baton Rouge surgeon to the one I have already chosen, Dr. Gruenwald.

I arrived to my appointment on time. When I walked into the office, there was only one girl there setting up make-up at the counter. She did not greet me nor did anyone else. A bell went off when I walked in so it's hard not to know someone is in the office waitnig. I then walked over to the sign-in desk, but no one was there. I didn't wait too long but when someone did finally come, she didn't greet me until she was done the task she went to the desk to do. Finally I was greeted. I let her know who I was and that I had an appointment. She asked me to be seated. No one else was in the waiting area like at Dr. G's office so I didn't have any current patients to ask questions. There was a coffee table in the waiting area that I liked. I'll post a photo. It reminded me of a rock. I also liked the sink that was in their restroom. A big plus for this office was that they had a refreshment area with coffee and a fridge with cold water. Dr. G's office didn't have either of these things. Finally Taylor, Dr. W's assistant, came to get me. She took me to a small consult room where she asked me some questions.This room had a mirror, some chairs and a desk. She then informed me about the different implants offered (saline or silicone and natrelle not mentor), the incision site options and the placement options. I already did my research so knew all this already but for someone who did not, it was very helpful. Dr. G kinda just told me what he recommended for me and didn't really go through all the options but I was okay with that as I already knew what I wanted and he told me before I told him. Taylor gave her recommendation for a size C or small D, silicone, partically under the muscle, through the crease just like Dr. G recommened. However, Taylor went into the profile as well which Dr. G did not. I think he was planning on doing that at the next visit. Taylor recommended high profile. After I showed her photos of what I liked, she then said maybe moderate would be more to my liking but kept both options open. After discussing everything, Taylor then took me to another room, which had a few chairs, a cabinet with many breast implants (I'm assuming sizers) and a desk with some implants on it. The desk had both smoothe and textured implant samples on it. I never saw nor touched the textured one before. It looks cool texture-wise and has a teardrop shape. However, I read negative reviews about textured so I want to go with smoothe. Plus, I don't really care a lot for the teardrop shape. In this room, Taylor examined me. She took measurements and then said I'd be a good canidate for breast augmentation. After that we discussed lipo, but she didn't feel confident about discussing that with me in detail so said I'd have to meet with Dr. Weiler to discuss it ... but he wasn't there. I was bummed that I couldn't get all the info I wanted at my first visit. I then brought up a neck lift or lipo of my chin. She recommended I discussed it with Dr. Weiler's partner who works on the neck and face area only, Dr. Perenack.

Dr. Perenack didn't have me on the books for a consult but he took time out of his schedule to see me while I was there. I really appreciated this. He was very knowledgable and informative. I felt very comfortable with him because he took his time in expaining things to me. He showed me photos and described what he did. After he left, nurse Jill went to get the quotes for me from Michael. I did not get to meet Michael unfortunatly. I was looking forward to it as we spoke on the phone a few times. We did not discuss the quotes at all. They were just given to me in a folder. We then looked at the schedule to set up a time to see Dr. Weiler. I set an appointment but later found out I had to work during that time so can't go. I'll have to reschedult it for another Tuesday. I forgot to mention that Taylor did take me to an office as well to look at breast aug photos before and after before I met with Dr. P and discussed the lipo.

Overall, my visit went pretty well. There were things I liked and things I disliked. I really was turned off at first by the lack of acknowledgment when I arrived at the facility. However, once I got into the actual exam rooms in the back, I felt more acknowledged. The wait wasn't long at all. Jill, Dr. P and Taylor were all so nice.

I will post photos of this office shortly. For some reason RS isn't allowing me to do so with the entry. I will also enter another update comparing the two doctor's offices. I need to do so to help me make a decision on who to finally go with and to also get your full opinions.

Photos of Dr. Weiler's Office

These are photos of Dr. Weiler's waiting area, bathroom sink, exam room, implant samples, sizers and Arnica pills and cream. Dr. Weiler's office offers the cream and pills there but they cost $50 for the pair. I bought the Arnica pills for only $6.97 and the Arnicare Cream for $7.44 at Wal-Mart so I got a bargain!

Quotes From Dr. Weiler's Office

I forgot to discuss the quotes more as I did in a previous entry for the other doctor.

I was a little disappointed I only got two quotes. I was expecting to get a combination of quotes like I did at Dr. G's office since I wanted to possibly get multiple things done during surgery not just one. I got a quote for boobs and a quote for lipo of the neck. See below.

1. Subfascial Augmentation Bilateral Silicone $5,710.90
2. Lipo of Submentum (Laser Lipo of Neck) and Radiesse $4,100

The Augmentation by Dr. Weiler is only $110 more than Dr. Gruenwald. Dr. Weiler uses Natrelle Gel Implants and Dr. Gruenwald uses Mentor. They are bascially the same but just a different name brand. The cost of the implants are about $1,600 with either doctor (included in the total).

The lipo of the chin is cheaper than a neck lift obviously. Dr. Perenack said that my skin is tight enough to get the lipo and that I don't need a neck lift. However, he did say that to help define by jaw line more, I could use the filler Radiesse which is $800 for procedure. That's already included in the $4,100. To be honest, it's more than I thought it would be. Not sure why but I thought it would be closer to $2,000.

Right now my main focus is on my breast. However, I may want the lipo of chin or lipo of body in the future. I really liked Dr. Perenack for the face so I most likely would go with him if I decide to move forward with that.

The prices above include the surgeon's fees/procedure fees (includes operating room fees), anesthsia and garmets. It does not include cosmet assure (insurance for first 30 days like Dr. Gruenwald. Again, the most expensive part of each quote was the surgeon's fee. Unlike Dr. G, this quote is only good for 90 days. Dr. G's is good for 1 year. I plan on getting my procedures in December so I'm good either way. However, if I want to move forward with other procedures later down the line, I'm hoping the prices won't be too far off from these.

Mammogram Results

So I went in for a Mammogram on 10/29. They had called me a few days later saying they had found something in the right breast and needed me to come back for a second scan. I was mortified! What could it be? I made an appointment for today. I just got back from that visit. They showed me the x-ray from the first time and there was a pea shaped thing in my right breast. After they took more x-rays, they re-examined everything and said it was a lymph noid. Nothing to worry about they said! Sigh of relief!!!

Pre-Op is in 11 Days!! Getting Excited!

My pre-op is in 11 days. This is where I will get to try on sizers, ask more questions and pay for the BA in full! Not looking forward to paying $5,600 all at one time but that will get me one step closer to my bigger boobies!!! I'm very excited. I can't wait to fill in my tops and bras. After doing more research on lipo, I'm leaning toward just doing the BA and not doing any lipo on the upper and lower belly. I have the time off from work for the recovery but the scar tissue and other issues I read about sound scary. I've been looking at other BA reviews on here, too, of people who just got them done and I'm seeing some great results ladies! Looking good. Can't wait for me to look that good!!! 11 days and counting for pre-op!

Pre-Op is on Monday!! Only 3 Days Away

This weekend can't go by fast enough. I wish they did pre-ops on the weekend. Mine is on Monday. That's one step closer to my surgery!!! Once I pay in full, that will be reality for me that this is really happening. I'm very excited. I can't wait to have boobies and fill out my current clothes and then buy some new more flattering clothing. I have bought everything on my recovery list except BM meds. I'll work on getting that later as I know how many people on here say that's one of their biggest problems. I'm 95% sure I'm not doing to do the lipo of my stomach. I think that I will look more balanced out once I have the boobs. If I really feel that I still don't look proportionate after the boobs, I will then consider it at that time. I'm wishing my surgery was 3 days away not the pre-op but I can't do it any sooner than 12/18 as I am going out of town to visit family for Thanksgiving. Also, I want to have at least a week or more off so I can relax and recover fully before getting back to work. So excited!!!

Photos From Yesterday's Pre-Op

These are photos taken at yesterday's pre-op. I will be writing a second post abotu my experience. The first few photos are of me trying on size C or 400 cc silicone sizers in the bra they provided and the other is of me trying on size 450 cc sizers/size D. I wore a bra but it wasn't stretchy to use with trying on the sizers so they provided one. She only had sizes 400 and 450 for me to try on since I narrowed down the size I wanted already at the consultation and provided photos of my desired results. In the photos they look so good but on me I felt they looked big. Maybe it's because I'm just not used to them.

I wanted to be a full C or small D. I guess 400 or 450 would produce that on me. At the other consult I went to though, they recommended 350 so I'm concerned why such a huge difference.

400 CC Silicone Sizers

450 CC Silicone Sizers

This would make me a small D whereas the 400 CC would make me a full C.

My Pre-Op Experience

Yesterday was my pre-op appointment at Dr. Gruenwald's office. It took only an hour. The first 15 minutes was the payment process. We discussed the bill, payment options and signed some financial papers. Next I saw Jackie who is the pre-op nurse. She gave me a packet of papers to sign but didn't give time for me to read through them before signing. I felt rushed as she stopped me on the first page as I was reading and told me that we needed to hurry as someone else was waiting to be seen right after me. I was a little upset as the women who processed my payment told me I was the only patient today... but even if I wasn't, I shouldn't be made to feel rushed when I am signing papers that have to deal with an important opertion on my body. I knew I had to sign these anyway to proceed with the BA so I just signed as fast as I could and took the copy home with me to really read. All others in that office made me feel welcomed, not rushed and special. That was the only time I felt uncomfortalbe. After we signed all the papers, we went over the prescriptions she wrote out for me and the bloodwork order form. I plan on filling the prescriptions in the beginning of December before my BA but after pay day! My blood work I had done the same day as my pre-op as the hospital was right down the street. Only took maybe 10 minutes if that and Dr. Gruenwald's office received the results the same day!! We then discussed sizes and since I had already brought in photos at my consult she narrowed down the sizers to try on that day. She has a 400 cc and 450 cc silicone implant for me to try on. The 400 cc would bring me to a full C and the 450 would bring me to a small D. I wanted a C/D so either is okay with me. The size difference doesn't seem that much but when I tried them on, they just felt so large! Maybe it is because I'm used to being so small. Take a look at the photos and let me know what you think. I have decided to not to the lipo so am only doing the BA. The nurse said she thought the 450 looked more like the photos I chose and looked good on me. I ultimately am leaving it up to the doctor to make the final decision as he will place sizers in my chest during surgery to see what they look like and then will decide which is best. Overall, I paid for the procedure in full so there's no turning back now!!! Very excited. Just playing the waiting game now.

Prescriptions Required For BA Surgery with Dr. Gruenwald

During my pre-op, they gave me four prescriptions to fill. This included a patch and suppositories for nausea, antibiotic and a pain medication. I called Rite Aid to find out how much these things would be. They could only quote me the cash price over the phone and not the price that my insurance would cover. I'll find out those prices once I actually go to the pharmacy. Cash prices w/o insurance are below for your knowledge. Not everyone has the same prescriptions.

1. One (1) Transderm-Scopolamien Patch for nausea: $22.94 (can come in a box of 4 but I only need 1 at 1.5 mg)
2. Duricef antibiotic (14 count 500 mg): $45
3. Phenergan Suppositories for sickness: $108 (count 6 at 25 mg each)
4. Tylox Oxycodone for pain $unknown at this time. Has to check as they don't currently have that and would have to order it.

They said they put in orders for meds only once a week and it takes at least a week to get them in. So, I'm hoping I can get the pain meds in time as that's the most important I think as I don't want to feel pain afterwards! Will keep you posted on actual costs after my BCBS insurance covers some of the prescriptions hopefully!!

Recovery Items

I have gotten all of the recovery items on my list! I feel I am more than prepared now. I have arnica gel and pills to help with the brusing and swelling if any. I have cocoa butter and oil to put on the scars and breast after they have healed. I ahve Hibiclens to wash my body with before and after surgery to prevent infection. You can also just use Dial or any other antibacterial soap. I bought a laxative to help with BMs after the surgery as I heard the medication they give you "back you up." I bought Scar Away and Waterproof Bandaids. The Scar Away helps with the scar after it has healed. The bandaids are just to aid in keeping the incision clean and dry during the first few days during baths or showers. The therapearl ice pacs are to use as directed when I get home from surgery. I'm ready!!! Just gotta fill my prescriptions!

Prescription Costs

I picked up my prescriptions from Rite Aid today after work. They were much cheaper than quoted over the phone at cash price w/o insurance. I have Blue Cross Blue Shield and paid the prices below:

1. One (1) Transderm-Scopolamien Patch for nausea: $7
2. Duricef antibiotic (14 count 500 mg): $16.54
3. Phenergan Suppositories for sickness: $7

This was awesome as I was planning on paying close to $200 just for those three prescriptions! Thank goodness for a prescription plan w/ my BCBS. I still need to get the pain pills, which they had to order. I believe those will also be $7 but I'm not 100% on that.

Excited! Only 13 Days Left

I'm really excited! My BA is set for 12/18 and that's only 13 days away.

My boyfriend and I broke up yesterday and he was supposed to be my ride back and forth as well as the one to take care of me. He says he still wants to do it but I'm really not wanting him around. I don't have many other options though so may just have to stick with him still. :( I want a good recovery and I don't want the stress of this breakup to hurt those chances. I guess time will tell.

Prescriptions Filled - 11 More Days

All my prescriptions have been filled and picked up. I mentioned all the brands and prices above. However, I picked up my last one today, Tylox, and that was only $7 with insurance. I even picked up a 34D wire bra as instructed. I'm ready!!! Counting down the days. 11 more days!


So I guess I haven't really accepted that I'm really doing this! I mean I got all the stuff to prep for it. I had the consults. I took off from work. Paid for it in full, etc... but I guess reality still has not set in. I guess it probably won't until I'm on the way to the surgery center!!! I've thought about doing this for so long that me doing it doesn't seem real. I'm counting down the days. 9 days left! I guess I'm a little nervous but more excited. I'm having butterflies in my tummy while I'm writing this. I'll be posting before photos of my boobies soon so you wll have something to compare the afters with!

36a Before Photos

Was a little embarrassed to post these but I did because I feel it will help others see what their results could be like if they have similar boobs. Before photos. Post to come soon!!

Bigger Than What I Thought

I was looking at the photos that I posted of my before boobies. They are bigger than what I thought. I'm still an A cup but I just feel they look bigger in the photos than how I see them. Those were taken right before I got my period so maybe that's why they look bigger but not bad for little itty ones. I'm hoping I will have a nice result with the breast tissue I have and the implant I chose. I'm literally counting down the days now. Only a week away - 7 Days! Can't believe it!!!

6 Days Left

So I have 6 days left until my surgery day. I've been coming on RS for support, to look at photos and to talk about it as I'm nervous! I wasn't scared until it came down to the week before surgery. I have everything I need except maybe some food I'd like to stock up on so I won't have to go out while recoverying. I heard a lot of people feel sick or can't eat full meals when they first get done so I plan on getting things like yogurt, jello, tapioca, rice pudding, soups, etc. I have the crackers, pretzels, gingerale, etc for an upset stomach but I also want things that I like to eat and hopefully will be able to eat as well.

I'm wondering how much supervision I really need during recovery. I'm asking because the person who was supposed to watch me has to work now. So, I will be by myself for most of the day everyday except for surgery day. I don't really have any other option though as I don't have anyone else to ask to come over and take care of me. :(

I'm looking forward to being off from work from 12/18 to 12/29. I'm sure I won't be in the bed only that whole time. I hope near the end I will feel like going out shopping or trying on bras. Gotta take advantage of not having work! My next break won't be until Mardi Gras and that's only two days off.

Feel free to write me some encouraging words, advice, comments, etc.

Surgery Time Disclosed

I called my doctor's office this morning to find out what time my surgery would be next week. It is scheduled for 9 a.m. Wednesday morning but I have to be there at 7:30 to prep. The operation takes about an hour so I'll be done before noon!!! Crazy! Can't believe it's just around the corner. I also found out that I could have been taking my allergy medicine this whole time instead of stopping it. I got confused on what I could and couldn't take before surgery so stopped everything but my birth control pill. Luckily she told me today that I could continue my allergy meds cause I was starting to feel it!

My boss asked me if I could come in and work on 12/27. I have off from 12/18-12/29 for Christmas holiday so not sure I want to come in for that one day. I might be okay to do so by then but I may not be in the mood. I was planning on being lazy that whole time off! I won't be getting double time but she said she'd pay for lunch and pay me for 8 hours even though I'd only be working 7. Tempting. We will see how I feel.

Comfy pillows

Forgot that I bought these two sofa pillows for my recovery. Will be using these soon.

Tomorrow is THE DAY!!! 9 a.m.

I'm feeling anxious and a little scared about surgery tomorrow. The closest thing I've had to serious surgery is having my wisdom teeth out and that was in 1996/1997. I'm not sure what exactly I'm scared of. I guess the pain afterwards. I'm feeling sick to my stomach just thinking about tomorrow. My appointment is at the surgery center at 9 a.m. I have to be there at 7:30 a.m. though. Surgery time should only be about an hour and with recoup time I should be out of there by 11:30-noon. I'm not in a rush. I want things to be done correctly. I'm a little upset as I was to have 12/18 to 12/29 to lounge around, be lazy and recoup at home the way I want to; however, my ex says he's getting his two boys from Friday until Christmas so that's 6 days during my recoup time. He says he has to work, too, and asked me to watch them. I don't know if I'll be able to. I'll only be 3 days post op when they come to the house. I need someone to take care of me not me take care of two kids! I already talked to him about this but he seems not to listen. I'm under a lot of stress the day before surgery and I'm really upset about that. I don't think it's good to have so much anxiety beforehand and it's not even related to the surgery directly. I'm needing a mental break and some encouraging words.

Surgery Today!!

In just a few hours I will have my boobies! I took my last shower for two days this morning and washed with Dial soap. I am so thirsty but not allowed to eat or drink. I brushed my teeth but couldn't put on deodorant, lotion or baby powder per the doctor. I am in my sweat pants, sneakers and LSU zip up hoodie with no bra. I'm ready. Just waiting for my ride to pick me up. I asked my friend Mary to drive me since I'm fighting with the ex and don't want the stress. She can't stay though so will leave then come back when surgery is done. I'm a little sick to my stomach from nerves but also cause I haven't eaten yet. Wish me luck!!!

Post Op- I Have Boobies!

I'm DONE!!! Feeling great. Just resting now at home watching TV! Will write more and post photos shortly. Gonna give you more details later. :) need to rest.

My Surgery Experience DONE

On 12/18 I woke up at 6 a.m.to prepare for my surgery that day. I took a shower with dial soap, washed my hair and shaved since I knew I wouldn't be able to shower for 2-3 days. I didn't eat or drink anything past midnight. My friend Mary picked me up and took me to the surgery center. I signed some papers and off I went to the back pre-op room. Mary left to go to work and would be calling while I'm in recovery for her to head back to get me.

In the pre op room, they had me undress and put on a surgical gown with the opening in the back. I was curious why they needed me to take off my panties since they were operating above the waist. They informed me it's to help prevent contamination. In the pre op room after changing, they put a drip needle into my hand! That was painful but I knew I'd be asleep soon so dealt with it. I answered some more questions for them and took a pregnancy test then was just waiting for my doctor to arrive. It was around an hour during the pre op phase then waiting for the doctor. He came into the room and said hi and that he was there now. Next I knew they were rolling me into the operating room where there were three nurses getting me prepped for surgery. No lie, I got out of the chair, laid on the bed and WAS OUT! I didn't count backwards or anything. They put a mask on me then that's all I remember.

When I woke up, I was in the recovery room. I woke up naturally. They don't believe waking you up so they let you wake up on your own. The nurse was in the room w/ me and I asked her for a drink. He got me some water. I was so thirsty! I wasn't really hungry yet. Then my friend Mary comes in and I was so happy to see her. She helped me get dressed, they put me in a wheelchair and Mary took me home.

I surprisingly was not in much pain at all. I felt sore around my underarms like I had been doing chin ups or push ups. Other than that I had no pressure, pain, etc. I'm assuming cause I may have had pain meds still in my body. I went home at noon and just went to bed. I woke up four hours later and took my pain pill. Went back to sleep again and woke up another 4 hours later so took my meds again. When I finally woke up around 5 p.m., I got up, walked around, went to the rest room, changed my outfit into my pajamas, etc... all on my own.

I woke up this morning and was in more pain then yesterday. Not much though. It didn't last long. I'm assuming this is what they called MORNING BOOB. However, I woke up a few times that day/night and got up so was surprised that I had morning boob as that's usually when you don't take your pills or move around all night.

Overall though I feel pretty good. Not much pain. No elephant on the chest pain. Doesn't feel heavy at least not yet. I am swollen though but they look good from what I can tell from under the bra and bandages. The nurse called me today to say I could take a bath or shower tomorrow and can keep the bandages off. I have to keep the bra on for a full month though 24/hours a day except for my shower.

I will post photos in a sec as they are on my cell phone.


I forgot to mention that I went to bed sitting half way up on my back. I propped myself up on my fluffy chair pillow and put another pillow on top of that. I can also lay flat but figured it would be better the way I had it.

My post op to check how I am doing is next Thursday 12/26. Unfortunately they can't see me sooner as the office is closed. However, I can always get help if there is an emergency.

Post Op Photos Day 1 & 2

Photos! More to come in the next two days.

Day 3 Post Op

I have some pain under my arms still but what's mostly bothering me is the itchiness all over including my back, arms, legs, stitches etc.

Incision Site Photos Day 3

Day 3 some more photos. Gonna take a shower soon. Incision sites itch some and look sore. I'm putting waterproof band aids in before showering.

Before and After Photos

Pre-Op vs Post-Op photos

Day 3 Night in Post-Op Bras

I wanted to try on clothes but can't yet. It's hard to lift arms high. The stupid wire in the wire bra is digging into my side. I want to go with no bra but they said I'd have to wear this bra for a month. I've been putting some tissues or paper towel between my incision and the bra wire.

Day 4 Looking Better

I feel a little pressure, sore and itchy. Boobs are looking better though. Took a shower last night and a bath this morning. Didn't take any pain pills today just to see the pain level. It wasn't that bad. I just took one to help with sleeping. Going #2 hasn't been a problem. I think eating fruit, drinking white grape juice and granola bars has helped. Also took pills to help. Just can't wait for the underarm pit pain to leave.

Day 5

Each day I see change. Today I lifted something heavy and am paying for it now. My arms/boobs hurt bad. I iced them to feel better. I tried on shirts but didn't like the way my boobs looked yet in them.

Comparison Photos Pre-op to Day 5

Before and after photos

Christmas Boobies One Week Post-Op

Done with meds. Was hard to sleep last night. Didn't want to wake up this Christmas morning. Boobs hurt this morning but are ok this afternoon.

Day 9 Post-Op

Posting post op day 9 photos from yesterday. Hardly hurting anymore. Had my first post-op appointment yesterday. Nurse said they looked good. She showed me massaging techniques but told me to wait 2 weeks before starting them. She told me to stop icing them and not to put heat on them. She told me not to put any scar stuff on the incisions yet. I also don't need to cover the scars when showering. They are still swollen and high she said. I made another appointment for my next post-op in January.

Hard to Sleep - Back Pain

So it's the 12th day since my surgery. I don't have a lot of pain other than after sleeping and then waking up. Once I'm up and moving the pain goes away. My main problem now is getting to sleep. It's taking me 1-2 hours to fall asleep. Part of it is because I'm sleeping on my back when I'm used to sleeping on my side. Second is that I'm not on any medication before so that would knock me out. Now I am falling asleep naturally. I spoke to the nurse and she said I could get Tylenol PM. I tried it and it doesn't seem to be working. My back/neck area also has been hurting a lot, not from the boobs, but from sleeping on it so much when it's not used to that.

On another note, I decided to have a clothing try on day yesterday. I got out my shirts and dresses from my closet and tried on almost everything. Sadly, 7 of my favorite dresses no longer fit me as they are too small for my new chest size! I can't get them on by bringing them up past my hips or by bringing them down past my boobs! I'll have to sell them or give them away. A few of my tops don't fit either. I think I'm mostly sad about the nice dress work shirts I bought that weren't cheap! I'll have to buy more once my boobs aren't so swollen and I know my correct size.

Any suggestions on helping with sleeping or the back pain?

New Year Boobies - 14 Days Post Op

Happy New Year! Today I took some photos of my boobs. I feel that one boob looks and feels bigger than the other. I know that's natural but still. I thought it was the swelling but I think its my actual boob. Look at the before photo and after. What do you think? My right boob is the one that is more painful and seems smaller. I'm also right handed. My left boob doesn't hurt, is bigger and fluffier. I like my left boob. I don't know if its that noticeable. I still look good in my bra and clothes.

I have slept on my couch the last two days. I have been able to fall right to sleep. It's a live seat so I am sleeping sitting up on my back. I wasn't able to sleep in my bed but I can't sleep on the couch forever.

TMI- but the antibiotics they had me on caused me to have a yeast infection. :( been eating yogurts and started taking rephresh pro-b probiotic supplements. My one doctor prescribed me Diflucan so I can take those instead or do an over the counter insert if I want. :/

I hope my right boob gets bigger or fluffier or drops more.

Comparing Trying the Sizers on with the Actual Implants

So I decided to try on the same shirt I went into my pre-op wearing. This was the same shirt I had on when I tried on the sizers to pick which implant to get. Now I have the implants and wanted to see if what I originally saw or thought I was getting is what I got. LOOKS LIKE IT IS! It's pretty darn close if not almost exact. Pretty happy about that.

Almost 3 Weeks Post Op - Feeling Softer

Not quite three weeks yet but almost there. My arm pain near the armpit is almost gone. I can just about put my arms all the way up/straight now. Took me long enough. For the most part, I don't have any boobie pain unless I do something to cause it. If I sleep on my side or lay on my back way too long w/o movement, my boobs feel sore and swollen. My back has been the most painful but I found that putting a heating pad on it helps. Now my shoulder has been starting to hurt so I am using the heating pad for that.

I felt my boobs today and they are much softer! I am so excited about how natural they are starting to look and feel. I really don't care if they look somewhat fake cause everyone knows I didn't have boobs before but it's nice they feel realish. I'll try to post some photos soon. Just have to take some.

Comparison Photos - Love the Progress

Loving how they are progressing. Getting bigger, fluffier and softer as time goes on. When I think they aren't big, I look back at my before photos and remind myself what I used to look like. Comments welcomed.

Before and After Photos in Clothes

I took before photos in certain clothes and just now took after photos 18 days later. Looking much better filling in my top. :)

Wish Boob vs My 19 Day Post-op Boobs

I was looking back at my wish boobs and noticed that my boobs don't look anything like them. They look more round and bigger. Maybe I'm just not there yet as I haven't fully dropped and fluffed?

Post-Op This Thursday - What Should I Ask?

I have my second post-op appointment this Thursday at 11:15 a.m., but this time it is with the doctor who did my surgery not his nurse. I think he will be pleased with what he sees. I might ask him if he considered putting two different sized implants in my boobs to make them more even - maybe 500 and 450. The difference isn't that noticalbe so not sure if two different sizes woudl have been a good thing. Might also ask him about my tummy to see if he thinks lipo might still be a good option. I really don't think I'm going to do that though but I still would like to ask about it.

Other than asking about the 450/500 size and massaging of the boobs, is there anything else I should ask at my post-op?

20 Days Post-op and Laying Down Photos

I saw other ladies posting photos of themselves laying down with their new boobs so I wanted to post some, too.

3 weeks post-op (21 days post) photos

Yay for boobies!

Feeling Sad and Disappointed

I went to Target yesterday to try on bras and clothing to see what my new boobies would look like in them. I was a little disappointed and am feeling sad today. I tried on about 11 bras and took photos for you to see. I'll post them shortly as they are on my cell phone not this computer. I have no idea what size bra I am. I bought a size 36D for my post-op recovery bra but I think maybe I'm a 38. I have no idea. When I went to Target I tried on the majority of 36D, but I also tried on 38D and 38C. All fit but not very comfortable. They don't fit you there so I really didn't feel comfortable buying any bras not knowing what my size is. I want to be comfortable and give my new boobies the support they need.

On another note, I tried on some shirts as well. They were cute shirts that I normally would not have chosen but figured with my new boobs they would look great. Turns out that the shirts fit me everywhere but the boobs cause they are wider than I'm used to. I can't figure out now what size shirts I wear anymore! Am I a small, medium or large? I thought large cause I have bigger boobs and I usually wear a medium but when I tried on a medium it was too small and when I tried on the large it was too big. I know every brand fits differently but I'm getting a little discouraged. I expected me to go into a store and try on new shirts and look hot, awesome and new! Instead I left deflatted, disappointed and unhappy.

Feeling upset. Thoughts? Please help. I'll be posting my post-op visit comments in a moment.

3 Month Post-Op Appointment with Dr. Gruenwald

Yesterday I had my 3 month post-op appt with my doctor. It went well. He said that my boobs and incisions are looking really nice. Said that they are no longer swollen but are high and tight still because the skin hasn't stretched fully and they haven't dropped fully yet. It's funny cause the first thing he said to me when I opened my robe was, "You have boobs." LOL. I said with a smile, "I have boobs!" It was funny! He told me how to do my massages and that I should start doing that now. I DON'T HAVE TO WEAR MY BRA 24-7 ANYMORE!!! Hooray. Last night was the first night that I did not sleep with a bra on post-op. It felt good not to have the bra shift or dig into my side. Another positive thing is that I NO LONGER HAVE TO SLEEP ON MY BACK. He gave me permission to sleep anyway I want. I also got permission to now WEAR ANY BRA I WANT. I don't have to wear an underwire anymore if I don't want to but I have always worn underwires so I probably will stick to that. He also said that I don't have to wear a bra at all if I don't want to. I probably will though. Since he said I could wear whatever bra I wanted, I went bra shopping yesterday but was disappointed. Read the post above. I'll be posting the photos shortly. I think I will hold off on bra shopping as my dr. said that the boobs will continue to change for up to three months. I made my appt for my three month post-op already. Just gotta wait for my boobies to take their final shape. My doctor said he thinks scar meds are a waste of money so said he doesn't recommend them but said if it makes me feel better to go ahead and use them. I already bought a bunch of stuff so I'm going to use them. Might as well try them and if they don't work oh well and if they do woo hoo.

Trying on Bras at Target

I didn't buy any as I wasn't sure of my size. I liked a few though.

Trying on Bras at K-Mart 24 Days Post-op

I was driving and saw a K-mart. I didn't even know those still existed so I stopped to check it out. While there, I went into the bra section. They had some great sales but all the cheap bras were the ones on sale not the good bras. I am talking about the bras where the fabric is so thin you can feel the wires and the cups are stiff and uncomfortable. The prints are cute though. Also, all the ones I liked were out of my size. I was trying 36d, 38d and 38c. I tried on two sports bras. See photos. One was a medium and I felt my boobs coming out the side. The other was a $14.99 high impact, front zipper bra I liked! I bought that one even though it was a 38c. It feels pretty comfy except for the cross back straps. I'm not used to that. I also tried in non wired bras and like them too but gotta find my size. Holding off on VS until 3 months when my boobs are final size but I'm ok with buying a few inexpensive bras now. Boobies looking pretty good. No pain. Still don't have full motion of arms yet but almost there.

Typo Above- 3 weeks not 3 months - sorry

Above I wrote 3 month post-op appointment when I meant 3 weeks. Wishful thinking maybe.

Almost a month!!

It's almost a full month post! Boobs feel great. I feel great. Wish I had done this sooner. Not many changes other than dropping and fluffing more. I tried on a nursing bra. Pretty cool concept.

Day 28 Boobs Looking Good

Still need to drop more but moving along and healing well.

Compare and Contrast Photos

Happy One Month Anniversary Boobies!

I can't believe it has already been a month since I got my BA. Time flies. I'm so happy I did it finally! I highly recommend anyone thinking about doing this to just do it BUT find the right doctor. Do you research first.

1 month boobie photos attached.

More 1 Month Photos

Love them! Look much bigger and feel more natural.

I Have Been Formally Measured

I went to the outlet mall last Sunday and while there, I went to a lingerie store (a wannabe Victoria Secrets). While there, I was measured professionally by one of the workers. She made me guess what size I was before telling me her measurements. I was spot on! She said I am a 38C/36D. That is exactly what I asked my doctor to make me before surgery. So I got what I asked for. I tried on some bras and did not like ANY of them. Most of them were full coverage and were not sexy at all. I don't need sexy necessarily. Comfort is the number one priority to me but they have to be at least somewhat decent. They had some of the same bras as Target and Wal-Mart had but were charging about $30-$40 for a bra that at Target and Wal-Mart was $15-$20. I tried on about 5 bras then left. At least I know my true size for now. I have only had my procedure done 1 month and 12 days or so ago so I know I have until the 3 month mark to see my final results. I don't think they will change much in size but maybe just get softer and settle a little more. I love the way they look so far. I feel my nipples are more in proportion to my breast now. I love the way they feel after rubbing cocoa button on them. I recommend using this for softening the skin and helping prevent stretch marks. I will post updated photos of my process shortly. I have to delete some photos on my cell to take more. I'm a photo wh*ore. I take so many! I find myself looking at other women's breast now on tv and in person to compare or appreciate. I was jealous the other day at work when a prospect came in and her boobs were so big and in your face but modest. She was wearing a cute Aeropostle shirt on that was form fitting and her boobs had to be at least a D and were firm and high. I was so tempted to ask her if she had her boobs done but I could have been fired so I didn't. I think I had a little boob envy. I like my boobs but doesn't mean I don't like others, too. If I ever need a revision for complications, I probably would ask to go a little bigger. I got 450. I would like at least 500 to 600 depending. I remember thinking 450 was a lot! Saying 600 sounds huge but I know it's not. I'd be a full D, DD, DDD. Sounds nice! In the meantime, I'm enjoying my new boobs. I don't have pain much anymore other than an occasional ouchy from touching, massaging etc my scar. It's been snowing and icing recently and my nipples have been hurting from getting hard but that happened before I had my boobs done, too. Anyway, I'll keep you posted of any changes and will post pics as soon as I take them.

1 month 20 days post-op - love them

I'm loving having boobs! Wish I did this a long time ago. I am still the same person but with bigger boobs. I just wish they would make cleavage more. My boobs point out to the side some which is ok but leaves an open space between boob so I have to push them together to get certain cleavage. That's ok though. I still love them. They are soft and round. I love boobies!

Valentine Boobies

On Valentine's Day I went out to dinner in a revealing red dress. It was the first time showing my boobs/cleavage. I felt a little uncomfortable as I'm so not used to showing off my boobs as I never had them before. I could see people glance or look here and there but no one stared. I found myself covering my boobs with a sweater I had over the dress but my date told me not to do that. LOL. Check out my photos. Boobs looking nice. I was told they look natural so far by two people. :) I don't care if people know if they are fake or not. I just love having boobies finally.

2 months 5 days looking and feeling great

The only thing that bothers me a little still are the scars. They are pinkish/red. I put cocoa butter on them and occasionally silicone strips but they have faded much. My breast feels soft and natural but the scars feel hard. The right one is ok but the left is hard. I'm hoping it gets better by month three.

More photos

I wasn't done uploading photos.

Comparison Photos

Before and 2 months after showing a lot of progress.

Very Happy So Far Almost 4 Months Post-Op

April 17th will be my 4th month post-op. I am extremely happy. The silicone feels very natural. They are not heavy at all. Other than the scars they look natural and many people don't even know I had them done still. I visited my grandmother this past weekend and she didn't even notice. I wasn't wearing very revealing or tight clothing so maybe that's why. In any event, I can't wait to see what they look like at 6 months and when the scar is lighter. Right now it's kinda red/pink. I will post photos at a later date.

3 Months Post-op in 2 days

In 2 days I will be 3 months post-op.

Do you think they look heavy or saggy? Maybe I liked the tight high look or am just not used to big boobs. What do you think?

I do not like how they look when I lay down but other than that they are good.

Before and 3 Month Post-op Photos

Questions For My Next Post Op Visit For Next Month

My breast are doing well. I have bought some more bras! Hooray!!! I got them at Target but plan on buying more once I get a bigger budget.

I'm not sure what I should ask at my next post-op visit as it's going to be my 3 month mark and I won't have another one til 1 year. If you know of anything I should ask, please PM me or comment.

My right breast definitely feels a little different than the left but not by much. I just feel a strange sensation maybe similar to numbing. Maybe it's the nerves getting back to normal or skin stretching getting normal again or something. I don't notice it all the time and it's not too bothersome. I'm not in any pain.

I did want to have him check out my breast when I lay down. I personally don't like the way they feel when I lay on my back. I guess cause they are so real-like that they don't stay up as perky on my chest wall like I thought. They go to the side slightly like natural boobs but don't fall into my armpit so that's good. I mostly lay on my side anyway but occasionally I find myself on my back. ;)

I find to get the cleavage I sometimes desire, I have to wear a push up or plunge type bra. Otherwise, my cleavage is not that big or noticeable. I have a space between my boobs that was there when I had small boobs so you don't see that much cleavage unless I smash them together. That's okay though cause then I can play my boobs up or down depending on the event or occasion.

Some of my close friends have seen me at work or in my uniform and still have not noticed. Guess they aren't noticeable unless I wear revealing or tight closing! That's a plus. My grandma didn't notice either when I visited her. I get to disclose my secret when I want. I like that.

Recovery Items Review

I thought this might be a helpful blog for those wondering if it's worth buying all the recovery items recommended for after BA. I want to start with the Arnica gel and pills. These are to help with the bruising and swelling. I used the pills before and after surgery but didn't start the gel until I healed some. I don't think these worked but am not unsure either so doesn't hurt to try. I heard BAs don't usually bruise that much so it's hard to tell if this stuff worked. I love the Palmer's cocoa butter and oil that I put on the scars and breast after they have healed. The cocoa butter feels so creamy and soft. I recommend both of these. I tried the Hibiclens cleanser to wash my body with before and after surgery to prevent infection. However, I also used Dial antibacterial body wash. I liked the Dial better as it smelled nice. I was able to use it after surgery too for as long as I wanted. I bought a laxative to help with BMs after the surgery, but I didn't end up needing it. I feel the peaches, pineapple juice, grape juice, etc helped me to deal with that naturally. However, it's better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. The Scar Away Silicone Scar Sheets I feel did not help with the scar after it has healed. I feel that either letting it heal naturally or using the Palmer's oil or lotion worked better. The band aids helped keep the incision clean and dry during the first few days during baths or showers. However, after talking to the doctor, he said he didn't want me to do that as they need to be wet and washed! I guess keep the band aids as a buffer between the scar and the bra during healing. The therapearl ice pacs were great!!! I recommend them as they bend and form in the shape you need them to. I also highly recommend getting those sofa pillows that you watch t.v. with. It helped me sit the way I needed to while sleeping during healing. If I missed something just let me know and I'll fill you in.

3 months post in corsets

Feeling sexy

4 Months - Sister Didn't Notice

So I'm just over the 4 month mark of my surgery. Loving my boobies. They feel so natural. My sister came to visit me over the Easter break and she didn't even notice I had them done. I wasn't wearing revealing shirts or anything so no cleavage was visible, but she didn't even notice they were larger in volume. Maybe she just thinks I got fatter?? When I went to visit my grandmother, she didn't notice either a few months ago. So that's two people in my family that know me well that didn't notice. In fact, a friend of mine who I saw recently didn't notice either. However, I wore a tighter shirt once and she said that the shirt made my boobs look big. I said thanks and left it at that. She didn't question if I had anything done. I'm waiting to see if anyone will notice. A size A to D is big difference in my opinion... but these boobs fit my body well and look as if they should have always been this size. They are more proportionate and I think that's why they are not that noticeable. I guess they'll notice them when I wear a bikini! LOL. I will post a 4 month post op pic as soon as I take some.

4 months post photos

These are my fluffy boobs 4 months post op.

Scars getting better but still noticeable

I was checking out my scars last night and noticed they are getting better but are still very noticeable. It's only been 4 months only 5 months now so I'm sure they will be much better at 8-12 months. No one sees them anyway except for my boyfriend and myself.

My mom is coming to visit me this summer so we'll see if she and my other sister notice I got them done. So far my grandmother, my one sister, my close work friend and my nephews have not noticed. I don't wear tight clothing though around them so that may be one reason. Can't believe it's been almost 5 months and most of my family and friends still don't know! My secret.

6 months post op photos

I can't believe it has been 6 months since my BA surgery. Time flies. I have had no problems or complications. They look and feel so natural. My family ce to visit me and they didn't even notice! I guess you only notice if I am naked or wearing tight clothing. Here are photos of them at 6 months.

8 months post-op photos

Loving my boobies 8 months out. Got some new bras. Like the cleavage I can create by wearing a push-up or silicone strapless bra. Scars still need to fade more.

9 months post- bikini shopping

I was at Target yesterday and their bikini pieces were $6 a piece! I guess cause winter is coming. I bought the orange and blue bikinis. I did not buy the pink one. These don't have any push-up or padding. Just a little lining. .

Yes- I was wearing underwear

I forgot to mention above in my last post that I was wearing underwear under the bikini bottoms when trying them on. That's why you see two colors or its night as right to my skin.

Typo said coal instead of coral color and I can't edit that with that one photo.

Love this bathing suit

I went back to Target to exchange a medium bottom for a large for my coral swimsuit. They had this suit again but only medium bottoms. :/ was too small. I don't plan on going swimming soon but how could I pass up new suits for only $12 total??

I love my boobs pushed together. Wish they would stay closer together.

Love having boobies but what I dislike

I love having boobs but I do dislike a couple of things. One is I hate the scars. Small price to pay for nice boobs. One scar is worse than other because it buckles. I hate the way they look and feel when laying on my back. The space between the boobs is big and my boobs spread apart toward armpits. I was told real boobs do this so not to worry. It just feels heavy when they fall to one side. I like laying on my side better anyway. If I have bad posture, my boobs look like old lady saggy boobs!! No sexy definition. I'm gonna try not to sit like that!!

11 Months Post-Op

I've been trying to update my review for a few days now but for some reason it wasn't allowing me to until now.

My boobies are soft. They look and feel real. The scars are still noticeable. I haven't been doing my boobie massages like I should. I hope that doesn't make them hard. I do it when it's convenient or I remember. Believe it or not I'm still modest about showing them. I'll post photos soon if I'm able to.

11 months Post op Pictures

Finally I am able to upload my pics.

Almost 12 months post

This is a photo I took today with my webcam. I have to say they are looking pretty natural and sexy. I had to add this photo to my review. I'll post more once it's at or closer to the 12 month mark.

6 days til my 1 year mark!! Breast piercing

On 12/18, I'll be celebrating my 1 year post op BA! I can't believe it's been a year already!!! They look and feel so natural. I love them! Wish I did this sooner. Love the size but if for any reason I had to get them done again, I'd go a little larger. I just got two dermal piercings in between my breast in the cleavage. It's so cute. I chose diamond studs. It's like jewelry for my cleavage! Check out the pics!!

Yesterday was my Boobies Birthday!!! One year post-op

Yesterday was 12/18 and was the day I had my surgery last year! Happy Birthday to my boobies. I love them!! I'll post pics once I take some more. No complaints. No problems. They don't hurt. I just have to get better bras and clothes still to go with them!

1 year post op pics

to all those that are thinking about getting this done I say go for it. the one thing I regret is not doing this sooner and possibly going bigger.

1 Year Post Follow Up APPT with Dr. Gruenwald

Today was my 1 year post op appt with Dr. Gruenwald. He could not fit me in exactly at 1 year. Unfortunately, Dr. Gruenwald is retiring in a month or so. I was sorry to hear that as I was hoping to go to him for future procedures but he recommended his partner. The doctor said that my breast look great and feel great. Said the scars are okay but could get lighter with time. He said that my dermal piercings in between my breast was a distraction LOL. I told him it was to take away from the space between my breast and make it more pleasing to the eyes. LOL. He doesn't seem to be the tattoo or body piercing type. Well, there's really no future updates with the doctor after this unless I have issues. So I won't be making many more posts other than photos!

Lateral Displacement?? Too much space between boobs

Even when I had small boobs, I thought the space between them was too big. I thought getting implants would change that but in fact the space stayed the same but the boobs got bigger. My boobs have always "pointed outwards" a little toward my arms. This doesn't bother me so much when I'm standing but when I lay down, it's a pain unless I am laying sideways. Maybe I'm too much of a perfectionist. Maybe they are fine and I don't have lateral displacement. I am sure my doctor would have said something when I came in for my 1 year visit; however, he did not check them out while I was laying down... only when standing. If I could do this all over again, I would ask him to put stitches in on the sides so that I would have more cleavage without having to wear a bra. They look super natural and I still love them. Just don't love them as much when I'm lying down. I'll see if I can post a pic.

photos lying down

I don't like the space between the boobs standing or lying down. Also I'm wondering if the boobs go too far sideways when I lay down. Is this normal?

updated pics

I believe December will be 2 years post op. Still loving them. They look natural. No one knows unless I show them the scars or tell them. Right boob hurts some when I lay down but I guess that's due to gravity and would happen with natural boobs too. I'm going to a PS on Tuesday to make sure there is nothing to worry about. While there I'm going to ask about liposuction for belly and neck. We will see what they say.

2 years 4 months post op

Here are some pictures of my breast augmentation two years and four months later. I really don't have any issues whatsoever with them. Occasionally when I lay down though they're not very comfortable. I find that the right breast sometimes feels like the muscles is straining when I drive using mostly just my right hand. Overall though I don't have any problems. I don't regret getting them. I love them. They feel and look very natural. The only thing I really don't like is the scars are very noticeable still.

Most recent photos

I figured most people do not update their profile after two years so I wanted to post some recent pictures. Everything is great. They have settled. They are even. They look and feel natural. Just wish the scars were a little less noticeable, but no one really notices it. It's mostly just me that notice is. But overall I'm extremely happy and just wished I did this sooner.
Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon

I had my consult with Dr. Gruenwald today, 10/22. His office was right behind my dentist so very convenient location, and I never noticed it before!!! It's close to my work (not even 10 minutes away) and only about 15-20 minutes from my house if that so good location. I like this as I won't have to go too far for return visits. As soon as you walk in the door, you see a beautiful, unique chandelier on the ceiling. Then in front of you is an enclosed glass waiting area with sofas, chairs, tables and reading material. The furniture inside was pretty cool and comfortable. There were two other ladies in the waiting area with me who had breast augmentations by Dr. Gruenwald. They both were very satisfied with their results. One had a full D and the other had a DDD. The only thing I wished was in the waiting area was refreshments as the waiting time was a little long. I waited 40 minutes before I was seen and the two ladies before me were waiting 40 mins and 1 hour. I was a new patient, but they were just there for their follow up appointments after their breast augs. Behind the glass waiting area, you could see a courtyard that had a small fountain and a Dr. Gruenwald sign. This is what I recognized from online. I just expected it to be in the front of the building. The whole office was a little smaller than I expected but was nice none-the-less. There was a hall to the right of the glass waiting area that had rooms for exams and a photo area. The room I was placed in once seen, had a chair in the corner, a small table with flowers on it, a chair for the patient, a rolling chair for the doctor and a table with some implant samples on it. Dr. Gruenwald came in to introduce himself then left so I could get into the robe. He came back in about 10 minutes later. We then went over why I was there and he went over the complications, risks, and general questions. Most of the questions I had written down for him he answered before I had to ask. He also picked out exactly what I wanted before I even told him! He chose for me a silicone gel implant, size C or small D, placed partially under the fascia through the crease under the breast. That's exactly what I was thinking so was amazed he thought the same way. I then proceeded to show him photos I had printed. He said they will be taped up on the wall during my surgery. I then asked the few questions he hadn't answered already. I discussed with him the coolsculpting I had done and if he thought lipo would be a good idea. He was skeptical that coolsculpting works and said some lipo would help but eating right and excersing was best.. I already eat right but I guess I should start excersing again. I also asked him about lipo for my neck. He said that was a bad idea as it would leave me with hanging skin on my neck. I was surprised as I thought my neck skin would bounce back cause I'm young. He recommended a neck lift called a lipectomy. Dr. Gruenwald is know for his facial surgeries so I have to trust his judgement. I will still do my research on this though. He then said his goodbyes and then left. Dr. Gruenwald was well mannerd, polite, knowledgable, professional and well educated. He has over 3 decades of experience and is board certified. Overall I had a good visit. I made an appointment for 12/18!!!! My pre-op is 11/25. Unless I get cold feet, have an emergency or meet a better surgeon, I'm booked!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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