Smaller Tummy (Finally!!!) - Baton Rouge, LA

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I had my vaser liposuction on Thursday, October...

I had my vaser liposuction on Thursday, October 11th and I can already see a big difference. I wanted to review it because I wanted to sure my experience with anyone considering vaser lipo as an alternative to a tummy tuck.

I gained weight after my son was born (who is now 12) and then it became really difficult to lose after my hysterectomy 4 years. I knew that I wanted to do something because I weighed 190 and I am 5'4 so the majority of my weight was in my lower abdomen, a definite roll or spare tire (Ugh!). I had consultations with (2) plastic surgeons in my area and then had (2) consultations with physicians who were an Affiliate of American Academy of Plastic Surgery.

I was told by both of the plastic surgeons that I really needed a tummy tuck and I would probably not be happy with the results of vaser lipo or any other procedure other than a tummy tuck. Even though I explained to both of the plastic surgeons that my expectation was not a flat, wash board stomach I just wanted something that would allow me to reduce the look of my tummy and take me out of size 16 pants. At the end of both consultations the surgeons told me you will not be pleased with the outcome if you don't have a tummy tuck. Another point that I would stress is to find out if you have muscle separation which usually requires a tummy tuck or if you have excess skin/fat that would allow you to have vaser lipo.

What I have come to realize is although vaser lipo may not be the best alternative for everyone, you should defiitely exhaust all reserach and seek multiple consultations. I am very happy to say that I decided to the vaser lipo and I'm very pleased. I am still experiencing swelling on my tummy, but my results have been awesome. The recovery of the vaser lipo compared to a tummy tuck is astonishing. I was very sore the first day and I have pain here and there as I stand up from a chair, etc., but each day it improves and I feel better.

I will post pictures later this week so you can see the difference, it's unreal.

I hope this helps others who are debating which direction to go in and I wish you luck!

End of Week 2 Update: I am doing alot better than...

End of Week 2 Update: I am doing alot better than week 1. I still feel like it was all worth it, as of today I have gone from 190 to 171 and down one dress size.

I would encourage anyone who does decide to do vaser lipo to have a lymphatic massage. I had one last week and one today and it has helped tremendously to loosen the "tightness and swelling" that I'm feeling.

I will continue to update weekly, but so far so good.
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I researched several physicians and surgeons in my area before making a decision. I have been very pleased with the results.

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