Finally on the "Flat Side" and I Think the Worst is Behind Me

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Well, just like many of you I'm a happily married...

Well, just like many of you I'm a happily married mother of 2 wonderful little boys (ages 3 & 4). Both delivered by C-sections, both weighing over 8lbs! I'm 5'1, and weighed 145lbs going into surgery. Needless to say, I hated my post-pregnancy tummy! All that loose saggy skin & fat forced me to where "spanx" everyday with every outfit. I researched PS for years before ever even scheduling an appointment. I met with FIVE PS & went with the doctor I felt most comfortable with. My doctor & his staff have been amazing!
I'm posting my personal "timeline" just to let other gals know they're not alone in this lonnnnnnnnng process.
Post Op
Days 1-3: burry/ hazy memories of pain. Hard for me to empty my bladder
Days 4-5: unable to stand straight up, unable to be walking around for more than 5mins at a time, drains are driving me CRAZY
Day 6: I had a real emotional day. I started to get upset with my speed of recovery, drains still driving me CRAZY
Day 7: Went to doctor, removed both drains! Woohoo! Much better day, first time leaving the house
Day 8: well, day 7's outing caught up with me. Just a reminder, this is a long recovery/healing process. It's all about BABY STEPS
Day 9: a good day. Still unable to stand up straight but able to be up for long periods of time. I think I've definitely turned a corner!
Day 10: a good day. Even though I still have a tun of swelling, I CAN see the light at the end of the tunnel

2weeks post TT

Hi ladies, I'm now two weeks post FTT w/ lipo to the flanks & MR. I feel great. Everything looks good expcept my belly button. I got the sutures removed from my new belly button yesterday, and today it is oozing & looks angry. I do have a seroma at the top of my tummy where my ribs meet. My PS aspirated 60cc from it yesterday then wrapped an ace bandage super tight over the spot. I go back in a week so he drain it again, assuming it will come back. I was told I can transition from my binder to spanx now. I was excited to hear that! Looking forward to wearing normal clothes & not having the bulky binder showing through......Well, this morning I went to put the spanx on and I could barely get them past my thighs!! (These are pre TT spanx that used to fit fine) I tried another pair, same thing......FINALLY, I was able to fight them all the way up. I lasted an hour in the spanx. It hurt on my incision, I was so uncomfortable. I could not get those things off fast enough!!! I'm back in my binder and all in the world is fine again. IS THIS NORMAL? HAS ANYONE EXPERIENCED THIS? Should I buy a bigger size spanx, order a CG made for post surgery or just stick to the good 'ol binder? HELP PLEASE : /

Belly button drainage???

Has anyone else had yellow drainage from their belly button after stitches were removed? I've been cleaning it 2xs a day with peroxide, putting neosporin all over it & covering it with gauze.

3 weeks post update! Happy Happy Happy

Well, it's been a long three weeks. I'm not going to sugar coat it, the first week is pretty brutal. The second week, still a little sore and swollen. Then I had an allergic reaction to some of the medication I was taking for a yeast infection brought on by 10 days of antibiotics, Not Fun! My hands double in size & itched like crazy for 3 days (my 3 year old said I looked like 'wreck it Ralph') ANYWAY, it's the third week I'm not taking any medicine and I feel AMAZING! My PS aspirated 45ccs from my seroma yesterday. My belly button stopped oooozing & has a scab now. I'm down 6lbs somehow. I can still feel my abs are sore & I start swelling if I over do it. I still dont feel completely comfortable driving. Having said all that, I'm so so so happy I finally did this for myself. This is a LIFE CHANGING surgery! I went shopping yesterday after my dr appt & I found myself tearing up in the dressing room but this time these were tears of pure joy. I couldn't believe how great clothes fit ME. Happy Happy Happy

Unrealistic expectations....

Lately I've been thinking about how most doctors tell you to expect a 10day recovery period and that "most" go back to work at two weeks..... This all seems pretty ridiculous to me now. Of course I believed what I was told. Two weeks certainly sounds like plenty enough time to be back to normal, right? Wrong!! I'm not trying to scare anyone, just want future TT'ers to expect a month of recovery. It is totally worth it! But a very long process.... Filled with highs and lows, you need to be mentally ready for this transitioning period. Make sure to surround yourself with supportive loved ones, you CAN do this!

5 week update...

Well, it's been five weeks since surgery (feels like double that, lol). I feel great....I returned to all normal activities & felt comfortable driving at 4 weeks. My scab finally fell off my new fabulous bb this week & I was able to start wearing a small silicone scar patch and the redness has gone down tremendously. I've been putting maderma on my hip2hip incision scar but can't see any change. I'll probably order a strip for it soon. I'm down 2 sizes in shirts (xl--m) and one size in bottoms (14--12). So exciting!! I did return to my PS this week & he aspirated about 20cc's of fluid. Looks like my seroma is just about gone, woo hoo....having fluid drained from you with a giant needle is never fun! I'll take & post 5week pics tomorrow.

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