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I am 5'2" 31 year old mother of 2 ages 6...

I am 5'2" 31 year old mother of 2 ages 6 and 3. After my oldest was born I was able to work off all my baby weight I gained (46lbs). During my 2nd pregnancy I only gained 26lbs and quickly removed them through diet and exercise. I was able to get down to about 127 at my smallest post baby. Since turning 30 I have put on about another 20 lbs. I go to the gym about 4 days a week and work out a minimum one hour (sometimes 2 hours) a day. I am now on the same diet and exercise regimen as I was when I was smaller but now without the same results as before.

I'm not to particular about my weight but the problem I'm having is that it all seems to be in my stomach. I have since scheduled a Tummy tuck with Lipo on the flanks. I'm having 2nd thoughts after being able to think about it for a month now. I'm probably going to go through with it simply because with diet and exercise there is no change. I'm really scared and debating canceling my surgery. I have posted some pictures of the excess skin that is creating the problem for me. If anyone had the same experience as me please give me any input. Any help would be appreciated.

So I have committed 100% to doing my surgery. My...

So I have committed 100% to doing my surgery. My PS' assistant gave me this to think about which is what made me make my mind up. "as a mother and a wife we spend the majority of our lives taking care of others. It's ok to have someone else take care of you for a few weeks. And you can't do it for anyone else but yourself, but you also can't NOT do it just because your worried about everyone else.". This will be a gift to myself. I remember wearing a costume that showed my stomach BEFORE I even had kids and was at my smallest, and I wore a jacket all night so no one would see my stomach. That made me realize that I've been dealing with this entirely too long. I'm also getting a few other things done while I'm out but I am having the most concerns about the TT recovery. I will also be doing lipo of the flanks, upper abs, the ancillary fat under my arm pits(aka turtle fat lol). I'm also doing a little restolyn to the upper lip. I did my bloodwork yesterday and got my scripts filled as well. Next week is all I have left because the mon. Tues & wed of my surgery is mardi gras for we Cajuns so those day will strictly be for spending time with my kids who will be out of school. The surgery office is about 2 hours from my home so instead of driving there and spending the night in a hotel we will be taking our motor home and parking it in the parking lot of the hospital next door to the PS office. After recover they will bring me to the motor home where we will spend the night so I can get up and go to my post op appt the next day. Still nervous about the ride home but I will be sitting in an electrical recliner so that will be helpful. I will probably spend the following 2 nights (I heard these were the worst. They were with my BA.) in that recliner so that my husband and kids can stay in the house and have as normal as a life as they can without disturbing mommy. I'm gonna be selfish just for a few days!!! I'll keep updating with before pictures as well. Counting down the days now!!!

3 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited but scared...

3 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so excited but scared at the same time!! I'm still wondering if I'm making the right decision. I know that if I don't do this now I'll regret it once summer comes. Getting everything in order and spending extra time with my kids for the next 3 days!

Going in tomorrow morning!!! Scared as hell! ...

Going in tomorrow morning!!! Scared as hell! Feel like I'm going to the electric chair! I'll post after surgery!

Had surgery yesterday. Was in there for about 4...

Had surgery yesterday. Was in there for about 4 hours. Afterward they told me tt was the most painful surgery they do (thanks). On a scale from 1-10, 10 being childbirth, I was at an 8. About to go to my post op. pain is about a 7-8 now. I will post after pictures as soon as I can.

3 days post op and feeling a little better. Mainly...

3 days post op and feeling a little better. Mainly pain is in my abdomen. Not too sore from lipo. Healing good so far. Pain is about a 5 now. I can actually get in and out of my bed without assistance. Slow but I can do it! Took a shower. Don't look too bruised yet. Husband is REALLY helping out. Now I just have a burning sensation when I try to pick my legs up. husband did say "man you don't have a stomach anymore" so that's a plus. Can't wait to take after pics.

4 days post op and I'm finally not questioning if...

4 days post op and I'm finally not questioning if I made the right decision or not. Now I'm ready to get better to show off the amazing work my dr did. So if you're wondering......the first 3 days are HELL then you start feeling better on day 4. Ready to do some "after" pics!!!

One week post op and got my DRAINS OUT!!!!!! I...

One week post op and got my DRAINS OUT!!!!!! I feel tons better just having that done. I was having some sharp pains near my right leg that was burning every time I stood up, but apparently it was the tubs touching on a nerve. Can't wait to stand up straight. Everyone keeps saying how good it looks from the back (which I can't see). Starting to get excited about that. Hopefully by next week I will be walking upright. I still look like I'm 80 years old.

So I finally stopped taking my pain meds...

So I finally stopped taking my pain meds completely 8 days post op. now just using Tylenol. Still can't stand straight 11 days post op. I can drive now. Gonna try to make a trip to the grocery store later and hopefully won't have to use one of the "rascals" they have there. I can walk more and get out of bed without hurting as bad as before. Still swollen under my incision. Lipo areas near armpits almost all bruising is gone. Still sleeping flat on my back because of the lipo. Sneezed twice in the past few days and boy was that fun. Felt like a knife going through my stomach!!!

Well I'm 1e6 days post op. Had my 2 week checkup...

Well I'm 1e6 days post op. Had my 2 week checkup 2 days ago and PS was very impressed with how well I'm healing. Still really swollen in my lower abdomen and it feels like there is a baseball in there. Finally have some more post op pics to post. My life is pretty much back to normal except I still can't pick up my youngest, but we are making due.
Dr. Hanemann

They were very reassuring. they helped me to my motorhome and even came the next morning before they were open just to check on me!

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