Traditional Braces in High School. Invisalign and Fast Braces as an Adult.

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When I was in highschool, I had traditional metal...

When I was in highschool, I had traditional metal braces. I can't remember the exact cost, but I think they were around $4,000-$5,000 (in 1995). I wore them for two years. After I got them off, I wore my retainer religiously until the day when my orthodontist said I didn't need to wear them anymore. BIG MISTAKE! Ten years later, I found myself needing braces again as my teeth shifted back. The truth is you have to wear your retainer for the rest of your life!! So at the age of 33 I got Invisalign. The cost was $4,200 as I had a $1,000 off coupon. I'm almost done paying this off almost two years later.

When I went in for my consultation with Ms. Joyce, they took before photos and an impression of my teeth to send off to the invisalign makers to see if I was a good fit for this. When the results came back, I was a good fit. I could start my treatment when my trays came in. So, I receive three sets of trays at a time. Each set is to be worn for two weeks unless otherwise told to wear them longer. Therefore, I need to get a new set of trays every 6 weeks. I typically go during my lunch break as it doesn't take that long for them to give me my next three sets and for me to try on the next one to see if it fits.

My first set of trays felt like they weren't doing anything. I personally think that it was to get you used to wearing a plastic tray in your mouth versus actually doing any moving of the teeth. The second set of trays, which you put in two weeks later, was tighter. It took about two days to get used to the tightness and for my lips to get used to the plastic. At first my lips were getting sore like they did with traditional braces. I went to the store and bought wax strips to wear on the parts that were cutting my lips. I only had to do this for the first few sets of trays. I'm almost two years into wearing them now and no longer need the wax.

During my initial treatment, I was told that I probably would only need invisalign for only 6 months to a year. I've been wearing them now for 1 year 9 months. I received 33 sets of trays total. Around tray set 12, I was having trouble with the buttons lining up with the trays. (Tell you about buttons shortly). At my 15th tray, I was told that I needed a mid-case adjustment as the trays and teeth with buttons weren't lining up correctly anymore and to back track would not help. I was thinking that I would just need to get new impressions and that I would get a new set of 15-17 trays. However, that was not the case. I now had to "start all over." The new set of trays I got was now 33 more!!! I was very upset as you can imagine. I thought I'd be done in 6-12 months and here I was having to wear them even longer!!! I'm okay with it now though as I barely notice you I am wearing them. I've gotten so used to them that now it may be weird when I get them off! I don't know off hand which tray set I'm on, I'll have to update this again later. I can't wait to get them off though as I'm ready!

As for the buttons I mentioned above, certain teeth need buttons glued onto them to help shift the teeth with the help of the trays. The buttons look like little white squares or shark fins. They match the color of your teeth. The trays have button grooves in them that match up with the buttons that are glued to your teeth. They are annoying at first but once they grind down a little from wear and tear, you don't notice them much. I only notice when I take my trays off and feel them against my bare gums.

Notes on the trays themselves.... They discolor easily so be careful about drinking colored drinks like kool-aid. I mostly drink water and iced tea and I don't have a problem with that. I change my trays every two weeks anyway so even if they did discolor some, it's okay cause I'll be changing them soon. Hardly anyone notices you are wearing them! They are almost invisable except for the buttons. I think those get more notices than the trays. The trays are tight the first few days you put a new set on. They may scratch your gums up a little. You may also get headaches at first like I did but take a few advil and you should be okay.

I don't regret getting them. I'm not sure if I like them better than traditional braces... However, as an adult, I defintely recommend them over braces. I don't want metal in my mouth at age 35! I do not recommend these trays for children. They are easy to misplace, throw away, etc. You have to really be dedicated to wear them all day and night except for when you are eating. I wear mine about 22 hours a day.

I will add more later when it gets closer to my 33rd set! I'll post photos too of what I have so far later.

Photos of my teeth before and during Invisalign before mid-case adjustment

These are photos of my teeth before and during my treatment. It was winter time and my lips were very dry as you can see. I will post photos of my teeth after the adjustment shortly.

More recent photos at 1 year 9 months

These were taken this week. I am pointing out certain buttons as you can see. My teeth didn't have major problems to begin with as I had braces before but a few things moved and needed to be fixed. My main concerns were my front two teeth overlapped slightly but don't anymore! The tooth next to my right front tooth has always been crooked and hides behind my front tooth. That one has gotten better but still needs to move over and down. My bottom teeth were pushed back and jumbled and that's fixed but I have two teeth that are still crooked. My bite is getting better and I have less headaches. So for some they might say I didn't needed this to begin with but I did it for me.

I should be done my treatment in four months near Christmas if everything goes well! I have only 9 trays left to go.

Revision- I had only 31 trays total not 33 and I'm on tray 22 now. I pick up three new trays on 8/26. I'll let you know what the dentist says.

Photos of trays

When you get your first set of trays, they come with cases. One is for travel and one for home. I keep my trays in there when I am eating. The trays come in bags. I get three bags a visit. They suggest keeping all trays just in case you need to back track or to keep track of the tooth movement. I like going back to tray one and comparing to my current tray to see how far I've come. I had 15 trays the first time around and am on tray 22 of the new set. So I've worn 37 trays so far and have 9 trays to go. I'm hoping I won't need any adjustments my next visit. I really want these 9 to be it.

Possible Adjustment Needed Again

So yesterday I visited my dentist to pick up the next 3 sets of trays. During my visit, the dentist noticed that my one top tooth and one bottom tooth have not moved in 6 weeks (since my last visit). With that said, he was concerned about giving me the next 3 sets as they could do nothing or make things worse. So he decided to take more photos of my teeth as they currently are with and without the trays in my mouth. He would send these off to the makers of Invisalign and ask them what the next steps should be since they aren't working any longer. The buttons are all lining up with the slots but these two teeth just don't want to move! I pointed these two teeth out in two of my photos. It's the top one next to the front tooth and the bottom pointy tooth.

I only have 9 trays left so I don't want to start all over like I did the last time I had a mid-case adjustment! I shared my concern with the dentist and he said most likely they will just made adjustments to the remaining 9 and possibly add a few more. I said the last time they said that that they gave me 31 more trays when I had already done 15 out of 32 the first time. He assured me that it would not be like that this time as my teeth have moved a lot in the right direction since then. So I'm awaiting a call from the office to see what the makers of invisalign have said. I'll keep you posted. Fingers crossed that I don't have to get another 30+ trays! I don't know if I can mentally take that!!

3 Options For Next Step - What is your suggestion?

My dentist called me today to give me the verdict of what the invisalign makers said. They gave me thre options on how we could continue my treatment.

OPTION #1 - Keep my current trays (which I only have 9 left to go) and add more buttons and some rubberbands to pull the two teeth that aren't moving. Waiting time - one week to get the new buttons and rubberbands in after ordering. No extra charge.

OPTION #2 - Do another mid-case adjustment where they take new impressions of my teeth and get a whole new set of trays. I could end up getting just 9 trays or maybe 15 trays or maybe like last time 31 trays. Wait time - a few weeks or more to get the new set of trays made and sent to my dentist from invisalign. No extra charge.

OPTION #3 - Stop the invisalign treatment altogether and start a new treatment of fast braces, which could last about 4-6 months. No extra charge.

I did not want to go through another mid-case adjustment and possibly get another 15-31 trays so I am leaning toward option 1 and option 3. I told the dentist that since I have come this far with my trays that I'd like to give them a chance with the extra buttons and rubberbands. If that doesn't work, then we'll try one of the other two options.

Do you think I made the right choice? What would you have done?

New buttons and rubber bands

I went to the dentist yesterday, and he placed two new, large buttons on the front and back of my two trouble top and bottom teeth. Rubber bands were placed on each tooth by attaching them from the back to the front button. See photo. They are clear so not that noticeable, but are outside of the trays so you can see them more. The trays had to be cut where those two teeth were to allow for the large buttons to pull the teeth with the rubber bandsinto the correct tray spot. I can feel slight pain as I usually do when I get a new set of trays. I go back in three weeks to see how it is working.

Week One With Buttons and Rubber Bands

It's been one week since I've been wearing the buttons with the rubber bands on those two teeth. I went to the dentist today for a cleaning and x-rays and he checked the progress of my teeth. Doesn't look like they moved much since I got the rubber bands on but then again it's only been 1 week. I go into the office again in two weeks (on the 30th) so will get an update then. I'm supposed to get those two buttons off and continue wearing the next set of trays. Hopefully that's what happens.

Movie Clip Of My Teeth Movement

Finally figured out how to add the clip of my teeth moving from beginning to end. Buttons are attached.

Which Retainer Option Should I Go For - Fixed or Removable?

Although I have some time before I finish my Invisalign treatment, I want to start considering which retainer option I should go for. My options are: A) Permanent (fixed, bonded) retainer OR B) Removable retainer - Essix (Vivera®) or Hawley. I was leaning more toward the fixed retainer as I wouldn’t have to think about it as much. I would only have to be concerned with flossing with threaders. That seems annoying but if I could put up with Invisalign for 2 years, I would do that! My other main concern was cavities. Would having a fixed retainer make cavities on my teeth from the bonding, more saliva or something else? When I had regular metal braces, afterwards, I wore the Hawley retainer. This was plastic and metal. I can’t remember but I think the plastic part that touched the roof of my mouth was annoying. I don’t mind the metal piece in the front as I would only wear these at night most likely. The Essix option is more like Invisalign trays but thicker. This could be a good option, too. I’m kind of sick of wearing my trays though so I’m thinking one of the other options might be best.

What are your thoughts? Do you think the fixed/bonded option with curves would irritate the gums?

Helpful Website

I found this website helpful. It talks about retainers, braces, invisalign, etc.

Rubber Band Progress

I went in for my three week check up since I had the larger buttons placed on my two problem teeth and the rubber bands added to those two teeth. I have noticed that the bottom tooth has moved up into the tray more. The dentist and assistant noticed the top tooth moved down into the tray more. So, I guess I'm having movement improvements since the buttons and bands were added. I received my next tray set. The dentist fitted it to work wtih the bands and large buttons. I am to wear this for two weeks and then go back for another check up. They are paying close attention to those two teeth to make sure they are tracking right and that we are making progress in the right direction. They know I don't want to waste time doing something that isn't helping. The only thing I disliked about the last visit was that they did some filing to the top and bottom problem teeth to help them move as they had friction and less space to move from the other teeth. I hate that sound when they do it! Other than that, good visit. Will update you in two weeks.

Paid Off My Invisalign Bill!! Dentist Visit Today

This past month I paid off my Care Credit Card which is how I paid for my Invisalign treatment. Took me just under 2 years to pay it off! :) I'm very happy about this! Just wish my treatment was done already.

I go in for my next tray today. The dentist is going to check out the two teeth that have buttons and bands on them to see their progress. I hope they see a difference. I see my teeth every day so I don't see a big difference. I'm getting anxious about when this is going to be done. I feel like it never will! Two years when I was told 6 months is a long time to be patient. My patience is running thin but I'm trying to be strong. I am not the type to just give up because it's taking long. My dentist is very good and he's doing everything he can without going outside the invisalign "box" / guidelines. I'll update you once I have my appointment.

Coming Along Well

My dentist appointment went well. Both the dentist and assistant said they see a change from two weeks ago. The two problem teeth are filling in the space in the tray better than before. They still have more to go though so I'm not done yet with the big buttons and bands. I got my next tray. Dr. Bruni cut them where needed to fit the big buttons and bands. I am to go back again in two weeks. They are only giving me one tray each visit instead of the three they used to give me as they want to monitor my process more closely and sooner since I'm on my last trays. I'm on tray 25 out of 31 so we're getting close to the end. I'm hoping things go the way they are supposed to and I won't need any revisions. I'll keep you posted in two weeks.


I'm still thinking about which retainer would be best for me. I haven't gotten to many responses from people to give me their experience or opinion. I'm was leaning toward the tray style like invisalign as I think I grind my teeth at night and that might help but then again I am not sure I do want this one as it stains easily and also breaks after a while. With that said, I think the permanent one or the Hawley one might be best. I'm just concerned that with the Hawley one, it's not around all your teeth. The metal is mostly just on the front teeth with metal "hoops" that go around a few back. The permanent one I also think is just on the front so not sure which is best.

Please give me your opinion. Thanks!

Getting Tray 26 Tomorrow

I'm excited. I'm getting close to the end of my treatment. I'm very pleased with how the rubber bands and big buttons are helping my two problem teeth. The teeth are almost completely where they need to be in the trays. I have 31 trays total so I have 6 trays left. I'm just hoping my two problem teeth will go to their final destination before the last tray. It's been long enough for me that I'm really hoping I don't need any revisions in the end. It's gonna be weird for me not to have these in my mouth all the time since I've been doing it for two years now. I'm so used to them. However, I'm looking forward to them being out so I don't have to go through all the hassle when I want to eat or snack. I'll keep you posted of what my dentist says at tomorrow's visit. I'll try to post new pics, too!

5 Trays Left but May Take Longer :(

I went to the dentist on Monday to get my next tray set. I'm on my 5th to last tray so only 4 more left. My problem teeth have moved more to where they are "supposed" to be but not to the point where the dentist thought it would be okay to remove the large buttons and rubber bands. After careful consideration, he said I should wear them for at least another week. Since I'm getting close to the end of the treatment, it's possible I may have to get impressions done again and get an end of case adjustment to finish it up properly. Having holes cut into the trays to fit the big buttons and rubber bands prevent the trays from properly moving those teeth right or left. They only move up and down with the bands and buttons so the process of the whole teeth moving where they need to be has been prolonged. I'm disappointed about that cause this will be my third impression/tray sets since I started and the day before Thanksgiving will be my 2 year mark. I'm ready to get these off but am so close to my goal. I don't want to take a short cut and not do this the right way. I will follow the dentist's lead and recommendations.

No More Rubber Bands or Large Buttons - 3 Trays Left!

I went to my dentist yesterday to pick up my next set of trays and to check the progression. I've been going every two weeks as we are closer to finishing. Surprisingly, they took off the two large buttons and bands! I hate the feeling and smell of getting those buttons sanded off! I also had to get some filing on the bottom problem tooth to help it move into place. The two problem teeth have moved up or down to where they needed to be. They now just need to get flush with the other teeth. I was given my LAST THREE TRAYS instead of just one set! I have to wear my current one for two weeks then I'll move on to the third to last tray. Very exciting. We are crossing our fingers that another adjustment won't have to be made after these trays are done, but you never know. After taking the photos attached, I realized that my bottom two front teeth are not aligned with the front. I thought the "line" between the two front are supposed to line up with the "line" in between the two bottom teeth. Mine do not. I'm going to ask about this next visit. My next appointment is in January so you might not hear from me much during the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

More Photos

I posted duplicates of the same photos instead of adding these. These show my problem top tooth and how my top and bottom "middle line" isn't lining up.

Uploading 2 Pics from the other day

One Tray Left - Disappointed

I'm on my second to last tray right now and I change it out soon for my last tray. I'm supposed to be happy and jumping for joy but I'm not. I'm disappointed. My two problem teeth have not moved or gotten better or to the point of completion to where they are supposed to be at end of treatment in my opinion. I DO NOT want to do another mid-case adjustment and get another bunch of trays. With my luck, I will get another 31. I went two years wearing these and my teeth weren't that messed up to begin with. Why has it taken 2 years to move these two teeth? Very disappointed! I have a few options from this point on.

1. DO NOTHING. Keep my teeth as they are at completion and just be satisfied with them (which I will not be)
2. At the end of treatment, get new impressions made and have anther set made to keep going (not sure how many I would get so this could take another year or more - who knows)
3. Get Fastbraces. Have the buttons removed for my invisalign, not have any more trays made and get fastbraces. This takes 4-6 months typically for minor cases but could take longer. Should have gone with traditional braces instead of invisalign as I may have been done already.

What do you think?

As for a retainer afterwards:
I talked to someone who has a permanent retainer and essix and who works for an orthodontist. She does not recommend the Hawley. She highly recommends the lingual permanent retainer on top or and bottom and essix overtop of that. Her office does the permanent retainer and essix. I paid for essix already I believe with my treatment but the lingual would be extra. Gotta get a quote.

Finished my Invisalign Treatment - Not Happy So Changing Over to Fast Braces

On 1/20 I had my last Invisalign appointment with Dr. Bruni. This was supposed to be my last day of any kind of treatment; however, my expected end results were not what the results were. See the photo I posted of the diagram and my 2 year 2 month results. I have had some chages; however, my main tooth problems were not fixed fully. The main reason why I got invisalign was to fix that top tooth next to the main front tooth. It is still crooked and behind the front tooth. My bottom tooth was not nice either.

My dentist gave me two options. I could do more trays (which could take another 7 months) or I can do fast braces for about 3-6 months. I chose fast braces. They are METAL though! I get them on 2/3.

Waiting Patiently for Fast Braces - Metal Mouth at 35

I am scheduled to get my fast braces on 2/3. I'm excited but nervous. I'm excited as it's one step closer to fixing my two problems teeth that I got Invisalign on for in the first place. Two years later and those two teeth are still not where they need to be but have moved a little. I'm nervous because I'm 35 and will have a mouth of metal for 3-6 months. I'm really hoping that this treatment finishes sooner than later as I really didn't want to get metal braces again. If I wanted that, I would have done that to begin with instead of the trays as they are both the same price. On a positive note, my new doctor for the braces is cute and has a great personality so I won't mind going to see him every 4 weeks. With braces you have to go every 4 weeks instead of 6 like Invisalign because your teeth move faster and they have to track them sooner then. I have been whitening my teeth some while I have the buttons off and before I get the braces. I only did it once so far but was hoping to do it a few more times before my appointment. I left it at work though and had off the last two days so I'm losing days. I'll have Thursday - Sunday to do it. My dentist actually gave me the whiting gel to use in my Invisalign trays. I only tried it once so far but I think it's working. I'll probably not post again until 2/3 but may the day before. Wish me luck. Metal mouth at 35!

Got My Fast Braces Yesterday - Ouch

Yesterday I went in to have my fast braces placed on my teeth. It took 2.5 hours. There wasn't really much pain other than when the dental assistant burnt my lip with the curer. See photo. I now have a blister. She didn't even apologize. Makes me mad! Since this posting is supposed to be about Invisalign, I'm going to continue this on my Fast Braces Review. Please go there to follow me.

Very happy with results so far after fast braces

Please check out my fast braces review at the link above to see my results so far. Invisalign moved some of my teeth but not all. Fast Braces is completing the remaining movements. AND boy does it really work fast. Within a week my top tooth was where it needed to be but we waited a month before taking off the braces off the top. Bottom braces are still on but after a week of adding a special band the bottom problem tooth moved within a day! No kidding. When I say these work fast they do. Of course we are keeping them on just a little longer. I got a retainer for the top that looks like an Invisalign tray but thicker. I think the combination of Invisalign and Fast Braces was good for me. However after giving it more thought, I should have just started with the metal braces. I would have been done sooner.

See Fast Braces Updates On My Other Post

I had my top braces taken off and plan on getting the bottom taken off either today or very soon. Looking good so far. Read more on my other post Fast Braces. Thanks!

Back To Invisalign After Having Fast Braces

I went in for my visit yesterday and got my bottom braces removed. Everything looks good and straight on the bottom. No changes are needed. However, the dentist was still not happy with the top after I pointed out what bothered me. So the bad news is that I'm back to invisalign again for who knows how long. They took impressions and are sending them away to see how many new trays I'll have to wear on the top to fix the two incisor teeth next to the two front teeth. They are pushed back and need to move forward. So I had 2 years and 2 months in invisalign. 1 month for top braces. 2 months for bottom braces. Now back to invisalign again. Good news is this is all included in my original fees. No extra money.

Back to Invisalign After Fast Braces

My bottom test are great but top two incisors next to to top, from teeth are still pushed back. Can see most from front view. Going back to trays to fix that.

Waiting for Invisalign Trays Still

Since my last visit, I've just been waiting for my dentist to call me to let me know that my Invisalign trays have come in. They took new impressions during my last visit and sent them to the makers of Invisalign to get revision trays. Hopefully it won't be a lot of trays as I'm so ready to be done with all this treatment. A little over two years is enough for me. I wear my last retainer tray from Fast Braces only at night. During the day I wear nothing. When I put my trays on they are a little tight and then get relaxed within the hour. When I get the new Invisalign trays, I'm going to have to wear them all day again like the first time. Anxiously waiting for my trays to get this refinement started.

Next Appointment is on 5/21 - Going to ask about ankylosed

The community manager TwoPlusOne brought ankylosed to my attention. I'm going to ask my dentist about that when I go in on 5/21. That's when I should have my new trays in for the refinement.

When i was in h.s. and was having problems with that same tooth, my ortho told me to get a fiberotomy.

"A fiberotomy or pericision is an orthodontic surgical procedure designed to sever the gingival fibers around a tooth. It usually reduces the tendency to relapse of tooth rotations corrected by dental braces or other treatments. The most frequently encountered post-orthodontic problem is the retention of re-established tooth position. Relapse (drifting of the tooth back to its position prior to orthodontic correction) may occur anywhere, but it is often associated with teeth that have undergone rotation (twisting) as part of the orthodontic therapy."

"A fiberotomy involves the detachment of the fibers that attach the tooth to the bone via the gum. The fibers act much like twisted rubber bands and releasing the tension between the fibers and the tooth reduces the forces that attempt to pull the tooth back to its original position. It is performed near the completion of the orthodontics and is shown to be effective in preventing the relapse of teeth. To perform this procedure, the area around the tooth is numbed and simple cuts are made along the gum to sever the fibers; this procedure is painless as long as the patient takes an analgesic after the numbing has worn off."

I had this done in h.s. and years later, the tooth is back! It didn't stay in that position very long. I will ask them about that again as well as ankylosed.

Disappointed in my Invisalign Appointment Today

I went in for my Invisalign appointment today to get my revision trays, I was asked to go into an office to speak to someone about my progress. This is unusual as usually the dentist just comes in and puts on the buttons and sends me on my way with three trays. Turns out that the company who makes Invisalign sent me another 30+ trays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This would be about another 2 years. This must have been a mistake they told me as this was a revision of two minor teeth movements and not a new case. There is no way I'm going another 2 years. I already did Invisalign for 2 years and 2 months then Fast Braces for 1-3 months. My teeth are not that messed up to have to have been in braces this long! I don't know what the issue is. I already had a fiberotomy in h.s. The dentist checked my x-rays and I don't have any problems with the bone, tooth, fibers, etc. They are going to send in a question/request to Invisalign and get back to me with the results on how to proceed. I'll keep you posted.

Retainer option

I forgot to mention that they said after treatment I should go with the permanent retainer and retainer trays. I wear the tray at night and the retainer during the day. For all the trouble, they are going to try to discount the permanent retainer for me since the plastic tray is included in my treatment already.

Tray Revision Number Updated to 11

I received an email from the Invisalign coordinator at my dentist's office the other day. She said she got a reply back from Invisalign about my refinement. I do not have to do another 30+ trays. To fix the first front four teeth, I will only have to wear another 11 trays. Each tray is worn 3 weeks though so that's 33 weeks. That's another 8 - 9 months of Invisalign!!! I'm so mad about that but I came so far and can't give up yet. I think that if after this refinement it's not where it's supposed to be that I might just give up. It's not like I have major issues or problems to fix. These changes are minor so I can't comprehend what's wrong! Why can't they move where they are supposed to go! I don't have issues with the bone or fibers so they should be able to move easily. I will have been in these things 2 years and 2 months the first time and now another 8-9 months. That's about 3 years!!! Crazy! Makes me mad just thinking about it.

And So It Begins Again

I picked up my new trays for my invisalign refinement. I'm on my second week of the first tray. I'm lucky as this time around, I only have one button in my mouth compared to last time. I am not wearing new trays on the bottom. I just wear my retainer. I have an appointment for this Wednesday to get a permanent metal linear retainer on my bottom teeth. They will also give me a new retainer to wear at night with the metal retainer. It's going to cost me $230. However, that's after a $100 discount. It includes both the top and bottom wires. I called another placed, and they charge almost the same amount for just the bottom. I'm just hoping that time flies as I'm tired of wearing these trays.

Got a Permanent Retainer for Bottom Teeth

I went in for a visit last week to have a permanent retainer placed on my bottom teeth. They had taken an impression and sent it away to have the metal piece molded to fit the bottom teeth. They put some etching on my teeth, placed the metal bar and then put some resin or something on each tooth it was attached to in order to keep it in place. I definitely feel it but it's not annoying. I just have to get used to it. If I can get a photo of it, I'll post it. I tried. It's hard to get a good pic of it with my phone.

During this same visit, I picked up my next three tray sets for the top. I am almost 2 months into my revision trays. Hope the next 6 months go by fast.

Permanent Retainer Photo

It was very challenging to get a photo of my bottom permanent retainer but I finally got one! My friend took the photo while I put a mirror in my mouth. You can see the metal wire and the white resin holding it onto the teeth. I most likely am getting one on the top as well once my treatment is done. The total cost for both was $250.

Now onto Tray 8 of 11

I went to the dentist recently to get my next set of trays. They gave me trays 8 and 9 only as they said that 10 and 11 are just over correction trays. This means I'm on my last 2 trays that really move the teeth. The others just keep them in place for 4 more weeks to help keep their placement. I'm a little worried though as my one problem tooth next to the front tooth is still not where it needs to be. It has rotated out more but is still "behind" the front main tooth. :/ I really hope this works!! This will be almost 3 years when I'm done at tray 11. I will try to post photos or/and a video of my teeth soon so you can see the difference from my April 10th photos.

Video 1

Teeth at tray 8 of 11 refinement

Explicit - Click to view

Here is a video showing my problem tooth that just won't move. There is a small button on that tooth to help it rotate and move. I'm also pointing out my bottom teeth which are complete. I'm noticing that my teeth are more yellow than they used to be. Wonder if it was caused by wearing the trays. :/ gotta do something about that.

Video 2 and 3

This is what my teeth are supposed to do and look like from tray 1 to 11. This is my refinement set. My second time around.

Video 2 post

Never posted the first time.

Video 3 post

Tray 1-11 refinement

Explicit - Click to view

This never posted.

On Tray 9 of11 - lost tray 8

So over the weekend I was babysitting. I took out my tray to eat and then it disappeared. I searched the entire house for it!!! I could not find it. Most likely it was flushed cause that's the only place I could not check. Anyway, in 3 years I have not lost a tray. In any event, I was scheduled for my 6 month cleaning so while there, I told them the story. They decided to give me tray 9 instead of having tray 8 re-made. Tray 9 is an over correction tray anyway so it's just over correcting what tray 8 would have done. So I am one step closer to being done with my treatment. Do you know how super excited I am??? I spoke to my dentist about fixing the chip in my front tooth (see blog on bonding) and he will do it for free as it's still under warranty. I also spoke to him about fixing that one problem tooth that just won't get into place. He suggested that after my last 3 trays, that he just build the tooth down and out with bonding. My tooth bonding for that tooth is under warranty, too, so it wouldn't cost me anything. I agreed. So you'll have some new photos of my teeth soon!

Bottom teeth are doing well. As you know, they are complete. I got them a permanent retainer. I just have to make sure to keep it clean and use a threader when flossing. Takes more time but isn't hard to do.

Video of Inserting and Removing Top Tray

So I’m on my 9th tray of 11. I wanted to make a video for 1) to try and win the IPHONE 6 GIVEAWAY and 2) to show you guys how easy it is to put in and out of my mouth. Also, I wanted to show you how it’s not that noticeable. I am pointing to one tooth in the video showing how it is the only tooth not touching the bottom of the tray. It just won’t go down. This is the tooth we will bond soon.


Today is my last day of wearing invisalign. I have been wearing them for about 3 years total! Much longer than I expected or wanted. I am very relieved to finally be done. I think in the long run, I would have been better of going with metal braces. Even though invisalign was convenient, clear and cool, I feel braces would have been faster and aided in movement better.

Today I am scheduled to have the button off my side tooth removed and the glue scrapped off. I am also having that small chip on my front tooth fixed with bonding as well as that side problem tooth that won't turn or move forward bonded to make it appear as if it moved. They will basically build the tooth up to align with the front tooth. I hope it looks natural and good!! I don't have to pay anything extra for this as my bonding was still under warranty from when I paid for it the first time.

After the button is removed and the bonding is added, they are doing to make me a temporary plastic retainer to wear until my top metal retainer is made and placed on it. I'm looking forward to that because I will then truly be finished except for check-ups.


So I went in today to have my last invisalign button taken off. After that, they fixed the chip on the front tooth with bonding. You can see me pointing to the tooth that was fixed. Now the bonded tooth looks a little longer than the natural tooth next to it so I'll have to go back to have them shave it down a little. They also fixed my problem tooth that would not twist, move forward or come down. They built it up with bonding making it flush with the top front tooth. I don't like how thick it looks compared to the other tooth but that is okay. He did a good job making it smooth, white and real looking. If it really bothers me, I'll have the other side tooth done like this too but I'm going to wait.

I had impressions done as they had to make me a temporary night retainer to wear until my permanent metal lingual retainer is made and placed on my front back teeth. That should be in 3 weeks!! I'll keep you posted.

Got my chipped tooth fixed yesterday and it's already chipped again!!

I went to my dentist yesterday to have the front tooth bonded again. It had chipped once already. This is the next day and it's chipped again already! I didn't even do anything to make it chip. I have to go back to have it sanded down to make it even, which is fine by me cause I thought that tooth was too long anyway after bonding compared to the tooth next to it. The dentist can't fit me in until Monday though.


I am finally done my treatment for both Fast Braces and Invisalign. My bottom teeth were done a while ago, and it already has the permanent retainer on. Now that I am done the top teeth, they will get a permanent retainer as well. I took the impressions for it Monday, and it should come in 2-3 weeks from then. Right now I just wear a night guard or temporary top retainer to hold my teeth in place til the metal permanent one gets there. I also had my chipped from tooth and side tooth bonded. My teeth are looking really good!

Some updated photos

I had to get my front tooth rebonded twice as it had chipped. Not sure how it chipped but my dentist fixed it and it looks good. I now have a permanent retained on the top and bottom teeth. My treatment should be completely done now unless my bonding chips again or my retainer comes off for whatever reason. See photos of final result.

Simple Update

Teeth are doing great. No issues with the rebonded teeth. Only small issue with top permanent retainer. One of the ends came lose and they had to reglue it down. They got me in the next day to do so. Other than that it's great. Hard to clean behind the teeth where retainer is and also timely to floss. Find myself not flossing as much. :/

Recent Picture Taken Today

Here is a recent pic of my smile taken today. Looking good!! Pretty happy for the most part!

IMPORTANT NOTE - if you whiten your teeth, be careful if you have bonding. Bonding does not whiten with your teeth!!! You'll have two shades!

Re-attached lingual retainer

The top permanent retainer became loose in a few places so I went back to the dentist to have them attach it again in the spots that had became loose. I knew it was loose because I could feel the end of the bar poking my tounge if I rubbed it against it. They say it's a filling, so insurance covers it as they use the same material as a filling to keep the lingual bar on. It only cost $15 each and I had two done. Everything else seems to be fine since finishing my treatment.
Dr. Bruni at Bluebonnet Dental

I absolutely love this office and my dentist. Everyone is so friendly. They even know me by name! Dr. Bruni and his wife are great. I highly recommend going there.

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