2 1/2 weeks post op - Baton Rouge, LA

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After years of contemplating getting my nose done,...

After years of contemplating getting my nose done, I'm finally doing it! I'm super excited! I start taking some special vitamins 3 days before that are supposed to help with swelling. My date is July 12. Got my blood work done today and all my prescriptions are ready and waiting! Will update as it goes!

1week until surgery

Well, I'm one week out and I feel like I'm getting a little bit of a cold. :( I called the doctor to see if it will affect my surgery or if I will have to post pone. The nurse said that I seem ok as of right now. I'm not running fever and there's no infection so all should be ok. I bought some emergen-c and trying to get plenty of rest. Praying all is better by next Friday!

No, not a cold!!!

So I woke up Sunday morning with a full blown cold and I was freaking out. So I went to urgent care yesterday begging for meds so I can get better before surgery Friday. They tested me for everything from strep to pregnancy! Lol funny. Not strep and no, I'm not pregnant. So after all that he gave me an antibiotic that I can take that wont mess up my having surgery. Whew. It's Tuesday night and I feel a little better, but far from "well". The doctor promised that I'll be better before Fridays surgery. So, in the mean time, I'm popping pills, getting lots of rest and stacking the vitamin c.
I also started my vitamins, that my plastic surgeon recommended, today. It's called Bromilin. It's supposed to help with swelling after the surgery. 2 more days! Excited, and super nervous. :)

More before pics

Day of surgery

So, I had surgery yesterday but was too loopy to write. So I'm updating now. We got there at 7am got the I'VE started and they needed me to pee in a cup to do a preg test. Of course, I went to the bathroom right before we got there and couldn't go. Lol. So they ended up doing a cath to pull it from my bladder.
I was feeling a little freaked out when they took me to the operating room. W erroneous buzzing around connecting stuff and sticking things on me. The nurse could tell I was about to freak out. She told the anesthesiologist to start my stuff to relax me. I was relieved because I was getting really nervous. Needless to say my next memory was waking up in recovery. I had no pain except in my throat from the breathing tube. I felt like they just shoved that sucker in and yanked it out. Lol. It feels a little better today but still a little soar. My face wasn't really swollen either and no black eye at that point lots of blood on the drip pad below my nose but it has almost completely stopped at this point.

1 day post op

I pretty much slept all day. My swelling is worse and my eyes are just a tiny bit black. I figure it will get worse before it gets better. I feel good. Not a lot of pain. I'm still taking the pain meds regularly just in case. My nostrils look wide to me but I know it's just due o the swelling. But so far I'm happy with what I can see. The doc called last night o check on me and said everything went great and I will be so happy with my nose. He said it turned out beautiful. :). He did say the surgery took him longer than expected because there was more work to be done than originally anticipated. My septum was deviated a lot more than he thought and he ended up moving my nasal bones in so my nose wouldn't look wide after he took the hump off. I have a check up on Monday with the doc to make sure all is well. Then the splint is supposed to come off on Thursday. Cant wait to see my new nose!

Day of surgery pics

2 days post op

Lots of swelling today. Don't feel too hot. Congested. Going back to sleep.

3 days post op doc appt

Went to the doc this morning for a quick check up. They said things look good. They were surprised I'm not bruised. But they were concerned that my swelling wasn't getting better. The nurse called in a steroid pack to reduce the swelling. I go back on Thursday to see Dr. Parenack and get my splint removed. I hope most of the swelling in my face is gone by then. I still don't know what my nose is going to look like. I was a little depressed this morning about everything, I guess that is some what normal. I'm feeling a little better now, just wish I could see more of what my nose is going to look like. I feel like its really wide and piggy looking right now. I'm trying to have patience and stay positive. It's still hard to breathe due to congestion. I've been using the ocean spray more today to help with it. Ill update again tomorrow! Going to get more rest. :)

3 days post. Profile

2 weeks post op

So I'm 2 weeks post op and I'm still really swollen. I'm a little sad and worried that I'm not going to be pleased with the final result. It still looks big. :(. My profile looks great though... Cant complain about it too much. Trying to have patience. I go back to the doc next week for my 2 week check up. He said last appt that if the swelling wasn't a lot better then he would give me a cortisone shot to help. I've already done the oral dose and it didnt do too much. I'm a little anxious about it all. :(

Profile pics

New profile pics

After pic

I like it in this pic. Swelling go away!

2 1/2 weeks

Swelling going sloooowly

1 month post-op

Went in for my check up today. Still swollen, so Doc gave me a cortisone shot in my nose. Ooouuuuuccchhhh! He said it will help the swelling to go down faster and that I should notice a difference over the next couple weeks. Funny thing is, I woke up this morning and notice a difference. It looks really good. I'm excited to see how it changes over the next couple weeks. My next check up is in 2 months! Ill keep you posted! Feeling happy!


Before and after cortisone shot
Jon parenak

He was soooo awesome in the consultation. Made me feel very comfortable. Easy to talk to. Love him! *Spelling correction. Dr. Jon Perenak

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