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Hello fellow Augmenters! So excited here, but what...

Hello fellow Augmenters! So excited here, but what woman isn't on here? A teensy bit about me. I am 28 year old mother of two 5'3" and 112 lbs, breastfed my youngest for 6 months. I can fit my empty sacks into an A cup these days... yes pregnancy/ breastfeeding took it's toll (what we give for our babies). Unfortunately I've been this size for nearly all my life. When I was younger my twin sis and I would stuff balloons in our shirts and pretend we had boobs. My mother and older sister definitely has a decent pair. However when puberty hit my twin and I, we slowly began to realize that our "mosquito bites" would never mature into the racks all our friends and girls in our classes were getting. I was devastated... Then came my first pregnancy, I thought surely now I'd grow something! Alas my stomach grew and I gained weight, my breasts stayed the same, except maybe I fully filled an A cup now. 

Then came the week of delivery... HELLO boobs there you are! I exploded into what I think was a full C to small D cup. I was thrilled with this and could not have been happier about appearance and size. Unfortunately as soon as I threw in the towel with nursing and engorgement went down... back to my A minus size with an extra surprise... stretch marks. I can't begin to express the disappointment. Fast forward to 20 months ago, baby #2, with this pregnancy my boobs grew to a solid B cup. Then after delivery WELCOME BACK GIRLS! how I missed you (I actually said this to them). I kept the B/C size until my milk supply tanked and reluctantly quit. I stayed a small B however until 6 months ago.. back to A cup, but this time I at least fill a 32 A with no problems. 
Finally my hubby has given me the go ahead to blow these babies up permanently! (he's tired of the longing/ depressed look I get in my eyes when I look in the mirror topless) We aren't done having kids yet, but my PS told me it was fine. I work in woman's healthcare and I see boobs everyday... I talked to a lot of my patients who I noticed had breast augmentations and got referrals from the physicians I see and work with. I decided on the husband of one of the nurses who used to work with us before her happy retirement. He is even giving me a "professional courtesy" discount and waiving his physician fee. (I think that helped convinced the hubs even more!). After my consultation yesterday, my surgeon, hubby and I decided we would go with Silicone High Profile at 400cc. I have a looong wait ahead, but only because I chose to do it the week the physician I work with is on vacation... He and the other nurse I work with would be lost without me... no joke this is what THEY said! Anyway, I just wanted to say hi... and give some back ground, I look forward to following all of your stories, and hopefully this will help my wait pass by faster. I can't wait to actually fill out my clothes and not have everyone see completely down my chest to stomach when I bend over!!

Just adding the before pics. I'm starting to get...

Just adding the before pics.
I'm starting to get real nervous about my recovery time. To all you ladies who have under the muscle implants:

How long was it before you felt you could return to work? I'm having my surgery on a Tuesday and returning to work the following Monday. Is this a fair possibility or am I living in dream land? DO any of you ladies have any tips that will help my recovery along the way?

Also to all you mommies of young ones: How did you cope (and help your little one cope) with not being able to hold them? I have an 19 month old who is an absolute hip baby
thanks for any tips you ladies can offer me!

Now I'm reconsidering size.. UGH!! I've been...

Now I'm reconsidering size.. UGH!! I've been looking at too many pictures... so wish I could schedule this surgery sooner... only 59 days to go. I want the biggest bang for my buck. I'm thinking maybe 450cc instead of 400cc now. But I'm curious if enlarging to that size will put me at a greater risk of complications such as capsular contracture, longer healing time, and upper back pain later in life. What do you ladies think, 450cc might be too much? I just don't want to say those dreaded words afterwards "I wish I had gone bigger."

My PS's office called me today and they have...

My PS's office called me today and they have opened an earlier date up. Looks like I'm getting my boobies on June 13th!! At first I turned them down but then I talked with the doc I work for and he is actually taking off a few days that week, so it all works out. The only down side is I have less time to recover before returning to work and seeing patients. But our schedules have been very unusually light lately. We all guess it's because a combination of insurance premiums and deductibles increasing (people paying more out of pocket for routine visits and tests), issues with the "computerized healthcare system", and more women want to see a female ob/gyn rather than a male. All the male physicians at the office schedules are slow, only the female physicians have a halfway decent schedule now, but still across the board everyone is seeing less patients these days. Anyway I'm hoping and predicting that when I do return to work after my surgery the schedule will still be slow.

Anyway, my pre-op is next week and I'm so excited I only have 4 more weeks to wait as opposed to 7 (SQUEAL)!!

I have decided to ask the PS to go with the largest size he can reasonably do for my size ( I think the size I chose is close to the cap anyway). I don't want to fall in love with their swollen size and be disappointed once all the swelling goes down. It seems like that happens a lot, I'd rather think their too big swollen and wait for them to go down than to wish I had gone larger to begin with. OH there is so much I need to do now. I can't wait, I have to write down all my questions for preop because I know I'll forget them all before he walks in the door. Ladies are there any suggestions out there about what I should ask? what about creams and supplements? What is all this arnecia I keep hearing about? ANy adice or tips will be greatly appreciated! Thanks Ladies!!

Pre Op today!

Alright ladies, today was my pre op and I decided to stick with the 400cc memory gel mentors. I got all my pre/post op instructions and went a head and filled my prescriptions today. Now only 3 more Thursdays to go! I'm hoping it will all go by fast. My doc doesn't recommend any special diet or supplements. just to start a multi vitamin make sure to up the vitamin C and no more than 400 IU's of vitamin E a day. I believe some one here suggested drink 2 liters of water the day before surgery and a high protein diet to help healing. It couldn't hurt anything to try it. I also stocked up on some miralax since I read a lot of you are constipated and bloated afterwards. I plan to start taking it 24 hours before surgery. I can hardly believe I'm finally getting this done!

So close but yet so far away!

With only 2 more Thursdays left, I'm starting to feel a mix of excitement, nervousness, and extreme anticipation. I keep watching breast surgeries on You Tube and I'm completely boob obsessed right now. With every patient at my office that comes in and I've noticed they've had a BA, I ask them what their experience was like and their healing process. I keep hearing more good news about the surgeon I chose. Also that he tends to go bigger, not a bit of a problem for me. I just need to stop reading the horror stories with contracture, bottoming out, bad pain after surgery, incision problems, etc. I'm hoping if I keep positive and take it realistically, I'll do fine and will have nothing to worry about.

Thank Goodness next week is an extremely busy week at the office so that will help the time pass and next weekend there is also a wedding to attend. Also finally my hairdresser is back from his vay-cay and I can fix my awful hair and get a MUCH needed cut and summer look. SO lots to look forward to and pass the time this coming week.

I wish I knew what size bra to get. I know I need a front close one, but it's hard for me to fine one with just a band size, All I can seem to find at walmart and target are medium and large sizes. Maybe I'm just being a complete ditz and not looking in the right place.
BTW I'm very frustrated that VS is having their semi annual sale now... wish I knew what size I'll end up so I can buy some things at a good price!

One more week!

Why did I think this week would pass by quickly? UGH.. it has drugged by so slowly.. I have a feeling this weekend and Monday through Wednesday will crawl even slower. Only 7 Days LEFT! I call the PS's office tomorrow to find out the time of my surgery. I had my first nightmare about the procedure Tuesday night. I dreamt that my surgery wasn't until the late evening and I couldn't eat or drink all day. LOL I hate not being able to eat.. just knowing that I can't makes me hungrier and grumpier. I really hope it's an early morning surgery.

Speaking of eating, I know a lot of you girls were eating soup the first day or two. But since it's summer and incredibly hot now, where I live, are there any suggestions of cooler dishes. I was thinking maybe a smoothie, or cold cereal instead? Or would that be too heavy and make me nauseated? I have stocked up on powerade since I know that I'll be very thirsty the day of and a little dehydrated. Now what else do I need? My scripts are already filled. and I'll be putting ice packs in the freezer this week. may be I should get a heating pad as well? I did find a few front closed bras. I bought a few in my current band size and one band size larger.
I'm trying not to update too much before the big day. the more I talk about it the more anticipation I'm feeling.

I'm going to have to tell my mom this weekend. I haven't told her yet, only my twin and husband knows that I'm doing it. I know my mom will be super pissed if I undergo any type of surgery without telling her. She's going to gripe about the money though. In her mind it can be better used elsewhere, like a vacation or something. That's the reason why I haven't told her yet, I don't want to hear all the noise she's going to make about it for too long. I hope it goes smoothly with her and she'll keep her opinions to herself... but I know better.
Is there any last minute advice out there? It would be greatly appreciated. And so the final count down begins!

In 12 hours I will have the breasts I've always wanted

Well Ladies, my final countdown has begun. I'm about to dive in to a new and improved me, that was always hiding there. I'm filled with anticipation, extreme excitement, nervousness (mostly about recovery), and on some level drained. I had a very busy schedule at work today which helped pass the time. At work everyone was asking how excited I am, and my partner in crime just kept saying Don't call in sick Monday (Yes I'm returning to work Monday, I'm INSANE I know). She even asked the doc we work for if he could call in pain meds for me because she was scared I'd call in sick! I LOVE her. But I declined, I'm confident I'll be off the narcotics by Sunday and will only take Tylenol extra strength after then. I really have no other choice, I got to work and pay bills. And my PS said I wouldn't be the first nor the last of his patients who have done it on a Thursday and returned to work the following Monday.

I started the miralax today to keep constipation at bay. I have my meds separated into what I need tomorrow before surgery and what I'll need for after. I just can't believe they gave me Phenergan suppository. I know it's faster acting but I can't imagine inserting it myself or asking the hubs to do it!!! Hopefully I won't be nauseated at all. I think I may ask for a script for Zofran tomorrow before I leave.

I told my mom on Sunday... Luckily it was a very short conversation. She gave me the look that always terrified me as a child (still does), Then she quickly changed the topic. She even called today to see what my schedule was like tomorrow and said since my hubby is going back to work on Friday, she'll pop in on me and see how I'm doing. She wants me to call her after all is said and done tomorrow. So she came around and it wasn't nearly as bad telling her as I thought it would be.

All week I have done nothing but look at myself bare chested in the mirror, getting my final look and feel of the girls. I told my husband he better do the same, LOL! I feel a sense of grief that they will no longer be as they are. (however my excitement for the improvements can barely be contained) It's just human nature to change I guess. It's not easy on anyone and everyone is at some level reluctant to it. I will miss them as they are. Alright ladies this it!!! I will update tomorrow evening sometime and let you know as detailed everything I can remember!

Quick update

I made it home and was out of surgery by 10am. I'm not in any pain at the moment. I already took a pain pill and obtained a rx for zofran, so no suppository yay! I don't even remember falling asleep on the table. Everyone was so nice. Dr. Teague said everything went very easily and he can already tell I'll have an easy recovery.

I got to the office at 7, they started my IV and had me all three Valium to take and the muscle relaxer. By the time the anesthesiaologist came in I was Very relaxed. He gave me the meds through IV and next thing I know they are saying "Angela wake up". I don't even remember falling asleep! I was just listening to the radio they had on and humming along to it before I was knocked out. Every one says they feel like bricks are on their chest when they wake, but I don't fell like that at all. Just slightly heavier, my arms are kind of sore, just like after a big work out. I haven't looked yet. I kept trying to peek as soon as I could keep my eyes open, but the nurse kept telling me not to. Something about looking down will make me vomitt for sure.

So ladies in short for now I feel great, just very drowsy. Good luck to everyone else who had their surgery today! I hope it all goes easy for you as we'll.

Photos at 4 hours, slightly more sore, but no pain yet

12 hours post op

I know I'm updating a lot today, but I know there are people like me who want to know all the details the can about what to expect surgery day.

To be completely honest I'm feeling nearly 100%. I'm just mildly sore like after an intense upper body work out, but it's not nearly uncomfortable and no actual pain what so ever. I don't know if I'm just a freak of nature or what. It could be that I have a great PS with years of experience and a great Anesthesiologist. Here's what I'm doing: I'm staying ahead of the pain by taking the narcotic every 4 hours, the muscle relaxer every 8 hours, Ibuprofen 600 mg every 8 hours (, and the Zofran only when needed. I took the narcotic as soon as I got home and the ibuprofen 3 hours later. I plan to stop the narcotic mid day Sunday and only use Tylenol extra strength from then on. I keep having to remind myself I just had surgery this morning and to take it easy, but it's so hard to do when I feel like myself. I feel very lucky and Thanking God that so far my recovery has been so easy. I wish it could be like this for everyone. I hope I continue on this road, I know tomorrow and Saturday are supposed to be the worst following surgery. So we'll see what happens tomorrow. I still feel a bit drowsy so hopefully I'll get a good nights sleep tonight. I took a sleep aid last night to help me since I was so anxious. Hubby goes back to work tomorrow and I think I'll be ok. I've barely needed any help getting up and out of the recliner, but I use my butt to raise the back of the seat and give me momentum to get out of the chair.

As far as how my breasts feel they just feel full and not heavy. Just like when they are full of milk and engorged, but not painful, just mildly sore. They are binded tightly so that may help with how they are feeling.

If anyone has any questions I will be happy to answer them. I know it's too soon but I'm already window shopping at Victoria Secret for new bras and lingerie. I've never been a big bra person, I actually only have four everyday and 4 lingerie type bras. I'm very excited to now be able to shop at VS and actually fill out their bras! I think I have a new addiction forming!

24 hours post op

Hello ladies! I'm still feeling no pain today, Just dealing with nausea. I guess I took too many pills on an empty stomach this morning. I can't wait till I'm able to look at them on Sunday when I can finally take the bandages off and shower. I'm trying to be a god girl and not do much, but Like I said earlier, it's hard when I'm feeling myself. I wonder if it's the narcotic that is making me feel so good. I'm almost scared to not take it. But on Sunday I have to no matter what so I can get myself back to work on Monday. I feel completely mentally normal and physically, just that soreness after a workout feeling. I was worried the narcotic (Tylox) would leave me high and loopy or something. I'm still taking only one every 4 hours. I'm still drowsy, I've been taking like 10 minute cat naps every hour or so... I was falling asleep typing this a second ago. As far as I can tell the girls still looking good, just riding high, I do have some bruising on my collar bone, Or maybe it's smeared ink from the skin marker. Other than that They are beautiful!

48 hours post op

I'm feeling very blessed! Still feeling really good and no bad pain. My discomfort (I'm still not calling it pain, just muscle soreness) level has crept up to about a 3/10 on the pain scale though. I think that's because l started to wean myself off the narcotic last night. I'm taking one every 6 hours now instead of every 4hours. I did finally have a teensy bit of a bowel movement today (yay!).

OH one word of advice; DO NOT get on the scale this soon post op!! It says I gained 8 pounds!! Now since I'm very familiar with the medical field I know its due to retained water weight, swelling the extra 2 pounds from the implants themselves, bloat, etc. I know it will take time for all of that to flush out of my system... but geeze! I sure wasn't happy when I saw that.

Tomorrow is the big day I finally get to look at them and take a shower. I can't wait, and you know I'll be posting more photos as soon as I'm able to. My husband has been great with helping out with our toddler and my 8 yr old is helping too. Monday will be the true test though. I return to work and hubby has night class that day, so it will be interesting to see how long it will take her to step into the car herself and step into the her car seat. Then I'll have to get her from daycare, I'm usually one of the last parents there so I may just ask the teacher if she can set her in her car seat for me.. once I get home I'll have to have extreme patience and let her get out herself after I unbuckle her. My 8 yr old will be visiting his dad Sunday though Tuesday this week. But when he's back I'll be utilizing him to help get her in and out the car!

Ladies I can't tell you how thankful I am that so far my recover has been a breeze. I truly wish everyone's recovery could be this easy. To those that are having a more difficult and painful recovery, hang in there. It will be worth it, and everyone heals differently at different rates. Well I'll be updating tomorrow after I shower and look at the girls. Have a happy Saturday everyone!

Bruised, Bruised, Bruised,

Ok Just took my shower and got my first peak at the girls. The bruising is a little scary but it's not as painful as it looks. I bruise very easily so I was expecting it. My left side is way worse than my right. I guess he may have had a little more trouble getting them in than he told hubby, or it's just my easily bruised skin. My last dose of the narcotic was at five and I did need to take a couple of extra strength Tylenol an hour ago. But honestly it doesn't feel worse than me being engorged after my babies were born. So it's a feeling I'm used to and not freaked by. I haven't applied any ice or heat, maybe if I had the bruising wouldn't have been so bad. Oh well! As far as size I know they are very swollen now and will go down.. cause right now I'm think they may be a little big. I'm just hoping they won't go down a lot. So far I'm feeling extremely lucky that I have very little pain and I will be returning to work tomorrow.

day 4 and back to work!

All Righty ladies, I went back to work today and I made it. It only ended up being a half day for me and a pretty easy morning. At first we had a full schedule this morning then during the course of the morning half of our patients either rescheduled or canceled! So it wasn't so bad. After four patients though My boobs swelled up. We took lunch and went back to the office. Our doctor was scheduled in surgery for half the afternoon. So I had a nice break and was very tired all of the sudden from the morning. Patients started showing up and then the doc called from surgery saying he was delayed and wouldn't be back for the afternoon. SO we rescheduled all the patients and my partner told me to go home and take a nap! So I did. tomorrow is going to kick my butt though because we moved a lot of them to then. As soon as I got to work my partner wanted a peek! I showed them off to her in an exam room and she says they came out great! And over her years of practice she has seen some botched ones. She's very excited for me. I'm hoping tomorrow I'll have more energy, but I guess I'll just increase my coffee consumption to offset the drowsiness. All I have taken today is the muscle relaxer and Tylenol... but I've only taken 2 doses of Tylenol today. I'm not having any pain, just realizing how they swell when I'm at work. I'm hoping Tylenol will help with that, but I'm not sure it does. I did ice the girls when I got home and took an hour nap before My mom volunteered to come over and help pick up my daughter form daycare. She sounded like she really wanted to help. so she picked me up, and loaded my little girl in the car seat for me, then unloaded her and carried her up the stairs into the house for me. I felt much better after a nap, but "morning boob" is something I'm becoming familiar with. It's like I have muscle memory from when I was breast feeding my daughter a year ago. Maybe that's why I'm able to tolerate the healing process so well. I wake up and I fell like I need to pump milk or massage my breast, then I realize there's no milk in there! It's just boob that will be staying! They still feel quite firm, and I think I heard somewhere that the swelling is the worst on days 3-5 post op. I hope they don't go down a lot. Although I think they may be a tiny bit big now, I wouldn't complain if they stayed this size! I hope everyone else who is in recovery is doing well. And to those that are waiting I hope my updates are helping you prepare for what is to come.

1 week Post op

It has been an interesting week that's for sure! Insane week at work too. Today I had my one week post op and everything is looking great. They removed the steri strips and sutures, cleared me to pick up my 22 pound toddler (YAY!!!), and showed me massages to do 3 times a day for the next month. WOW those are some kind of uncomfortable. I'm going get the hubs to help with them, I'm having a hard time being as aggressive as they showed me. Dr. Teague calmed my fear about lefty's bruise. Earlier this week I had a small wave of panic that it may be a hematoma instead of a simple bruise. ALL bruising is looking TONS better. I'm doing my best not to fall in love with the size they are now. I know that I'm only a week out and I have a bit of healing left to do a swelling still to decrease. I think my incisions are healing nicely. Right (with bruise on collar bone) seems to be healing slightly faster than lefty, as far as swelling goes. However Lefty did have the worst bruise, and I can tell there's still fluid in the pocket that needs to be absorbed (I can feel it). I wonder if icing it would help move Lefty along a little faster to catch up. it totally slipped my mind to ask today. He also cleared me to do anything I wanted at the water park we'll be visiting while on vacation in two weeks. And I can start my Zumba classes in 4 weeks!
I'm LOVING how they are looking, totally in love with them! From where I see them today I think they will be exactly how I wanted and turn out beautiful. I can't wait for the final result and to get sized so I can start bra shopping. I can already tell that will be my new addiction. The only thing I'm a tiny bit upset over is that I have to take four dresses to be let out in the bust, however it's a trade I don't mind making.
OH you ladies have to see the bikini from my profile picture. OMG what a transformation! I think I might need a bigger top, maybe a medium? My hubby thinks it looks fine, but I'm a little worried it might be showing too much boob. I need another female opinion. I've never had to worry about showing too much boob in a bikini before! Well ladies I am so far BEYOND satisfied with the results. I hope all you are recovering nicely and enjoying your results too!

Nipple Hypersensitivity....

Yowzers!! I was hoping it wouldn't feel this weird! I thought it would feel like thrush, and It kind of does, just a BAD case of it. Those ladies who've breastfed their babies will know exactly what I'm talking about. Well all of the bruising is gone except for one area, my collar bone. That one, for what ever reason, has decided it's going to stick around longer (and it didn't even look bad last week), the tricky devil. Even the worst bruise on Lefty is gone now. I'm guessing the massage exercise I'm doing is slowing the healing down in that area since I have to apply direct pressure in that exact spot where the bruise is. The massaging at least isn't painful anymore, it was just the first two days of it, it doesn't hurt at all now. Last night I had a BLAST trying on old tops and lingerie. There's a few that I want to keep, even though the cup size will certainly be too small now. I had the ingenious idea to just remove the underwire from them. What do you think ladies? Will that work or should I just pass those favorites to my twin sister and go buy some new favorites? It's almost as if I have a new wardrobe I never imagined how much better the same tops and dresses would look with just adding boobs. I'm really hoping the swelling won't go down much more... I'm very satisfied with the size they are now. They are starting to look a lot more natural too. I'm hoping that there wasn't too much swelling to begin with. OH well only time will tell. I've decided no matter how much the shrink, if at all anymore, that I will me happy with the end result... Lets face it, with as little of a size and breast tissue I started out with it, the end result will be more.

2 weeks today

Since the first week the swelling has definitely decrease. I'm hoping they stop now! They are the perfect size. and I wouldn't complain if they stopped dropping here now too. The exercises are easy now and not at all painful. I can't wait till the nipple hypersensitivity is gone.
I got my implant card in today. I was wrong on the brand of implant. They are High Profile, Smooth, Allergan Natrelle 400cc style 20. I assumed they were mentor because that was the only pamphlet I received at the consult. I never discussed what brand to use or anything, just trusted his clinical judgment. I have the warrantee on them. The implants themselves have a lifetime warrantee, and they will help recoup the surgery cost in an unfortunate event that requires that need to be replaced. Figured better safe than sorry.
I went bikini shopping today. I'm so thrilled that 1) I'm a medium top and 2) my boobs can support a strapless style now. I also showed the girls off to my twin sister today. She didn't even notice the incisions, I had to point them out to her! I let her have a good feel. She said they look good, but are firmer than she thought. I told her they will soften with time. I gave her all my old lingerie and bras, I won't be fitting them anymore!
I have only one issue, there is a vein on my right breast that is trying to go varicose on me. I have some samples of a new medication to try, it's only been out a few months. It's made to treat varicose veins and/or hemorrhoids. A drug rep dropped them off at our office a couple of months ago to give to our patients. I asked my PS and he said don't put too much faith in it but it won't hurt to try it. This is the same vein that was very noticeable when I was pregnant and breastfeeding. But if this turns out to be the only issue I won't be disappointed. Well ladies enjoy the new pics and have a Happy 4th!!

Back from vacation and the girls shined!

well ladies I hope everyone had a happy 4th! I just got back from my vacation and absolutely loved how the girls looked in all my dresses and bikinis. I must confess I hardly wore a bra the past 5 days. Most of my dresses had a thin bra line to them and I usually didn't wear one with them before. My post op instructions say I need to wear a bra at all times for the first 6 weeks. I'm only three weeks now. I hope I didn't mess up anything. But all the dresses where snug in the bust, it was almost like wearing a bra. Anyway enough of my worrying. I believe they are beginning to drop more. Its almost as if I've had them forever. It hasn't taken anytime for me to adjust to them. I even caught myself sleeping on my stomach last night, it wasn't uncomfortable or anything. So far I'm over satisfied and in love with them and this was the best decision I made for myself!

the ladies at 3 weeks PO

Happy 1 month birthday to my girls!!

I almost can't believe how fast the time has flown. With each week, they are getting softer and are beginning to take a more natural shape. I'm noticing the nipple hypersensitivity less and less, more like only a handful of times a day as opposed to most of the day. I still get the occasional zinger of nerve pain like once or twice a week. I started applying maderma stretch mark therapy cream on them and scar cream on my nipple incisions. I can't wait to see how it works.
Might I say the hubby is really enjoying them more and more too! He told me this morning he didn't think I could look more healthy or sexy (Before my tiny boobs made me look too skinny). I did my measurements last night and IF I did it correctly I'm a 32 D. Is that size even available? I can't wait till I get sized for a bra... how much longer do I have to wait for that? I'm having a blast at Victoria Secret, I've ordered 2 more baby dolls, 3 tops and another swimsuit! Can't wait till they come in. I am so happy I finally had this done. However, I am not immune to the boob greed, In ten years when it's time for an upgrade I think I will go bigger like 475 or 500cc. For now They look nearly perfect on my body... now its just time to tone up from the ribcage to mid thighs. I can't wait till after my next post op when I'm released to return to aerobic activity. I can't wait to start my zumba classes. Them I will have the total package, great boobs, tone tummy, butt and thighs!

5 weeks and loving them more!

Nothing much has changed this past week. It's funny how the zingers, and hypersensitivity slowly decrease and you don't notice it until they are gone. Then you're like when did that happen? I have noticed that my left nipple is no longer "flat" or pointing downward. I never really mentioned it, but after the surgery it would lie flat and then point downward when erected. But now it's back like it used to be. I wasn't too worried about it. the only person who would even notice is hubby... and I doubt he even would. It won't be long till I'm back to aerobic activity. I can't wait to start running again. That was my me time and I've really been missing it. And I'll start my Zumba classes for all over fitness. I'm getting more and more excited about new lacy bras. They look almost the same size as my very padded bras would give me. But it's all me now, just wait till I get these babies in a push up! One more thing, this was also another justifiable reason for doing this. I have a Concealed Carry Permit, and I had bought a bra holster. Well when It came in and I tried it on, even my tiny pistol wasn't hidden because of my small boos. I had to wear an insert in one side and the holster on the other, which made me look even and you couldn't tell. My insert added 2 cup sizes by the way. Well now I can wear the holster and pistol in my sports bra and you can't tell! That will be great for running at night, and when wearing my dresses (the reasons why I bought that holster in the first place)!

I cheated...

Ok I couldn't stand it and I broke down and went for a RUN!! After dinner I couldn't take it anymore and I got antsy... so I quickly changed and told the hubby I'd be back in a little while. You know what? IT FELT GREAT! I guess I chose the right size and type sports bra to wear, because the girls felt very supported and didn't bother me at all. Didn't notice any difference from before the BA. Well except the under boob sweat... THAT was different. My course was 3 miles.. but I probably only ran about half that, if that much. Wow am I out of shape. I'm 5 weeks so I figured I was safe... really what's a few days difference going to make when you are this far out? I'm going to slowly adjust myself back into it, I'll start with running every 2 days and see how that feels. I also will start my Zumba classes in a couple of weeks. Just had to share this new adventure with you ladies. I know the active ladies on here will benefit from it.

6 weeks

Over this past week I've noticed they have started to take on a more natural upper pole slope. Everyday I wake up I notice more subtle changes. It's almost like between week five and six the healing and muscle relaxation process is slipped into high speed. Can't wait to see the final process, I still haven't tried on any underwire bras and I'm itching to do so. Maybe I'll knock that out this week. I got a new VS dress in this week and WOW! I wouldn't have looked that good with out the girls. They are also getting softer, the almost feel like before. However I had so little breast tissue left from breast feeding that 90% is the implant. I mean it was practically like just skin and stretched out milk glands. Sorry if that was too graphic for some people. As I mentioned in my previous post they don't bother me when I'm running or with any exercise. I haven't done any wall pushups yet, but I've never been a big upper body work out person anyway. They feel just as big at my biggest when I was breast feeding. So I guess I picked the right size. My body hardly needed to adjust to the weight since it has experienced it before. I think the Maderma scar cream is working pretty great. the incisions are looking better and better. However, the stretch marks that were there after breast feeding, have become a lot more noticeable over the past few weeks. I've been using the Cocoa butter stretch mark therapy oil, but I don't see any difference and HATE how greasy I feel after it's applied. I'm going to go back to Maderma stretch mark therapy cream... it's a lot more expensive for less quantity but you only apply twice a day as opposed to three to four times a day. I'm taking it in stride though, the stretch marks where there before the surgery and if they never fade away I'll accept it. It's better to be busty with stretch marks than to be tiny with stretch marks. I still think this was one of the best decisions I have made and love how they are maturing. Hope This review answered any questions any of you have.

7wks... Finally found out my bra size!!

So today I finally got the courage and went to Victoria Secrete (instead of online shopping) and tried on a few bras (34C, 36C &32D) and with the help of the girl in the fitting room we discovered that I am a 32DD!! WOWZERS!! I wasn't expecting that at all. I figured I only made it a C cup, but low a behold I was busting out of them and the 32D, the underwire was trying to ride up on me. I'm happy of course but I know I still have changes to go through. a 32DD isn't easy to find BTW. I only bought 2 bras today and I will measure again in another couple of months.

I think they are looking amazing and the feel a part of me. I can barely remember how they felt before. They are starting to jiggle which to me means they are more soft and feeling more natural. Of course I don't know how natural breasts this size would feel. I guess that depends on how dense they are.

My only concern is the lovely stretch marks. As I said they were there before the BA just not noticeable. I know I said I wouldn't let them bother me, but it's hard to not let it because it seems they are becoming darker. I'm treating them as aggressively as I did with pregnancy, hopefully of the next few months they will lighten up. I'm trying to push it to the back of my mind.

I'm back to running 3 miles 4 days a week. I'm even going to do the Red Dress Run next weekend.. a 2mi run in New Orleans for charity. I haven't started my Zumba classes yet because of scheduling issues. Hopefully I can real soon.

2 months!

Well the girls are2 months old today and sadly, I have no real news to update with! I think they are looking better each day that goes by! Oh and seriously ladies, invest in the Maderma scar treatments! I totally believe it has made a huge difference for me. I would also invest in Maderma stretch mark therapy cream if you can find any. It's too early for me to tell any difference yet, but if it works half as good as the scar treatment it's worth it.

Oh I saw an old friend from high school over the weekend and she said I was looking great. I told her it was probably because of the new boobs! She said I picked a good size for me and they don't look too big at all. I also ran into an in-law of my twin sister's at the store who I haven't seen in a while. Her kids are my sister's nephews. She kept saying I looked so different somehow that she almost didn't recognize me. (I was wearing a fitted shirt). She also said I was looking "really good" and to keep up what ever it is I'm doing. OF course I had to confess right then and there.. it's probably because I'm more proportional now! Can't you tell I'm really not shy about letting people know about it? My mom also kind of glanced at me and said "so what are they? C's?" LOL I said yep, I think so! If I told her they were DD she would have a stroke, I'll just let her keep thinking what she wants. So general consensus: the size is great for my body and looks really good on me. I couldn't be more thrilled! SO on to the pictures...

9 weeks Post Op

Sorry ladies not much to report this week! Incisions looking good, the ladies are taking on a great natural shape. I wish I hadn't waited so long to do this. The stretch marks are still there... only time will tell, but I'm not going to complain really! I feel so much sexier and more womanly. I love the way I look in my scrubs at work and what ever clothes I put on at home. I was pretty confident and had good self-esteem before but now it's astronomical! I'm beaming with pride and confidence everywhere I go no matter what I'm wearing. Let's face it, I just look so much more my age and feminine now. I still can't believe the size, because honestly they only look like C's on my body frame to me. I'm so happy with my results I wouldn't change a thing right now!

Just a few days shy of 4 mos

WOW, did I really skip a month? Sorry ladies, life has been super busy lately! I LOVE MY RESULTS! The way my clothes fit, how good I look in a sports bra, and bathing suit. Every once in a while I think about going bigger, but I don't think I'll act on it until it's time to upgrade. I do have stretch marks and they do bother me from time to time, but I just keep reminding myself that they were there from pregnancy and breastfeeding. Hopefully they will fade again with time.

I have noticed something, when I wear a push-up bra something magical happens... Cleavage !! I have never had that before! However if I wear a push-up for more than 12 hours the girls get achy. One thing that does irk me is my bra size, 32DD. It's hard to find! Thank goodness for Victoria secret online shopping. It I can't find it in the store I can order it there!


1 year out!!!

Ok 2 wks shy 1yr since my augmentation. I can honestly say I wish I had done it sooner and the best money I ever spent. I was fortunate with an easy recovery and no complications. My self confidence is through the roof. I've never felt better about how I look in clothes and without. I have no regrets what so ever. My final bra size is a 32 DD at Victoria Secret. I'm very pleased with the size and my decision to place them underneath the muscle. I'm not bothered by them when exercising at all. I don't even notice the scars around my nipples and there is no sensitivity loss at all. They are perfectly even too. On my right incision though at about 6 months I noticed a dimple in the scar. I'm not bothered by it in the least. It's a very small dimple and it's just the way the scar healed. It's in a very inconspicuous place and not noticeable with clothes and barely notable without. It has been a wonderful journey for me I'm so glad I went through with it. Ladies the improvement in my confidence is enough to do it all over again!!
Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon

He is Extremely informative and terrific bedside manor! He really took the time to explain all my options, pros and cons of each, and helped me to reach a decision on size and placement that would cause the least risk of complications for my body type. His nurses always return my call within an hour. Very please with my experience with his entire staff.

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