24 y/o no kids! Abdominal skin flap excision, lipo upper/lower back, flanks & upper/lower abdomen

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Hello everyone. This past week (7/9/15) I payed a...

Hello everyone. This past week (7/9/15) I payed a well overdue visit to Williamson cometic surgery center for a consultation. Surprisingly, I am 23 y/o no kids and was considering a tummy tuck. However, after seeing dr. Weiler's PA ($30 consult fee), she informed me that while I could be a candidate for a TT I don't absolutely need one. She suggested something just as good that will give wonderful results and less evasive, incase I do decide to have kids in the future. What she suggested was lipo of the entire back, flanks, & abdomen and a skin flap excision. She also said I have no bulging or separated muscles. I also inquired about the BBL but she informed me that I don't necessarily need one being that Im very curvy already and have a nice butt and That the contouring of my lower back from the lipo will do justice. Dr. Weiler's PA was wonderful & very helpful. She didn't try to force any other procedure on me like several other doctors did bc of my age & the fact that I haven't had kids. She was very understanding of what I'd expect from the procedure. I am looking to have this procedure done roughly 12/14/15. I know its early to be looking into this being that we're only in July but I wanted to give myself time to save the money while also getting second opinions. The women in my family genetically have stomachs with pooches at the lower abdomen, prior to having had kids. No matter how much I exercise or waist train, my stomach doesn't shrink. I have a good full figure but the extra skin around my lower stomach messes everything up. In 2012 I did have smart lipo done which took 3500cc's of fat but the pooch was still there. 3yrs later, I've decided to go with the real deal. In a few weeks, I will be making an appointment to see Dr. Weiler himself (not that I don't trust his PA) just to get his in put, if different from the PA's & go over a few more concerns before paying my deposit ($1156) & scheduling surgery. I am very excited about this process although I'm anxious & kind of impatient for the day to come lol. I am scheduled for 2 more consults with other doctors to get their prices/opinions. I have already been to 2 doctors prior to going to WilliamsonCC & so far Im only impressed with Williamson. So in totaled I'll have had 5 consults. One question I will be asking at my 2nd consult is if he's absolutely sure I won't need a full TT or a even BBL. Being this is an expensive surgery, I wouldn't want to have any repeats or to be unhappy with the results. I will keep everyone updated as i progress as well as how my future consultations go.

more pictures pre-TT

2 our of 3 Doctors I'm considering

Today I had a 2nd consult with dr. Williams. My initial one was for only a tt. Today's visit was for lipo on my back in correlation with the tt. Once again I was very pleased with dr. Williams exam. He did suggest a tt bc I do have alot of relaxed skin both upper and lower abdomen. Although he said I'd have about 200cc's from my back fat, which isn't alot, he'll take as much as he can to give that contour. Surprisingly his price was somewhat cheaper then williamson 's, considering there's was only for a skin excision, not a full tt, & lipo. My updated price from dr. Williams is $11,378 for everything, lipo included. I'm feeling very excited and positive now that I have 2 solid choices. Tomorrow I'm seeing 2 more doctors which will be my last consults., then finally deciding who will be the lucky winner lol. I am still scheduling to see dr. Weiler himself though.

Just a matter of time w

OKay so today's consults went week except for the last one which i'll be doing a review on. Dr. Dean was great, gave some good tips and clarity on what needs to be done. His estimate was $10,975. I did schedule another consult with dr. weiler.

Really wanting to have it done sooner! UGH!

So this friday I have one more consult which is with Dr. Cox. After meeting with him it'll basically be decision time. Like i said in my other post I am meeting with dr. weiler again on august 4th for a 2nd consult. I really wish I didn't have to wait until december to have this done. I want it done now, i guess because i'm filled with anticipation & have lots of down time because its summer. But if I wait till december i'll have more money saved up & less to have to finance.

Going to make the best out of the next 5 months

So as I wait (impatiently) for December to come, I'll not only be saving up money for my procedure but I've also decided to lose a few pounds. I already work out 5 times a week but intially my only goal was to tone up. Since I'll be going forth with the surgery I'll try to lose atleast 20 to 30 pounds. I have started my diet today to correlate with my daily workouts.

Still thinking & wanting a bbl too!!!

Ok so like 2 consults I've been to the doctors say i really don't need a bbl unless i just really want one. After all the lipo, nip & tuck, my curves & butt will automatically poke out more. But still & all i'm wanting it. Will definitely ask the doctor on friday & also dr. weiler when I go back to him. One doctor said i'd have to come back for it because there's no way he can do that & the tt at the same time, which was shocking because I thought he could've done it all at once. I've been using this cream called pureleef on my bum for the past 2 months for growth & it's really working. I've been on a bigger butt journey for 3 years. Its gotten bigger but with it came unwanted weight gain. I figured by having the bbl I can finally be satisfied. My mom doesn't want me to get it bc she says my butt is big enough. Of course she's suppose to say that though. I might just do it! I'm young & only live once. If i'm going to do the tt might as well do it all!

Ding ding! I think we have a winner!

Today's consult with Dr. Cox went great. He answered all my questions, was very friendly and welcoming. I felt he understood what I really want and he was very realistic with me. I also inquired about a fat transfer to my butt which he says can be done with my tt. He didn't put more on me then I needed just to make more money. He only recommended a tt,not circumferential, lipo of back, flanks and abs and fat transfer to the butt. He did inform me that since I don't have alot of back fat I won't have a Kim kardashian butt which is absolutely fine because that's not what I'm looking for, just some more filling and lift. I'm soo excited! My surgery date is December 15th, preop November 24th. Total cost $11890.

Looking for supplies to start stocking up on

Anybody have any input on things I will need and can start ordering? I'm currently looking for a bbl pillow or anything that won't force me to have to sit on my bum. I'm also looking to order a backup garment or 2 so i can always have one on. Since i started my diet i've lost 7lbs! That makes me happy and i put myself on this really tight budget. I'm very determined to make this happen!

Selling items on ebay if any of you are interested!!

Hey, in efforts of saving money for my procedure I've also been selling somethings on ebay. Check it out please! Below is how you'd search for me. Username is sgrav12
To search for items by seller:
Click the Advanced link at the top of the eBay home page.
Under the Items heading on the left side of the page, click By seller.
Enter the seller's user ID. If you're not sure of the seller's user ID, select the Show close and exact user ID matches option.
Click the Search button

Snap shot of what I'll be getting done.

Preserving the booty one step at a time!

Ok so I'm on an online wild goose chase for the right cushioning for the bootay. I've came across several. The belly bed, bellyflopz, holo floaty, bbl pillow, boppy pillow, comfy bum, curecurves.com etc. Idk which one will suffice! On curecurves instagram are pic of what's be launching this month and it really sparks me interest but I hope the prices aren't outrageous! ! I also heard good and bad things about the lawn chair method. Sheesh who would've known booty shopping to be so hard.

I'll be soo glade when I won't have to wear this stupid waist trainer anymore!

Here are some more post op pics. I've been wearing a waist cincher for 3 yrs and I just wanna burn them all. They are so freakin hot in the summer ughh! I can't wait for the day when I can just wear a shirt and my skin can rub up against it.

Decisions, decisions! Y'all don't judge me.

Ok so remember in my earlier post when I said I was still going to have a 2nd consult with Williamson CC bc I'd only met with his PA? Well today was the day. Dr. Weiler was very nice even though i had to wait literally an hour and 20min to see him!. He said he was running behind though. He was very helpful and I felt he understood what I wanted totally. He said I don't need a tt bc I just have a lot of skin with hardly any fat from what he could feel. Here's what he recommends:
LIPO TO: lower & upper ab, inner thighs (this part was new to me) (will go to the butt)
SKIN EXCISION: upper back bra strap (this part was new to me as well) (to help contour my waist more), lower ab
BBL: all fat that came from the lipo'd areas go to the butt

The new price is $14,422.92. There's a difference there right, but by 2,100. So now I need to decide outta him and Dr. Cox who to go with. What really struck interest in this consult was the fact that he's lipoing my inner thighs. In the beginning I thought about it but was afraid of the extra cost so i never inquired, but now since he's brought it up, it wouldn't hurt to get it all done at once. Another thing was that he stressed I didn't need a tt cus i have no muscle repair. He made it known that they use 2 forms of lipo while doing the procedure so he'll get mostly all the fat. Although he's a bit pricier, I really felt good about him knowing what I expected to get. I feel the same way about DR. Cox as well too though.....In order to schedule I'd have to put down 10% of surgery price. You guys what do y'all think??

3rd consult with Dr. Weiler and this time i'm bringing mom with me!

So after talking it over with my mom, she's pretty sold on Dr. weiler. So I decided to call Monday and schedule a 3rd consult to bring my mom in so she can ask questions & hear what he has to say. Plus i wanna get more clarity on the skin excision procedure and get his 110% assurance that I won't be left with any more pooches. I just realized while looking at my quote that he's not only doing my inner thighs but my anterior thighs too- which is like the top portion. That's great. I will be putting my deposit down probably whenever they schedule the consult which is $1422. But before I invest money in this a 3rd consult will need to happen to make sure. I'll have to cancel with Dr. Cox after everything is set in stone with Dr. Weiler.

New doctor! Dr. Weiler

Hey y'all. So i have switched my doctor to Dr. Weiler at williamson cosmetic center. Even though the price difference is $3000 more, My gut feeling tells me to go with him. He took out the time to explain to me verbatim what will happen, how it will happen and to what extent. I feel like Dr. Cox didn't do that. He just told me he was doing a tt with lipo & fat transfer. He didn't explain in layman's terms. Now this doesn't mean he's not a great Doctor, but I'm going with my gut and the great detail that doctor weiler gave me. He is patient, very enthusiastic and friendly. This price also includes 3 garments, scar gel and a surgery program. With all that added I feel like i won't be left to fend for myself, they will help me in the process. I paid my $1500 deposit to book my date which is december 14th. I am so excited & it feels real now.

2 months to go!!

Hey guys, so it's been awhile since i've updated. I'm excited that time is flying and I'm counting down the days (74 days). I've paid my deposit already so my date is set in stone for december 14th, preop is december 1st. I will be having some labs done this month just to make sure everything's ok with my blood and if not I can start working on it for surgery. I don't think i'll be doing the lawn chair method bc since i'm having aggressive lipo and a skin excision my doctor said i'll be able to lay on my stomach. With that being said I'M NOT EVER SITTING ON MY BUTT lol well at least i'll try not to. I still have some supplies to order though, like the lipo foam etc. With my surgery package i'll be getting like 3 garments, scar treatment and some sort of recovery program comes with it. I'm super geeked!!!

62 days and counting

So today, almost 2 months exactly from surgery, i started taking my hema-plex iron pills. I'm not sure of what my blood count is but i've had a history of it being low. I will be finding out soon tho. I have started looking at some zero gravity lawn chairs on ebay to purchase along with some other things. Thats about it, i'll be keeping you guys updated as the days progress!

1 month pre-op 43 days till surgery!

Good morning ladies!! So i have exactly 30 days before my preop visit and I'm super excited! My birthday is also this month on the 17th too. big 24!!! lol. But anyway i'm still taking hemaplex and multivitamins 2x a day. @jadefaith gave me some good vitamin regimens that i'll look into. I will post some wish pics. These pics are realistic!! I do not expect to look like kim kardashian or nicki minaj. I want to look like me! Very natural. Ive been contemplating on whether or not i want to go through with the inner/ant thigh lipo. I read one girl's review who had it and she said she lost a tremendous amount of blood from her thighs alone which dropped her hemo to a 6 and prolonged her recovery. Yikes! That really scared me. But on the bright side, a lot of ladies I've been talking to have been encouraging me to have it done all at once and get it over cus they say ima wish i woulda just did it after wards. Plus my ps was planning to use some of that fat for my bbl. i think i'll go ahead and have it done ...i probably will get my blood work done on the 14th, hopefully every things ok. I spoke with his nurse and the surgery program that they offer will supply me with lots of vitamins pre and post op. They also have a scar therapy program as well. @Robertson09 had work done with him and she's been filling me in a lot & has me super excited to be going to him lol. @Msbee has been keeping me up to par on what to buy and what not to which i really appreciate. If anybody has any supplies you think would come in handy please comment. I'll be ordering my booty buddy on the 12th when they get more stock in. I was trying to wait on cure curve but thats too expensive although it looks like a good investment. Y'all keep in mind I'm a college student on a budget lol. don't got it like that. I'll be getting the epifoam, ab board. My grama had a lawn chair so no need to purchase that. Yay! & i'll be getting several garments from them so I'm not sure if i'll need to buy more. I think thats about all...Good luck to everyone and their recoveries. Feel free to comment anything y'all think would help! And shouts out to all the lovely dolls in my wish pics! you guys look amazing!! @itgirl22 @jadefaith @nelly jelly @lala85

another update

So I started taking hair vitamins cus the last time I had surgery the anesthesia took my hair out. I also got approved for 4wks of from my job. Told them I was going on Christmas vacation lol. One thing I'm not looking forward to post op is the odd looks and gawking. I already deal with it now so I know for damn sure my new body will be like something sent from heaven lol. Other than that I'm super excited and counting the days!!

more post op pics

I've also started a diet today. I want to lose a few lbs. My current weight is 211 :(.

first post op item!

So I just purchased my ab board! First item I've brought for surgery! Tomorrow I'm ordering the epi foam. Anyway yall I think I'm leaning towards NOT getting lipo to my thighs. I'm running tight on money & could spare the extra $2400 plus that can be an area to work on at the gym along with my arms after recovery. I'll let yall know should I change my mind tho cus I do atleast 50 times a day lol. I'm obsessing now. I thought I was before but oh boy you ain't seen nothing yet lol I can't even do my homework for not checking rs lol let alone pay attention in class. 39 days to go and time still ain't passing fast enough lol


So ladies as the days get closer and closer (33 days), i'm wondering if i should even get a bbl. For one, i'm scared my butt will be too big afterwards bc in all honesty i do kinda have a big butt already. But its like i feel like i'll be disappointed if i don't get it bc I've been wanting to have one for soo long. Then i think about the unwanted attention i'll probably attract from my big butt. ughhhh! this sucks. idk what to do. I do really want to have that lift tho... Another question i have is, whats the difference between lipo of the flanks & lipo of your waist & abs???...like wouldn't just lipo of those areas suffice for your flanks?? I'm just all over the place with thoughts tonight. Any suggestions?

I'm good to go! Hemo 14.4!!

Finally had my labs done today and everything looks great! Yayy so excited. So a lil update yall. I'm not having my thighs done. I've decided this is best for now. I don't wanna over do it. I'm still thinking above the bbl. I ordered my booty buddy yesterday and as soon as I paid I think it really set in that omg I'm really doing this. My ass might be huge lol. So in all actuality I'll probably officially decide at my preop appointment which is when it's time to pay and I'll be able to talk to my PS about it again. My mom said I should probably tell a few close relatives that I'm having surgery, mainly my brother. I was gonna wait till the day after bc I didn't want anybody being critical but she's right I should atleast tell him. Birthday is Tuesday! Whoop whoop ! Lol I'm also looking into buying a body pillow which I know will come in handy cus after my last lipo I was stacking pillows undead around me like a fort lol.

30 days & counting!

So today I received my booty buddy in the mail but i notified the company that i may be sending it back cus I'm still undecided about if I'm getting a bbl. Its crazy how i was soo adamant about getting it and now I'm chickening out. Decisions, decisions...everybody i talk to says i don't need it my butt is big enough already. i'm not back there so i'm like "where at tho?" like T.I lol. but i really wanna get it and then when i see the ladies on here looking extra fab I'm like yess i have to get it done lol. I have 17 days before i pay my balance so i have to decide by then. Lord help me please. This is a major decision for me. I don't wanna make the wrong choice & regret it. Ladies your input is welcome!

natural as natural can be

This is my ideal booty if I decided to have a bbl. Not drastic at all. Looks very natural

I'm finally 24! NO BBL AFTER ALL =\

Yesterday was my bday! I'm 24 now, even tho it feels like i should at least be 26 or something...idk lol. Anyway as y'all know, I've been in a toss up about whether I'm getting my bbl or nah. So i was telling a rs sis that sunday my mom & I were out shopping & a random lady walks up to me & goes "ma'am I'm not gay or nothing but i just gotta say you're bad!! Fine as hell, you have a shape on you!" Now this isn't the first time something like this has happened. I get compliments all the time. My mom was like well thats you're confirmation that you don't need no more ass lol..I don't wanna be out here causing unwanted attention to myself ladies..Safety wise & self esteem wise..there's crazy ppl out here & i don't want any stalkers (as I've had a few in the past) & i don't wanna be self conscious either cus i think my butt's too big & its all ppl are looking at, i low-key kinda feel that way already when i walk away...don't wanna feel like a stripper either lol...I think i'll be ok by the time he lipos my back & flanks..all week I've been playing with my stomach & back rolls lol pulling it, holding it up trying to see what i'ma look like & how my butt will sit after everything & i think i'll be satisfied...plus another $2100 gets knocked off my balance =] I've decided to tell my brother & close relatives after my pre-op that I'm having surgery. I can't believe time is whining down. It seems like yesterday, 5 months ago, i even started this journey. It took me literally 2yrs to finally decide i wanted to have a tt bc i was so scared of what ppl would think. But one day, July 6th to be exact lol, I got fed up. got Tired of buying waist shapers & girdles & weight loss pills...& booty enhancement supplements,,,nothing works like getting nipped & tucked ladies, let me just say. You name it, I've tried it! If i could get all the money back I've spent on supplements i could pay for this procedure in cash! Thats how serious it was. But finally I'm doing it thank god! Thats all that matters. I'm grateful!

Almost went cray cray! LOL

Okay so my Doctor moved from the initial facility that he was in when i went for my consultation, quote etc to his own practice. I paid my deposit there, got my preop & surgery date & everything. So being the person that i am, i called his new facility just to make sure all my info/money transferred. As i proceeded to explain what i was calling for, his secretary goes "oh dear idk, let me transfer you to Addie". My heart dropped!! I'm like oh shitt if these people lost or won't honor my deposit I will go crazy! After talking to Addie, she couldn't give me a definite answer at the time & promised to call me back after looking into. Y'all my heart was racing all day till I got the phone call. Me being the impatient person i am lol I called his old office & explained the situation to them. Victoria assured me that all my stuff was in the computer & everything would be fine. My preop & procedure will be done at the old office & followups will be at the new facility. Thank God!! I was about to flip out! lol Then later on Addie called back to say basically the same thing Victoria had just told me. Whewww! That was a close one.

Natural booty learning to embrace it

These are pics of my booty. Doesn't look bad.

take 2 more complimenting panties lol

More pics of the donk lol with some better panties. The last ones were bedtime panties and didnt do me justice. MY PS's nurse called me today to confirm my preop date, time and location she also apologized for the confusion about the locations. I will not see my PS on my preop visit just her. I thought about scheduling an appointment next week to see him once again before surgery just to go over some stuff. So excited!

final consultation with my PS before liftoff!

Hey ladies, so I scheduled a last walk through consult with my PS tomorrow before paying next week. Just to go over everything & be specific as possible about my results. Any questions you ladies can think of that I should ask? Concerns? Please comment. Thanks!

In all the joy & excitement comes frustration & confusion

As y'all know today i went to see my PS for a final consult before surgery. We discussed all questions I had plus more. I gotta admit i went in there with the mind frame of I'm not having a bbl & I'm not getting my thighs done. Well after talking it over with him & discussing my reasons, TRUE i'm not having my thighs done... HOWEVER, he said my bbl doesn't have to be obnoxious & my ass won't be colossal. He said he can do a conservative look & not add to my hips (width) but just fat to the topish part of my butt to make projection. At the most an estimate of 400-600cc's. Now i know to some of you ladies this is nothing but keep in mind i don't want much bc i already have butt. He said it would be more so of shaping it better then anything. Sounds good but now this confuses the hell outta me. I had earned to accept not have a bbl & settled it with my mom, but now its thats null & void. I have to make a decision by tuesday before preop. I'm tossing back & forth & don't know what to do & have no one to talk to about it. I've been praying for an answer. He even asked if there's not enough fat for my bbl could he take from my thighs. Hell yea if i don't have to pay for it lol. Anywho, I'm stuck between a rock & a hard place. BLAH!

pre op tomorrow! !!

Wow I can't believe tomorrow is my preop. I'm kinda nervous. I'm not saying yet if I'm having the bbl or not. It will be set in stone tomorrow so I'll let yall know what I decided then. I will be putting down money with the care credit. My measurements are 38"- 30"- 45"

IT'S OFFICIAL!! 12/14/15 @ 5AM

Ladies! It's official! my preop went well today. I did have a case of the BGs lol cus i was extremely nervous about signing my life away lol. The nurse was really nice, she explained everything to me in great detail. My surgery is for the 14th at 5am. I am their first surgery on the books for that day which i love cus i can get it over. No more anticipation. The anxiousness is real. I'm more anxious then i am excited or nervous. Ok so as said earlier, i had a hard time deciding about the bbl or nah....*drum roll* well I've decide NOT TO HAVE THE BBL. I think with all the lipo'n & contouring, my butt will look good & be more noticeable. Thats the most part that I'm axious about seeing lol. I got assurance from a RS doll on here who went to the same PS to had almost identical procedures done with no bbl & her butt looks amazing just from the tt. So i'm praying for peace & happiness during recovery. I got the vitamin kit i'll start tomorrow. My final balance was $9477 & I did use Care credit towards some. I got the 4 yr payment plan just cus she advised me to get a lengthy one that way i can pay minimum with no late fees if i can't make it or double up on my bill if i want, if that makes sense. Well now all there's to do is wait till the 14th. Mean while i have to study for finals next week, so hopefully that'll take my mind off surgery cus it's all i think about 24/7 eat, live & breathe lol ttyl!!

more preop pics of this flubber

Here's what I look like in pants. I'm alone at work and bored as hell lol so I decided to take pics. Excuse the ashyness and lines I had to take my waist shaper off. My stomach is a flop and my booty doesn't look so bad in these pants. I began the vitamedica yesterday and it really bloated me. Idk if it's cus I didnt take it with a heavy meal or what. My urine is super string from it tho. I'm not gonna lie, I've been thinking about going back to the clinic and pay the extra $2100 for my bbl lol jk my mind if just playing tricks on me. I'll be fine without it...I'm praying for the best

Less than a week till surgery =)

Ok ladies, I'm less than a week till crossing over to the flat side, its too unreal! Meanwhile i have 2 exams left & its like pulling teeth keeping myself focused lol Today as i got my prescriptions filled I was like wow I guess i'm really gonna do this!!! The anticipation is real and I'm ready for monday to be here. I've been trying my hardest not to over eat or do anything that might make recovery worst. This weekend i will be getting my room in order, making a walmart run and stocking up on some must haves. Thanks to everyone who've been helping me these past 5 months. Still can't believe i started this whole thing in July. Well wish me luck. I'll probably update again sunday night. Oh and my stomach is taking better to the vitamedica and it has me extra regular with going to the bathroom. Any suggestions/advice are always welcomed!!

less than 24hrs!!!

Ladies!!! I am in complete awe of the fact I'm less than 24hrs away from surgery. It still wows me how time has flown. Feels like this day wasn't ever gonna come. I can't believe it. Today I'm just relaxing getting stuff together to make sure I have everything in place for when I get home tomorrow. I've been trying my best not to eat out of the box & I've been drinking loads of water. I ordered a chromecast & a firestick to make sure I have plenty entertainment while I'm home chilling lol umm I think that's about it. So I've posted some more preop pics for the last and final fare well to the tummy. I'm not sad! I'm so looking forward to my new body. I gotta ask, is it just me or does your body/booty look different in some mirrors? Sometimes I feel like my booty be popping lol others it just looks like blah lol but with all the compliments I've been getting lately, I'm content with not having the bbl. I'm being grateful for what I have and will be back at the gym soon as my PS ok's it!!! Pray for me yall! 5am is my time tomorrow. Good luck to all the dolls who go tomorrow as well. Happy recovery to all! See yall on the flat side! =)

I'm here! I made it! thank God :)

Hey ladies. Surgery went well. He took out 4 liter of fat total. I'm not in pain. More so stiff and sore. I go Wednesday for the follow up. I'll get my mom to take pics when he removes my garment. I think God for a great surgery and no mishaps. Funny thing happened right before I went in. So they gave me the paper undies to put on when I got undressed. So when it was time to go in the back they told me to go to the restroom. Well I forgot I had the undies on and peed in them lol. Idk where my mind was. But all I remember is saying psalms 23 in my head and them putting the thing over nose and I was out. I slept mostly all yesterday. I can feel my hands and feet kinda swelling. Just been tryna drink the most water I can. Throat is sore as well. I'll post pics asap. Thanks to everyone who're checking on me I appreaciate yall.

day 4 of recovery

So the Recliner has definitely killed my neck. I was so restless this morning I was determined to make it into my bed by any means necessary and I did. Finding a position is challenging. My post op appointment went well but I have to wait till Monday to go back and get the ok to take a shower. I'll get a new garment then. This one has gotten really loose. I still haven't went to the bathroom just lots of gas. It's so annoying. I've tried probiotic and some powder stuff my mom gave me. Today I'm gonna try milk of magnesia. I saw myself briefly yesterday and my flab is definitely all gone. Hopefully I'll try again today to take pics. I'm able to maneuver good bc I didn't get muscle repair. I'm barely in pain just sore and burning sensations. I can't wait to shower and poop :(

day 5 it's getting better

So I slept in my bed lastnight. It wasn't so bad just aggravating tryna tell your body to get in this and that position and you're sore and stiff as hell. I've been eating solid food but my portion in take has decreased drastically which is so not like me cus I always finish my plate lol thank God I haven't experienced the nausea at all. I think cus once a got out of sx they immediately gave me a pain pill and a Phenergan. Getting up is way better then before. It's getting better everyday. Can't wait till Monday let's pray they remove these drains. Yall it should be a sin for a woman to go this long without a shower. Omg you don't appreciate the little things like that till you can't take one. Today was enough. When my mom was changing my pads I demanded that she go rinse my garment or something. Damn how they expect a woman to stay cooped up in these smelly ass garments for 7 days without washing. That's unheard of. So I'm chilling butt naked with my drains and robe lol till they finish washing. I notice everyday I wake up with a headache which is annoying. Idk if it's from my neck positioning or the meds. I haven't been taking any other then the flexeril and anti biotic. Like I said I'm not in pain just sore. Remember I didn't have muscle repair. Here are a few pics. Oh and I pooped yesterday! !!!!

just some more pics

Post op week 1

So today made week one since sx. I my appt the drains were removed and she said everything looked fine. I am still very swollen. I got my new garment & can finally take a a shower praise god. Last night was the worst night ever tho. I was back and forth from the bed to the recliner. I finally just said eft it and slept on my stomach which felt so good. Now since the drains are out I can sleep on my stomach for sure. I am also able to drive now. Till next time ladies.

day 10

I'm sleeping in my bed at night which isn't bad. I lay on my back but due to the swelling after a while it feels weird and I might turn on my sides which is a job by itself. Getting up is still uncomfortable. Just feels like everything is being stretched. I walk slow. My back is the worst part. It's more swollen then my tummy, which is starting to look nice btw. I can't wait for swelling to go down back there atleast a little. I can see where my thighs are poking out more and my outline is gonna be more defined. The new garment my PS put me in is way tighter then the first but I like the support. I'll be going back in monday. Showers feel so good. Especially on my back. I will try to take more pics to post.

it's been 2 weeks exact

So today made 2 weeks since sx but it feels like its been longer. I went to the doctor earlier & everything looks great. I start scar treatment next week with the tape & gel. I'm annoyed bc my back is still very very swollen even more then my stomach. However through the garment I can see my shape & i love what i see. My thighs are more defined. I look way slimmer in my waist too. duh obviously lol. Today was my first time driving since sx. It was kinda weird but i made it, Also my cycle started yesterday for the first time. Its kinda gross when i'm in my old garment bc its extra big therefore everything gets on the garment. I can't wait till it goes away. I will go to whole foods to get more bromeliad pills bc i'm out & i hope this helps with swelling. Caramel_barbie gave me a remedy as well that i will try. Any other ideas to help with swelling i'd appreciate y'all. Next time I take my garment off i'll be taking pics to show. Ummmm i think thats it other than that. I go back to work on the 13th & school on the 14th. I still kinda walk with a hunch when i get up cus everything still feels like its stretching. But everyday i can see small improvements with recovering. I no longer need help with showering either. Talk to you ladies soon!! Oh I also feel the jiggle in my booty when i walk without the garment lol Robertson09 said i would.


Here are some pics of my tummy and scar. My incision doesn't look bad at all except for maybe where the drains were. My back is still swollen ugh. I went to whole foods today. I got more bromelain, ginger gummies, and tart cherry which is suppose to be good for inflammation. I also got more arnica tablets and gaia maca which I will begin taking. I hope this helps with the swellong. I am also on Lasix twice a day. I like my belly so far and I especially like the area he lipod between my stomach and thigh (whatever it's called). It's super tight. I am getting around better. It still feels stretched when I first get up tho. I can't wait till my back heals and my front so everything can just blend perfectly. Can't wait to start scar treatment next week!

sorry pics didn't upload

3 weeks today!

Hey ladies. Quick update, I'm 3 weeks post op. I have been getting out everyday for the past week. I feel pretty good, I don't have that "after surgery sluggishness" thank god! I walked the mall and pretty much do everything I normally do except bending and lifting. At the end of the day I am very sleepy though. I go back to work on next Tuesday. I had a little mishap with my incision the weekend. I went in to see the pa today bc I thought the ends of my incision was infected (where my drains were). Thankfully they werent. But they had to pick out the old tissue to clean the incision which hurtled like hell! Now I have to do wet gauzes with no ointment. I can still start scar therapy. My back is still swollen. But I can see the difference in my booty and thighs. Popping! Lol hopefully as my swelling goes down my butt comes out more. Well hope all is well with you ladies! I'm still taking the bromeline, tart cherry, arnica & maca.

4 weeks! back at work/school

Woohoo I've made it to 4 weeks! Just a quick update. Went in for my 4 week appointment on yesterday and he said everything looks great even my sides where the incision opened. I'm still doing the wet-to-dry dressing twice a day which is annoying as hell but I'm thankful there's no infection and it seems to be closing. Since my binder has gotten way to big, I started wearing a waist cincher over my garment for compression and so far it's comfortable. I ordered another all in one garment but it's with boy shorts so the length won't show throw my pants which has been another pain. When I sit and stand I still have that stretching feeling but it's getting better. I lost 8lbs, I now weigh 203. Everyone's been asking what I been doing cus I look totally different especially since I'm back at work lol work has been fine. I sit alot so no hard stuff. I do however walk alot at school and I find when I walk or stand for long periods of time my back on the right lower side kinda hurts, almost like a pulled something. Guess my body has to get back in the swing of things. I started scar gel a week a go. I'll see how it looks once I change the tape. I will try to start using my ab board once my new garment comes in. No word from PS on starting the gym but I knew it would be a while and I wanna take my time before starting bc I know my body's been thru a lot and I don't want any set backs. Appetite still slim to none and I find when I do over eat it feels like my stomach will pop and I get out of breathe so I've learned not to push it. I have been thirsty like hell since this whole thing tho. Like omg all I want to do is drink drink drink. Idk why that is! It's crazy how your body does after surgery. I read another post where she talked about getting stretch marks from being so tightened and I'm starting to get some right above my thighs which also hurt and sting sometime. BTW I love my thighs yall lol however one is larger then the other I'm not sure if this has always been but I definitely can see it now. My butt is rounded looking but when my back goes down I'll definitely be able to see it better. Swelling is going down slowly but definitely still there. I was told the reason I'm sooooo swollen is cus I had a tt/lipo combination which could make sense. Umm I think that's all for now. Hope all is well with you ladies!
SN: I feel like my vajj sits wayy higher now lol like it's right up under my belly button. It's definitely still swollen but geez!

5 weeks & coming along nicely

Hey yall, just a quick update. I'm 5 weeks out thank god! Every week gets better. My incision is closing, I go back for a follow-up on Thursday and I think I take my after pics next week at 6wks. Today I took my garment off to lay down after school cus it makes me feel so cooped up. I even took a quick run to the store without it on and I felt great. My butt is really jiggling tho lol and it looks huge . I couldn't really tell sometimes bc I always have the garment on but today I put sweats on without it and yall I looked so good lol I'm still swollen in my back and stomach. But overall I feel great and looking good. Can't wait to see after swelling has gone. The only thing I have to say that I wish would've come out better, Which it's still early to tell, is my bra strap. I still have the skin crease. My PS says it's still swollen so it's not completely gone down but idk I feel like after swelling it'll still be there. I could be wrong. But I'm still happy so far. Not letting that put a damper on my results. I attached some pics so yall can see.

six weeks feeling like a million bucks

Today made 6 weeks. Time has passed so fast. I can't believe how it's come and gone. So my incision is healing nicely, the gash is getting smaller and the other side has completely closed. He said by next week when I go back to see him the right side should be completely closed too. My appetite is definitely back! I'm eating like regular. My vajj is still swollen. But so is my back and stomach. I started wearing a tighter garment and rotate it with a waist cincher. Almost back to sleeping regular but still havent slept on my stomach, just back and sides. Walking has gotten bettet, however i still get winded at times and still very thirsty. Last week my body got my attention. I forget that im still in recovery mode. So im trying to do everything like i did before in regular routine and one day after work i was so fatigue I got home from work and slept from 5pm to 9. I was so tired. So that was a reminder to take it easy im not fully back to normal. I havent had sex post op yet, not trying to till 2 months or so. Especially since the complications with my incision. That's about it. Xoxo



back to business as usual

Hi RS dolls. So this is my 2 month post op update. Last week I went for my first massage. While it felt good it was a little weird. As he massaged my stomach my muscles were tensed so I kept holding my stomach in. Ugh that was annoying. I guess my muscles need time to go back to their normal state . But he advised I come every 2 weeks till the hardness is gone. And said I should drink tons of water. I started waist training and back at the gym which was good. I only did the treadmill and will go every other day. But I'm waist training around the clock. I love my results all in all! I take my before and after pics next Tuesday at my follow up. I'm still doing scar treatment. As said above I still have hard spots and lumps. I think that's all yall.

quick update

Hey ladies. I'm almost 3 months post op and I'm loving my results. I'm fully back in the gym but limiting certain ex exercises. I have lost another 3lbs as well. I'm using a scar serum I got from whole foods that's suppose to be really good. Still hardness in some areas but swelling is slim to none. I waist train faithfully. My measurements now are 36-29.5-45.5. Weight is 205lbs

pics :)

RS be tripping

So I just wrote a long ass review and it didn't even post smh. Anyway I'm uploading pics of my scar. I love my overall results. I've been working out trying to tone my lower body especially the booty which is looking pretty good. Experience tingling and itching in my bb and incision still. I wear my waist trainer around the clock and sleep in my ann cherry garment. Check out the pics please :)


more pics cus RS being stupid :(

random befores and afters:)

3 month follow up

Today was my 3 month follow up and it went well. My main concern was the puffiness I've been having lately which makes me feel bloated, fat or I'm gaining weight. Some days I feel sexy and others I feel like I need more lipo. He assured me that this is normal and since I had a second revision swelling will take twice as more time to leave due to the interruption of the lymphatic cells. I'm great other than that. I purchased silicone strips. He encircled to start these after 3 months to help smooth out the incision. He gave me the ok for ab exercises! :)

can I admit I'm obsessed with myself lol

Hey yall. Quick update. So swelling is manageable kinda....I still look bloated after a long day...I no longer sleep with anything, I just wear I waist trainer during the day. I work out everyday & i can really see a difference. So I did notice now it Hurts my lower back to sleep completely on my stomach. I guess cus he did lipo to my lower back the pressure causes a fold kinda like an extra arch and it hurts.. so I have to sleep on my side with a pillow underneath me. My butt has gotten bigger just from working out. My waist line fluctuates with swelling but overall I'm 29.5. Definitely more room for shrinkage. Im obsessed with taking pics of myself now lol & what a shame i dont have a man to send them lol. Ive been buying so much underwear too. Well Hope all in well with yall

6 months and I'm still happy !

So quick update, I'm def satisfied with myself. I started a new job that's more physical and helps with my weight lost. I'm back to 205 and my waist is now a full 29! I get so many compliments on my figure especially my waist. Yes I still wear a garment and waist cincher to continue to shrink my waist. My butt has gotten bigger it's a 46.25" now. Here are a few pics. I use bio oil on my scar and it does wonders. Hope all is well!!

More pics

1 year & a month later

Hey pretty ppl. Its been over a year since my tt & my stomach is still flat but i'm going back for another round April 10th, to remove back skin & have more lipo. i'll be creating a new page w/more pics for y'all to see so feel free to follow my new page. hope y'all are doing well. i'm still happy & receive compliments.
Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon

Dr. weiler & his staff are very professional while also making you feel comfortable & creating a personal environment. He is very resourceful & speaks in a very understandable way and explains everything he says. He did great on my tt & lipo. I would recommend him to anyone. He knows exactly what he's doing and follows up with you if you have any questions about anything in particular. I'm glade a picked him. If I have any other cosmetic surgeries in the future I will be returning to him!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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