54 and Ready to Look Good Just for Me! - Baton Rouge, LA

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This liposuction journey started 34 years ago ,...

This liposuction journey started 34 years ago , when I was in a car accident( broke my neck and lost the front of my right thigh from burns ). So finally the technology has gotten to the point that reconstruction can be done to help the appearance of my leg.So,where does lipo fit in ? I decided if the PS thought it was a good idea I would take the plunge and get lipo on my abdomen ,hips and thighs along with the reconstruction.He said yes we could do it but he needed to do the first part of the revision before the lipo.So in October we did that and I was to have the lipo done in Feb. but I was involved in a hit and run,broke my fingers in 4 places and had to have pins put in So now the lipo will be done April 14th. If the girl that hit me only new the trouble it has caused me! I am so excited! I am especially excited because I am now single and Zi am doing this just for me! I will let everyone know how everything goes when I get closer to the time. I do so appreciate this site and everyone that has posted. I hope in April I can also help others to decide. Oh by the way my PS in Baton Rouge,La. Is Wonderful!!!!

8 Weeks Until Me Time!

Well I thought I would post the scariest part of all this... The before pictures.. Yikes,It takes guts at 54 trust me! But 8 weeks from right now I will hopefully be on my way to better looking tummy,hips and thighs. I have also asked about lipo on my arms bug I am not sure that at 54 it is a good idea because of the skin may or may not form back to the muscle. I do not want to have another long scar because as you can see I have long scares on my tummy going both ways from previous surgery's for gastric ulcer disease. Anyway, like everyone else even at my old age I love coming to this site and reading how everyone is feeling and looking. It helps me stay positive!!!!

3 weeks Left Before just maybe wearing shorts for the 1st time in 30 years:)

Hi everyone yes I am getting so very excited. I feel like everyone else that I read this site now much more than anything I used to read online!! I have looked at so many boobs,hips and tummies I think I could be an artist. I have already ordered my garment to wear while the one they give me is in the wash. I t turns out that I would have had to have worn a "thigh girdle"with just the surgery on my thigh so why not make the rest of me skinny also:)I will post pictures as soon as I can stand without falling over!

12 days to go!

Hi I bought this compression garment from Elsa's Curves. I got it because they come in pink:) I am getting excited and wishing I had not broken my hand back in Dec. so that I would be done with all this by now! The garnet is comfortable but wearing it in Baton Rouge for the next 8 weeks may be HOT...YUK! As soon as I can post a post surgery picture...assuming i live:), I will no matter how bad the old 54 year old body looks! I have already talked to them about the next surgery in Sept. to take out these WAY TO BIG IMPLANTS for smaller ones and lipo on arms! The only problem about reading this site nightly is that you start feeling that everything needs to be fixed:) So sorry, I can not post my picture I will work on that.

Love Pink:)

See if I can show my pink compression garmet pre-surgery.

9 hours to go!!

Hi everyone I have 9 hours to go until my surgery at 8:00am. I am ready if only because anything has to be better than this wait time with all the nerves in my body on some kind of alert! I think I have everything ready for when I get home.Since I am single now ( hopefully this may help that problem out:))my great sister has come out to help me out the first few days.I will add pictures just as soon as I can! Pray for me if you pray:)


Hi everyone this week these post will be on and off! Somehow I had been thinking so much about the lipo I had totally put out of my head I was also having Major surgery on my right thigh!!! Something over 200 stitches plus lipo on inner thighs, upper , lower stomach,hips! Well when I woke up I was in so much pain I was crying/ moaning( very unusual for me) they had given me oxi but that did not even touch it so when we got home my sister called and said we are going to have to try something else. So bless their hearts they let her come get a script for Dilaudid and Thank you Jesus that worked! Now anyone ready this the severe pain was NOT coming from lipo so please don't let that scare you!!:)
The only other thing I know is that he said " I had great fat.... No blood came out and that is why he was able to do more than he thought on an old 54 year old:)" I am praying for ALL OF US:):)

First Pictures!:)

Okay here are partial pictures,I am not ready to show my right burned leg, but I WILL! :)Tomorrow is day 5! I have A LOT of bruising and swelling and...itching:( Can anyone tell me what to do about the itching??? I think I can see a little difference but after reading it sounds like that if you are over 40 I just Must Be Patient:)

One step maybe more back;)

Hi everyone, So sorry I have not updated lately but all the reviews are so positive I wasn't sure to write mine. Well the first 9 to 10 days all is good, walking on the treadmill lightly and walking around my complex until about Wed. my entire left leg, thigh and foot and hips blew up with swelling! It has been so bad I have had to use my mom's cane to get around and it hurts!! So very sadly I am back on pain pills and can only walk where I need to and then elevate leg!:( No one really knows what is causing this.. I am 54 and this is my 4th surgery since last May! ( not plastic surgery)So for the time being I am not even looking at my tummy because as long as my leg is this swollen I know my tummy is also! Anyone reading this please don't let this turn you off Unless in 3 months nothing has changed:) For now I am just trying hard to be patient and stay in good spirits!:)The second it looks better I will be back but I will post the 2 sad pictures! PS the doctor has been great staying in touch answering questions 50 times a day!:)

Yea Starting to see Results... Finally!

Okay everyone I think I have the hang of this now,at 54 I can't keep comparing my results to you precious young people, so with that in mind I have have posted a picture With Clothes On:) It has been 3 weeks and Finally I am beginning to see the old skin going down and trying to reshape itself! YEA! I thought I would post this for any of you just looking like I did and are in my age range. I will be honest I was giving up but they keep saying Hang On, wear your garment and you will start to see your body changing... And I'll be damn they seem to be right!:)

3weeks out!

Going to try to post one more time!

Going over to the explant side!

Hi everyone I wanted you to know that I will each month post an update however I am going to get my size D implants finally removed at the beginning of Sept. I will also be getting a lift because at 54 the old skin as I have found with lipo is not as quick to go back to where it should:) Also Dr. Dean is going to do a reverse tummy tuck and pull my extra skin up through the scars I already have and will have again under my breast ! So as much as I can not stand to do one more surgery I am so very excited!!A ps put in size D implants in 06 when I had asked for B"s and sadly I got very ill with gastric ulcer disease very soon after so dealing with my breast got put way down on my list. So 12 years later I am finally going to have small boobies:) and a flat stomach !!YEA:)

Wow what a difference 2 years and 2 more awesome surgeries by Dr.John Dean makes!

Lord I am really sorry everyone, I have not posted in what seems to be Years... So sorry to all of you out there that are looking at Real Self for the first time! I have been where you are Terrified:) But I have to say the very most important objective you have right now is to find the right doctor for you!!! I have been very blessed to have the most Outstanding plastic surgeon I have ever had Dr.John Dean! I believe I wrote I have had years of doctors after my wreck at Ole Miss ( I know total trader to LSU but I did make my Ole Miss dates sit on the Tigers side:)) He and his team( I call them his angels) can not be topped! All of them are there for 1 reason only, taking care of you and doing it with total perfection. I have now had 4 surgeries with Dr.Dean( and by the way, Never has he asked me if I want some other surgery done.. Very Important!) he did an amazing job with an old large burn on my thigh, he did lipo on my stomach, he took old breast implants out ( o' natural now:)) and he did a mini plus tummy tuck on Feb. 9 of this year! I will post a picture.. Let's just say I Am Thrilled!!!! and last he has done 2 sets of fillers on my 56 year old falling lower every minute skin on my face!
So I can tell you go with your first impression of a doctor.. it is probably correct or in my case it certainly was, please do not go in with a negative attitude in the beginning.. it bothers me that some people are looking for the mistakes and not all the positives JMO..Also you can usually tell Everything about a doctor by the staff he has!! As I have said from way back 35 years ago when my adventures with doctors began... I want someone who is Brilliant but someone who can also hold my hand ...That pretty much sums up my time with Dr.John Dean and his team of Amazing Angels!!! Lastly I pray all of you have the great experience I have had.... Please take care of yourself and find the Perfect Team for you... They are out there!!! Have fun staying up reading all of these post, just like so many of us have before you! Thanks to RealSelf!!
Dr. John Dean

Everyone in this office is wonderful! From the secretaries at the desk,to the people that book your surgery time,to Dr.Deans nurse and last but not least Dr. Dean himself,

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