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Warning the pictures are rather graphic...

Warning the pictures are rather graphic, but they say that a picture is worth a thousand words....So please let these pictures talk to you before you talk to Dr. Dean!!!
I hate to straight out talk horribly of a person but I feel I should warn everyone I can...avoid Dr. John Dean of Associates in Plastics!
He came highly recommended but has ruined my life. I went in for a breast reduction... Went great at first. Incisions had closed up, felt great, not much pain! After about 5 weeks i developed a life threatening infection that he claimed for weeks was a blister. My incisions were opening up and I developed a large mass (full of infection) just below my left breast (very tender and painful) I hardly called MRSA (antibiotic resistance staph infection) a blister. I feel blessed to be alive today! He never once swabbed the infected area to see what he was dealing with! I went to the ER where they did a culture. They were talking of admitting me until he had me discharged to his care. Did nothing then sent me home. I saw him again the next day...visibly worse, and did nothing. I ended up back in the ER tonight in the worse pain I have ever experienced. The ER staff was in shock. Wanted to admit me. He one again had me discharged to Woman's hospital to be "evaluated." After waiting there for several hours, it took the Dr there two seconds to say "let me see if I can convince Dr Dean to admit you." And then after being admitted, made me feel as if I stabbed him in the back by going to the ER. After I posted my first review here, he called to confront me about it. I do not do well with confrontation and tried to take credit for the ER diagnosing the MRSA. My surgery was 14 weeks ago...I still have not healed, been able to return to work, and now have over $14,000 and still growing medical bills that I have no way to pay and was turned down for gov assistance (even with 2 kids and income) I still have open wounds and horrible scaring, and horrible pain! he does not stand behind his work and makes you feel stupid for having concerns! So please stay away from this Dr.

update & thank you

Thank you for the support. I have spoken to 2 lawyers that say it would cost more to file a suit than would be worth it. I am still dealing with a lot of pain and trying to get the one major wound to heal. Unfortunately I don't have health insurance and was denied gov assistance. So I am swimming in over 15000 of medical bills. And an struggling just to keep the lights on at home with my 2 young children. And I was never upset over an infection forming, I agree and know they are a risk, it's the drs blatant disregard for it. I was told that the infection could have started deep in the tissue and just took time to show on the surface. And I feel it is worth the struggle of others can be warned and not have to go through it too.

timeline correction

I need to clarify my timeline...it was 5 weeks after the surgery that I was admitted to the hospital. It was actually three weeks afterwards that my incision broke back open.


It's been almost a year since my surgery. I still have not fully healed. My skin is so paper thin that anytime I wear a bra or sweat or even go swimming, my skin busts back open. I have not been able to see a doctor since I was discharged from the hospital due to lack of money and insurance. I also still have constant pain and discomfort. I wish I had never met Dr Dean. I can not work anymore and have been denied disability because of lack of drs notes backing up my claims. And I am still trying to pay off the over $20k in medical bills. So please be careful in who you choose to see for your surgery. Make sure that he/she is going to actually take the time to address your concerns before they ruin your life.

emergency surgery

This past Saturday night i had a scary event occur. I had another sore on my breast that (due to the skin being so thin) began to bleed. An artery got nicked while cleaning the soar. I wad rushed into emergency surgery due to the massive loss pic blood, to repair the tear. Im now on the mend again

Still fighting

Thank you for checking in with me. It has been a little over a year and a half since my reduction. And in the past 6 months alone, I have had 3 emergency surgeries to repair ruptured arteries that were damaged due to mrsa infections, I have been hospitalized twice already this year for iv antibiotics and a blood transfusion due to one of the ruptures and tomorrow I will be meeting with my new fantastic surgeon to schedule a double mastectomy. It has gotten to the point that I either continue fighting the infections with my damaged tissue or try a radical approach. And if it might help me regain some aspect of a normal life, it's worth it.
The last surgery they actually left the insicion open to drain and hopefully prevent infection. That surgery was on my birthday, Jan 11, 2017, and as you can see in the first picture, the large incision that is still trying to heal.
Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon

Was great until there was an issue and he tries to just brush you under the rug!

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