Finally Going Forward with Plans for Reduction - Baton Rouge, LA

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Hi, I've been reading tons of reviews and...

Hi, I've been reading tons of reviews and questions/answers on this site. I guess it's time to post. :)

I'm 31 yrs old with 3 kids. I wear 2 bras every day to keep everything contained and that still doesn't help. I'm scheduled for a consult Tuesday, July 16 to discuss BR. My chiropractor is writing a letter of recommendation to send along with the PS report. Anyway, I'm excited to finally be moving forward with this process. I have wanted to get rid of my large chest my entire life. I had boobs at 10 yrs old. Like I said before, I wear 2 bras every day. I went to a store for a fitting a few months ago and left in tears b/c I was told they didn't sale my size. I thought I was an H but they said I was an I. I was so embarrassed. I have back, neck, and shoulder pains. My chest effects how I breathe. I want to run but lose my breath fast, not to mention that I bounce all over even with an Enell sports bra. I have BCBS and am in hopes they will cover my surgery and that I will be on the road to recovery sometime in August. I plan to lay all my aches and pains out thick at the consult.

Tomorrow is my consult

I feel almost like it's Christmas. Tomorrow I go for my consult and I can't wait. I picked up a letter of recommendation from my chiropractor today. I'm making a list of questions to ask so that I don't forget anything. I spoke with insurance last week and they said that no pre approval is required as long as my doctor deems it necessary. I can't believe I'm finally going through with this. I've talked about it for years and it seems unreal that it's finally happening.

Are there any suggestions as to what I should ask? Anything that I may need to look for?

I had my consult today. :)

My consult was great! I met my doctor and his staff today and immediately was comfortable. The office was nice and comfortable and the staff seemed to want to make me feel like I was the only person there. His nurse spoke with me first and gathered all my info for insurance. Then the doctor came in for the exam. He was very open to my concerns and questions. My sister came with me and added some questions to which he answered. He said that he will remove at least 1,000 cc from one breast and at least 1,500 cc from the other. He was upfront that he may not be able to leave my nipples attached b/c of current location and that I may need a free nipple graft which could/will lead to loss of sensation. He's going to try to leave them attached but won't know until he gets in surgery. Now I'm just waiting on insurance to approve me. The doctor said he has no doubts that they will. I'm hoping to know something as soon as possible so I can plan to have surgery sometime in August.

My before pictures

I had my husband take some before pictures today. Man, am I fat. :(

I'M APPROVED!!!!!!!!!!

I got the call today while I was at work. The office left a VM so I called them back at the first chance I got. I've been approved and have a date of Aug. 9. Pre-op is the 8th. I'm so happy! I've been on the phone since I left the office telling everyone that matters. Since I made the decision to have the reduction I have noticed more neck and back pain. I'm sure it was always there, but I'm noticing it more now I guess since my mind is on it.

Well isn't this some crap!

I got my surgery date Thursday. I told my boss Friday that I needed to give her my dates to be off. I filled out the paper work and brought it to her office and she tells me that b/c it's an outpatient procedure that I have to use my vacation time instead of the sick time she originally said I had to use. If I were staying in the hospital then I could use sick time. Then she had the nerve to ask if I could return to work the next day. SERIOUSLY!?! I said no, that will have to be in bed for a week before I can return to work. She's on vacation this next week, but wants to see a letter from my doctor detailing the recovery process, etc... Any way, if I have to stay over night in a hospital at least one night for it to count on sick time then that's what I will do. I was given that option in the beginning and decided against it. I swear some ppl need a clue.

On a brighter note, I went shopping yesterday and looked at some bras that were a lot smaller than what I currently wear. I held some up to my chest and laughed at the difference. My husband said he couldn't believe the difference in size compared to what I am now. He's on board with the reason why I need to do this but is still trying to wrap his head around the size difference.

Finally August!

Yay it's finally August! I am 8 days away from my surgery. I am getting a little nervous as the day gets closer, but I think I'm ready. I am hoping my period will start this week so I can be done by next Friday or at least lighter. I do not want to have to deal with that too. With every passing day I think my bras get more and more uncomfortable and my back hurts worse and worse. The end is near. :)

Accidently deleted a pic


Tomorrow is the big day! I got a little nervous this morning but it is all good now. I can't wait until I wake up on the other side.

I'm home

I'm home and sleeping is a joke. My head hurts. My boobs look good. Not really bruised. I think I'm going to be happy. They're really small and can't imagine them being smaller.

First Outing

Yesterday (Friday) was one week post op. I decided I had enough of being home and wanted to go shopping. So off I went. That was a mistake. I got into the first store and got light headed, hot, and clammy. I forced myself to go to one more store and by the time I left there I had to just sit in my van in the parking lot with the air blowing hard to cool me down. I came home and got in the bed.
I don't get it. I've had other surgeries (3 C-sections) and was up and about in no time. This surgery has kicked my butt. I've had trouble all week sleeping. I can not get comfortable at all. I see a visit to my chiro in the future. Finally the last 2 nights I have slept a little better but still toss and turn. I seem to have some sort of brain fog still and that's really annoying to me. Other than that I'm fine. My boobs look better and better every day.

3 weeks since surgery

It's been 3 weeks since surgery and I'm loving the new look. I do however have one place under my right breast that is refusing to heal. The doctor looked at it at my follow up appointment last week and said it looked fine. It just bothers me that it's still open when everything else is healed and the stitches are disappearing
I am loving being able to buy bras off the rack and how my clothes look on me now. I do have this horrible stomach that I need to lose and will work on that soon. I've been cleared for exercise but I want to wait until that one spot heals up better before I start moving too much.
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