35 Yrs Old. Going from DD to C - Insurance to Cover 80% - Baton Rouge, LA

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I've always said that if I could, I would, but...

I've always said that if I could, I would, but I've never checked into it until now... I manged to convince my Chiropractor to write a letter to the insurance company saying that he thinks I will benefit from a reduction. After the letter was in my hand I made a consultation appointment with my PS. I never thought that the insurance would agree, but they did! I honestly thought that my case wasn't solid enough, but it was and my surgery is scheduled for September 18! I'm excited and a ball of nerves all at the same time. I've read and researched in attempts to prepare myself as much as possible. I even have a whole notebook page full of questions to ask my PS the day of my pre-op. I'm a planner by nature and trying to have this process go as smoothly as possible.

Getting Closer - Less than a month away

I go for my pre-op on September 3 and am literally anticipating the day! I've already bought a whole list of supplies that I think I will need and am SO OPEN TO ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS.... I know I still need to get some anti-bacterial soap and I need to order an extra surgical bra or two..... But I did get stool softener, surgical tape, mederma and some panty liners..... I also did some research and ordered a whole list of vitamin supplements that promote healing within the body after surgery so I'm remaining hopeful that this whole process is going to be smooth and with minimal pain. I only have 7 days off work.

My cost discovered -

I found out today that my insurance is going to pay 80%. 80% of the hospital visit and 80% of the doctor's office fee..... After all is said and done, my portion will be around $2,500. The cost was a let down, but I have to look at the bright side.... it's much better than having to foot the entire bill.

There's no waiting for a better time.... the better time than NOW, so I am going for it!

two days and counting

It's almost go time! I've planned as much as I can, bought everything I can think of and I THINK I am mentally prepared. I keep reminding myself of the POSITIVE things that will come from this. I will FINALLY be able to run and do jumping jacks without having hold my boobs while wearing TWO sports bras. I will FINALLY have clothes that actually fit. People will FINALLY talk to me instead of to my boobs!

I do have to admit the fear of the ugly/nasty scar though. I still want to look beautiful for my husband.


Right now is the last time that I will ever wear a DD size bra again! I'm so looking forward to smaller less noticeable boobs. I'm a little nervous, but am ready to get it over with and start moving forward! I'll be able to exercise/run.... jumping jacks! Less cleavage! I can't wait!
Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon

The surgery hasn't happened yet, but Dr. Reilley is a soft, tender and caring individual. During my consultation appointment, I felt very comfortable and right at home. She took the time to listen and answer all of my questions. Her staff explained the entire process in great detail and treated me like a real person. Great first impression!

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