20 Yrs Old, 5 ft, 100 Lbs, Recent Weight Loss. Breast Lift/Augmentation 350cc and 375cc HP

Hey ladies I just scheduled my first consultation...

Hey ladies I just scheduled my first consultation for next Wednesday with Dr. Weiler in Baton Rouge and I am so excited and a little nervous! A little background on me: I developed pretty young (C's by 12 or 13) and since I can remember my nipples have been pointing to the ground. I danced from the age of three until I was about 19 (I was on the dance team for my University for a year). After I quit I didn't really work out or live a very healthy lifestyle and I lost a lot of muscle and gained some fat. My weight has always fluctuated but stayed between 110-115. This year I began working out and eating right to try and get my dancer body back and I did that and plus some! I am down 15 lbs and I know it doesn't sound like much but for someone with hypothyroidism and is only 5 feet tall it's A LOT! Before weight loss I was a 34C/32D and now I am a 32 C I would say. I think I am at a good weight just wanna continue to tone up. Even though I am happy with my body I still absolutely HATE my boobs. They disgust me and destroy my confidence. They are okay laying down or in a supportive bra but there are so many things I wish I could wear without a bra or at least without having to have full support plus some (especially dresses, swimsuits, backless/plunge tops). They are also VERY uneven (more significant since weight loss, I'd say my left is full C right is probably a very small C maybe even a full B) which is something a bra or laying down can't hide unlike the droopiness. I am not a shy person at all and I am even ashamed and uncomfortable without a shirt on in front of my boyfriend of almost two years and changing in front of my best friends and even my own mother because I am just that disgusted and embarrassed of them. I am SO ready to finally after years & years of hating my boobs to love them!!!! Thanks for reading xoxo

Surgery booked!

Well it's official!! My surgery date is set for Dec 29th! I am so excited & nervous & I just can't wait!!

One week!

My surgery is in one week!!!! Eep I am so excited!! What are some things you guys did to prepare?

Post Op

So my surgery was yesterday and it went great! I can already tell my breasts are going to look awesome! I have nothing but AMAZING things to say about Dr. Weiler & his entire staff. Every single person I met made me feel so incredibly welcome and comfortable. I highly highly highly recommend him! Tha pain is not really what I was expecting and is rather bearable. Can't wait for them to drop & heal! Also we ended up doing 350cc on the left and 375cc on the right high profile smooth silicone. I ultimately left it up to Dr. Weiler to decide which size looked best and I'm so happy I did!

Loving them so far!

I know it's early but I just love my boobs so much already! I'm still very sore but I finally got to shower today and that made me feel so much better. I already have feeling back in my right nipple, none in my left. I haven't had any major bleeding or anything. I am starting to get itchy and I am still so incredibly bloated:/ but all in all healing very well!

Post Op day 4

Most of the swelling is gone and I'm not bloated anymore. I am off my painpills and just taking tylenol and my muscle relaxer now.

5 days post op

My steristrips fell off today and I'm kinda nervous that my nipples are still so low....I know its early so I'm trying not to worry but I can't help it. Also those two dots on my right breast are blood blisters. My surgeon told me not to worry and to let them heal on their own. I have a second follow up appointment Thursday. But honestly even tho my nipples are kinda low I still love them!! I'm still pretty swollen also.

6 Days

My left is dropping faster but I love them so much already!

before vs one week

if they are already this good at just one week I can't wait to see what they look like in a few months. speechless honestly!!!

Quick update!

Hey ladies!! Not much change except my scars are healing GREAT. Got my stitches out today and started scar treatment. I can't believe how fast they are healing! My left breast has dropped a good bit and is looking so incredibly pretty! I'm still loving them
and can't wait for final results:)

(Late) One Month Boobiversary!

I meant to post this update a couple of days ago but here's a pic from one month post op! The right has begun to drop a bit! The left is just so pretty! Excuse the tape. My scars are healing surprisingly very quickly. I still love them so much!

More pics!

Okay, so the only I guess "complaint" I have is that my nipples are SO much bigger now and I feel very self conscious about them!!:( I have really been trying not to worry about anything because I know things change so much throughout these first few months but I can't help it. Like I feel like they are weirdly big! What do yall think?

8 weeks post op

I can't put my finger on what it is that is different from my two breasts but there's just something off. Still giving it at least the three months until I really judge tho! Still uncomfortable with how large my areolas are now. Harder to find clothes that fit my petite body and large breasts than I thought! It's definitely different when you can't exactly hide or squish them down anymore, they are always just there if you know what I mean haha! but overall still happy!

more pics

Jonathan Weiler

I can not say enough good things about the ENTIRE staff at Weiler Plastic Surgery! From the second I walked in I knew that I would get my procedure done there. I am only a week out from my surgery and I am already loving my results!! Highly recommend!!! Dr. Weiler is very talented and made me feel so comfortable, although I didn't spend much time with him (met him at my pre-op) I know it's just because he is very busy. That is the only negative thing I have to say and to me, it wasn't a big deal. I love the whole staff, especially Taylor & Jordan who I spent most of my time with. If you are in the BR area there is not a better option!!!

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