20 Yrs Old, 5 ft, 100 Lbs, Recent Weight Loss. Breast Lift/Augmentation 350cc and 375cc HP

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Hey ladies I just scheduled my first consultation...

Hey ladies I just scheduled my first consultation for next Wednesday with Dr. Weiler in Baton Rouge and I am so excited and a little nervous! A little background on me: I developed pretty young (C's by 12 or 13) and since I can remember my nipples have been pointing to the ground. I danced from the age of three until I was about 19 (I was on the dance team for my University for a year). After I quit I didn't really work out or live a very healthy lifestyle and I lost a lot of muscle and gained some fat. My weight has always fluctuated but stayed between 110-115. This year I began working out and eating right to try and get my dancer body back and I did that and plus some! I am down 15 lbs and I know it doesn't sound like much but for someone with hypothyroidism and is only 5 feet tall it's A LOT! Before weight loss I was a 34C/32D and now I am a 32 C I would say. I think I am at a good weight just wanna continue to tone up. Even though I am happy with my body I still absolutely HATE my boobs. They disgust me and destroy my confidence. They are okay laying down or in a supportive bra but there are so many things I wish I could wear without a bra or at least without having to have full support plus some (especially dresses, swimsuits, backless/plunge tops). They are also VERY uneven (more significant since weight loss, I'd say my left is full C right is probably a very small C maybe even a full B) which is something a bra or laying down can't hide unlike the droopiness. I am not a shy person at all and I am even ashamed and uncomfortable without a shirt on in front of my boyfriend of almost two years and changing in front of my best friends and even my own mother because I am just that disgusted and embarrassed of them. I am SO ready to finally after years & years of hating my boobs to love them!!!! Thanks for reading xoxo

Surgery booked!

Well it's official!! My surgery date is set for Dec 29th! I am so excited & nervous & I just can't wait!!

One week!

My surgery is in one week!!!! Eep I am so excited!! What are some things you guys did to prepare?

Post Op

So my surgery was yesterday and it went great! I can already tell my breasts are going to look awesome! I have nothing but AMAZING things to say about Dr. Weiler & his entire staff. Every single person I met made me feel so incredibly welcome and comfortable. I highly highly highly recommend him! Tha pain is not really what I was expecting and is rather bearable. Can't wait for them to drop & heal! Also we ended up doing 350cc on the left and 375cc on the right high profile smooth silicone. I ultimately left it up to Dr. Weiler to decide which size looked best and I'm so happy I did!

Loving them so far!

I know it's early but I just love my boobs so much already! I'm still very sore but I finally got to shower today and that made me feel so much better. I already have feeling back in my right nipple, none in my left. I haven't had any major bleeding or anything. I am starting to get itchy and I am still so incredibly bloated:/ but all in all healing very well!

Post Op day 4

Most of the swelling is gone and I'm not bloated anymore. I am off my painpills and just taking tylenol and my muscle relaxer now.

5 days post op

My steristrips fell off today and I'm kinda nervous that my nipples are still so low....I know its early so I'm trying not to worry but I can't help it. Also those two dots on my right breast are blood blisters. My surgeon told me not to worry and to let them heal on their own. I have a second follow up appointment Thursday. But honestly even tho my nipples are kinda low I still love them!! I'm still pretty swollen also.

6 Days

My left is dropping faster but I love them so much already!

before vs one week

if they are already this good at just one week I can't wait to see what they look like in a few months. speechless honestly!!!

Quick update!

Hey ladies!! Not much change except my scars are healing GREAT. Got my stitches out today and started scar treatment. I can't believe how fast they are healing! My left breast has dropped a good bit and is looking so incredibly pretty! I'm still loving them
and can't wait for final results:)

(Late) One Month Boobiversary!

I meant to post this update a couple of days ago but here's a pic from one month post op! The right has begun to drop a bit! The left is just so pretty! Excuse the tape. My scars are healing surprisingly very quickly. I still love them so much!

More pics!

Okay, so the only I guess "complaint" I have is that my nipples are SO much bigger now and I feel very self conscious about them!!:( I have really been trying not to worry about anything because I know things change so much throughout these first few months but I can't help it. Like I feel like they are weirdly big! What do yall think?

8 weeks post op

I can't put my finger on what it is that is different from my two breasts but there's just something off. Still giving it at least the three months until I really judge tho! Still uncomfortable with how large my areolas are now. Harder to find clothes that fit my petite body and large breasts than I thought! It's definitely different when you can't exactly hide or squish them down anymore, they are always just there if you know what I mean haha! but overall still happy!

more pics

two month update


these before and afters BLOW MY MIND. if you're on the fence about getting this done...DO. IT. you will be so happy!!!!! mine are not perfect but MY GOSH look at the difference!!!! the way I felt was anything was better than what I had. I mean could you imagine what they would have looked like after I have kids?! I just turned 21 this is the time in life you're supposed to enjoy your body!!!

lovin them in my Calvin's:)

forgot this pic!

my scars are looking so dark again. I am ordering some silicone strips tonight, I am sick of this stupid gel. I honestly don't put it on, like ever. so thats probably why they aren't healing faster.
Jonathan Weiler

I can not say enough good things about the ENTIRE staff at Weiler Plastic Surgery! From the second I walked in I knew that I would get my procedure done there. I am only a week out from my surgery and I am already loving my results!! Highly recommend!!! Dr. Weiler is very talented and made me feel so comfortable, although I didn't spend much time with him (met him at my pre-op) I know it's just because he is very busy. That is the only negative thing I have to say and to me, it wasn't a big deal. I love the whole staff, especially Taylor & Jordan who I spent most of my time with. If you are in the BR area there is not a better option!!!

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