Horrible Results - 11 year old saline implants - Baton Rouge, LA

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I was told to drain my 11 year old saline implants...

I was told to drain my 11 year old saline implants to see where my natural tissue & muscle would retract back to after 4-6 weeks. I did this & then discussed a smaller than my previous 350cc saline implant because I had been pregnant & breast fed my daughter & grew to an overly full 34DD cup. My size never got any smaller so 7 years later I decided on surgery. My Dr. Said that after seeing my breast 5 weeks after draining the implant, I needed a pexy lift where a large indecision across the fold would lift my breast & then using a 260cc high profile silicone gel implant would give me roundness. I was told over & over that I would never achieve perkiness & fullness at the top of my breast. I now feel that this was bad advice & I should've done a full anchor lift with a larger implant & I would've been able to achieve the fullness at top. Please give some advice, this surgery is ruining my life right now & I don't know what to do next. Im 5'3 120 lbs. my dr only cut across one areola when i asked to be made smaller, all was done was cutting to revise small bumps from previous peri areola lift done 11 years ago. It was not made smaller, & the left one was not touched at all. Please help me to figure out how to fix this. They keep telling me fullness at top can not be achieved & the squareness will go away with time. All I do is cry, please help me.
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