My Implant Experience (If You're Undecided, Please Read) - Baton Rouge, LA

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*You can see my pictures on my other review in the...

*You can see my pictures on my other review in the Implant Removal section, click here.
I had implants placed 17 years ago at the age of 20. At that time I didn't research things online, so I didn't fully realize the implications of having breast implants. All I knew is that I had been teased for being flat chested since middle school, and that not having boobs was the main thing wrong with my self and life. I never let a guy see or touch them and was not intimate with guys beyond kissing, because I was sure they would be horrified by my "ugly" boobs. So, although I really only wanted real, natural, slightly bigger breasts, I ended up getting C sized implants from the first surgeon I found in the yellowpages. Fortunately, he did a great job. I was lucky considering I did not know anything about him.
I did know that I might want to breast feed in the future, so I elected to have them placed via crease incision. Thank goodness for that much at least. I had no complications until breastfeeding 15 years later. You can read the details in my other review.
I had them removed 2 days ago and feel so happy that they're out and sad for the self-conscious, insecure girl that I was. Why couldn't I appreciate myself as is?

If you think you want implants, consider these questions?
1. Are you a health-oriented person? - If you care about your health, understand that by having a foreign object implanted in your body, your body will be constantly fighting that object and creating inflammation. It may or may not be noticeable to you, but it's there.
2. Do you prefer natural breasts? - Implants are not natural. They're not real, no matter how real they look. You will always know that. Will that bother you? People had no idea I had implants, but I always felt like a fraud.
3. Do you obsess about your breast size? - That is a sign you are avoiding the real issues in your life. Breast size is never the issue. It's self-love that's the issue.
4. Are you prepared to have more surgeries? - Breast implants do not last. You will have to undergo the risks of anesthesia and surgery at another point. Is that really worth it? I am horrified that I electively had my pectoral muscles detached from my ribs to insert a water balloon for the sake of looks. How sad is that to do to one's body? And by the way, the pectoral muscles can never reattach normally even when the implants are removed. Wish I had known that.
5. Do you think there is even a small chance that you will want to breastfeed? - Breasts change so much with pregnancy and nursing. Consider at least waiting until after you're done having children. I am so fortunate that I've been able to nurse my daughter, but others are not as lucky.
6. Did you know that breast continue to grow with age? There is a good chance that if you are young, you still have some growing to do.

These are just my thoughts that I hope may help another person that was in my situation. Google sexy small-breasted celebrities. Look at pictures of real breasts on the website 007b. Don't just focus on breast size. There is so much more to being attractive than just one body part. There is nothing sexy about not being able to sleep on your stomach, avoiding rough-housing because you're afraid you're going to pop a boob, having decreased sensation in your nipples and breasts and being a billboard saying that you were not confident enough in yourself as you were. Our society has brainwashed us! Don't fall for it.

If you truly have some sort of 'deformity' or 'defect', weigh the risks before you proceed. Are there other options besides implants? A lift or some other sort of breast reconstruction may be enough and you don't have to worry about a future surgery. Even better, could you accept and love yourself exactly the way you are right now?

If someone had told me these things, maybe it would have stopped me from making a bad decision, then again, maybe not. Who knows. I can't even say I totally regret the implants, because of how much I appreciate the flat, saggy breasts I have as I'm typing this. We are all on our own path to self acceptance and self love. Unconditional self love is the answer to everything. Is this something you would do to someone you loved?

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