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So I plan to have breast augmentation done around...

So I plan to have breast augmentation done around end of August early September! Right now I'm a 34b and I'm hoping to get a full c! I've been wanting to have this done for a while and after talking to a friend whose had it done recently I decided this year is the year to to do it! I'm just sceptic of doing it because I'm a hairdresser and I will only be able to take a week off of work! I'm thinking I'll have the surgery on a Friday and take the following sat-mon off of work! Which will give me around 10 days to heal before going back to work. I'm thinking I'll try and schedule a light week following the surgery week! Just curious if any of you are hairdressers who've done this or know anyone who has! I'm worried I won't be able to work the week I go back!

Just curious if anyone is around my size and has...

Just curious if anyone is around my size and has gone with what my "wish pics" look like? And what do y'all recommended!!?

Btw I'm 5.4" and 105lbs!

Btw I'm 5.4" and 105lbs!

Really thinking hard about going soon than I...

Really thinking hard about going soon than I originally planned!!! Can't stop thinking about it!! Lol. I just want to do it and get it over with!!!!! Just scared that I won't get to look normal I'm my swimsuit after with the summer being so close!! Any suggestions!?

Scheduled my consultation!!(: so happy but sorta...

Scheduled my consultation!!(: so happy but sorta sad too!! My doctor didn't have an opening untill July 27! So I will be heading to Baton Rouge on Monday July 27 at 2:00! Not so bad though, guess I'll still with my first thought about doing the surgery late summer! It'll be right after my birthday too, which is a good thing!(: I'll be 20 on July 18! So happy I finally called and didn't wait any Longer to schedule the consult!

Tired of waiting!!!!!!:(

I'm sooo ready to get things going, still have two months before my consult! :/
Just ready to have them already!!!!!!!!!! Wish I would've decided to do this sooner!


Consultation Monday!(:

Just wanted to let you girls know that I called and booked a second consult! It's this Monday at 3:20 in laffayette with dr Gonzales! It's at a womens health office.

The consultation is free so I figured..why not!? Lol just to get two opinions!

Really excited! But kinda nervous! Anyone can tell me what to expect? Also what do I need to bring with me? Insssurance card? I.d? Anything?

Local anesthesia

They also do local anesthesia!
Any advice on that?! That makes me nervous!


So just went to my first consultation. It went ok. I liked the doctor but it was literally maybe a 15 min consult? I feel like he honestly doesn't know what I want except for the fact that if like to be a full c.
He said he recommended under the crease insicsion. 360 saline indeed overfilled to 390. High profile I think he said my bwd is 11! So I'm guess he said high profile? What do you ladies think? Would he ask more at my preop?
He also does local anesthesia. Any info on that? Or anyone who has had a BA with local? He gives you some meds to relax you first.

Says the pain is not as bad as whenyou wake up from ga.

Just wanted To share!

I am going for my second consult on the 24th! Can't wait. Also wanted to show you ladies a picture.

2nd consult!

About to go in for my second consult! Hoping I love this doctor! Let see how it goes..????

Scheduled my surgery today!!!

So I absolutely loved everything about associates of plastic surgery in Baton Rouge where I went for my second consult today! I loved the doctor, he made me feel very comfortable and I felt like I was in good hands, he agreed with me that 390 CCs is too big for my frame and we agreed we would do somewhere around 300ccs!
My pre op is scheduled for August 12! And my surgery is August 30! Can't wait!!!!!(:


Can not wait!!!!!!! I can't wait to be able to not where a bra with low back shirts and my boobies actually look perky and full even without it! Looking forward to wearing the lacy no padded bras. Soo excited, can't come fast enough!
Anything I should buy in preparation?? I haven't started buying anything yet!
Pillows? Idk!! Help!

Before photos!(:

Getting closer!!!(:

Counting down the days!!!!

Well I'm counting down the days!!
Exactly two weeks from today is my post op, where I will have to pay in full and we will discuss what size I'm getting!!(: can not wait !!!
Also, 4 wks and 4 days till surgery!! Time feels like its flying, we just moved into our first house so I guess being busy with all of that has kinda kept my mind off of it!!
Love the support of you ladies!:-)

It's boobie month!!!!!!!

Soooo excited!!! It will be three weeks till surgery on Monday!
I can't stop shopping! Haven't bought but one bra for the new girls yet but I've been looking everywheres!!! I go to pay them off next Monday. Can not wait!

Paid for!!!! Pre op went great!

Yay!!!!! Went to my pre op on Monday! It went great! Got there and read and filled out all my paperwork, the Nurse explained everything, what to do, what not to do, what can happen, what they will do, blah blah!
Made me nervous lol. Getting closer! I then paid for my surgery in full---????
I didn't get to see the doc because they keep all the implants in the office so the day of surgery the doctor will come in and we will discuss what size and ill show him my wish pictures!!(:
After my appointment I went to the mall and bought a few bralettes from aerie and urban outfitters. Also bought a cute pair of yoga pants and a zip up hoodie from aerie for the day of surgery!(:
Did I mention 14 days until the big day!?!??
Absolutely can't wait!

9 days till!!

Soo excited! It's getting closer!! Been busy with work so time isn't going as slow as I thought!!
Went shopping the other day and got a body pillow, and ice packs!
Will have to call this Friday morning at 8 to verify the time of my surgery! Can not wait!!! Also will be getting my prescriptions filled the Thursday before!
He prescribed me a muscle relaxer, Percocet, and a nausea patch for behind my ear the morning of!

Five days!!!

Yay!! So excited!! Five days till! Couldn't be an more ready!

Tomorrow is the big day!!

Yay!!! Absolutely can't wait. I got everything I need to get before surgery day. Meds filled, pillows bought, house cleaned, groceries bought.

All that's left to do it pack my bag for tomorrow! Plan on bringing a pillow and a blanket for the ride home! Hoping everything goes smooth and I have an easy recovery!


Forgot to add I have to be in Baton Rouge for 6:15 so it's going to be an early morning! Surgery isat 7!!!(;

Whoop whoop!

Today was the day I've been waiting for!!!!!! I got the the surgery sender around 6:15. Did the preg test. Then they took me to the preop room where I changed and the doctor came in to look at me and we discussed size! The nurse then started my iv and I was headed back to the surgery room! The anesthesiologist was very sweet! Loved everyone there. I remember he gave me something in my iv and I was out like a light! Lol got home around 9 and went later down immediately. And been laying around all day. The pain is beady any and it's just lol super sore when I move around. I have able to pull up my own pants and sit up and get out of bed by myself. The nurses said they look great and ill be happy happy happy! Lol after showing his my wish pictures. He decided on 330 ccs! Moderate plus profile! They look a big bit now but we will see!!(:

For the pic

Post op day 2!(:

I'm feeling pretty much the same this morning. But after I get
Up nd get moving I'm fine! Went to the festival with my mom and sister and walked through the arts and crafts! Wasnt in any pain. Just right feeling. Came home and took a nap! Can't complain though havin a easy recovery so far!!!(:

Post op day 2!

Loving my results so far. They're still swollen so I'm hoping they go down a little bit! But recovery has been a lot easier than I anticipated! What
Do you ladies take to help regulate your bowel movements again?? I've been taking something but its not working and my stomach as been cramping since last night:/

Day 3 post op

Well I quit taking my pain meds yesterday! Just been taking muscle relaxers and ibuprofen! Feeling good! I can do everything on my own. Fixing to change this bra though bc it's kinda too tight. Around my nipples and under boob is numb. Other than that I've had no problems!

Day 3 post op pics- still looking too big:/

Day 3 post op. still looking a bit too big

Day 4 picture

Going to need new swimsuits lol


Anyone else have a burning sensation where their incisions are!? Mines been stinging all day!! On and off! And they take turns lol. I'm sure it's just the nerve endings coming back to life but goshhhh it hurts!

Ok I think I was over reacting. Lol idk!

Starting to like them! They are changing daily! I go for my post op appointment tomorrow but here are some one week post op photos for you ladies!!

Went to my post op

He said they couldn't look more perfect! Took my stitches out, showed me how to massage and I was out the door! Did a little shopping after and tried on like a million bras at vs! Biggest I grabbed was a 34 d and they were popping out! Lol so I was not buying a dd! Decided to try aerie and I fit the 34 D perfectly! So I bought a tshirt bra and a bralette!(: had to come home though, I was super tired and my back and boobs were hurting! Hoping the little pain i have stops soon!

First day back at work!

I'm a hairdresser so that means long hours on my feet and a lot of arm work! Lol. Luckily I haven't had that busy of a day, but it hasn't bothered me one bit! The side of my boobs are still sore. I've got on a bandini sports bra from Walmart right now and it's super comfy!!
I've got a haircut and highlight at 3 so ill see how that goes!!(: should be fine though! My love comes home today after being gone for a month and a half at work, so it'll be his first glance at the new boobies lol. Shall see what he thinks! I'm sure he will be happy with them considering for the past four years he's been happy with my ittybitties!!!


Sooo tired!!! My back started hurting during my highlight. Also everything was gravy untill I had to foil the top part of her head which consisted of me holding my hands above my head for a good twenty minutes:////// needless to say my incisions started burning like someone was holding a cigarette on them!! It was a little painful! Lol thank god as soon as I was finished it quit! After I got home I was worn out! My back hurts and it feels great to finally lay in my bed again! :)
Thank you ladies for all your support and sweetness! I love realself!

Boyfriends cray

Had to share a picture with you ladies. Lol my boyfriend came home wearing this shirt from offshore!! Haha!!! He's so retarded, always making me laugh. Btw he loves them! Lol said they were mesmerizing! (: he's such a sweetheart.

Two weeks post op!

I am now almost three weeks post op and I absolutely love them!! They are back to normal pretty much! No more pain or burning sensations. I went bra shopping and bought two 34 d bras! They fit perfect!! Can't wait to buy new swimsuits next summer! None of mine fit anymore!

2 months post op!

I am now two months post op and I absolutely love my results!! They don't look too fake at all. They also are the perfect size. Most of my clothes do not fit the same anymore. Definitely gunna need to go shopping for summer time. Can't wait to actually wear a bikini and be able to hold it up, I am absolutely loving the fact that I can wear strapless now. It's awesome to have boobs. Lol the other day we went to the lsu football game and I was able to wear just a bandeau under my tank and I looked like I actually had big boobs. It was amazing. I'm loving every minute of it. I was worried bc when I flex the whole implant goes up and it looks totally deformed underneath, but when I'm not flexing it looks completely normal. I asked some friends who have under the muscle implants and they have the same issue so I'm guessing it's normal! I will upload photos later. Today after work! Btw everything is back to normal I can sleep on my stomach but I've been able to since I was like 3 weeks post op!:))

2Month post op pics

Long time since I've updated !

It's been a while since I've updated so figured I would!!!! Been soo busy with a new house and everything going on. Can't wait to show these babies off in the summer!!! So ready to be done with sweaters! Lol anyways here are some 4 month post op photos!

5 months

5 months post op. And I went to doc yesterday bc my nipples are too high. He said everyone's skin is different and the bottom of my breast has stretched out a little more than the normal person. Supposedly my implants are too heavy. Idk. They aren't bad at all just don't sit quite as high as I wanted.
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