39 Year Old, 5'4" 180lbs, Pear Shaped Mother of Three Looking for Proportion - Baton Rouge, LA

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I've stalked this site for months now and it's...

I've stalked this site for months now and it's been a very helpful tool. I've always wanted larger breasts to offset my larger bottom area. I've always been two to three sizes smaller up top, even at my smallest weight. So as an early 40th bday gift to myself, I elected to have Breast Augmentation Surgery. I never thought I'd ever do something like this but I witness my coworkers' successful procedure and thought, "Why Not?". So I scheduled a consult in January, paid my deposit in March for surgery scheduled June 30, 2016. My ps stated I was a borderline candidate for a lift but left the decision up to me. I've opted not to do the lift but Augmentation only with a hp silicon implant. I currently wear a 36C size bra and would prefer to be DD/E range for proportional reasons. I've expressed to my ps that 550-650cc is ideal but I trust he knows my wishes and will provide the look into want to achieve.

Counting Down the Days....

My surgery is approximately two weeks away and the days can't pass fast enough. I want to share a few "before pictures" because I am "a work in progress", and most of the reviews I've read are of individuals with bodies I am currently working on having in the near future. Hopefully, this encourages someone else.

The Final Countdown......This Girl is ReAdY!!!!

My surgery is tomorrow morning and I'm uber excited!!! For the past month, I've deep cleaned my house, prepped food for the family to eat while I'm recovering and completed yard projects that can't wait another couple of months. My meds are waiting on my nightstand with tops opened for easy access. My surgery outfit is ready which includes, a zip-up hoodie, jogging pants, footies with grip bottoms and slip-on shoes. I fear being constipated so I plan to clean out my system tonight and go on a green smoothie detox while recovering. Here's a final look at "The Girls" ;)

605cc Silicone HP Smooth Partially Under the Muscle

My surgery went great yesterday and couldn't be happier with the results. I arrive at my ps office at 7:20 and operation started at 8:00am. I was back home by 11:00am. Right before the surgery my pss and staff, revisted my procedure and the look I wanted. I told my ps I wanted 550-600cc but 600cc is where I really, really want to be. He told me not to hold him to numbers but would get me as close as he could while maintaining symetry with the rest of my body, He also said that I might not get the optimum look right away since I opted not to have the lift and to expect breast tissue to hang from the implants for several months. I must say they look better than what I expected. The only pain I experienced was sharp shooting pain from the right side of my boob near my armpit down my arm. My chest felt tight but not heavy, although I had a pretty large implant. I've been taking my pain med every 4 hours so the shooting pain is gone now. I've been resting, icing the girls down, drinking plenty of liquids and eating a semi-solid diet to avoid issues with constipation. I am so happy the anticipation and wait is over and I now have my girls!

Recovery is coming along better than expected

Today was my first day without pain meds. Which is great because I hate pain meds. My chest feel more tight and uncomfortable than painful. I feel less swollen than yesterday, no need for ice packs today. I have full mobility of my arms with a little tightness but I'm still very cautious of arm movement. I drove my car for the first time since my surgery and that was a bit weird because the seat belt feels very weird on my chest. My outing was short-lived as my body let me know it's not at a 100% percent yet however, it was lovely to get out of the house.

So Far, So Good

I went to 1st post-op visit last week. My ps removed my stitches, explained displacement exercises and examined my progress. I've been released to wear a regular bra and back to exercising with limits. At this time, I favor my left breast over the right breast. The left breast is dropping and fluffing quicker than the right. I can only attribute it to being right hand dominate. Hopefully my right breast will drop and fluff soon to match the left, other than that, I'm loving the new me!

1 Month Post-Op Update

I am loving the new me! Although my right breast is larger than the left, I couldn't be more pleased with the results. The newly added girth in the breast area has closed the gap in my pear shape. My clothes fit amazing, now that I'm more proportioned. I was released to wear a regular bra 1-week post-op. I immediately went to Target and picked up a 36DD, which fit "okay". Not being totally convinced of my size selection, I went to Soma for sizing and bra selection. I've gone from a 36/34c to 34G/DDDD!!!! (no complaints). I'm doing my displacement exercises daily and I must admit, I do not sleep with a bra on; not sure if it makes a difference.

Loving the progress!

Breast have dropped and fluffed a lot. I'm totally enjoying being more proportioned and being able to wear a sheath dress!
Dr. Michael Hanneman

Very thorough and great bedside manner.

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