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Well ladies, after combing through 100's of your...

Well ladies, after combing through 100's of your reviews I have gained the confidence necessary to book my surgery! On 3/16/16 I will be getting 475cc-500cc's high profile Natrelle Silicone implants. Needless to say, the anxiety and excitement has immediately kicked in... Eek!

I wanted to start a review so that maybe my pictures will provide hope to all of you ladies out there with constricted and tuberous breasts. I had a few different consults with top-notch surgeons and they all seemed to have a different opinion about how they would correct my breasts. All admitted that a lift would do me best, but because I haven't had my children yet it would be best to wait for it. Some said that I should have a small implant no more than 365cc's that way my boobs didn't ride high or look unnatural. I ultimate chose the surgeon that was the most detailed with his approach and super optimistic!

I have always wanted full, natural breasts (full C to full D) that match the size of my hips and booty! I am currently a 34B but can easily fit into a 34A because of my breasts' weird shape. The surgeon has recommended the following items during my augmentation:

1) Enter through IMF
2) Release chest muscle through Dual Plane Approach level II or III
3) Make radial cuts to release constriction bands herniating breast tissue
4) 475cc high profile Natrelle silicone implants under the muscle
5) Allow the implant to stretch out the newly released constricted tissue

So sorry for this super long review, just wanted to share the specifics!

You have all helped me so much with your thorough information. Now it's time to start preparing for my big day! Any and all tips, advice, and well wishes for surgery and recovery are lovingly accepted. ????

Pre-Op is TODAY! Still unsure about size.

Hello beautiful ladies! I'm so excited because my pre-op is this morning and we get to finalize my surgery plan! I haven't really prepared for this appointment other than save a few pictures of breasts that I like. I want big and natural like 90% of the women here.

My main concern is having tuberous breasts and the "double bubble" effect. Im also concerned that if I go too big, they will sit on my clavicle. I really, REALLY don't want too much boob for my chest!

I originally chose 475 cc in my right breast and 450 cc in my left. Hoping that's not too much for my frame (one surgeon said it might be). I plan on posting another review when pre-op. :)

TOMORROW is the day!

Well gals, this is it! Tomorrow is the surgery day and I couldn't be more ready to get the hard part over with! I'm so surprised that I've made this decision after all of these years of debating and dreaming. I'm a procrastinator by nature so I'm still going through the list of everything I'll need to prepare for tomorrow:
1) Prescriptions and antibacterial wash - check! 2) Crackers, ginger ale, and little kid foods to take with pain meds - check!
3) Comfy station to sleep my newly boobed pain away - check!
4) Sanity and anxiety - double check!

Thank you to all of the ladies who have inspired me to make this decision and move forward with a more balanced self. I've always feared these tiny, tuberous boobs and now I'm ready to take the leap! I'm proud of all of you for putting your stories out there. I will keep everyone updated on how tomorrow goes, wish me luck!

I have BOOBS!

Gonna keep this short but surgery is over! I'm home and shocked that it's over so fast. I ended up with 450 cc in one and 475 in the other, submuscular dual plane technique silicone implants. High profile! Yippie! Now off to take some pain meds and take a nap! I wouldn't say I'm feeling like a million bucks but I'm staying positive.

Good luck to everyone with their surgeries today and the rest of the week. Just remember that you're stronger than you feel and you will do amazing! Boob love to you all :)

Woo! Almost one day post op complete!

Hey beautiful ladies!!! Wanted to provide an update and a breakdown of how everything went for you gals that haven't had the surgery yet.

Everything went GREAT! I showed up at the surgery center at 9:30 and was prompted to take a pregnancy test. The nurse also look my blood pressure and other vital results to make sure everything checked out. My blood pressure was high because I was nervous! The nurse, Lauren, is so awesome! She kept me busy talking about things other than the surgery. Lol. Anyways the anesthesiologist came in and explained what he was going to do. He was hilarious and so sweet! He said we were going on a ride and we would have me plenty medicated.

Dr. Weiler finally came in and explained what he was doing and addressed my concerns about my boobs being too big/too high. He made me feel great and before you know it I was in the operating room!

Once the Versed was put in my IV I was out! Next thing I remember is being wheeled to the car. When I got home I went straight to the giant chair in my livingroom and relaxed. I've been eating and sleeping like a champ! I actually felt great considering I thought it would be tremendous pain.
The first time I tried to walk around, my blood pressure dropped and I felt like passing out and throwing up! Not a good feeling. This has happened several times but luckily as soon as I lay back I feel better. I'm staying on top of my meds due to my fantastic fiancé.

Sorry for such a long post! I just hope that someone can read this and see that it isn't so horrible! We are tough women and we can make it through. Boobie love to you all :)

Take time to recover :)

Ladies, learn from me: DO NOT let life's normal stress and activities take away from your recovery time! I made the mistake of going back to work too quickly and doing too much too soon. Take this time to heal properly and recover while your body needs your undivided attention. I feel like I have caused a lot of pain myself by doing house work, running too many errands, lifting things myself, etc. You paid for this procedure and took the giant leap of faith, listen to your body and love it. :)

Day 17 Post Op

Hey gals! It's been awhile since I have provided an update, here I am! The first week of recovery was just about how everyone else said it would be.... Lots of rest and weight gain from the surgery! Now that I'm past two weeks I would say that the worst of the surgery and healing is over, and now the waiting game begins! Because my breasts were tuberous before, my surgeon warned me that it would take atleast 12-16 weeks to see final results....Easier said than done!! I think my sad point was on Day 10 PO when I leaned over and saw all of my old, deformed boobs! I also feel like they are just as high as the day I came home from surgery. With that being said, do not be like me. Don't measure your progress against others and don't strive for perfection. Our bodies are different and I know that one day my results will make me so happy!
Right now my surgeon has me wearing a bra 24/7 and doing massage five times a day. I feel like the massage doesn't do much for dropping, however it does make them softer and makes me more aware of the little changes occurring day to day.
Are any of you ladies going braless or wearing a strap to help speed up dropping? My surgeon said I will be doing this at 6 weeks, I wish I could do it sooner! Patience is a virtue that I'm gaining everyday. Happy healing, y'all!

Three weeks post op!

Hey ladies, I wanted to share some progress pictures I put together! I'm trying to focus on the positive, small changes I am seeing. I'm so excited to Iook back months from now and go, WOW! How is your progress coming along?


Hey ladies, sorry I have been MIA lately! We all have a way of getting caught up with our lives and not paying attention to the small successes and progress we make after a BA. I am happy to report that my breasts are softening and feeling more like my own. I feel like the "new me" is the "me" I was always meant to be! So crazy. Anyways, as a reminder, here are my stats:

5'4", 135 pounds
34 B Tuberous Breasts before
450/475 cc Allergan Natrelle High Profile Silicone Implants
No breast lift done, dual plane approach through IMF (breast crease)
32DDD now

Back to my results so far. My right breast was smaller before and a larger implant (475cc) was placed below the muscle. My right breast is a champ! At first I had zero lower pole, Dr. Weiler said that the weight of the implant would stretch my lower pole. I'm happy to say that is happening! It's like Christmas when I see the lower pole stretching and underboob forming. Sadly, the left breast is still pretty funky looking and the lower pole hasn't stretched. I have faith that my left sister will, it will just take time.

Pain is almost completely gone, every now and then I will experience some discomfort. Scars are starting to soften, I have continued with using SkinMedica once a day (or when I remember) as a scar regimen.

Hopefully I have remembered everything, good luck to all entering this journey and happy boobs to all recovering! XOXO!
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