600cc silicone HP submuscular

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Hello everyone, So I found this site about a month...

Hello everyone,
So I found this site about a month ago when searching for a PS and I decided to make an account. I am 23 years old with a 4 year old daughter. I have been wanting a BA since I was about 16 years old. I always thought my breasts would get bigger with time and even having my daughter I thought the same but I was wrong. I have been working and saving up my money in hopes to have my surgery by December 2015. I am so excited about my consultation in less than 2 weeks!! I can't believe I'm so close to having boobs, something I have wanted for 7 years!! I am currently about a 34A but with push up bras I am a B. I never wanted this surgery for anyone but myself. I am not out to impress anyone, I honestly would just like to be able to find swimsuits, bras, and clothes that actually fit. I am so self conscious because of my breasts and I just want to be happy! I will definitely keep posting and updating my profile before and after my surgery. I have looked at and read so many reviews and everyone is so happy with their results and they look amazing. Hoping I will be just as happy!

Possible boob size

Really like this size, seems big since it's 525cc but all of these stats are close to mine. I'm 5'7", 135lbs, and 23yo. Hoping I can pick a size by time my consultation is here and I hope I can set a date to have it done in December 2015!!! :)

consultation day!!

Just had my consultation today!!! He said that for my size and height I can go up to 550cc. I'm torn between 550cc and 550cc. I tried both sizes on and he said that if it looked perfect in the bra then you should probably choose the next size up because it will look a bit smaller when they are put in under the muscle. So I don't know what to choose now! I don't want to regret choosing a size too small and wish I should of picked the bigger size. Anyway, I should be getting my surgery done this Dec. so I'm super excited! Can't wait!:)

Need help!!!

I am having a hard time choosing between 500cc and 500cc silicone implants! If anyone is around 5'7" and 140lbs that has gotten either one of these sizes please send me a picture or I'll look at your reviews! I really need to see what they will look like and if 550 will be too big. My ps said I can get the 500cc in mod+ but of I go up to 550cc then I will have to get the HP. Please send me your suggestions :) thank you!


I would be happy with any of these results!!

2 months away!!

So here are a few before pictures of me. Yes my ribs are uneven, not sure how that will effect my implants, but I'm guessing if they are big enough then no one will really be able to tell if they are uneven. My chest is narrow and small but I am tall so my doctor said I could go up to 550cc HP. Not sure yet though, I'm about 2 months from hopefully getting my surgery. Still haven't decided between 500cc Mod. And 550cc HP. Let me know what you think! My height is 5'7" and I am 140lbs and 23 years old. Let me know if any of you have had those size implants and are close to my stats, comment below:) I need help please!!!

600cc HP silicone unders

Hello ladies, it's been awhile! I finally scheduled my BA for March 25th!!! I am stuck between 550cc and 600cc hp. It's so hard to make a big decision and scared of going too small. If any of you ladies are around the same size breasts with these size implants please let me know so I can check out your results!!! I've looked for days trying to find someone with the same stats and it's so hard. I just want to make the right decision! So let me know ladies, I'm super excited:)

Pre-op pictures!! 24 Days till surgery!

So here are a few before pictures of my breasts. They look a little uneven here but they really aren't, must be the way I'm sitting. I'm so excited to see what they will look like after!! Will probably post a few more before my surgery!

Questions ladies!!! Pre-op was early today!!

Okay so I had my pre-op earlier today. When I checked in, they brought me back and checked my blood pressure. They went over all of the do's and don'ts for the surgery and gave me my prescription list to give to my pharmacists. I also signed papers about the anesthesia. BUT nothing was said about having a medical checkup with my primary care physician so I can be cleared for surgery??? I have read many reviews and they have all had to be passed on their medical checkup to get the surgery so why didn't I get this? Also, my first appointment after my surgery is a week later not the next day? Is that normal? I've always read it being the next day or the following Monday but not a week later..if any of you ladies have gone through this and it was nor AL please let me know!!! Just seems odd but maybe it's normal? I don't know.

Surgery Friday!!!!

I am so thrilled my surgery is in less than a week!!! Friday can't come fast enough. I am nervous but more excited at this point. Lol I'm sure that will change in a couple days. So I have all medications filled and picked up, I have bio oil for massaging, I have hibiclens to bathe with before my surgery Friday morning, I have aspercreme for nerve pain, and I have ice packs. Is there anything I am missing besides a sports bra??? I am trying to read so many reviews to figure out anything else that would help or that I need. Please let me know what I'm missing!!! Thank you ladies! I am thrilled :)

12 hours till!!!!

Okay so I can't believe my surgery is a little over 12 hours away!! I will be leaving my house at 4:30 am and arrive there at about 5:00 am. My surgery starts at 6:00 am and I'm supposed to fast at midnight! I will be getting 600cc high profile round smooth silicone under the muscle. I will show my doctor my wish picture before surgery and I have no doubt he will give me what I hope for. I have everything ready I believe. I cleaned my house, got all my medications, bio oil, ice packs, laxatives, sports bra, hibiclens and just made my daughters Easter basket. Only things I need to get are some steri strips and my recliner, oh and some crackers and bottled waters, and straws. I think that's all. I'm a little nervous right now but a lot of excitement. I'm sure I will not sleep at all tonight. If there is anything you ladies recommend to make the process easier or better please let me know!! I want to make sure I'm fully prepared. I will post some more preop pictures before tomorrow morning! See you ladies on the other side!!! ????????????????

Day 2 post op!

So Friday morning at 5:15am I arrived at my doctors for my surgery at 6am. I was so scared of just the IV and not eve the pain I would have after the surgery. But the pain hadn't been too bad. I have been able to move my arms and get dressed. Only part I have difficulty within sitting up on my own. I did get 600cc high profile silicone round smooth implants with the incision under my boobs. Here are some pictures of what they look like 30 hours later!!


Okay so I am now 5 days post op!!! I have my first check up this Friday coming up. So the first day after my surgery I was feeling well and could move my arms, only thing I couldn't do was sit up by myself. Day 2 I think I pushed my self too much by moving my arms too much and going places which I payed for on day 3. Day 3 and 4 were the hardest. The nights were rough, kept waking up hurting and nauseous. But today, day 5, I woke up great. I was in a little pain but overall I felt good. I started sleeping on my back the night before last and it feels so great!! I still have a little numbing and burning pain and also some sharp pains but overall things are going great and I am glad I went with the bigger size!!!

So happy!!! Stitches are out!

I am now 8 days post op! I got my stitches taken out yesterday and started my massages! Here are a few I took this morning. I am still numb in some places but my nurse said it was completely normal and I'm not hurting anymore, things are going great!


12 days post op. No more hurting, a lot of massaging! I bought my first sports bra yesterday and I am size 34DD! Can't believe I went from an A to DD, I love it! My next appointment with my doctor is April 14th just for a checkup. So happy????

2 Weeks Post Op

Officially 2 weeks post op!! My surgeon, Dr. Weiler, did an amazing job. I really am very happy with the results and how well they are dropping and looking. The size is perfect. Wouldn't want any smaller or any bigger, and he didn't persuade me to choose any one size. It was completely my decision and he said it would look great and it does. Still doing my massages and my next appointment is in 6 days. I am wearing wire bras now, no padding/push up. I will wear them everyday all day for 6 weeks and I wear the surgical bra at night. Anyway here are some photos. :)

3 Weeks Post Op

So tomorrow I will be 3 weeks post op. I have been wearing my surgical bra the past 2 days because the wire bras are hurting me and I feel like it is preventing them from dropping. At the end of the day when I take the wire bra off I'm just so sore and they hurt to touch and my nipples are still so sensitive. They looked like they were losing blood flow because they were a red/purple tint at the end of the day. But the past two days have been great with no wire bra. FYI to all ladies, if your surgeon tells you to wear a certain bra or do a certain thing and it's really uncomfortable or hurts then try to consult with them or change bras like I did. My surgeon said to wear a wire bra at 2 weeks and I researched a few days ago and found that almost every surgeon only allows wire bras after 6-8weeks esp if you have inframammory incision. My incisions now have hard lumps under them and are dark and I feel like the wire interfered with my healing process. Maybe they prefer you to wear the wire bra but it just isn't working for me, at least not right now. I do have my first checkup today since my post op checkup 2 weeks ago. Here are some bathing suits pics.

1 month post op

These were taken Friday at exactly 1 month post op. Couldn't be happier!!!! My breasts are literally perfect, to me! I love to size and profile even though I still have some dropping to do. They look great and my scars are going away, I keep scar cream on them that I purchased at the office.

2 months post op

Friday makes 2 months. Here's an updated picture. Love them! Very soft and falling nicely. Very happy with my results from Dr. Weiler.

9 weeks

I make 9 weeks tomorrow post op! Couldn't be happier with my results. They are great, Dr weiler is awesome! They are soft and bounce more now, more real feeling each day. Here is a video of how soft they are at 9 weeks.
Dr. Weiler

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