52 Year Old, Mother of Two - Full Tummy Tuck with Lipo of the Flanks!!! Baton Rouge, LA

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My final countdown begins and 20 days and...

My final countdown begins and 20 days and counting! I have really enjoyed the stories, pictures (before, during and after) those sharing their fears for the unknown, the battle with weight and quitting smoking in order to have the surgery, working extra to save the money to finally be where you want to be.

I am just like so many others and the struggles of dropping the weight, (down 50 since December 9, 2015) quitting smoking,(after 37 years) working non-stop to get extra money to pay cash for the surgery...my list goes on and on.

I have been so excited since I made this decision back in December 2015 to begin this journey and I told my husband what my goals were and I could never have done this without his love and support. I set my mind to it and this time I meant business and after over 15 years of marriage I finally broke down and told my husband just how much his lovely wife weighed :O) I knew he could never 100% understand my fears or excitement from reaching goal after goal if he didn't know where i began.

Once I had my goal set, i told him that I was going to have this surgery and what steps I needed to do to get there. Well fast forward, here I am on the final countdown!!! I have lost the weight...CHECK. I have quit smoking...DOUBLE CHECK...and now I am finally going to the flat side!

I will post a few before pictures....I will try to post some the day of and during recovery and give my experience of having this done. I have done so much reading and preparing and I am pretty much ready.

Stay turned for my final countdown ~~20 DAYS~~

14 days!!!

I finished up my "recovery" room and packages are starting to arrive. I had a busy weekend "nexting"...I put a fresh coat of paint in the guest bedroom which will be my recovery room for the first two weeks. I will move my electric recliner (my bed for the first 2 weeks) and I have my table set up all waiting for the day of to finally arrive. I went shopping this weekend and bought a few things:

Two nightgowns - one that snaps up the front and the other zips
Boy shorts - so I don't have any pressure on the incision
Scaraway - two sizes
Bio-oil - two bottles
coco body butter
hand mirror ~ magnified so I can see the incision
Prescriptions all filled
Hot/cold pack

this weekend all the minor things like crackers for nausea etc.

Getting excited and before I know it, the 20th will be here!!!

Sorry for the delay.....2 DAYS until I'll be flat!!!

I am so sorry I have not kept this up as I had initially intended but, I am from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and if you haven't been watching the news lately we, our City, has been the headliner for weeks now. We have had protests for over 6 days in a row and guess how happens to live in the neighborhood that is across the street from our Baton Rouge City Police Headquarters? Yeap, you got it right ...ME!!! Well, today I woke up with gunshots and policemen that were murdered. Helicopters have been blazing over my house for days and days and now this horrific crime.

So now that this is behind me or as much as I can put it behind me, I am ready for my countdown and my final few days to be here :O) I will post those pre pictures to have something to compare with and my measurements.

On the flat side FINALLY!!!

I feel amazing!!! Right now, I am not in any pain and from what I can see it looks awesome!!!! I'll right more later :)

1 month post

It's so hard to believe that one month is now behind me and so much happening around me during this time. As you can see in my profile, I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and after dealing with protest, the murder of 3 police officiers and now the Storm with no name flooding our Parish and surround Parishs with total destruction of over 40k homes and over 20K water rescues and death toll up to 13. I am sure you will understand why I have not updated.

So now on to the important issue at hand, my update! I am a few day shy from being one month but I can tell you that I feel awesome! I was sleeping in my bed by week two but highly suggest a full length body pillow to curl into. I have a wonderful recliner that I left and did find I slept better in it but I knew that I had to brave it and convert to the bed.

Eating well let's just say after having the muscle repair, you can't eat too much because of how tight you are so eating less was easy. I was back down to pre-surgery weight by week 2 1/1 weeks and have dropped down below since then so I am super excited about that because I kept 10 pounds on to have wiggle room.

Regarding the pain...day one was super easy because I am pretty sure I still had numbing medication. Day two until I got the drains out which was day six was the worst. The pain was not where the cut was, the pain was the drain tubes (super sensitive) but the most pain was the muscle repair. Geez did it hurt to try to stand, walk, cough, sneeze, laugh and yes even breath! But the nice part about it is that I now have the abs of a teenager once again! To help reduce the pain make sure you have a “cough” pillow (a small pillow to apply pressure on the abs) which I left on my tummy the entire time just in case.

Wearing the compression garment is a MUST and make sure that you have two of them, one to wear and one to wash. The doctor gave me a separate wrap around compression garment to wear over the other one for one week beginning day 2. This was to help squeeze everything together after lipo and muscle repair and having the extra support felt wonderful. After the first week it was optional to wear but suggested if a lot of swelling. I wore the wrap around 23 hours a day up to week 3 and still put it on at times to just give more support and it just feels really good.

Scar management has been super easy. I went to see the doctor for 2 week follow-up and all scabs were gone and he gave the thumbs up to being using creams, oils and scaraway strips. The scaraway strips must be worn for no less than 12 hours a day so I put those on after I shower in the morning and wear them while at work. When I come home, I remove them and rub either bio-oil or belly butter (I rotate daily) and massage the scar for a long time. The scar is looking amazing and healed so fast. I go for my next visit on the 29th.

I have taken several pictures and will post them over the weekend so you can see the HUGE difference!

TIPS for those who are about to have procedure.
1. Must have and top on the list is a comfortable electric recliner with pillows tucked around at night.
2. Sleep in a very cold room so you don’t sweat (I had a window unit turned on 60)
3. If you have a low tolerance for pain, make sure your doctor gives you something stronger than a higher dose of Tylenol.
4. Water bottle next to you at all times in case you feel the need to cough the water will suppress it.
5. A basket on a table right next to you that holds everything you need without having to get up. My basket contained: cheese nips. Soft ear plugs, all medication especially the pain medication because you will wake up just to take that the first four days, cough drops (coughing hurt like hell), saltine crackers. I also had the remote, my computer, and book (which I never picked up).
6. Massage the areas that were lippoed because that area you will notice gets hard after the procedure….massage it as often as you can.
If I missed anything or if anyone has questions just give a reply!
Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon

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