43 Yrs Old with 3 chidlren Getting Tummy Tuck, Liposuction - Dr Weiler is fantastic!!!!!

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I am 5"3 and 145 lbs. I live in the New Orleans...

I am 5"3 and 145 lbs. I live in the New Orleans area of Louisiana and in January 2015 began doing research on the Brazilian Butt Lift. I have never had much of a butt and have always been self conscious but never knew there was anything I could do about it. About maybe 5 years ago I changed the way I ate and began exercising regularly. It was really a whole lifestyle and I went from 170 lbs to 135 over a period of about a year. I kept the weight off until the end of last year when I gained some of it back. No matter how much my midsection improved my butt did not. When I heard about BBL's actually being affordable I started my search for a doctor in the area that could perform it. There were really not a lot of options but not for lack of me looking. I found 3 doctors but one was too far out my price range ($12000 - $15000) and the 2 consults that I had they didn't have many pictures to show and made me wonder if they had experience doing BBL's. I even looked at a place in Miami but after continuing to do my research saw some bad ratings and didn't want to have a procedure that far from home. Add that to me already being nervous about having a BBL in the first place and I just put it out of my mind. In May 2015 I found this site and got some confidence back to try again. This time I found a doctor who had a lot of before and after pictures and was going to charge me $9500 for BBL and Lipo. I explained I wanted something that looked natural but gave my butt some shape and curves. She was so patient and answered all of my questions and her staff were so kind. I remember looking online trying to find more pictures of BBL's that she had done but I couldn't find any. She had alot of pics for TT and Lipo but not BBL's. I remember having a feeling I was making a mistake but chose to not listen to it and convinced myself I was finally going to look great. June 2015 I had my BBL. She said she put 500cc of fat on each side of my buttock and 200 in each hip. I could tell the evening after the surgery that I wasn't going to be happy. There was a little bit of the start of a shape at the top of my buttock so I wasn't as flat as I was before the surgery but the middle of each buttock was totally flat. There was also a pocket of fat at my lower back. I remembered reading that sometimes the shape will improve over the first months so I was super cautious about not sitting on my butt AT ALL!! But no luck - it stayed the same and each time I would go to see her she would tell me to be patient and eventually that she has no control off how much fat is absorbed and stays. But I didn't feel like that was the problem because it looked this that the same day I got home from the surgery. I felt like it was that the fat wasn't injected properly. She would show me my before and after pictures and that I needed to focus on the improvements. And I have to be honest that there were. My waist was smaller and I had at least some shape. Each visit I would continue to be optimistic and polite. At my last Post Op appt. she told me if there wasn't an improvement after 6 months she would do a revision at a discounted price. When I put my garment on my shape in the back looked better so I just continued to wear it all of the time. Guess I just tried to make the best of it. In March 2016 I went back to her to ask to do a revision. Even though I really didn't want to go back to her I figured that would be the only way I could afford to have it done. The price she gave me was higher then the first one (she because the facility price went up) and she reminded me again that at my first appt. she told me there was guarantee on how much would stay. I was so angry I wanted to cry. So I started my quest again to find a doctor and this time was going to ask a lot more questions, and not rush to get it done. Plus I needed to keep saving lol. After reading so much on this site I started to think it may see more of a result if I have a TT so that was the focus of my research this time. I did 4 consults and was determined not to rush this time so I kept looking. In May 2016 I had consult with Dr. Weiler. He explained the procedure to me, answered my questions (I had a lot of them lol), and went through a lot of before and after photos of patients who had shapes like mine. Even after my BBL I still felt like I have a box shape. His staff were super nice too. I read everything I could find about him, reviews and responses he has written. A week after my appointment I put my deposit down and am scheduled for surgery on June 24th. Sorry if this was too long but I feel like I made a mistake last time not sharing my experience when I have gained so much from the others on this site.

11 days to go and added BBL

Went in today to get my blood work done and decided to add the BBL to try to correct or improve what was done before.

It is really hard to post pictures

I really do not like my body so it is hard to post these pictures but I still want to try to put my experience out there for others to read and hopefully it can help others.

8 days pre

So I guess I am getting a little bit more nervous every day. I did my blood work and I haven't heard anything so that is good. I have been going through alot of pictures trying to find wish picks. I want to look as close to natural as possible for my shape. If anyone has any feed back the suggestions would be appreciated

1 day post op and loving it

Surgery went well. I have a lot to say but am extremely tired. Just wanted to post at least one pic..

2 day postt and all i can is i am soooo happy.

I am bruised pretty bad and and swollen but far so good. I am really.
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