29, 1 Child & Need to Be Snatched by 30th Birthday. Liposuction of Upper and Lower Abs, Flanks, and Bra Line - Baton Rouge, LA

I like so many others have been stalking realself...

I like so many others have been stalking realself for a few months now. I have gotten some really valuable info. So I would really like to thank all you ladies for that! I live in Baton Rouge, la and have started my journey of locating the best Plastic surgeon for me. So far I have seen Dr. Johnathan Weiler(consult free through RS), Dr. GAry Cox(consult free through RS), and dr. Feldman(his first name may be Anthony, not sure though consult free). I had scheduled a consult with dr. Lucius DOucet(free consult) which I cancelled and I have scheduled an appt with dr. Taylor theunissen june2nd (consult $80). Before I make my final decision I wanted to check with a few doctors to see if what they say would be different and to see who I would have the best connection with. Of the few Dr.s I really felt comfortable with Dr. Weiler and I went back for a second consult and met with his PA Taylor who made me love it even more. I felt like I was speaking to a friend when I spoke to her....she just made me feel comfortable. Only complaint and is each appt I had with Dr.Weilers office there was a long wait to see someone. first consult it was something like an hour and second time maybe 30 minutes. In the end I don't feel like it even mattered because I really like and maybe love Dr. weiler and Taylor. quotes from dr. Weiler $8000, dr. Feldman $6000, Dr cox $7500. Once I see Dr. T I will make my final decision and get my surgery date scheduled. I am being financed through carecredit. I will also try and post pics once it is close to my procedure date. Im uber excited... I pray all will go well whenever it comes!!!!

Made a decision

I finally saw dr T and he was nice but seems I had a better connection with dr weiler and his staff. It just felt like of all my consults he was one that understood me. So I have put down my $500 deposit and I and scheduled lipo for upper and lower abdomen, and bra line, flanks for September 23rd. Can't wait!

Before pics

My procedure is scheduled for September 23rd with Dr. Weiler. I always find it helpful on this site when people post pics. So I swallowed all my insecurities and posted! Hopefully it's helpful to someone!
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