46y old, 360cc under muscle - Bathurst, NB

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I'm 46y old with no kids. I'm 5'' 5'', 125lbs, I...

I'm 46y old with no kids. I'm 5'' 5'', 125lbs, I currently wear 34b. I am active and been training since I was 19y. I have wanted breast for many years. I have lost whatever I had left of my breast from doing weights. This site has been nice but I have read some really bad recovery stories and it's really scaring me to the point that I think I am going to cancel my surgery. I am so anxious and wondering if all this is really worth it. My surgery is in 4 days. Any advice ? I am really going crazy emotionally and I am very upset and confused. Please excuse my writing I am french. :O)

Surgery in two days

It's Monday and my surgery is Wednesday. I have mixed emotions, this BA surgery is making me crazy, lol, I just can't wait to get it over with. I cannot share my fear and anxiety with much people since I chose not to tell anyone except my parents and two friends, I'm keeping it private . I am also scared that my implants will be too big, it seems to be the concern from a lot of women. I'm a 34a(b) and I want a C cup, i'm having 350cc contour profile mentor put in, I just want to look natural not round looking like some people.

Anyways, I am relieved to have found this place. I have to drive 45 min away for the surgery, the weather network was announcing a storm but today the storm doesn't look that bad, not as much snow fall, so i'm really happy about that, one less stress. I'll keep you updated. Any advice is more then welcome ! :o))

One day left !

I got my time today for surgery tomorrow. I'm the first one at 6:00am ! I'm extremely nervous to the point i'm hoping i'm making the right decision. They are announcing a big storm ! I will have to leave tonight unfortunately. I'm so scared. Wish me luck !

Day of surgery

Today was my surgery and I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be. I had to be at the hospital at 6:00am but only had surgery at 8:00am. I can't believe I did it. I can't move my arms or do anything it hurst, my mother is basically my servant. I hope I can sleep tonight, my sides are so soar. I had 360cc under the muscle. My breast are really hard and swollen, I can't wait already for a few days to pass. Anyone else have a breast higher then the other and did it get even with the other one ?

post op day one

DAy one, we had to sleep at the hotel last night since their was a bad winter storm. I had a hard time getting comfortable, had to get up every 4h for meds, just breathing hurts. Feels like I have an elephant sitting on my chest. I have a big space in the middle I feel like everything is centered in the middle or on the side, anyone know if that is normal ?

The doctor didn't put any stripping or bandage on me when I left the hospital i'm just wearing an ugly bra today that ties in the front. One is higher then the other I hope it will get into place as time goes by. Would be nice to have some advice , thank you

Post op Day one

Day one wasn't so bad, until I took off the bandage under my breast that was on top of the incision. I also took a shower afterwards which my doctor said it was okay. The pain after was very bad, I had a hard time breathing and for some reason I kept coughing which was very painful. My sides and my incisions are very painful and extremely tender I can't even touch it. I'm taking Tylenol 500mg every 4h and Cephalexin 500mg every 6h (for infection) and Hydromorphone if the Tylenol doesn't work, I had to take one before I went to sleep. I was gonna sleep on the recliner but I slept in my bed I did sleep well but could not move.

I wonder sometimes if I made the right decision, being in so much pain. I'm very swollen, hard and tight, my breast look very weird... like two big water melons. I have a big space in between my breast, I do not like it. Anyone else have that ? I wanted a natural look, I hope I will get that., i'm freaking out a little bit.

Post op Day 2

I slept good, thank god. I was in so much pain last night I was crying in pain. Feeling better this morning. I am wearing my sport bra which is much more comfortable. I can't wait to have them settle and feel like they are a part of me.

I miss the gym. I usually go five times a week. I am wondering if people is wondering where I am since I live in a very small town and everyone there knows me. Small gym, everyone knows each other. I will be a bit shy to go back with a bigger chest even though I was putting a lot of padding in my bras for a couple weeks to get everyone (and myself ) used to it. I'm trying not to be too paranoid. (please excuse my writing if I there is some mistakes , I am french. Doing my best lol )

Post op Day 3

At the end of Day 2 my back was killing me, i'm having spasms in the middle of my back and neck. I did not sleep well last night and woke up this morning with a huge headache from sleeping in a weird positions. I couldn't get comfortable because of my back and the pain where the incision is, there is still a lot of pressure there. I'm wearing my sports bra today but I think I will have to go get some more pretty soon. I live in a very small town and we don't have much shopping available for bras, only Walmart.

I was able to get out of bed on my own which was great. I'm still swollen and I can't wait for them to go down and look normal I don't like the way they look. I feel like I have water melons under my chin. It doesn't feel as tight but still some pressure on the sides and under my boobs. I'm having a really hard time getting used to them, i'm paranoid going out now because I was so small before and I feel like they are so big. Going back to the gym is going to be hard, I don't want to be the gossip. Like I said, I live in a very small town. My friends keep reassuring me that it's the norm now a days that everyone has them lol. Anyone else feel this way ?

Post op - Day 4

Ok, so today is post op Day 4. I had a pretty good sleep. Last night my back was killing me. I had my mother massage me with Voltaren I also put some heat and took Tylenol 3 before bed that really helped. My left breast is given me more pain by the incision I can barely touch it I think it's from yesterday when I tried to go for a nap and didn't lie down properly. My range of motion is a lot better I can reach out more for things but my left is limited. I am going to see my doctor tomorrow.

They are still swollen, high, and tight - I just can't wait for them to settle and look normal, they still look huge to me. Right now i'm just trying to relax and take it easy I haven't really been outside only yesterday for a quick walk. I wish someone would have told me the journey I was about to go through before hand. I expected pain and discomfort but not a long crazy recovery, I did some research and talked to a friend of mine but I guess I wasn't really understanding the whole thing. My friend didn't really want to disclose anything really. Ah well, it's done now and only positive vibes from now on.
Happy Sunday everyone. Bonne journée

I'm in pain

Like I mentionned previously my left side is giving me problem under the incision. So tonight my mother helped me to take my bra off, I felt a shooting pain right under by the incision, I cried it was sooooo painful. Every little thing I do is giving me a shooting pain in that area, the rage of motion is limited compare to the right side. I'm also having some swelling and a bit of pain near my pubic area...how weird is that. Anyways, I am seeing my doctor tomorrow I hope he can help. I will give an update. Good night everyone.

First post op doctor visit - Day 5

Today I had my first post op appointment with the doctor. It went well, he said the pain is from the muscles underneath I guess. He fitted me with a bra strap and off I went, my next appointment is in a month. I have to wear the bra strap as often as possible, I hope it will help lower the girls. I also bought I nice support bra at Sears, $50 but well worth it.

I am feeling better today but I don't want to use my left side to much, I want it to heal and avoid the pain , the right side is better and have better use of it. I just can't wait for the swelling to go away and have a normal looking chest. I am a bit impatient I guess.

Post op Day 6- Driving today

Today is the first time I go out driving. I went to the mall and to the local coffee place, it was nice to get out on my own lol. I'm feeling good today but still taking care of my left side since i'm still in pain and my back is still killing me i'm getting bad spasms. I slept in the recliner again last night mainly because of the pain in my left side and my frigging back. I didn't sleep good and the muscle relaxant doesn't seem to work, it's getting annoying.

Anyone else not being able to wear normal cloths on Day 6 ? I can only wear zip up and button up tops. My mother still has to help me put my bra on, no fun. I'm still having a hard time putting my jacket and my sox on.

It's a week today !

So it's 7 Days today and I feel better. My nipples and very sensitive and I don't like how high they still look. I've been wearing the band since Monday (Jan 18th) I really hope it helps. I hope i'm wearing it properly i've taken some pics can anyone give me advice on how long should I leave it on ? He told me as often as possible but for how many weeks ? months ? Am I wearing it properly ? I'm wearing my support bra on top of it.

My back is still giving me a lot of pain with the constant spams, it seems to be worse at night when i'm sitting on the sofa. Very annoying. The pain is so much better, i'm moving my arms more every day it seems the pain is only near the incisions and my left side is so much better, thank god !

I just can't wait to be able to try my cloths. I'M a little worried about my gym cloths since everything is form fitted. I hope they still fit and not toooo obvious. I was wearing very padded bras before my surgery when I went to the gym and work. It's funny because I was going to the gym all padded and not shy and now that I have the real thing i'm a bit shy, scared and paranoid to return to the gym and work. We complicate things don't we ! lol

Day 6

Just posting a picture of how swollen and pointy they look. Can't wait for them to go down.

Am I wearing this correctly ?

I've been wearing that strap for about four days now and wondering if it's put on properly. The doctor just strapped it in the back but I seen some people have it lowered down their backs. The thing is running under my armpits and it's uncomfortable, it also goes down not sitting properly on my chest and sits close to my nipples....such a pain ! My nipples are so frigging sensitive I can't even touch them with anything, I am going to go look for something at Walmart maybe some nipple covers.

Things are getting better - Post op Day9

Things are getting better every day. I am feeling less pressure under where the incision is and the pain on the left side is getting better thank god. I do not like the space in between my breast but that is okay I could be having worst issue then that. They feel hard on the side I hope that will get better which I think it will. They seem to be dropping nicely, my nipples are still very sore I am putting band aid on it and it really helps.

I'm really hoping to get at the gym in three weeks time. I hope I will be able to resume my regular work out routine. I am assuming it will be a bit hard at first but things should get into place as I take it easy at first. My body really got a beating with the anesthesia and not doing anything.
Happy Friday

Post op Day 10

Wow time sure goes by fast already ten days. I'm doing better everyday, the driving sucks a bit I still can't back up properly and closing the door is a bitch. I'm trying to take it easy and not overdue it, i'm still fragile and healing is important at this point it's only been ten days. I'm moving my arms a lot better and the range of motion so much better but I still don't want to overdue it. My back still hurts but not as severe as it was i'm still taking the occasional muscle relaxant and tylenol if needed.

I went to Walmart yesterday and saw this cute bra that I could use when I go back at the gym. I can't WAIT to go back I miss the gym so much. Anyways, the tags are still on it, I don't want to try it on now cause I don't want to put my arms up to high yet. I'm still wearing button or zip up tops. Can never be to careful I guess. I posted some pics of last year 2015, just so I can compare.
Good day everyone

I need some advice

I need some advice on something. I have been single for six months now and a nice guy that I know at the gym asked me today to go walking (snowshoeing) next week and I can't because i'm 10 days post op ! It's in the woods and their is a lot of hills. Of course I want to go but I can't say '' Hey, I just had breast augmentation call me back in two weeks'' ! Then he said maybe next weekend he's off.... I don't know what to say. I like him and don't want to turn him off and he won't ask to do anything. Any suggestions on what to text him would be great.....Please ... :O)

Post op Day 11 - Getting better

It's already been 11 days. I'm starting work on Tuesday and i'm really scared that I won't be ready. I have been healing for eleven days, my left side is still hurting a little bit by the incision. I still have a tape there and I only see my doctor on the 24th of February, is it still normal to still having that there ? I'm scared that i'll have a keloid scar.

I haven't been doing much, i'm trying to rest as much as possible i'm also limiting my driving if I can. I have no kids, pets and i'm single so it should be pretty easy to do nothing lol but i'm a very active person so I don't like sitting around. I haven't tried any of my bikini tops , bras or my gym cloths. I don't want to create any problems with my implants. I wear my support bra and that stupid strap on top that is digging under my armpits and putting pressure under the breast. I guess I have no choice in order to help them settle. Oh and my nipples are soooooo sensitive they hurt so much I can't even touch them.

Going back to work tomorrow !

Well, tomorrow is the day that i'm going back to work. I can't believe how time flies. At the moment I only work Tuesdays all day and Thursday mornings. I wish I had more time off. I hope i'm ready, i'm really scared to mess things up and hurt myself. I haven't told anyone at work and i'm a little paranoid about people staring at me because i'm still swollen and i'm still feeling some discomfort under both breasts where the incision is and the strap that I have to wear on top doesn't help . I'm still having more pain on my left side and I hope it's going to heal good because it's bothering me a little bit.
I'm sure other people that got BA are feeling the same way going back to work.
I'm just gonna go with it and just pretend nothing is going on, just do my day and go home. Anyone else feel this way ?
Wish me luck

First day at work

I made it through my day but I was tired when I got home, I had to take a nap. My job consist of standing all day, I do not get to sit that much. My back is killing tonight and my left breast is letting me know that it's not happy. I just took a tylenol and muscle relaxant I can't wait to hit the bed.
I haven't really looked at my breast the last couple days, I have tape on the nipples and they look funny with that on. Every time I take the tape off my nipples are crying in pain, never thought that they could hurt so much, who knew ! I just wear my support bra all the time and my strap wishing they will look and feel normal tomorrow...like magic.

I really, really miss the gym. I did some reading and I guess it could be like 4 to 6 weeks if not more before I can actually do a decent upper body work out ! I suppose with the investments put into them what is 4 to 6 weeks if I'm going to mess them up !!! The thing is i've never taking any time off in years, I go no matter what, it's a routine and a daily lifestyle that i've integrated into my life. I'm going to talk to myself and take it easy, it's the way it goes.

2 Weeks Today -

Hi everyone, today I went shopping and that wasn't a good idea. I thought I was gonna be okay to try on some cloths on but I should have waited another weeks or so. I thought i'd go try on some sports bras and tank tops for going at the gym. I want to go saturday to walk on the treadmill and buy some cloths that I didn't look too obvious in it that I had a BA.

I tried on many bras and tops and it was exhausting. I was pooped after a while and my back was killing me. All the bras and tops were too tight, I got out of there very discouraged. They are still swollen and not a good idea to try on bras what was I thinking.

I am having such a hard time getting used to having breast, I feel really sad about that, I try to hide them. I have to say that i'm only 14days post op and still swollen, they look like torpedoes and one is bigger then the other , still a long way to go. I don't know if it's because i've been living for so many years with no breast or it's i'm scared of what people will say or a little of both. I live in a very small town, I know I shouldn't give a crap what they say, i'd be the first one to say that to someone, hahaha. I will have to wear them proudly because they are not going back lol. It's been a big surgery and a big change to my body, it will take a getting use too, one day at a time. Anyone else feeling this way ?

Doctor Appointment today

Hi everyone,
I'm very happy because this morning I have an appointment with my ps. Since I've been having more discomfort and some pain on my left side and yesterday some dumbness I couldn't wait until my next appointment which was on Feb 24th. I have a few other questions to ask as well. My nipples are sooooo sore and frigging itchy I read it's normal after surgery but I just want to hear it from him and feel reassured. Maybe he'll give me some tips.

Every day gets better but it seems i'm also getting other kind of sensations that are happening that the doctor never discussed with me. I hate that I have to go on the internet to get my information on my symptoms and we all know that the internet is not always a reliable source.
I know that i'm only two weeks post op and that it's normal to still have things happening I just need that reassurance. I'm sure i'm not the only one, it is a big surgery and our breast goes through a lot of stretching, pulling and tugging. hard on the body....
Keep you updated :O)

Day 16 post op - Doctors visit

This morning I went to my doctors office. I was pleased and relieved that everything is fine, it is nerves that are being active and giving some discomfort and numbness I hate the feeling. He said that everything looks good and should have nice boobies when they drop and fluff. I do have a cyst that I have to get ultrasound to make sure it's a cyst and not cancer. He gave me some exercises to do two to three times a day, as anyone seen or have this type of exercise to do ?

He also took the tape off and the healing is going well. On the way home I stopped at Walmart and bought some vitamine E all natural scar serum. I also bought a new bra which is very comfy, I guess i'm all good to use the treadmill and the stationary bike at the gym. I'm very pleased and feel more at ease now that I saw my doctor.
Happy Friday

Mondors cord

I was massaging this morning and saw these cord like veins under my left breast. I think they are what they call Mondors cord it is the inflammation of the veins it is caused by trauma, I guess they go away with time but it's not very nice to see. It would have been nice to know all these things before surgery so a person doesn't freak out.
I started my exercises and kind of didn't know how to go about it just by looking at the picture theirs not much explanation.
Anyways, just wanted to share.

Back to the grind, sort off

I went to the gym this morning and it felt great just to be back in the environment even though I cannot train yet. I did some walking on the treadmill and some stationary bike and I chatted with a few people it was nice. I was indeed a little bit paranoid, I wore I long black sleeve top trying not to make it look too obvious hahaha. I'm thinking what am I doing ? I wanted this. A friend a mind looked at my chest a few times and he asked me where I had been lol, it's no ones business, let them wonder !

I'm feeling pretty good, every day is a day of healing it will be three weeks next wednesday I can't believe how time flies. I'm a feeling some light pain around the incisions and some numbness on my left breast. Nipples are still extremely sensitive, they hurt real bad, it's really annoying it will get better eventually just have to be patient.

Three weeks tomorrow

It will be three weeks tomorrow that I had my surgery it is going very fast, 360cc under the muscle. I took a picture and comparing it with the earlier ones. Is it me or is the left side seem to look higher then before ??? I wish it would heal like the other one ...ugh, annoying. I have numbness and a weird feeling when I push a little in the inside by the sternum, it's like I feel the implant moving. It's only been three weeks and still am fully in the healing process so i'm not going to be worried about it to much. Beside that they look pretty good even the projection on the side is looking good.

3 weeks

So it's three weeks today. I tried on some old bras this morning and of course they did not fit and are very uncomfortable, i'm just wondering if i'm going to have a problem finding some that will fit nice and will be comfy. I'm wearing a support bra at the moment that as a good band at the bottom I don't see myself wearing a bra right now. Anyways, I'm just hopeful that things will get into place it's hard to see it at the moment. Staying positive is important .

No more bra trying for now

I'm just getting discouraging trying on bras at the moment. So my mother gave me one of her bras to try on yesterday. I tried it on this morning and I was surprised to find that it was somewhat comfy I have a big gap in the middle which I do not like and the strap is not sitting properly on my collarbone even though I adjusted it. I fill the cup and it's comfy there. I am wondering if it's cause i'm still in the healing stage but wondering if they will all feel and make me look like this or maybe the damn bra is just not a good fit. I think I will just live in my sports bra until a few months pass because it's driving me crazy because so far I'm not liking my BA experience... I must be mad I know ! I should be in heaven and embracing my new girls I know ! I'm hoping others are feeling this way,. I am probably being hard on myself and not giving myself a chance. It's just that I see some pics on this site and some women who look amazing and happy in their new bras and new bikinis at three weeks, I feel that I should feel like that and it makes me sad that I don't. I'm probably not having a good day so I apologize for being negative.

On a good note... I went to the gym yesterday and trained my legs. I didn't do to much since it was my first time. I did the stationary bike for twenty minutes and then some leg extensions, leg press and leg abductions with lower weight that I would normally do tomorrow I will do lunges. It feels good to be back in the environment that I love. :O)

Getting there

It's nice to be able to wear other clothing then zip up tops. I'm getting there, on day at a time.

Nice to compare

Did this more for myself to compare. Happy Sunday

It's already a month !

Today is one month since my surgery. I am still having some little issues which is more on my left side. They are still hard and feeling a bit uncomfortable at times, my left side is higher and it feels numb near the sternum when I massage it, I feel a little pain. It's only been a month and I guess the pain and the uneasiness can last a couple months but I find it annoying at times since I just want to get back to doing my normal things. I guess it's a small price to pay for having nice pretty breast. I took some pics today and my left side is high and looks like it's going under my armpit it's really a bummer. It seemed to have looked better on the 4th day then now. Hopefully it will settle pretty soon, I still wear that torture strap. What do you gals think ?

Today i'm having an ultrasound done, since my last appointment with my ps we noticed that their was a small mass on my left side that he thinks is a cyst. Just making sure it's not cancer. Good day everyone....

Some discomfort

I'm still feeling some discomfort on my left side, it's still a bit sore and numb when I massage it. I keep poking at it checking to see if the discomfort is always there, maybe I shouldn't do that. I wish it would heal like the right one which is not an issue it's healing very well. I went to the gym Tuesday, I did some bike and trained legs, I might have overdone it since I was already sore I should have just done the cardio. It's like I don't know if I should do this or that anymore. I'll wait another week before training anything. I'm feeling a bit discouraged, I know I shouldn't but I can't help it. It's all part of the healing process, (I hope).

Did it again

Yes, I went and tried on a few bras again thinking that since last time maybe this time something will fit ! Hell no ! Everything is uncomfortable not fitting right under the band and the cup and the strap. I tried on at least ten super nice bras, it is so frustrating and that ''gap'' I have in between doesn't help. I will have to accept that and work with it.

I bought a package of two of unpadded bralette that fits alright but it's not something I would wear all day. I guess I will have to be super, super patient and wait, I don't know if it's me or the time is not going very fast with this healing process. lol


So I was working only casual hours since my surgery (jan13th) and today I started a one year contract that will give me full hours. I am physical therapist assistant and this morning we had heavy patients to lift. It was really hard and could not give my 100% since I was feeling some stretching and discomfort especially on my left breast. I wore two bras but that didn't matter since it's in the inside where everything is going on, I am so scared to mess up everything I know i'm still swollen and have some soreness it's only been five weeks. I can't talk to anyone about it since I don't want people to know I had a BA. I don't want to lose my job. Anyone still having discomfort, soreness at 5 weeks. My left breast is annoying me I can't wait for everything to get back to normal. I also haven't been to the gym doing my normal routine and it's frustrating. Time for this healing is just not going fast enough for me. I went into this not really knowing what I was getting myself into, it's an emotional rollercoaster. I keep saying to myself that it will get better ....

Muscle Flex Deformity at 5 weeks post op

Is this muscle flexion deformity ?
Well I think I might have muscle flex deformity ! If so I am very pissed off and discouraged. When I flex my muscles or grab/ lift something my breast lift up and contracts especially the left. I didn't know this could happen after BA, I realize now how much I didn't know before I got this done. I really regret it now, i'm just really sad about the whole thing. I am seeing my doctor next week and hope something can be done or hope he will say that with time it will settle and get better because when I go to the gym I do not want my breasts to constantly move !!!


To tell or not
I had no choice last week to talk to my boss and tell him that I felt to weak to lift patients I thought I was ready but really I wasn't. I'm a physiotherapist aid and work with in patient. I started last week. I did not want to share any of this to anyone at work, I just wanted to keep this a personal thing. It made me feel a little embarrassed to tell my boss what kind of surgery I had done, people tend to have very negative connotation about this.
My boss put me in another department for three weeks until I get stronger, it won't require any heavy lifting. Since i've been relocated today I have been treated by the staff in that area like it's a burden that I cannot do my job in the other department they know I had surgery but they don't know what kind they speculate that it's a BA. I don't want to talk about it and I feel like I am being judged and looked upon in a different way. I don't know maybe it's all in my head lol. I have a lot of stress going on with the fact that I might have an issue with maybe having muscle flex deformity and starting a new job. It's an emotional roller coaster I tell you. I'm a very sensitive person and take things to heart. lol . I sure hope other people are feeling like this . lol :O)

DON't know what to think

My appointment with my ps was cancelled because of a bad snow storm I am very disappointed I have to wait until next Tuesday. I called to tell him about my concerns but had to speak to his secretary, after speaking with him she left me a message saying not to worry and that there's nothing to be done now that things like that happens and that he'll see me next week. He doesn't have to wear the damn things !!!! He got his money and doesn't care now what happens to me. I hate them now and wish I never got this BA done, they look awful when I flex. I can't stop crying i'm so discouraged. I can't have another surgery, if I do I will take them out.What a waste of money and I can't put implants on top of the muscle i'm too thin and other problems are likely to happen. Anyways, I just needed to vent out because I have no one really to talk to because no one understands. I've taken a few pictures it gives an idea of what it looks like.


Last week I gathered all my bras and gave them away to my aunt. I don't know why but I was a bit sad to let them go even though I wasn't wearing them. I can be funny like but I think I was kind of mourning my old breast lol, i'm still having a hard time adjusting to the new ones.
Anyways, my aunt was very happy. I haven't worn a bra in so long I am used to wearing sports bras now. I'll get measured eventually when the swelling goes down, I don't know if i'll ever wear a bra again because i've gotten so use to wearing the sports ones. I hope i'll find comfy bras .

Doctor appointment

I have been putting off posting about my appointment mainly I think because i'm trying not to think about it. I've been spending all my time on the web site and on the internet trying to figure out what was wrong with me, I was going crazy and depressed about it. I went to see my doctor last wednesday, I had a ultrason done in February because I had a lump, we thought it could be a cyst it wasn't a cyst so now I have to go for further testing to investigate what it is. That appointment is with the breast clinic on March 24th.

For my muscle flex and contraction the doctor said that he had cut some muscle by the sternum during the surgery he said it could have been worse. Apparently that's what is to be expected when the implant are put under the muscle that every women is having the same symptoms but mine could be more because of the strength of my chest muscles. Anyways, I let him know that I am not pleased about it my breast moves when I contract or use force and if I have a tight shirt (which I mostly wear) we can see the movement of the breast , it's embarrassing. He said to wait 6 months for the healing and dropping and see if there is any improvement, if not he would have to go back in there take the implant out and release the muscle. There is no guarantee it would work, I think it's worth trying, any of you have any suggestions on this ?

Beside the muscle flexion my breast are really nice they are coming along well, the left side as always been a bit late in dropping and healing. I still have nipple sensitivity and some numbness at one area. I'm having a hard time finding bras and just wearing the two I bought at Sears after my BA, nothing fancy. I've starting training at the gym, trying to go light because i've been sore the next day lol . Work is still a bit of a challenge i'm going back to working lifting some heavy patient next week i'm a bit concern about that. I have no choice I guess, suck it up. :O)

2 months

I'm two months and one week post op I can't believe how fast it's going. I remember not long ago I found the time was going by too slow. Things have been okay i've gone back to work this week doing heavy lifting of patients and it's going well, i'm trying not to use my left side to lift. It's been good but the contraction and flexing is still there i'm trying not to focus too much on it and search the internet it's enough to drive someone mad !
I've returned to the gym, I have been doing my regular routine and I notice it was too much I was getting very sore I have been off for 2 months and my body is saying ''what are you doing to me'' lol I have to take it easy. I have been out of shape a bit and I hope I can get back into it in due time. People have been looking at me and notice some are kind of looking at my breast and then don't know where to focus their eyes lol. Men have been noticing more obviously they don't miss a thing ! Some say hi and smile at me which they never did before... so funny.


A little annoyed

I had my surgery on Jan 13th, it's been two months now and i'm still feeling some discomfort (mild soreness) anyone one else feeling like that at this stage ? I'm getting a little annoyed about it I just can't wait to feel normal and noooo more pain.

I still don't have any bras, bikinis and some sports bras that don't fit properly ! It's frustrating as I don't have a bra yet to wear. I went in the stores today and tried on two bikini tops and got discouraged I just left everything there and left. I see some women here that are pictured with nice fitting bras and bikinis at one month post op, i'm jealous lol (really am).

Still some discomfort

I had surgery on January 13th i'm over 2 months post op and i'm still feeling some discomfort! I know it can last for a couple months but when I put on a sports bra if it's too tight my breast feel like they are being squished and it's not a good feeling. Anyone else feeling this way ?

Lump update

I went to the breast clinic last week to have my lump checked. It turns out that it's a Lipoma a fatty lump that doesn't need to be taken off it isn't cancer and is harmless. I was expecting that but it was important to have it checked out. So it was still a relief so now I can focus on the healing process and maybe get the muscle contraction fixed if possible.
I included a few pics nothing exciting really lol :O)


I'm getting very angry and frustrated at the gym since i've been back. I did one exercise for my back the other day and when I tried to stretch my back you know by holding on to something with both hand and give it a good stretch ? Well my breast just contracted like crazy ! It is pulling to the side and it is very uncomfortable. I've tried to do some dips yesterday for my triceps and again the contractions so I can't do dips anymore ! My breast were bugging me in the evening, I can't do certain things that requires me to pull or hold on to something, i'm regretting ever doing this BA and really am mad at myself for not getting myself informed before in what I was getting myself into. Now I can't be the only one here that this is happening to ! It as to be happening to all that are bodybuilders i'm sure to some extend. Anyone out there that can relate and help ease my mind and make it better for me to live with this.....

3 months and birthday boobs

Today is my birthday, and my 3months BA anniversary..... I can't believe i'm 47y old ! I've had some challenges with my BA but overall they are beautiful I have to live with the muscle contraction and maybe after a year it will get better. xox Good day everyone .


So, I'm 3 months post op I was just wondering if anyone else or is it just me having still some pain around the fold, when I bend forward I feel like they are going to pop out. I still don't feel like they are my own I feel some heaviness and discomfort still. Just wondering, I know I will probably be feeling this for a couple months right ?
They have come a long way in 3 months still a bit to go through I can't wait. Happy weekend.


Since i'll be four months post op on May 13th I went and got sized, it turns out that i'm a 34DD. I was told I was gonna be a 34C but I figured I wasn't when I was trying on bras it sure explains a few things. I haven't really looked if a 34DD is hard to find or not. lol.

I was wondering if other ladies are still feeling some discomfort at four months post-op ? I'm still feeling some heaviness around the fold and under the breasts I sure hope it's normal. I just feel like they don't feel like part of me yet.... My ps told me it would take at least six months to a year to fully settle but was wondering if that included the uncomfortableness and slight sharp pain here and there. They move very well they are soft like normal breast except for the muscle contractions maybe when it flexes it causes the discomfort because the muscles are contracting really hard, I don't know just assuming I guess. It would be nice to know if any of you ladies have the same issues. Cheers

Four months

It's been four months since my surgery I can't believe it. I don't know if i'm the only one who feels this way but I am still in the process of getting used to having bigger breast. They are bigger then I thought they would be but they look fabulous, I feel sexier and somewhat more confident. I still hate the muscle contraction but I am trying slowly to live with it, it could be way worse like having deformed breast. I went shopping last week and bought a very nice bikini top, it was $50 I couldn't afford to buy the bottoms lol but have plenty at home that matches.

6 Months

Well, it's almost six months since i've had my surgery. I can't believe it, I'm still not used to them yet but slowly getting there. Today I am going kayaking and wearing a bikini for the first time, I have changed many times within an hour I can't decide what to wear ! I'm self conscious big time. I don't look like before and having a hard time getting used to seeing me this way even though I think I look good. Confidence is what I need... good day all.

Just some blah blah

Just wondering if i'm the only one having a hard time finding a bikini or bras ? I have tried countless bikinis and bras and everything fits very bad, it's very discouraging. Before I would wear pads in everything and my nipples would not show but now my nipples stick out like crazy... so embarrassing, I keep putting tape on them lol.
I am 34DD and it's really hard to find in my area anyways. I find it too difficult to order online. My breast look really good braless !

Almost 7 months

Sore nipples

Hi everyone,
As anyone on this site have had sore nipples after a year after having your augmentation ? I am having some pain, my nipples and areola region is giving some issues. I have to put a baid aid but I can still feel the pain. It really sucks., I PC put me on Lyrica for two months but I think I need to go back on it. I can't stay on medication forever. What can possibly be done to help me ??? any advice , please.. please !!!
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