Was It Worth It - Hell Yeah!! - Bath, UK

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Well I thought after all this lovely forum has...

Well I thought after all this lovely forum has helped and encouraged me I would be brave (not as brave as some of you as I can't now look at my previous op pictures without cringing) and post some piccies. I am now one month post op and the happiest and most confident 42 yr mum of a 14 and 10 yr old old ever!
I will be brave and post a piccie of the girls in all their glory later x

Five weeks post op apart from manky lefty :(

So all was going well until I looked at my bra and the constant staining underneath. Surgeon says keep taping it but in this hot weather I think that's a crap idea - surely it needs air? (Sorry pic is gross!!)

First bra fitting - HAPPY!!!

So went for my first bra fitting today, couldn't be happier. I kind of thought I was BUT I AM A C CUP :-) :-) :-) I love my new bra, I never thought I would ever wear a pretty bra like this :-) and it is a third of the price of my old clonky bras. I love bra shopping now:-)
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