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Well.....I've finally booked and have a date for...

Well.....I've finally booked and have a date for my surgery! Tuesday 13th October and I'm so excited and just want the time to come so I can get healed enjoying a flat belly!
Am using the time to prepare and hit the gym hard! (Hoping to loose art least 8lbs before surgery!)
I am also getting married in April so lots of exciting times ahead!......you know I'll be rocking that bikini on honeymoon! :-)

Just over 3 weeks!

So I've just over 3 weeks until my surgery and it's fully hit me (as paid in full Friday) that I'm actually having this done!
Am I nervous? Hell yeah!.....but the relief of finally being confident in myself and body again after so many years is keeping me from being too scared. I know it's gonna hurt, but what's a few weeks of discomfort to a lifetime of feeling fab?
Am not getting a recliner (I haven't the space) but has anyone used pillow wedges? What's people's thoughts?
I also had my pre op last week, meet the surgeon again (who is confident he can get good results).......now just have the agonising wait!! :-)

Have just booked my hen weekend for March

....am going on a Soul Weekend with Alexander O'Neil and others, I am aiming to get in this outfit for the occasion to show off my new belly!! Lol

8 days to go!!

I think I'm ready! Just a waiting game now! Am going through every thought process and emotion going, but mainly excited. My biggest concern is that I'm too thick around my middle for this surgery to have any great effect? Has anyone else felt like that? My surgeon said its squidgy fat which is a good thing and I should see significant results but I'm panicking! I guess I've been trying to rid of it for so long with no effect :(
Anyways hope everyone is healing or preparing well!!
Have attached updated pics (am trying to get as many as I can to compare after so prepare for

Tomorrows the big day!

Kinda feels like I'm going on holiday tomorrow......that anticipation you get?
Anyways, just had a long soak in the bath (last one I'll enjoy for a while I guess).....am now waiting for season 6 of the walking dead to start to take my mind off it!
Am due in tomorrow morning at 7am, wish me luck will up date when I can x


Got here so early as requested, but am last on the list so won't be going down until midday :( the waiting is doing nothing for my nerves lol!
Have just seen surgeon again and he's marked me up......:-)

I made it!!

Am feeling surprisingly ok arm but very tired, will update when my brain is functioning properly! ;-)

& im home!

Got discharged today with a bag full of pain meds :-)
Am feeling ok considering but very tired and VERY swollen!
Still can't believe my belly has gone!.........will update more when I'm less sleepy :-)

OK so am finding this tough now....!

After a good couple of days in the hospital, I thought I was coping really well, which I was, what with the steady supply of strong pain relief and having everything within easy reach or a few steps away!
I think the moving home yesterday triggered horrendous swelling! I was double the size of before surgery! It's so uncomfortable and sore from the lipo....so can officially say that I've entered the feeling sorry for myself phase :(
Not one second do I regret the surgery but I have realised what a long road of recovery I have ahead of me.
Pain doesn't seem to bad this morning but still super swollen......hopefully today is a better day :-)

1 week PO......I look uneven?

Is this just because I had loads of Lipo to flanks and it's really swollen? When the swelling goes will it go down even out? What's your opinions guys? I know it's really early days but so impatient lol x

Just my luck!!..

So I've been feeling really really poorly over this week......high temperature comes and goes constantly, hot and cold and aching (even more so on tummy since last week)
I flew through the first week thinking it was a lot easier than expected.....but BOOM Monday hit. I just thought it was all part of the process. Called hospital and they said if it's coming and going then just keep taking paracetamol.
Had an dressings change today and the good news is it's healing fab and looks great (will post pics after).........bad news is I've picked up a nasty virus were my immune is so low, so I'm on antibiotics.....at least I can start getting fixed and healing properly xx

The unveiling

Have been told that my flank area will flatten out, it's been attacked massively by the Lipo sucker!......has anyone else had my sort of shape that flattened out ? I'm massively swollen also, but please with the results so early on x

Not worth it!

So, I was given antibiotics when I last checked in Friday for a virus.......well before I continue can I firstly say that the staff and Mr surgeon have been fantastic and what's happened is in no way there doing, BMI have been very good.
Well I'm back in hospital and have been since Sunday, the meds were not working on my fever at all, I developed huge headaches and sickness. I was brought in and pumped with all kinds of meds, none of which done a thing and my symptoms got worse and worse. I was examined but everything looked normal and as it should be, I had no pain or leaking etc. I was a mystery with worsening symptoms and very frightened, just to be safe I had a ultra sound scan which reaveled a large mass of fluid build up. I was rushed into emergency surgery that night and 350ml of infection was removed. I woke up in ICU yesterday with no more terrible symptoms but the most horrific pain, I can't describe.
I so knew the risks of surgery beforehand, absolutely, did I think it would happen to me? Nope :(
I've now a long recovery ahead, and am not even interested in how my tummy looks.......maybe in time, but I wish I'd never had it done.
Please send me healing thoughts x

Moving forward

Hi Guys
So am one week post emergency op after my internal infection tomorrow. It's been a long emotional horrible week, but am now seeing lift at the end of the tunnel.
I'm still not to fussed about how my tummy looks, at last peek my hips look huge due to so much swelling, but I'm more concerned about healing inside out first.
I was in a very dark horrible place, but feel like I'm turning a corner......just the simple things like doing my hair & putting on make-up have made a huge difference to my mood.
Pain isn't bad at all now, and am managing on little pain meds. Am on a lot of strong antibiotics for the next week so can't wait to finish them and get the all clear that the infection is not coming back.
Thanks for all of your kind words of support, it really really helps and I'm still loving to see how well everyone is doing on there journeys.

Feeling disheartened

So mentally in doing really good atm, and I am managing to do more and more each day.....but have just taken photos as I'm 4 weeks PO tomorrow and it actually looks like absolutely no improvement, which has left me really disheartened. I know it takes time, I know I had to have another surgery (2 weeks ago).....but surely if see some difference already?
Sorry for sounding moany.......probably the reason I've not taken comparassen photos :( x
Hope everyone is doing and healing well x

3.5 months post op

So I haven't updated in such a long time! Thought I'd share my progress :-) (seemsike forever ago I had the tt!)

Well after a very traumatic heeling process with an emergency surgery due to infection, I can safely say I'm now back to normal, excercising and working on shedding 20lbs.
It's made a huge difference to my confidence and clothes fit fab now with no overhang. I'm still not 100% happy with my hips (I have a weird overhang sort of) but am hoping this goes with more weight loss.
I am still very numb and hate anything touching my belly as it gives me a weird feeling, but I know this is completely normal. My scar is flat and straight but is still very red looking, but again this will fade with time I guess.
Was it with it? Yes!!!

Before and after

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