Left Breast Soreness Two Years After Implants Were Put in - Basingstoke, GB

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In December 2012 I had Allergan Inspira natrello...

In December 2012 I had Allergan Inspira natrello TRM 445g implants put in by Mr David Crawford and the Hampshire Clinic in Basingstoke. I went from a C cup to an F. I have had 3 children and had plenty of breast tissue but it was saggy. I didnt want an uplift as I didnt like the scarring around the nipple and down the centre of the breast. The implants were placed over the muscle. I was 47 years old at the time of the op. The operation and recovery went well. They look and feel very natural. However in August 2014 I was on holiday and wearing a boned bikini. I pulled the top upwards as you do and felt discomfort in my left breast. It wasn't a sharp pain, just an ouch. Very difficult to describe. The discomfort subsided but then i started to feel a bit of heat in that breast the day after and then the breast swelled a tiny bit. A couple of days later, my normal bra was feeling tight in the cup on the left side. I also felt as if the implant was rolling when i turned over in bed. The swelling remained so I took some pain killers and contacted my consultants secretary. We arranged for me to see Mr Crawford when I flew back to the UK which would be 14 days.
When I saw Mr Crawford he measured both breasts and said there was no swelling present. He didn't check my implants all over, just felt down the side of the left implant and under my armpit. He said that i may have torn a tiny bit of the pocket and there was fluid gathering. As i wasn't in any pain at that point, I should carry on as normal and come back and see him for a scan in a few weeks if the pain came back or anything else changed. My left boob felt mildly sore in the following weeks and there was still this rolling affect as i turned over in bed. I had always worn a sports bra to bed after my surgery anyway as I didn't want them stretching. Anyway mid November i was having some physio where i had to lay on my front. That was when i felt a sharp pain just under my nipple and i just couldn't lay down on it. I went straight home and checked the soreness and found a lump. I went straight to my GP that night and she referred me straight to a breast consultant. Meanwhile she gave me some antibiotics Flucloxacillan 500mg 4 times a day for 7 days. The breast started to feel less painful but the lump remained. In the following 2 weeks whilst i waited for my hospital appointment, I found that I couldn't lay on my back in bed. The pain in the lump area was horrible. If I slept on my right or left side it eased up. I was also experiencing tingling in my left nipple and the nipple was flattening out sometimes. I also had quite a few shooting pain, but that felt like nerve pain, which i had experienced after I had just had the implants done.
I had a scan on my left boob and there was a huge black bubble on the scan. This was pushing up into the breast tissue. Having the scanner moved backwards and forwards on it was incredibly painful.
The consultant said she thought that the implant was the cause of the concern and it wasn't a breast tissue lump. We both decided that to carry out a mammogram at this point was probably not a good idea for my pain or the implant, just incase it was faulty.
I contacted Mr Crawfords secretary straight away and an appointment was made for the following day.
I have to say at this point that I no longer live in Basingstoke Hampshire and am now living in mid Wales, so I was faced with a 3 hr drive to Basingstoke and back again in the same day...but at least I would get this pain issue sorted.
I saw Mr Crawford 20 minutes early and was very impressed that my breast consultant had faxed him a copy of her letter describing her findings. I also passed him to scan pictures of the bubble, which he said was useless. He had to see the scan itself to see it moving. Anyway.... he read out the letter quickly and then asked me to remove my upper garments. He measured my boobs again. He felt all around the breast implants on the outside perimeter and couldn't find the bubble. I pointed to where it was and he just said it was perfectly normal and all implants have them. He then gave me a totally different shaped implant to mine and proceeded to show me how they lay flat. That's fine but he couldn't answer why i was in such pain in that area. He said that he didn't know as he wasn't a "pain dr". All he said was that there was no rupture in the implants, they weren't hardening and suggested that i have a mammogram. He dictated a letter whilst i was there to my breast consultant suggesting that I have a mammogram. He suggested that I take evening primrose oil and that my breast tissue was thinner in the area above the implant.
I then drove back to Wales after being in his office for 8 minutes!! The bill will be over £100 for that. The last bill was £80 for being in the office 5 minutes in September.
I went to bed without a bra on last night which felt alien just to see if the implant needed to flatten out...I don't know...Im just trying to help get rid of this pain.
During the night when its woken me up because I have moved around in my sleep, I have considered having them removed, but having seen some of the pictures of explantation, i don't know if I'm ready for that yet. My right breast is amazing though. It doesn't even feel like i have an implant in it. I just wish they both felt like that. I'm very protective of the left breast and hugging is done sideways!!!
I personally think that the bubble is rubbing on my breast tissue and making it sore like a blister. I wish Mr Crawford had been a little more sympathetic towards my pain.. but I guess his work is done and it's for the "pain drs" to sort it out.
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Mr Crawford has done an amazing job, my breasts are very very good and look perfect. They hang like a natural breast. The shape and positions are perfect. No complications after surgery. He obviously doesn't need to spend hours selling you his work as he knows he is good. I chose Mr Crawford as he works for a reputable BMI hospital. He has also done work on the unfortunate women who have suffered from the PIP implants. I do feel very rushed by him though. I think my initial consultation was 20 minutes and then that was followed by another 10 minute consultation as I had more questions. The consultations were free if you went ahead with the surgery. His work is amazing, he's friendly, he smiles a lot but I wish I didn't feel rushed out the door. He has a definite no nonsense attitude. I would thoroughly recommend him and have done so to everyone who asks. I think all consultants have that "I'm rushed" air about them. If i was going to have anymore surgery (as he does a whole host of procedures) I would definitely go back to him as I trust him.

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