Horrible Experience with Phenol Peel for Acne Scarring

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I had a phenol ( hetter ) peel done in Jan of 2008...

I had a phenol ( hetter ) peel done in Jan of 2008. It was to treat some acne scarring I had but if I would of known what I was going to go through I would have NEVER done it.First it was so painful I could barely stand it. For the first 12 hours afterwards I had to have gauze dipped in icewater sit on my face which was agony. I was horrified by how awful I looked and my husband was in shock as well. My Dr. did not tell me it would look that awful.My face oozed and peeled and was bright red for over a year. It's been over 2 years now and I still have pink circles on my cheeks. I also have scarring from this peel. I mean can you believe that! I went in to treat acne scars and I end up with white scars ( raised lines ) under my eyes and on the sides of my face. The scaring under my eyes makes me look old and I don't know what to do and am very afraid to try.I went to the Dr. that did this peel many many times over the past two years and he would always have an excuse. I heard that it was still healing or that the white stuff was new collagen not scarring. I went to another Dr. and he said I had poor results and it was scarring and that my skin should not look this way. I expressed it to the Dr. that did the peel ( a plastic surgeon ) and he told me he would no longer see me and I was being unrealistic and said my skin was fine. So he ruined my skin and then says I can't ever come to him again.I am devistated. I am sharring this story because I don't want anyone else to go through this. If someone had told me the risks I would have lived with my few acne scars because it looked better than I do now. There are so many other options to treat your skin with alot less risk.I hope this is helpful information and I can save someone embarrasing scars.
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I would not ever recommed this doctor. He did not tell me the risk I was taking and then when the results were bad he made excuses and then said he wouldn't help me correct it.

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