25 Yrs No Kids 34 B (Barely) Hoping for a Nice C - Barrington, IL

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I am a 25 year old scheduled for augmentation in...

I am a 25 year old scheduled for augmentation in November. I have been waiting for my boobs to come since i was 11 years old and sadly they never did. I am considered a 34 b however i dont feel like it and i hate the shape of my boobs especially compared to my body. I am 5"4 145 pounds athletic build with broad shoulders from years of gymnastics and quite a solid lower body/butt. I believe 12 cm width breast. I have been self conscious my whole life about my breasts. i hate bra and swim suit shopping, I hate even being in a swim suit. I hated having my top off even in front of a long term ex. I hate how I look in alot of clothes. I just want my whole body to match up and I want to feel like a real woman finally. I had my consultation and my PS recommends 350 moderate plus silicone mentor under the muscle however I'm so nervous this will make me too big. I'm very modest and athletic and would hate if I were too big and they looked like huge balloons and got in the way. I'd also love to be able to still wear some of my old clothes and not need a Full new wardrobe, I JUST want a nice shape and some cleavage and some CONFIDENCE! He said this could make me a d and I know I'm not supposed to judge by cups but a D scares the hell out of me. I'm planning 9-10 days off work and hoping this is enough..I'm an rn and work 12s. I just want the answer for what the right size is to fall into my lap!! I'm personally leaning for 325 though i understand the insignificance of the difference i think the smaller number gives me comfort. sometimes i even consider 300. I see some people with 325 or 350 that look HUGE and some that look awesome..just so torn ! All i do is look up boobs and sizes looking for the right answer, im obsessed! I have tons of wish pix for my doctor at my week preop and already showed him some. I trust him and have seen awesome results so I don't know why I'm freaking so much! I just want to be able to relax and start getting excited

Some pre ops

wish pix

more pre op

More pre op-just hate the shape

more preop and pix for comparison

Since deciding to embark upon this boob journey i have also decided to embark upon a weight loss and health journey, because what fun is having nice boobs if you still aren't comfortable with the rest of your body. SO since my initial preop i have been working hard and eating better, ive toned and lost a little and because of that of COURSE my boobs have shrunk ( damn my luck) so my PS now is suggesting we go to 375 cc moderate profiles, i'm not sure yet how i feel about that but i should decide soon considerin i'm just 3 days away!! AHHHH i'm so excited/nervous. i have my meds ready plus some colace due to some issues i'm hearing, I have my check/funds ready , my post op bras purchased and now i just have to wait for wednesday!. i'm taking 9 days off of work so i'm also excited for that but nervous i'll just gain all my weight back and turn to flab with not working out, my doc said after a week i can go back lightly so i'm hoping i'm able to!!

less than 12 hours!!!

My surgery is less than 12 hours away, i'm starting to get reallllyyy anxious. I have everything ready, but suddenly after worrying this whole time about going too big, I am now wondering......should i go bigger than 375?! aw man and finally when i thought i had a decision made. I will have to mention this with my doc tomorrow and show him a wish pic and see what he thinks.............such a tough tough decision, but i'm SOOO ready for this!! Will update asap!! hoping all goes smoothly! ANy last minute advice i'll gladly take it?!?

DONE!! DAY 1 of surgery

well it's done! i went in at 0800 and checked in , we drew on me, had a last minute size discussion went back to the OR, he started my iv and that was mostly it from what i remember lol. I remember though a few times waking up or coming to (he uses versed and lidocaine for his surgery so conscious sedation) and trying to pull down the drape to watch the surgery, multiple times i think, the next time i woke up in restraints lol and remember trying to break out of them. He did tell me that nurses and healthcare providers are the worst patients lol ( i totally agree). I briefly remember him saying he tried 350 and 400 and finally decided on 375 mod + like we had discussed. I want to ask more details about this when we talk tomorrow as i can't remember much else. I remember walking out thinking, dang this is easy! and as soon as i got into the car feeling like i wanted to DIE of pain, i think because i was shaking really badly so that along with the bumps did NOT help with all the moving and shaking, as soon as i got home i was still shaky and could barely walk in and i was begging my parents for more meds lol but i wasn't due so took a plain tylenol. But after a little nap i'm feeling quite a bit better so far, still minimal movement but being awake is at least tolerable. I'm also icing every 20 minutes which is amazing, i haven't even been able to look yet, but i know that it's mostly irrelevant at this point. Its hard to describe the pain right now, it's not tightness or pressure yet its more like a very sore achy type pain, i don't think incisional yet either. Also haven't been able to eat much, i'm just not hungry but my mom keeps insisting i eat before she give me more pain meds so trying to must eat lots of protein to heal. Anyways- will keep updated as things progress and add some pix soon too as soon as i'm up and about


A few pix day 1 feeling a litter better already

Day 1 post op update

I woke up feeling mostly the same. I have been sleeping in my recliner mostly bc it'd hard to get up from lying position (dearly missing my bed). It also didn't help that my 21+pound cat jumped on me 3 times last night...directly on my boobs. But I've been able to lie mostly flat and even tilted side to side right away!! My mom woke up every 3-4 hours to give me pain meds..I've been experimenting between 2 Valium and 2 Norco and once did a combo of one of both..so far tho the most satisfying relief is ice packs. Still a very strange type of pain, not the elephant on ur chest or pressure type ppl speak of and my incisional area is numb..it's really an all around generAL intense soreness. .the kind ud get from doing a million push ups then getting punched in the chest another million times. So far I no they r high and tight but they don't seem very big to me for 375! But everyone else disagrees so we'll see how things progress, I no its way too early to judge and my doc said 400 looked wayy too wide and weird. My doc followed up today and said I can shower whenever and just keep doing what I'm doing and I'll go back in 1 week. I'm trying to get into being active and moving my arms it helps. .and yes as everyone saya after sleeping a bit "morning boob" is quite awful. Am I missing anything so far? Just ask!

Day 2

Today's day 2 post op not much has changed. Maybe a little less sore but been trying to take less pain meds and probably not the best idea really hurting now. Def overdid it today, showever blow dried my hair and ran to the store with my mom, way too much. Now can't stop with the ice. Still very high and tight and sore. Anxious to see how things progress and to start feeling a bit better. Still not feeling a tight sort of pain, just lots of soreness and aching. .a little bit sharp here and there too. I think that's about alol for the day!

day 3

Was able to sleep in my bed last night a little bit elevated and abe to tilt from side to side a bit, it was amazing and I was so sick of that recliner.I have been taking less meds today. .1 g of tylenol and1/2 valium..very sore now- went out to dinner with my mom..so icing lots and will probably take something good soon here to have a good night of sleep. No changes yet in dropping and still real tight especially after I'm too active. Avoided showering today-that took wayy too much out of me yesterday. Hoping so much that these babies don't shrink at all.. i was so worried I'd be too big but now I'm praying they don't get smaller. I can't really regret not going bigger though since doc said 400 wouldn't fit, but I'm loving this size (and would even bigger) lol O well only time will tell. .I'm hopeful..will try to take pix later! !

Day 4

Still no big changes yet. Mostly off of pain meds except at night and when I over exert myself ( which is pretty easily I must admit anymore), just the grocery store today knocked me out. I'm still icing lots. They get super tight when I overdo it and start cramping and spasming but most of my real pain is lower incisional. Never had that suffocating chest tightness others complain of. I started colace 2 days preop so no probs there either. .I've been sleeping in my bed and even mostly on my side with no issues. Haven't showered again yet it was just exhausting, but none of that sensitivity or pain people complain of either during. Maybe a little incisional numbness. Still unsure about size also but also I know it's way too early to tell. I just don't want them to get smaller!!!! My mom is still here helping me..it's just alot of work cooking and cleaning etc and can't lift my arms much yet so still need her. Anyways all normal so far. .high, tight and hard..can't wait for end result and to be able to get active again

day 5

Still sore and crampy, I have no energy. I can barely go out and run 3 errands without having to come home and nap. Noticed today im looking real uneven ..either 1 is dropping faster or something weird is happening. .kinda makes me nervous...also feeling real small..feeling like I wish I could a gone bigger :/

day 6

Still not much change. Took only tylenol today and Valium B4 bed. Some random cramping shooting pains and incisional soreness where my bra seems to rub .Went grocery shopping and just got very exhausted very quickly-lIke the life was sucked out of me. Very un like me because I'm always on the go. My 1 week is tomorrow. I'm still feeling small and hope that feeling goes away. My mom leaves tomorrow, i live alone so feeling a little nervous and emotional about that after having so much help and company all week.. l was just thinking today though, how this whole journey and week has been so surreal..mb bc I spent so much of it in a med haze. .butno regrets, I've wanted it my whole life. .just am itching to be able to be normal again and have stamina..and hoping these puppies fluff up BIG and even out

1 week post..time has flown!!!

Wow has time flown by..I cannot believe it. I had my 1 week post op today. Doc took off my bandages, will include pix. Doc explained my massages to do and said everything looks great. One is dropping faster but said it's normal too. Explained to go bigger I'd have to do like 450-550 hp...wow..that would b nuts. Since my incisions r drying they are getting so itchy! I can now wear any bra without under wire and start working out low impact and I Def need to asap to build some endurance again..I'm so tired!! He said I can sleep however now but I've been waking up on my sides since day 4. After 2 weeks I can do something for scar treatment not sure what yet, open for suggestions! !! No real pain anymore , just weird cramps and what not. ..occasionally incisional soreness.

day 11/12

Feeling really good, I've been back to work 2 shifts now- last night being 15 hours. The biggest thing I notice is after too much action or work I start feeling spasms/contraction like feelings high in my muscles in my chest. Advil actually really helps it and massaging. .I've been massaging since day 7. My scars were getting irritated for the first 2 days after my bandages came off just from rubbing on bras because they are so close to the crease. I just keep switching up bras as much as possible. I feel best with tight sports bras still. My morning boob is slowly fading day by day. I still keep finding myself "gaurding" alot just bc I'm so scared of stretching too much or something. They feel a little foreign still but feeling muchhhh bigger already. Showed my Co workers and they loved them! Still a long way to go but so much progress already!!

3 weeks postop

I'm 3 weeks post today..still noticing slight changes still a long way to go. The tightening of my boobs/muscles had decreased significantly..really only happens occasionally at the gym. I've been doing anything low impact and not including arms I can think of, this is really taking a toll on my weight :/ They are getting softer daily and I still massage as much as I can. Work is going ok..still need help with certain things and am finding certain things difficult. My scars are healing still. I think they would look better if they hadn't gotten so irritated for the few days after the bandages were removed. They area of incision is pretty numb still. Haven't gotten sized yet. I refuse to so early. Can't think of anything else to update! ! They look weirdly uneven in a few of the pix but i don't think they do in person at all unless my eyes are playing tricks on me.

4 weeks

I am now 1 month postop...cleared for all bras and workouts. Self sized myself the other days so far I'm a 36d but I can tell I have alot of progress to make still..skin is still tight. I think I'm going to try Maderma for the scars first. No other big news!

6 weeks

Still subtle progress happening. Feeling like my scars have regressed a little, they just seem to be more red/purple than before. Not sure why. Been using maderma...thinking about switching it up to the silicone strips. I've been working out at mostly my normal level. I bought some very supportive bras for running/jumping. ..it's a very strange sensation when I run and jump...hard to explain. Can't do arms like I used to and still lots of moves that make me "uncomfortable" as far as stretching or lifting so i stop when i fdel that but I think it'll get better. Still very happy with my results. Some days they feel big some days they dont. Haven't gotten officially sized or bought nice bras yet, tried to do some self sizing and it was a nightmare. Hopefully plan to buy my first"boobie" dress for new years this year!

6 weeks

Wrote a huge long update and it was deleted, so I'll make it short and sweet. Been working out as normal except for a few arms workouts that bother me still so I avoid those. Jumping and running are fine I just get a weird sensation when I do, but I bought some very supportive sports bras to help. Overall working out is going great. Still no official sizing I wanna wait and I still can tell there is a way to go. Tried to do some self sizing to get a cute pushup bra but that was a nightmare so I gave up. Hoping to get my first boobie dress ever for new years. Feeling like my scars have regressed, they seems more red/purple now than they used to. I have been using maderma but thinking i should try out the silicone sheets possibly. Any other questions. just ask

8 weeks postop

Today is 8 weeks..don't personally notice much progress visually but they feel softer. Working out upper body is getting easier . Not a ton to report otherwise.

12 weeks!

Had my 12 week follow up today. Not alot to to report. I had recently noticed a small lump around my right breast nipple line maybe the size of a marble. Had my doc check it out today he believes it's maybe A little cyst that could have been there before or could be from inflammation/irritation from surgery. We are going to follow up in 3 months again and then possibly do an ultrasound to make sure it's a definitely a cyst. I'm also noticing the skin lifting a bit still between my breasts though it does seem a little better, he is not concerned and believes it will continue to resolve. It probably just bothers me because I know it's there. I have done a small amount of bra shopping and have fit into a c and d depending on the place. Continue to work out and gain more and more strength back. Overall happy with the size sometimes I do think I'd like some bigger more fake looking boobs but ultimately I know I wouldnt and I'm happy. Definitely wish the scars would progress faster, I find myself very self conscious of them but it takes time i know!!


So i was finally sized at VS the other day and they called me a 34ddd...holy crap...though i feel im not that big im still shocked..also retried all of my swimming suits and almost none of them fit which im pretty bummed about..i. worried ill have trouble finding any new ones to fit me now! Buying big bras is already SO much harder than i thought it would be. I also had my first moment at the gym today looking in the mirror while working out when i thought"damn my boobs are so huge its almost gross. Def hope i dont feel like that again
Barrington Plastic Surgeon

So far he has been amazing and helpful and supportive and I can't wait to see how my results progress.. I'm so happy so far he's a miracle worker

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