Petite 28 Yr Old Mom to 2 Kids - Barrington, IL

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I went to my first consultation almost a year ago....

I went to my first consultation almost a year ago. After finally choosing my plastic surgeon (went to 5) I will be having my augmentation with Benelli lift on August 22!
I have my final consultation with him this Friday to go over everything again.
I am very petite at only 5'0 - 90lbs - 32a
Looking at 350cc hp implants and hoping they aren't too big on my tiny frame.

Met with Dr again!!

I just got done with my second consultation with my Dr. and got great news! At my consultation in February, it was decided that I would need a Benelli lift on my left breast, since then I have exercised and lost a little bit of weight and my boobs have shrunk and somehow lifted up and I no longer need a lift!! We are still talking about 350cc hp with crease incision instead of areola. I got my prescriptions today to fill before I come back for surgery since I am 3 hours away. I am excited! 4 weeks from today I will have boobs!!!

1 week 6 days until my breast augmentation!!

It's getting close!! I filled my prescriptions the other day. I was prescribed Vicodin - Valium - zofran - and an antibiotic.
I also bought two zip up bras. I got a Hanes one from Sears and Danskin Now 360 from Walmart.
I figured I would include some before pictures. :)

Rice Sizers!!!

Ok so my augmentation is this Friday (4 days) and I decided to make rice sizers for the size I I am freaking out thinking they are going to be TOO big!! I can't help but think maybe 275 mod + would be better than 350 hp on my frame.
I messaged my doctor the other day and he said the 275 mod + but it probably wouldn't give me the fullness I'm looking for. Omg why is size such a hard decision!!!

Edit from above!

Dr said 275 mod + would look good but he recommends 350 hp based on the fullness I am looking for.

Too big?!?!

Here is pics of me in the 350cc rice sizers

Swim top

So I decided to take some before and after pics in one of my non padded swim tops size small. Here is a few before pics.

Surgery Day!!!!!

I got to the office at 845 and surgery was at 9. I cannot say enough good things about Dr Chris Pelleitere!! I absolutely love him!!!!!!

I got Mentor 350cc hp in both breasts and I absolutely love them already on the first day!!!

The pain sucked for the first few hours but now i feel great!!! I have not been able to see them under my bra yet but here is a picture on day one. They are absolutely gorgeous!!!!

Post op day 1

2 days post op

3 days post op

I am usually pretty good with with or so I thought. I have had 2 kids and this is by far the worst pain I've ever experienced. I have been taking 2 Vicodin and 1 Valium and icing my breasts 20 mins on 20 mins off. So far no bruising at all!

I am completely in love with my surgeon and think he did a beautiful job and I couldn't have asked for better results.

For anyone worrying about iv sedation vs general anesthesia, you are worrying yourself for nothing!! I had iv sedation and remember absolute nothing!!! Here are a few pics to update on my day 3

3 days post op more pics!

I'm sorry but I cannot praise Dr Chris Pelletiere enough!!! I am in love with his work!!!! I look and feel so amazing I have cried trying on clothes that use to look horrible on me!!!

5 days post op

Ok I am starting to finally feel like my normal self!! I woke up at 3am in pain and took a Vicodin and didn't take anymore through the day. I even drove to my best friends house and hung out for a bit and went to the bank. I made dinner, folded laundry and now I am back in bed to relax with a Valium and Vicodin :) here is some updated pics

6 days post op

The pain gets better and better everyday. I drove to the mall today to try on some clothes, went to my friends and stayed out of bed all day. I only took a pain pill at 3am when the pain seems to always wake me up, must be morning boob pain! Otherwise every thing is going great! I messaged my plastic surgeon today since I am an out of town patient and he advises me to remove the strips tomorrow, pat dry and email him with further instructions from there. He said everything looks normal and I am still super obsessed with my new girls!! I really hope they stay beautiful!! I am so in love with Dr. Chris Pelletiere and will recommend him to everyone!! Here are a few pics 6 days post op of my beautiful girls :)

8 days post op

So things are getting a little easier. I'm still taking my Vicodin and Valium. I wake up with boob pain every morning.

My doctor had me remove my steri strips yesterday so I will include a pic of the incisions. Also if anyone has recommendations on what to use for scar healing when I'm able to that would be great!!

I went 8 days without going #2 so I would highly recommend a stool softener bc that was no fun!!

I did not experience ANY bloating after surgery like I have seen many do, I'm not sure if it's because I was under IV sedation.

I weighed myself today and I started at 90lbs and I am at 91lbs so not much different at all! I went shopping and I still am buying shirts size xs-s :)

I will include a pic of me in an old sexy lingerie that I tried on for my husband the other night.

I got the email to start massaging my breasts twice a day for 5-10 mins and then follow up pics via email in 3 weeks (1 month post op) I am an out of town patient.

Overall everything has been great! I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Chris Pelletiere! His hands are definitely magic and my breasts look way better than I ever imagined they could!!!

10 days post op

Nothing has changed much!! I am still obsessed with my girls, probably too obsessed!!! They get better and better looking everyday and I have loved them from day one!!!
I went bridesmaid dress shopping with my girlfriends for 8 hours yesterday and felt great the whole time!! Not to mention I didn't even need a bra when trying on anything so hooray!!!
I'm not sure if I mentioned it or not but I don't have feeling in either nipple still, well I feel something but it's more irritation and soreness than anything. I'm ok with that and pretty confident I'll soon have full feeling and if I didn't ever get it back I'm not gonna lie I could care less bc I am THAT obsessed with these girls to let that bother me lol!!
I run my own in home daycare and I am back to work tomorrow which will be 11 days post op. Luckily I have am amazing group of kids and will be able to get away without lifting them. As much as I have enjoyed my time off and would love to enjoy more time off I really miss my kiddos!!

Anyways here is my 10 days post op pics I just took, just took my sports bra off so you can see some lines from that but gosh they are pretty :)

12 days post op

I went back to work yesterday (In-home daycare provider) and all went well!
All my daycare moms loved my new boobs and are now wanting them. They cannot believe how great they look already and fit my tiny frame perfect.
I wake up in the mornings with painful breasts and take a Vicodin and I'm fine. So I am still taking my pain meds because if I'm in pain and I have the meds to take it away, whynot!
Today is mine and my husbands 3 year wedding anniversary and I cannot wait to dress up sexy and go out to dinner.

Being sexy for hubby on our anniversary

Again my girls are only 12 days post op and are gorgeous!!!

Few pics of the girls

The naked one is yesterday at 12 days post op and the pics with a casual v neck are 13 days post op. (today)

2 weeks!!!!!

My girls are 2 weeks old today!!! Time went by fast!! I am still waking up around 3am to take pain meds and they are still pretty sore. Today is better than yesterday. I don't have much feeling in my nipples and the feeling I do have is pins and needle pain when they are touched so that pretty much tells me I'll get feeling back in them. They look great and I'm still in love! I do slightly have boobie greed but I think any bigger on my body and it would be too much! But I completely understand the boobie greed phase as well as morning boob!!

Swim top time at 2 weeks!

Had try on my swim tops again and see how they fit. These are all size small and really don't look too bad. Also goes to show HP can look natural bc mine are really starting to look natural, I wanted a semi natural look so glad I can still make them look fake with the right top :)
Really focused on the one that makes them look more natural so you can see that my boobs aren't just round balls, there is a natural slop to them even though they are HP

Morning boob and no sleep!

Ok now is the time I am going to vent. I love my boobs and wouldn't take them back for anything! But ever since I have had my implants I cannot sleep through the night. I wake up every morning between 3am-4am in pain. The only thing that seems to help is if I take a Vicodin and Valium before I go to sleep but those are going to run out. I love my boobs I am just ready for a good nights sleep!!

Morning boob!! Ouch!! They are hard and hurt I usually have to take a Vicodin right when I wake up just to ease the pain. Am I crazy and the only one who still on pain meds after 2 weeks?? I take them sparingly so they have lasted me bc I only take them when I absolutely need to.

I am ready for them to feel like mine and not hurt or be hard. I know it takes time I think I am just super tired from not enough sleep. Any suggestions would be great!!! I tolerate pain great for piercings and tattoos but apparently when it comes to surgery I'm a weenie :(

Slight depression kicks in

So for the last 2 days I couldn't help but get slightly depressed. Wondering if I made a mistake? Did I go too big? Do I look like a small bimbo with big boobs? I think it's all from lack of sleep-still some pain-and just wanting them to feel 100% like mine, they are getting softer except morning time! So yesterday I completely covered them up with a t-shirt and then decided to try on a cute bra while at walmart that made me feel better. If they had it in my size band I would have bought it. They only had a 34c and 36c and the 36c cup fit better just band was little loose. So I would say I would probably be at a 34d - 32dd right now. I hope they don't get any bigger. I have also noticed the slight muscle distortion which is funny and not that noticeable but weird and I can feel it, doesn't hurt. Today has been a better day. I did go through 2 days of depression and wondering what I did to myself, but I know this was a decision I made and have wanted for so long and really do feel better about myself.

Feeling better :)

So I had 2 days of a little bit of depression but that is going away. My husband finally told me how sexy he thinks they are and I think that helps a ton especially since he never wanted me to get them but was very supportive of my decision.
I cannot believe it's almost been 3 weeks!! They are getting nipples have a sting sensation when touched...and they are dropping really nice. I have since lost a little bit of weight because of my diet (which I can't afford to lose since I'm only 90 lbs) I wish I would have taken a stool softener before the procedure or right after because I got pretty backed up and didn't go for 8 days which still sucks going and I'm almost 3 weeks post op. But slowly that is getting better so hopefully my diet will as well.
I did of pull out some shirts last night to try on and I will those.
Overall everyday does get easier and sleeping through the night makes for better days :)

Best post op bra for me

I have tried a lot of bras since my breast augmentation and I wanted to share the one I have found the most comfortable. I slept great last night and my girls feel amazing today!!

3 weeks post op!!!

Time goes by fast!!! My breasts are still sore. Scars are looking better, wish they were more on the crease but you can't see them because they are really under my breasts so helps that I never see them unless I lift my boob up.
I am still having mixed feelings about them. I love them in clothes although I doubt I will ever be able to wear any kind of padded bra, they would definitely look too large for me. Naked, I don't like them as much....they are huge. My husband is being very supportive so that helps a lot especially since he didn't want me to have them done. I really hope this depression part goes away soon, I told hubby if I am not happy in 6 months I may downsize. 350cc hp is huge on a very petite frame!!

Little advice

If you ever get down about how your new girls look whether they are too big or too small, take a look back at your before pictures and it really opens your eyes. I have a great transformation and I just now saw it when I put the pics side by side. I figured I would share. I would rather my girls be too big than go back to what I had before!!!! Big thanks to Dr Chris Pelletiere!!!

Dropped quick!

Friday I will be 4 weeks post op. I hope mine are almost done dropping. I do wish they would soften up and feel like real boobs and not be painful. Also hope they come together a little more so I can create cleavage. I do have a decent amount of side boob. Here are pics from today.

34D too small!

Still painful

Tomorrow I will be 4 weeks post op and I'm still in pain. I started putting my ice packs on them again yesterday and the pain seems a little less today. I did take a Valium last night so I could get a good nights sleep. My right breast hurts more than my left and I'm not sure if it's bc it's my dominant hand. I have also noticed I got Mondors cord on my left breast which doesn't bother me at all and I read will go away in time.
I have gotten use to them and wish they were bigger, I guess you could add me to the boobie greed club but I think I am maxed out at 350cc hp with my bwd. They do look great and I still have a lot of healing to do so hopefully the boob greed will pass :)
I am just ready for the pain to be gone. I guess patience isn't one of my qualities lol.

1 month post op

Yesterday I was 1 month post op. My breasts are still sore, right one really sore when touched. Nipples also have a painful sensation when touched. Hopefully they heal ok, my worst fear is capsular contracture. They are pretty hard in the morning and soften up more during the day. Just ready for all pain to go away and them to feel more natural. I sleep ok and have been able to sleep on my stomach for a little bit but feels weird so I just try to stay on my side or back. I use to only sleep on my stomach so that I miss. I always sleep in a sports bra because it's more comfortable.
Dr said it was ok to wear underwire bras now but I haven't yet. I do have a few 32D bras but I think they are a little too small and may need to go up a size but I am waiting to buy more bras for awhile. I just started putting silicone sheets on my scars yesterday so hopefully it helps them if not worth a try.

More pics

Before & After

Video 1 month post op


5 weeks post op!!

Time flies!!! My breasts aren't as sore anymore and almost feel like mine. Only time it doesn't is if I lay on them which is super weird and I just can't do it! Sucks bc I am a stomach sleeper but hopefully someday I will be able to. Right now it feels like something is under me. But totally worth it!! I definitely have boob greed and wish they were bigger but my husband is super happy with the size they are so I guess for now I will have to get past my greed. They look small in clothes but huge naked! I was not expecting them to look so natural, especially at 5 weeks! I went to walmart yesterday and got a bra for $5. Has absolutely no padding at all just a flimsy bra and my boobs fill it out!! Yay! Not a bra I would ever have bought pre-boobs! My scars are looking great, I have been keeping the silicone sheets on them to see if it helps at all, if not I think they will heal fine. I'll update those in a few weeks. So far everything is going good and I'm super happy I have boobs!!

Not much change

I probably won't update for awhile until I notice more changes. I will be 6 weeks post op Friday. My breasts seem like they are completely dropped and hopefully just waiting for them to "fluff". I still have really sensitive nipples and a little numbness in the lower part of my breasts. Rippling is now visible and palpable when I bend over which is to be expected since I'm only 90 lbs. My surgeon said there was no way of getting around that unless I gained weight or didn't do the augmentation. I really do enjoy them I just wish they were a little closer together which is my own anatomy so I will deal with it and I'm ready for them to get softer. Laying down they still feel hard. I do wear push up bras when I go out to create more cleavage since mine have dropped and I don't have as much upper pole as I use to. My scars seem to be healing fine. Every brand of bra is so different. I have tried on 34DD that has been too small and 34C that fits. I can tell bras were not meant for implants! So far I haven't had any problems just ready to be 100% and have them feel like natural breasts. I am still very happy I had the surgery and have no regrets :)


Before and almost 6 weeks post op of right incision.

6 weeks post op

Tried on bras for fun yesterday and of course clothes for fun :)

No change on my breasts, still waiting for them to soften up more and get full feeling back in them my nipples!!

Forgot 2 pics

Same shirt

7 weeks post op

7 week post op
My breasts are getting really squishy, but when I lay down they still feel pretty hard which I hope that changes.
I still have pains that come and go and my nipple pain is still there. I got fitted at VS the other day at a 32DDD, they definitely don't look that big to me. I do love them but if I had a chance for them to be bigger I would as well as an areola reduction I just don't want another scar. My scars are healing pretty good just wish they were closer to the crease.
My stats again:
2 kids
Pre BA - 32a
350hp Mentor silicone
Dual Plane
Crease incision

8 weeks post op

Not a lot of change. My nipples are still super sensitive. Still wish they were bigger but I doubt I will have a revision unless something goes wrong with them. They are very squishy when I'm standing up but laying flat they are hard and round and hubby cannot rub on my nipples. Otherwise everything seems to be going great! My incisions get better and better. I was using the silicone sheets but haven't for awhile and have really just let them heal without anything and it seems to be going good. My rippling is pretty noticeable on the outsides of my breasts when I bend over and let them hang without a bra but it doesn't bother me really bc I'm the only one that sees that. I'm super thin at only 90lbs with thin skin so my plastic surgeon told me ahead of time I would see ripples luckily it's only when I bend forward and not all the time like I had pictured before my BA. My boobs are really fun and I honestly play with them all the time lol! I'm still constantly taking pictures and really enjoying them!!

9 weeks post op

My breasts aren't sore anymore and the sensitivity in my nipples are calming down. They are getting softer when I lay flat on my back. I have been sleeping on my stomach for awhile now which feels weird at times but doesn't hurt. I can feel the bottom of my implants and sometimes I worry that they will bottom out. Also feel them if I push my arms to squeeze them. For the most part they feel like mine and I can't imagine not having them. I wear sports bras 90 percent of the time and when I to out I wear a push up bra. I always sleep in a sports bra bc it's more comfortable. I would love to go bigger sometime in the future.

Big enough?!....

I have major boob greed but when it comes down to it, maybe they are big enough...?! I think I see something completely different than others. I feel like they are small but how many girls that are 4'11.5" and 90 lbs have DD breasts. I think at this point I need to be happy with them. They aren't perfect but they are better than what I had before :)

Love sports bras!

Just had to share a pic of my new sports bra. Brand is Spalding size small. I also bought a regular bra from Kohls and got a 34D...I came home and showed my husband and he asked if it fit because it looked too small lol. So in most bras I am a 34D/32DD unless it is Victoria secret then I am a 34DD/32DDD. I got some really cute shirts yesterday that helped me see how big my girls actually are. I am really trying to convince myself they are big enough for my body. I am still really obsessed with this site and want my boob greed to go away!! Lol

Happy Halloween!!!

I am 10 weeks post op today!!!!! Had to share my boobs in my costume. I wore this little red riding hood costume last year with no boobs. It is my daughters old costume size 10/12 in kids lol!

Laying on side


Just showing a comparison in my bra from 1 month to almost 3 months in the same bra. Natori 32D and I need to go up to a DD in this bc my nipples don't want to stay in.

I do feel like my implants have dropped too low and possibly bottoming out. I want them wider and up higher. I have 350hp right now. I'm a year I may see about internal bra and wider implants. I personally would like more cleavage than projection but I am waiting at least a year to see my final result. Overall things haven't been bad. I don't like my nipples touched and under my breasts under my nipples are numb. Hopefully that changes bc I would love to have feeling 100% again. I almost 3 months post op.

Internal Bra

Today I am 12 weeks post op. I have talked to my dr and will have the internal bra done when I am completely healed. He wants me to have feeling completely back first and I personally want to wait to make sure I have my final result. I would like to go bigger but that might not be an option for me as my doctor feels like I am pretty maxed out with 350cc hp. But I am definitely going to have the internal bra done.
I went grocery shopping the other day and my husband had to meet me bc the cart was too heavy for me to turn and my chest muscles felt weird. I am only 90lbs so it doesn't take much for my chest muscles to work hard and that is the one thing I hate about my implants. If I had enough tissues to begin I would have definitely wanted them subglandular, unfortunately I am too thin with thin skin and not a lot of tissue. Even with silicone implants under the muscle I can feel my implant pretty good and the ripples. But I am still happy with my decision to get them bc I absolutely hated my breasts before. I put a picture of me with a shirt wearing my sports bra and then a pic I sent to my husband...his phone is also filled with boobs now lol!! And when I was in dressing room yesterday to show full body with my 350cc hp on my 4'11.5" 90 lb frame, I don't think they look big at all

Too small

My favorite swim top no longer fits me comfortably without worrying about showing a nipple lol. Size small. Time to go to a size medium or large :)
I think I am at my final size which is a 32dd/34d unless it's Victoria secret or if there is any push up in it I have to go up a cup size. I love having boobs but they don't feel like mine. They are still hard when I lay flat on my back and my nipples are still too sensitive to really touch. Hopefully everything heals soon. Saturday I will be 3 months post op. As much as I would love to go bigger I won't. I almost wish I would have went smaller in hopes that they would feel more like mine. But I doubt I would downsize. When I have my internal bra done I do plan on keeping my same implants as of right now. Scars are healing good. I have been using silicone sheets on them and they are really starting to fade and they are pretty flat scars.

3 months exactly!!!

No change. Super sensitive nipples and numbness under my breasts near incision. Scars don't seem to heal fast on me, I feel like they look the same as they have for awhile now. Dr wants me to get feeling back before going back under, I hope I do but I am starting to have my doubts there. Still super happy the way they look in clothes just not naked. I do wear a bra 24/7

4 months post op

Monday I will be exactly 4 months post op. Nothing has really changed. I like having breasts but not completely in love with them yet. I'm sure after my next surgery I will be, that's my goal :)
I am a 32dd in most bras except Victoria secret in which I'm a 32ddd. 350 hp got my a lot of boob but they don't feel huge to me. If I wear a form fitting shirt they do look pretty big. My scars are about the same to me I think. I still don't have complete feeling in them and don't like my husband really messing with them which kind of sucks. I always wear a bra, 95% of the time it's non padded and no underwire.

5 months post op

On January 22nd I will be 5 months post op. I am still wearing 34d/32dd bras from every where except Victoria secret. I did buy a sports bra from there and got 32dd bc I wanted it pretty snug and it's snug! It keeps the girls in place so I highly recommend that bra for working out. It's the snap in front underwire and zip over. I forgot the name of it but best workout bra I have found.
Still planning on having a revision done for internal bra bc my implants are too low, they don't look horrible and I am really the only person that notices it, my husband loves them and he was against me getting them done. I would like to still possibly go a little bigger if I can but if it's not an option because I'm so petite I will be ok with that too. My breasts are still numb from nipple down, I did have crease incision and my nipples are still pretty sensitive if something rubs across them. I feel I will never have complete feeling back in them like I use to but I would still say it's worth it to feel sexy again in your own skin. Before kids I was a 32D so I know what the difference is between natural big boobs and implants. I am planning on scheduling my consult for my revision this summer so I will keep you all updated :)

Post-op email to Dr

First off I want to say I absolutely love Dr Chris Pelletiere. He is super quick at responding to all of my emails and I put 100% trust into him.
Anyways I emailed him photos today for my 5 month post op and he agreed that they are settling lower than we want and internal sutures will help as well as make the incisions closer in the crease like I want AND that going bigger will help get more fullness/upper pole!!! So yay!! As of right now I am planning on going bigger!! I asked if he would stay with HP implants or switch the profile and he said it depends on the size we choose. I am excited to know I can go bigger, hopefully that stays that way when I have my consult with him in person. I was planning on having my revision at the end of this year and he told me I am good to go at anytime soooo I might possibly try for my revision in March if all goes well with taking time off work!! I will keep you all updated on my next journey :)

Going out shirt!

Figured I would show how my 350cc hp implants look 5 months post op in a low cut shirt. I am wearing my 34dd VS bra with the shirt. I think they look big in some shirts but still require push up bras to achieve the look I want which is why I am going bigger with the internal bra. With clothes and bra on I do love them just want to be as satisfied naked, that was the goal when I got them and am determined to be 100% happy with them :)

6 months!!!!!!

Tomorrow I will be 6 months post op!!! Yay!! Not much change. Still some sensitivity in my nipples and numbness under my breasts. Otherwise everything is the same. I will continue to update monthly until I go for my implant exchange/internal bra at the end of this year :-)

Midwest Living!

Joking around in the Midwest with our freezing temps!!

7 months post op

I started working out 6 days a week at the gym and hate the feeling of my chest when I do upper strength workouts but I push through it and wear a shirt that doesn't show cleavage so you can't see them pulling away from each other lol. Still planning my revision at the end of this year :)
Barrington Plastic Surgeon

I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Chris Pelletiere! He did an amazing job on my breast augmentation. I went to 5 plastic surgeons and he was by far the best one! I have been happy with my results from day one! He responds to emails almost immediately and has a wonderful personality!!! He has truly given me better results than I even imagined!! I highly recommend him whenever I show off my girls they always say how perfect they are and how amazing my plastic surgeon did!! I love Dr Chris Pelletiere! He has changed my life and given me back the confidence I have wanted for many years!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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