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I chose my doctor after visiting 5 other well...

I chose my doctor after visiting 5 other well renowned Chicago plastic surgeons. The reviews I'd gotten before visiting Dr Pelletiere were outstanding. So I knew before I even gotten there that I was 70% sold.
I'd wanted implants since I was 14 so I knew I was ready to set a date it was just all about finding the best doc for the job. Now surgery is only 14 days away!

On the fence between areolar and crease incision :-/

So I on the fence here. I have keloided on my ears in the past and I went through three surgeries. It's been a big ordeal. Finally they went away with surgery, Aldara cream, steroid and radiation. I don't want to Go through that again with my breast augmentation. From what I hear the areolar incision is the best for low scaring. But the rates of CC are higher with the areolar incision. Ugh what to do what to do!!!

'Come to Jesus' moment with Dr Chris one week out

So I visited Dr Chris yesterday with my spouse in tow. I had a lot of questions I wanted to address regarding my surgery, healing and size. He thought it was best to meet in person one week out as opposed to talk over the phone. Best decision ever. I feel so much more at ease now. I feel confident that I will end up with the best possible results!
I decided on the crease incision with removable stitched. His thoughts are that my body may react to the dissolvable stitches in an unfavorable way. I decided on the crease incision because I don't want any complications associated within areolar incisions like increase chance of cc or not being able to breast feed should I choose to.
Sizing was also a big topic of discussion. Dr previous,y suggested 375 mod or 450hp depending on what would fit in my tight chest. I know for 100% certainty I don't want 375cc. Based on my broad shoulder, height and build that size would get swallowed up. I was very clear with him that 450-500cchp was closer to what I needed to be happy. He was ok with this and said he would do his absolute best. So far so good! I'm happy with my choice of doctor and ready for next week!! Eeek!!!!

Just received my last minute instructions from the PS office

So it's 2 days before DD DAY! Omg I am soooooo nervous! My brother in law keeps picking on me saying I'm going to wake up with no nipples and crayon colored boobs! So rude!!!

Alas, I'm ready. Nervous but ready. I keep doubting my choice. Am I doing the right thing?? Am I ruining perfect boobs??? I men I don't like the size but I have healthy evenly shaped boobs! Ugh!!!!

My prescriptions are all filled, I've got my post op bras packed and I have one more day!

Ill be sure to update you one day pre op:-)

Today is D or DD-day :-)

Omg I can't believe today is the day!!! I took a before pic a couple of days ago. I have a little more boobage now due to my off season fluff!
I slept we'll last night once I fell asleep around 2am:-) so far no need for anti anxiety or calming meds. But we shall see in about an hour if that changes. I really hope doc gives me a cocktail. Heard those were fabulous!!! So all in all im excited. I'm hoping for 450-500cc. I'm really pushing for the latter. We will just have to see what he can fit:-)
Send positive vibes my way please! Xo!

5 days post op!!!

So I think I m finally pain free- kinda!!! Oh man the pain was FIERCE on day one! Apparently I woke up from anesthesia complaining and crying about the pain. O dear I'm such a pain punk... Help us all...
So my amazing boyfriend drove me home an dad food in the car so I could take muscle relaxant. Well apparently I wasn't happy with that. He says whilst on the freeway I attempted to get out the car and I three the water bottle onto the expressway... O dear...
I already told him I'm buying him an expensive camera lens for Christmas to makeup for my antics.

In the meantime I have a lot of drop and fluffing to do since my chest is sooooooo tight. But I'm also planing for a revision this time next year. I'm going to see doc post op Thursday and will discuss how much time ill need for these babies to stretch to fit 550-650. Until then happy dropping and fluffing and I love dr. Pelletiere!!

Unofficially measured today at Intimacy bra store

I went to get fitted for a better supportive bra. All my front zip sports bras were killing me so what better place than INTIMACY. They put me in the worlds most comfortable sports NRA called the Anita!! Omg guess what size it was???? 32F also known as 32DDD! Couldn't have been happier!!!!
A Dios IMO!!!

Update photo 5 days out

Lulu bra size 4 or 6....

Post op tomorrow

My incisions have been bothering me lately! I think he'll be removing the stitches etc. I want to have a chat with him a possible revision ... Yes I wanted bigger:-(

Post op appointment today!

So I just left my PS office and everything went great. Sutures were removed and it wasn't nearly as painful as I thought it would be!
He put the steri strips on and said I should start next week. Next post post op is early December.
OH AND REVISION FOR 600cc October 14, 2014 :-)

4 weeks post op recovering well!!

Just checking in ! It's been four weeks! Incisions are healing well! I'm so surprised. I have the the silicon strips on my incisions and they are healing well and flat. I didn't have to use any aladara creams, radiation to help with healing or scaring. My crease incision healed well on its own!!
So my boods are still riding high and are still choking me! I'm not yet satisfied with the size but I know I need to give them time to drop! Until then ill wait patiently!

6 weeks post today!

I'm 6 weeks post and slowly but surely they are dropping and fluffing! They are really starting to look more natural and fill out! Recovery has been smooth, incisions look great and I'm back in the gym. I'm about 90% in strength in the gym. no chest exercises of course. Pull ups feel odd.
I'm still 100% sure ill be revising next year. I'd like to do it sooner than later but I'm not sure what the rule on that is.
My follow up appt is next Thursday so ill be sure to ask him if we can move up my revision and go even bigger than I originally requested...hmmm maybe 650cc????

Revision decision!!!!

So I saw my PS today and he thought everything was coming along great. Incisions look good and they are dropping they just need to drop and soften more. He wants me to come back in late January and take another look to see how I've progressed. He's requested that I massage massage massage and soften these babies up!!
He thinks we should be able to go for the increase in February 2014 to at least 600!!! I'm so elated!! That's all I wanted!! Hopefully everything will progress and I'll have new boobs in February!!! Yay!!!

Research is key!

So for the next 6 weeks ill be diligently looking through photos for the exact look I want. After this BA there won't be any more revisions until after I have my children so I have to do it right. Based on what I've seen, the 650cc UHP seem to provide the best looks for my broad shoulder and back. I've attached my wish list! I'll bring them to my "pre op" jan 30!!! This is t!!!

Update from post op appointment

I went to my post op appointment this past Friday to see if I was ready for my revision. Dr checked me out and stated I still hadn't dropped enough :-( so no revision for feb :-((((
We schedule yet another appointment for feb 25 to see if maybe ill be dropped by then. Dr stated if we did the procedure now we probably wouldn't be able to fit anything more than 500ccs. We decided that 650-700cc is the goal for the revision. So we will wait until feb 25 to hopefully schedule my revision.

Whew finally!

So I had my final appt with my PS post op to see if I had d&f and was ready for the revision. I knew going in this week that I wasnt going to be able to go through with my revision at this time simply because I am now 12 weeks out from my first contest of the season. Therefore I cannot undergo any surgeries at this time. My plan is to wait to have my procedure after my contest season is over so early to mid july.
The doctor checked me and said we are raring to go! Ugh I so wish I didnt have any shows right now. Oh well first thing's first.
So we decided on the second week of July, Ill be paying for it either partially or wholly with Care Credit. I havent decided I would approved for the total amount plus some so the option is there if I want it.
As far as size, Ill be going AT LEAST 700 now. YIKES I KNOW. So somewhere between 700-750 uhp. He actually suggested 800cc! WOW! So Im excited! Im gonna have a great season, enjoy my boobies and then get a couple new ones in July!

Juvederm, Botox and Pre op for boobies tomorrow!

YAY! Im about 7 weeks away from from surgery. Im going in tomorrow for my final visit before surgery and to schedule the date. Im still unsure on the size but Im pretty sure it will be in the ball park of 750uhp...maybe 800 :)
But while im there I will also be getting the hallows of my eyes filled with some lovely juvederm and maybe these baby fine lines around my eyes botoxed! Im also considering having my cheeks filled in a bit tomorrow we will see what Dr P says. Ive lost a great deal of weight and alot of it from my face. I like my face to look a bit more plump so I gotta get er dunn!
Fun fun!
Ill update you all on how it goes and my final decision for boobie size!

Revision date set size chosen

So I went in to set my revision date once and for all! July 8th. I've decided on the 800cc uhp. That's a lot bigger than id originally planned but hey it's better than having boob greed! Lol!
I'm excited and nervous but I think I made a good choice. He thinks there's a possibility I will have to use expanders during surgery to stretch the area to accommodate the large implant. He says that may add to the soreness during recovery. But at least he won't have to cut anything :-)
While I was there i got a little juvederm under my eyes (hallows) once again he did a terrific job!

Pre-op this Thursday/ Surgery next Tuesday getting second thoughts on size

So after pondering long and hard my revision I am now officially UNDECIDED on what size Im going to go. Im actually starting to think the 800cc uhp might be too small and may want to go 900-1000cc hp saline route. Ill have to talk to him on Thursday to see if that will even fit. That will be our biggest issue since i have a narrow BW and very tight chest muscles. Ill keep you all posted!

Revision complete today

Webt from 400cc hp silicone to 650 overfilled too 800. Love them!!! In pain but im truly in love with them!!?

Love em!!

But definitely want to go bigger!! He's an excellent surgeon and I have the most beautiful breasts but boobie greed is alive and well! After babies I convince hubby to be for a lovely lift and maybe 1200ccs! He admitted to liking them now they are bigger;-)

2 years update

So just dropping by to say they are still awesome! They have dropped and fluffed and they are HUGE!!! But I love them! I am very satisfied with the and no greed at this time. However i do plan for post baby revision if needed in the next couple of years. I will go bigger and get them lifted then. for now I am happy and they are perfect!!

Love love love!!!! I can't say enough nice things about him!! So happy with my BA only thing is I definitely want bigger!! He's an excellent doctor. My dads also a MD and I used to say he was the best doctor in the world. Well he still is ill just put Dr Pelletiere at a close second! Can't wait for my revision next year!!!

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