26, No Kids, 32b to (Dd) 400-425cc Hp Mentor Memory Gel - Barrington, IL

I am so excited!!! I had my consult w/ Dr.C ...

I am so excited!!! I had my consult w/ Dr.C Pelletiere! I'm so impressed at his office! He has nothing but great reviews I can see why now! At first his office caught me off guard from the decor. I'm doing the mentor memory gels and hoping for 425 cc silicone and doing Hp. I'm currently a large B cup. Doing the crease incision under the muscle
Counting down the days!
Really nervous for he twilight IV ????

What Post op bra do I get?

I'm looking for comfortable front zip bras that are affordable to purchase and I don't even know where to begin to look!
What's your favorite bra?
Barrington Plastic Surgeon

I give him 5 stars! He is so knowledgeable. He told me everything I needed to know and feel safe about the surgery!

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